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ERBIL, IRAQ - Travel Instincts

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - ERBIL, IRAQ - Travel Instincts Travel Tips Newsletter
And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  120
DATE:  August 19, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Erbil, Iraq - Travel Instincts
TIP: Instincts - Intuition - Insight
LOCATION: Erbil, Iraq


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -  ERBIL, IRAQ - Travel Instincts
Issue 120 – August 19, 2003
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

Fall guy
- The goat. The fellow who gets caught. In the world
of crime he is one who takes the rap without squealing.



A lot of photos - The world unedited...

Weight Lifting - Off Road - Typical Meal - Scholars - Mosul Iraq
English Teachers - Iraq Lunch - Typical House
Traditional Clothes - Boy pretending to be Saddam - Making fun.
Soldiers - Beggars - My new Shirt - Telephone Center
Sheets - Hotels in Mosul - MARBLE RECEPTION AREA.
Taxi to Erbil - WFP - TELL - Hotels in Arbil
Tour Bus from Baghdad
Tell and Bikes in Arbil Iraq
Kurdish man explaining Saddam and the USA.

HOTEL Business cards links:



~ HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

ERBIL, IRAQ maybe Arbil.

It has been a week of various thoughts and
changes. Going from tense situations of possible
danger to my discover a great tourist attraction.

I am sitting down the hill from one of the a small
mountain that is the debris of  thousands of years of
living.  I wrote a story and post photos. Read the next
section of this letter. "TELL - A story."

At the base of this "Tell" I had one of my biggest
Iraqi wishes answered. A local man showed how they wrap
the scarf around their head, and create the turban look.
This look is quickly losing fashion and tradition to western clothes.

It is simple for me and the Iraqi people to stay safe.
We are not really involved.

This is like the Republicans and the Democrats
in the USA having an argument, but they fight with guns.
They go after each other, and the normal people try
to stay out of the way. The average person is in agreement
with the USA goals, and is happy. The only real problem is
that Saddam was the biggest employer in the country.
40-50 percent for for the military or "Big Brother" and they
now need some money. They are un-employed.
Simply they want their salary to resume.

I am low profile and out of the action. I do not look rich.
I do not ride around in 50 thousand dollar SUV's.
like the UN or Hummers like the Military. I am not
an obvious target. The terrorist want a political statement.

What is the first thing you think of
when a person says Islam?

Is it Terrorist?

The normal Moslem person are responsible and
liable for their own crazies. Their religion has become
synonymous with Terrorist for the normal world citizen.
(Ergo - Islamic Jihad)

The bombing of the UN last night in Baghdad
is just crazy. But the average Iraqi person though knows
that it has nothing to do with them. They are safe
as long as they keep their mouth shut.
And by doing so, the terrorist achieve their goal.

For the normal person. The 95 percent are not
going to get on television and support the USA
as they really believe.
It would be suicide... literally.
As the Saddam Mafia has a turf war...

Enough of that stupid crap. I will wander around
Iraq and have some fun.

What I would love to do and am trying to organize.

You remember the English music group called
"The Who."
They had an album called.
"Who's next?"

There are the band members with their backs
to the viewer. They are zipping up and saying,
"Who's next?" (Something to do with a toilet)

I could go to Tikrit.
Find the graves of Saddam's Sons.
Uday and Usay.
Drink way too much water for a few hours, and
go visit. Get a great photo of my back giving
a clear expression of my opinion.
"Me first. Who's next?"

There is a highly recommended city close to Iran
called Sulamania. I went there and could not find
out why, but the road trip was interesting. Looks like the
central dry desert part of Mexico. Not finding
anything of interest there I returned to Erbil.

I really do not care if they capture the guy, and
hope they find him soon. My luck is I will be in
the south of Iraq when they kill him in the North.
I can tell you one thing. There will be one of the worlds
biggest party in the streets when he is killed.
The people or Iraq want him dead, not alive.

Soon folks. I have explored the north.
No where to go but south.

If you think walking down a street at night in
in Lima, Peru is safe. If you thought the bus trip between
Cali, Colombia and Bogota was a walk in the park.
If you thought traipsing through the Golden Triangle
area of Laos, Thailand, and Burma was good fun.
Come on down to Iraq.
Iraq is open. (Especially Kurdistan)

Today’s tip is on:
Why you should trust your instincts.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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"THE TELL" a story told.

Also spelled Tel, Arabic Tall (“hill,” or “small elevation”),
in Middle Eastern archaeology, a raised mound
marking the site of an ancient city.
The shape of a tell is generally that of a low truncated
cone. In ancient times, houses were constructed of
either piled-up mud (pisé), lumps of clay pressed
together (adobe), or (later) sun-dried or kiln-baked
bricks strengthened with straw, gravel, or potsherds.
All mud structures, however, crumble easily when
exposed to the elements, and that feature, combined
with the repeated wholesale destructions from man-made
or natural causes, made repairs and rebuildings frequent.
Earlier debris was simply leveled off, and new buildings
were erected on top of it. Thus, most tells are stratified,
with the lower strata usually being older than those
above them.
(From Encyclopedia Britannica)

Archaeology is the study of the past by looking
at the leftover debris and rubble. Like going to visit
a deserted home that is a 1000 years old. Picking
up the pieces and trying to explain who lived here,
why, and how they lived.

I am at the location of one the oldest piles of
debris in the world. They are still living on top.
So they say the "Oldest continually inhabited."

The best of the best is sometimes the least noticed.
As a traveler and earth observer I may see things
different then the normal tourist. I believe they miss the
best and I am free to do my inspection in peace.

I wondered up the large hill next to my Hotel. Thinking
that I would soon see a big sign, or tourist symbols that
would give me the clue that I was there. This is my first
up close inspection of a Tell, so I am a little worried.
Maybe I am looking at the wrong place, maybe all the
people are looking at me and thinking,
"That foreign guy is stupid. Why is he looking at that?"

The place of this story. A story of people,
Before, then, and now. Where they stayed.

Erbil has been a home for thousands of years.
A place to have a baby, raise your family, and protect
your home from people that want to take your life.
This place has survived and is still talking.

The walk up the hills brings in the backdoor of these
peoples lives, and I am sure that I am looking at their
secrets. Like walking in on a person praying. This place
has a sense of the holy. I am respectful of people.
How a person lives is the personal part of you.
Do I have a right to look? Do you give me permission?

There is only a large statue protecting the entrance.
A wise and knowing man. A book on his lap saying to
me alone,
"This is the book of life, it is open to read."

Erbil, Arbela, Irbil, Arbil and any other way you wish to
translate the name of the city is located 48 miles (77 km)
east of Mosul, Iraq. This fortress rises about 100 feet
(30 m) above the level of the surrounding plain.

So you built a home out of mud. It falls down.
You flatten out the mud, and you bring in some new bricks.

Iraq is a dangerous place today and as all places
in the world the past was even more dangerous.
This is half fort, and have lookout point. There was
value for the warrior to protect the city from the highest
point. Water and transportation is the reason for cities.
Safety is the reason they continue to exist. This fortress
is the story of man, and "Tells" the story.

Each layer of this debris is history.
I stood on top of history and looked down at my feet
knowing that someone was here before me.
Lived, died, had a baby, lived and loved their home.

To you of the new world. When you travel and see
your first mud house, or bamboo hut. Try to step back,
and stop yourself from thinking of how different they
live then you. It is a temptation to say they are poor
in comparison to your home.

Please stop. Do not pass judgment on a place
that has been here a 1000 years before you.
Remember, It is the your story.
The human story.

It will "Tell" the story, if you only ask.


Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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I smell danger!
I feel danger!
Instincts, intuition, insight.

I was on the beach Matańita, Ecuador.
A hippie type, smoke some dope and
hang out and sell jewelry type place.
A California, girl was traveling alone,
she did not want to talk to me, and for the
most part was avoiding me at all cost.
The last day she was on the beach, she
came to me and wanted to give me a book
that she thought I would like to read.

She wanted advice,
"What do I do if I do not feel safe in a Hotel?"
I said,
"Leave, never stay anywhere you feel
uncomfortable or danger."

Not the answer she wanted.
She wanted me to explain some form of logic
that would overcome her fears and justify away
and what she thought was irrational behavior.

She for some reason ask me for advice.
She did not like me, and that was obvious.
But I believe she trusted me. Intuition.


The mind is a little more complicated than
we want to admit. It is a computer that is running
24 / 7 and is constantly working on the job of
maintaining and protecting the body. It does
a damn fine job in spite of ourselves.

I am not an animal!
This is a ridiculous comment and in the
end the most dangerous thought possible.
It denies you the right to live and die by
your instincts, intuition, and insight.
Saying that being a more than a machine
is bad, and should be avoided. That to feel
and smell the world around us is bad.

So what am I talking about?

As a traveler I become very tired when I
see too much, and move from city to city
too often. Every time I open my eyes the world
is new and there are too many "Things" to think
about. I feel my brain wants to rest. It is saying,
"Please give me time to think!
Let me process, understand, and file away
the information that you have collected."
In the end, most travelers need to go home,
so they can stop the computer, or they drink
themselves into oblivion.
I call that the "Gobblygoop Factor."

They stir up their minds and keep it overwhelmed
so that no clear thought can maintain itself.
Just when the mind has a little clarity and
they become serene, they stir up their mind
and create more "Gobblygoop." The brain never
finishes it job of thinking.

Computer overload.

So what happens when your life is too busy?
What happens when you are in danger?
What happens when your mind has too much
to think about?

Instincts, intuition, and insight runs the show!

At the conscious level. You do not know what to do.
But at the subconscious level it has made some
decision and is saying,
"Listen to me now!
Or I will scare you, or shut you down.
Make you sleep, make you sick, make you unable
to go."

The brain is constantly processing information
in my opinion. It is making some good decisions
and probably the best decisions. The rational up
front part of your mind may totally disagree, and
unfortunately overrules your instincts.

Now you are up that proverbial creek with
no paddle.

I would propose that to trust your instincts
is the rational thing to do. If you believe that
your brain is working while you are sleeping,
then it must be making some decisions.
Trust you instincts.

But we are not all the same.
Some can do things, and go places that another
person would not even consider.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,
I will paraphrase,
"We do not entertain a proposition that
we are not capable of doing."

A person will try to do, what they can do.
If they believe they can do it. They can.

Learning how to trust your instincts is part
of being a good traveler or being an adult.
With experience a person become better and
more capable.

I deliberate often about guides.
A guide has two major functions.
The first is to guide you on the path safely.
The second is to educate you about the destination.

A school, or having a certifications can prove you
are capable of having the knowledge.
How do you learn to keep me safe?

I hope that was very confusing for you.
I would assume so, and hope that you go
about your day and enjoy life.
It is not important that you remember or
even think about this tip.

Your mind will do that for you.
Whether you like it or not.
Trust your instincts, intuition, and insights.
They don't lie.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Archives of Scotts Story
Scott is an Extreme Traveler.
Imagine yourself alone riding a bike through
the desert when all you can say to yourself is
why? And still he goes on...


“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Carry some prayer beads in you pocket.
If someone kills you in the middle east.
They will feel a guilty
for an Eternity of Paradise.



"It is a damn poor mind indeed which can't think of at least two ways
to spell any word."
-Andrew Jackson

I agree.

You are amazing! The Aug 11 newsletter was so inspiring. Real, honest,
humor, compassion...great. You filled in a lot of the blanks that is
missing about modern day Iraq-the people and their daily lives. Wish I
could send you more money, but I am still recovering and saving up for my
own travels. Debra

I find it funny that you say it was honest.
There is a feeling out there in the world that
people do not write an honest and genuine story.
I agree.

Thanks for the donation. I only asked for 1 dollar,
and you gave more. That is a bonus.

Yes I find myself reading some of the newsletter
now and then. I noticed the one above titled
The family in developing countries."

Making lots of babies for workers does exist
even in the United States although its not that common
anymore. Some families in Amish communities
have been known to do this and they culture their kids
into working young and bringing home the money for
mom and dad. When the kids grow up and marry, they
 can repeat this cycle and have many children to support
the parents. In some cases, this is why Amish labor can
be cheap. This is a practice that isn't consistant in every
Amish community, but it does exist from what I hear.


Nate you picked up on an extra story.
Sometimes I write something and bump it to
a lesser priority, but I just make it an extra link.
I always wonder if anyone reads them.

I really think that within that story is
the solution to to 90 percent of poverty, and misery.
Here is the story again:


Hi Andy,

Sounds like you are enjoying Iraq. I can't wait to
get back out on the road again. I returned home to
California almost two weeks ago, and I have been
working on applications to medical school. I have
finished most of them, and now I have to find a job.

I have some information for you on the massacre of
1915 that the pharmacist mentioned. The pharmacist
must be Armenian. During World War I, there was a
massive genocide of the Armenian people by the Turkish
government, probably reaching into the millions.
Although it is well documented with photographs and
other historical evidence, the Turkish government
denies it to this day. Because Turkey is a key NATO
ally, the genocide has been widely ignored and even
covered up in the Western world. It was a big deal
when the US government officially acknowledged the
Armenian Genocide last year (almost a hundred years
later!), and Turkey was not happy. If you go to
Jerusalem, there is an Armenian museum in the Armenian
(Christian) quarter of the Old City that has an
excellent exhibit on the massacre and subsequent mass
migration. I'm glad you mentioned it in your
newsletter, because most people are entirely ignorant
of these events. If you want to pass this information
on to your readers, feel free to use anything I have
written. If there are any Armenians on your list,
they will certainly thank you for talking about it.

So you're up to 48 countries now, huh? That's
pretty good. You passed me up now. I'm on 38, after
visiting South Africa and Namibia this summer. I
should top 40 after my next trip in the spring. But I
suppose you aren't really interested in the numbers
any more than I am, it's just a good selling point for
books and newsletters and things. I didn't really
think about how many countries that really is until I
started hearing people talk about how well traveled
they were after going to four or five countries.

How is the woman situation? Any good prospects in
Iraq or Turkey? I love those Turkish and Persian
women, so I imagine there should be some nice ones in
Iraq as well. I had some good times in Africa, but
now I'm back in Stockton again, which is not exactly a
haven for educated, beautiful women.

Anyways, I had better get back to my
applications. Let me know how things are going, and
keep up the good work on the newsletter. By the way,
could you take me off the list on the Hotmail account,
and just leave me on the Yahoo ones? My storage space
is running out in Hotmail, but luckily Yahoo has twice
the room. Thanks.


Thank you for the insight about the Massacre.
Research while traveling can be difficult and a little
help from my friends is greatly appreciated.

You are correct the number of countries doe not matter.
I am sure that some Airline workers and travel guides
can make that number look petty. I try to live in
a country for normally 1-2 months and do not
try  to visit. I try to live.

The girl situation in Iraq is a covered. Sometimes
I think there are no women here. 97 percent of the
time I only see men. There must be a cover-up!


Give me some details about Mosul.

Size, industries, history, etc. Or better yet, have the
teachers help you by writing up the details.

I think it could be a great idea. I think that many
American cities would jump at the chance to do
something productive to help solidify relations
with an Iraqi city and to show them that, while we
obviously want to help change them from the
situation that was, we don't intend to stay 1 minute
longer than we have to.

I wrote him on ideas about being a sister city.
My hope is that people will soon come that want
to be here like me, and not like the soldier that have
to be here. I am not sure where the granola for lunch
bunch is? The seem to avoid the important causes,
and stay around where they can toke up.

Iraq is an opportunity, not a problem.
Mosul is extending and invitation be a sister city.
There will be some articles written by my friends
the scholars soon, and I will publish.

Write Andy a


~ HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

Camels must be slow.
I have not even seen one yet in month of the
Middle East. Maybe they are behind me somewhere.


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is a columnist in his weekly newsletter.


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'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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