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Mosul, Iraq- Go This Way!

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -  Mosul, Iraq- Go This Way! Travel Tips Newsletter
And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  119
DATE:  August 11, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Mosul, Iraq, Go This Way!
TIP: What is an Explorer?
LOCATION: Mosul, Iraq



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -  Mosul, Iraq, Go This Way.
Issue 119 ´┐Ż August 11, 2003
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 6
Write Andy a

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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary
whether he travels or not; but a man of superior
talent (which I cannot deny myself to be without
being impious) will go to pieces if he remains
forever in the same place....
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Bull artist
 - A hobo with the gift of gab.
Becoming a parlor term.



A lot of photos - The world unedited...

DOHUK, IRAQ (Kurdistan)



~ HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

96 percent - No go
4 percent - Go

That is maybe the percentages of
advice recommending I go to Mosul?

I am in Mosul, Iraq.
My family, friends, and always a few women
tell me,
"You do not listen."
That is not true,
"I do not obey."

My friend, Jim S slipped me a note one time
at a business meeting.
"You will always have trouble with women,
you are uncontrollable."

I arrived yesterday. I slept well and now it
is the next morning.
"I am hiding in my room."

Why? Because.
The people are too friendly.
Share some Chi or Tea.
Come with me?
Let me show you this.
Let us go eat.
I want to teach you Arabic.
Are you happy? We are here to help.

The local custom is highly enforced.
They say and I believe feel a social responsibility
to say,

Most all know the word welcome in English.
I think they learn it before Hello, and after Mister.
1. Mister
2. Welcome
3. Hello
4. Pepsi or Coke.
5. OK

So what do people so far say about
They say,
"Saddam! No good"
They bang their hands on the table or
they put their hands to their throats to say,
"He is choking us."

Mosul is located in the North of Iraq, and
on the border / gate between Kurdistan and Iraq.
Kurdistan is suppose to be Iraq. But I think
they all support a lie. It is Kurdistan.

Map of Iraq and my location:

Map of Kurdistan:

Bad English to explain my Mosul.
They will walk with me on the street.

Most Europeans would think twice before
they decided to travel with an American
that likes his country. They do not want
to be seen with me.

These people here want to be seen with me,
and I thought I was a target for bullets.
Verbal bullets are an annoyance.
Real bullets kill.

I feel about the same as walking on a
very busy street in Lima, Peru.
(And just as clean.)

I will soon discover where I am in Mosul
on the map. I am safe, but who know where?
I have a business card of the hotel and all
of that, but the exact location on the city
map is still a mystery.

I am going to go study my Arabic.
I cannot leave my hiding place until I have
about 20 words in my vocabulary.
This man insisted I write them down last
night, and then give him my address in the
USA so he could come visit.

Yesterday was Friday and a Holy Day.
The was roaming around in their Holy Day
go to Mosque clothes. The long T-shirt that
goes to the floor and looks cooler than my
clothes. So I was sitting in this one bed room
full of very happy men in what feels like pajamas
to me, and they are teaching me Arabic.

I want Tea.
"Ohrleed  Chie"

The Broiled Chicken he is delicious.
I want Chicken.
"Ohrleed Deeghadj"

They are a bunch of Grocery wholesalers in
search of Tomatoes. I am an American that
likes the baby version of "Deeghadgj."

I will be here for about a week.
There are no Soldiers in my area. But over
in the University area where I go to use the
internet they are cruising around on their
Hummers doing patrol. I will take photos.

Yes. Of course. You are not human unless
you are making some cultural blunders or problems.
They need lesson on how to greet these people.

Say Hello, or Salaom.
Look them in the eyes.
Smile and shake hands.
(They shake hand here.)
They touch their hearts, and pull the hand
away also. Like to say,
"You are my friend, you are welcome."

The Soldier need to do this first.
Before the Mosul people talk.
Turn on the charm boys.
You look like Arnold Swartzeneggar.
Big and bold and fully packing.
They are a little worried.
Say hello and smile.
Just too simple.
Both sides are shy.

It is more complicated then that,
but this is why they need lessons.
hehehe I will offer one day lessons.
I have experience in meeting 48 countries
and cultures. Free for Soldiers.
Maybe they will give a ride in an
Apache Helicopter or A fighter jet!
Only in my dreams!


Did you know there is a country called
Kurdistan. "Land of the Kurds."

It is part of 4 countries.
Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.
The land of the Kurds.
The have a country map, and a border.

I think Dohuk is the center of this country.
They sell a map. They have a border.
They govern themselves... But probably
pay taxes to one of the big 4.

I purchase a map. Good ridiculous fun

There was a migration of Christians to
Iraq because of a genocide.

I walked into a pharmacy here in Dohuk, Iraq.
Purchased some Ibuprofen and Lomotil.
I think the Lomotil is illegal in the USA, but is
an amazing drug to help me on a bus trip when
diarrhea wants to rule my life.

I am in no hurry and started a conversation with
the owner. He offers me a Chi or Tea. A huge
tradition in Turkey but not so prominant in Iraq.
I drank my Chi hoping that this custom would have
been Orange juice. But that is another story.

He explained how he learned English in University.
That all the sciences are in English language for the
upper levels, so must learn English to be a pharmacist.
Nice to know. The higher the education. They will
probably speak English in Iraq.

I assumed he was a Muslim, but he brought up
that he was a Christian. That in the early 1900's
there was a Massacre in Turkey and he migrated.

Where is this? I cannot find any record.
Most massacres like Pol Pot,
Hitler, and other Genocides are well known and
become tourist attractions. There is are people
that discuss openly the killing of Saddam of the
Kurdish people.

What a way to become famous.
The German people helped Hitler a lot more than
the Iraq people, but I believe that Saddam had
a lot of help also, but in another fashion.
Saddam is famous or infamous.

Jails or torture chambers in Iraq.
They have the tourist attractions in Germany
and now the new ones will be in Iraq.
I am trying to visit one here.
I think bringing things into the light is a social
requirement of a person, but it also to try
your best to say things simply.

I read the encyclopedia for fun.
I am strange and you already know that.
But I came across a word that helped me
understand a problem that has caused wars
since the beginning of history and probably
causes all the problems now.

In a nutshell it is to reject a faith or
maybe another faith held by people.
"I am right, you are wrong attitude."
There is no separation of religion and
government, so this is a legal problem in
most countries. Fortunately most people are
practicing atheist, and do not really care.
I am not worried about my heaven being too
crowded. hehehe

Hell... is
When I feel guilty, and I should.

From Iraq people.

40-50 percent of the people worked as soldiers,
police, or in some way on the Saddams security.
That means 50 percent are now unemployed.

An occupier would control all the oil.
A liberator would share.

The French sold lots of weapons to Iraq.

The Germans have Kurdish citizens living there
that drive their Mercedes back to Iraq.

The killing of soldiers is paid for by Iran or Jordan.

There should be American companies in
here investing. Where are they?

Ex Soldiers threaten to attack if no salary.

Hobo - You will not find women in Iraq.

Water Pipes are addictive like cigarettes.

95 percent of Iraqi people are glad Saddam is gone.

There biggest fear is that the USA will not finish
the job of reconstruction.

The problem with reconstruction is that the
Iraqi people are not helping.

Give us a salary and we will be happy.

Last but not least.
The world will come in to eat the cake,
after American does the hard work.
(He was proud of his English in that saying.)

Today's go this way is about:

Today´┐Żs tip is on:

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 6 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Go vicariously by Web Log


Mosul, Iraq needs you to come an visit.
The world of Iraqi people is about power,
whether the power of the USA bombs or the
suppression of Saddam's regime.

They know this angry and ventive power too
well  and want a break. They want it to stop.
They ask me when? When will the USA create
a safe country for us? They want a police force to
protect us from the "Ali Babbas." or criminals
walking the streets.

I have been to poor places and found richness.
The world is full of people that live simple lives.
Whether in a small bamboo hut on the Amazon,
or in an  concrete room in overcrowded Guayaquil,
Ecuador. People go to work and go home.

I am tired and angry at the world for thinking they
need to go save the world. Share their money and give
them the same level of living. Telling simple people
that they are unhappy. A family on the Amazon River
or people in Laos in remote villages are happy.

But I am part of the American Dream, and the
see this in me. A man that spend his time for the
most part traipsing around the world. My biggest
problem in the day is to be sure their is an ATM
machine, and a few women around to chat up.

I see anger in their eye here, and mistrust.
You have asked us to give up our lives of power.
We were soldiers. Proud and in control.
You had better give me the American Dream!
Do not leave me, I am alone.
They will come back.
Those evil people with the power.

Yes, Iraq has some problems. The electrical
system is in need of a complete overhaul. They
need to have the world sell them a new car, and
some replacement parts for everything.


This is a country of orphans.
We have killed their wicked father, that
beat them, and abused them, and they are happy.
But we must now come and give them a hug,
and tell them they are OK and prove this will never
happen again. Show them they are safe.

I was blessed the last few days by people
who welcome me into their homes and families.
It is impossible to walk down a street without
multiple invitations to enter the shops. They will
offer me anything they have for free. A piece
of chicken, a cup of tea, or a very big smile.
If I will only give them one thing.

My friendship. My acceptance.
There is a need to say to them.
I came here to be your friend.
Your OK. I'm OK.

For 10-20 years they have lived alone.
They know of the outside world. They learn
and read everything they can get their hands on
of the worlds. But the world has not came to
Iraq to visit for a long time.

I was talking with Hassan in the hotel
reception of solid marble walls. Beautiful,
expensive, and luxurious. My hobo home
for 6 dollars a night and he tells me of a person
that came to visit the hotel before the war.
This person brought a small pile of
"Time Magazines." He was so excited to talk
about this simple pleasure to read of the outside

I get it now.
The American Dream is what and who I am.
A little Hobo guy that has the freedom to wander
the world as I please.

I am carrying with me what they want.
Word of the outside world.
What is it like? Will we be able to go?
Will they forgive us, and let us be their friend?

The sadness that Saddam created was
not about food, shelter, or electricity.
He denied his people the friendship of the
world. The door to Iraq is open.

The world needs to come.
Not later, but now.
This orphan country needs a new family.
It is sad to be alone. A country isolated
from the world.

Go vicariously by Web Log

Article written by Andy the
On year 6 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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In South American they have a club.
It is called,
"The South Americas Explorers Club."

I never joined and probably never will,
but it is a good thing. I shared a coffee one
time with the manager in Lima, Peru.
I am a Hobo and the dues at that time were
40 dollars. This is a lot of money in Peru.
I could live for 20 nights in a hotel for that.
Too rich for my blood. I be barefoot Hobo.

I stopped into the
"South American Explorers Club." in
Quito, Ecuador just before my trip down the
River Napo to Iquitos, Peru. This trip is not
that common and I was hoping to find some
exploration advice. This was the second
encounter and would have been the time I
may have give them the 40 dollars.
They was short on advice and maps.
This was good. Un-Explored... hehehe

There had been a small military skirmishes
between Ecuador and Peru along this river
and was still considered possibly dangerous.
I had had looked at my large map, and decided that
this was a very good route, and needed opened.
Plus I will do about anything to get away from
the tourist that are always invading my homes.

I made the trip a couple of years ago.
I made a map. Crude and rough. But a map.
I am hoping by now they have made a better map.

But nonetheless I was there and had fun.
I made a map.
The cardinal sin of a backpacker.
In the book and movie "The Beach."
You learn. Do not give them the map.
The will come by the thousands.

It happened to Columbus.
It happened to Marco Polo.
It will happen to the Moon and the stars.

One will go and others will follow.
An Explorer is about being first.

I do understand the attraction of the
club in South America. Everyone wants
to be the first to go this way.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
´┐ŻOne mans paradise, is another mans hell´┐Ż
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 6 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Archives of Scotts Story
Scott is an Extreme Traveler.
Imagine yourself alone riding a bike through
the desert when all you can say to yourself is
why? And still he goes on...


´┐ŻPeanut Gallery´┐Ż
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

If in doubt. Eat chicken.
It is the neutral food between pig and beef.
(Political correctness in a religious world.)



Write and write the editor.
a.k.a. Andy


Dear Andy, So you're really there!! In your newsletter you sound kinda's so hard to imagine what it must feel like for you to be there. is there anyone to talk to ? As I write I feel as if you might as well be on Mars..
You wrote ,, "What do people really want ?" I recently read a book by the Dalai Lama in which he said that the one thing we all have in common is the desire to be happy.. I have found this simple thought to be a great help and an equalizer in a racist world .
Andy , take care of yourself , keep on truckin' love Mary
- Arequipa, Peru

Maybe a little heat shocked, but I think you may
be displacing the way you would feel to me.
I am more "Heat Shocked." or "Culture Shocked."
So, maybe you are correct. I am "Shocked."

I probably would agree with the Dalai Lama.
Everyone wants to be happy.
Little on the flippant side and probably too easy.

I think that people want to be loved.
They think they will be happy if someone loves them.
Probably they would be happy if they loved.
I do think if I am happy. Then I can disarm most
racist people one on one. The problem about
bigotry or racism is that it is a belief or act of faith.
They believe they are better.

I believe I am more civilized then lots of people.
But I believe all people are entitled to respect.
Including myself. So I treat others with respect and
when they do not reciprocate. I walk away or attack.
A good defense is a great offense.
50 percent of the time I walk away.
Some need to learn some manners.
But the art of life is to avoid the people who
do not respect other people.


Thanks for the note Andy...also, I know what you
mean about not wanting to post email adresses
on webpages to guard against harvest-bots and
spiders. I've had some bad experiences myself:

I wrote an email letter to a friend about how to
crack whips (I have several and know some
whipmakers - the Western kind, not the deviant
variety). They made the whips for Zorro and such.
Just a hobby - I belonged to a Western Arts stunt
club ...anyway, later he claimed anything he received
by email was his property, so he put it up on his
website as 'Content' and included a link to my
email address. He wouldn't take it down, saying
that page got the most traffic on his large site.
For years I got notes from wierdo's in places like
Denmark, wanting sources for rubber whips and
bikers that kept whips in dirty motor oil and other
crap like that. Smarmy. I even got angry notes from
people on 3 continents that where swindled by one
of the weblinks I noted in my letter. I got grief for
years and have all but stopped cracking my whips
for fun, even refusing to agree to be included in a
book by a martial artist that took up whips
(several times). Anyway, I can't imagine what you
must go through with such a public stance,
having a site.

Never the good news,
only the low-points shown on TV. Just like usual.

I'll go down and jump in the lake for you. Pretty hot
for a forest town here - triple digits heat, but not
like you've got. I'll ride a bicycle on the lakefront
bikeway and if I see any cute chicks on bikes I'll
tell them it's not legal to peddle pXXXy without a
license. Then I'll say my name's Andy. OK? If I give
them your email address you may hear from them
 ... someday.
- Chris

My internet friend Chris. I am going to travel
around the world to see this man someday.
He has a heart to gold.

Emails inside web pages:
People spend too much time wanting
to hurt the Spammers and not enough time
learning how to prevent spam.
I have used the same email address for years.

Having a site:
I used to get a lots of hate mail.
Like it is their right to write me nasty emails.
I am alone here, and do not like that.
But I have stopped it almost by protecting
every ones privacy on pages except the wackos.
I now publish their emails complete.

Chris - Make sure the girls are cute.


Absolutely fascinating that you replied so quickly!
i'm not so sure you're reeeally in Iraq
now ;-) but it is about lunchtime in your neck of
the woods, yeah?  s'pose it's good time
to be sitting in front of a computer at an internet
cafe responding to kind hearted
strangers' generous donations :-)
and you are most welcome!

i very much enjoy your blog. i love how you detail
your day to day progress/attempts to get from
here to there, travel tips etc. what i appreciate
most, i think, is, unlike other blogs which go on
at length delving into vitrolic criticism of US
presence in Iraq, you personalize the journey
itself and are very informative.

and yeah - too many men. i can just imagine.
perhaps you might try to make your way to university.
you might find the most diverse group of people

so the soldiers are in hotels, eh? hmmm...
guess that makes sense.

btw, i'm writing from San Francisco, CA. Pacifica,
actually, a coastal town about 10 miles south.
and it's a blessed 65 degrees F.

so do you get a lot of personal email like this from
people around the world like me, curious about
your travels? and do people really call you at
the tele numbers you post? :-)


I first had to first go and look in my computer
dictionary for the word "Vitrolic." I think she
is telling about the self hate and bitterness
people have in the world and this insane
desire they have to tell the world that the world
is  bad, and they blame anyone but themselves.

The world is a great place. The USA is the
solution and not the enemy of the world.
I am glad though it has enemies. Anyone
that spends time being "Vitriolic" is probably
waiting in line like Saddam to get their reward.
I can only dream.

It is hot here. The Soldiers are using most of the
good available hotel rooms.

Do people write me?
Yes and no. Sort of stupid they are...
They think I can get on the internet, write all this
noise and not write back. Like I am behind a one
way mirror.... Hello, Iraq is open. Freedom is
ringing very loud.

One person called at the telephone number.
But no. They are probably too busy being too
busy. Letting voice mail do their world.

It was an experiment. I like to see how curious
the average person is? I find they are a little
curious, but not really. But I have a dream.

Maybe some rich person will call and say,
Andy keep traveling. We will help you raise
the money to keep on keeping on. I wish I was
rich. I wish I had enough money to never worry
about money. So for all those doubting Thomases
that think I am full of it. I sometime open the door
and give you a chance to call. I would call them
if they made it a no lose situation for me.

They all want me to do this for free...
The want me to be of the "Noble Class" and
not a of real class. The Hobo Class. A real person.

I am rambling. In the end. I just want to figure out
a way to travel forever and meet people.
And make my a
home for the world travelers.

Write Hobo


~ HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

Saddam smoked a big cigar.
I think it is Freudian.
I worry about people that smoke cigars.


I recommend you read my friends newsletter for
great information on airfares.
is a columnist in his weekly newsletter.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I´┐Żm alive and doing fine.´┐Ż
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band



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