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And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  110
DATE:  March 3, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Old Hippies - Broke Backpacks
TIP:  Broke Backpacks

LOCATION:  In the USA Homeland

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Old Hippies - Broke Backpacks
Issue 110 - March 3, 2003
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 6

         How I feel today...
         Island of Koh Chang, Thailand
~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
         Location of Hobo and opinions
~   HOBOGUIDE.COM (Go this way)
         Andy's Conversation with Wacko Photographer.
         Koh Chang, Thailand
         Scott’s Bike Trip Around World
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”
         No shitting in the toilet. By Peter Moore
         Making objects and books travel.. hehehe
~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks


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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

I had an inheritance from my father:

It was the moon and the sun. I can move all over
the world now. And the spending of it is never done.
-Song Hemmingway heard from a Spanish soldier
during the revolution.


Yahoo - A Hoosier who has no apologies
for his ignorance.


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Koh Chang,Thailand
Koh Chang Beach
Map to of location of Koh Chang
Broken Backpack
Broken Backpack


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)


I have wandered into this strange town in the USA.
People look at me as I cross the road, and I look
back we are both trying to figure out what the other
person is doing. Even though in reality I have am a
home town boy that has returned home. I am not the
same. I am a stranger, and am a visitor in my homeland.

My minds is drifting already to India. It is my
next dream trip. The trip starts in the mind,
and than I make it so.

There was a young soldier on the airplane coming back
from Thailand. He was you full of it. You know the type.
Too much energy and eyes too bright. Ready for action
I presume. We discussed the possibility of war with Iraq.
I was returning to my home knowing that I am not the
same person that left. This young man will is
leaving soon as a travelin soldier

Right or wrong. I am following you.
Boys going off to war and coming back men is not
what I want or mothers want, but sometimes we must
defend ourselves.

A reader wrote a couple of weeks ago to the
letter to the editor section told me,

“You still have to learn a whole lot.
Somebody should kick the US´ ass!!!”

So a guy named Steve calls me other names and of
course something about being arrogant. This is
the trendy politically correct crap I hear
everyday, or at least in this boys mind correct.

Lots of people come home with their tail between
their legs and feeling ashamed for who they are…
He said something about the need for me to feel
shame also and blah blah blah.

I have met this person a million times. They do
not want me to be me and they do not want you
to be you. They cannot accept people.
I have a right to be from my culture.

I hope and pray the Travelin Soldier comes home
with too much self respect, and the eyes of a
man with confidence. A tough way to be a traveler.
I pray he come home, right or wrong.

You can read the whole comments on the "kick guy" in
letters to editor page, and make comments if you wish.

I wrote a lot about the show by
CBS television called “Survivor.”
I am a survivor, but this show is a soap opera and
has nothing to do with what I do, except for the word.
I am sorry I brought it up. I am sorry


"Laos Public Announcement
Office of the Spokesman

February 26, 2003
…On February 6, a heavily-armed group attacked
several vehicles, including a passenger bus, on
Route 13, approximately 5 kilometers north of Vang
Vieng, indiscriminately killing at least 12 persons,
including 2 Western expatriates, and wounding 26.
Another bus attack on February 22, 15..."

My photos of same road and bus.

I receive these warnings in my email box. The
are good for citizens of any country, and help
you to be aware of possible problems.
Here is a link to all the warning:

To sign up to receive them.
Great way to learn about the world.

The world is very safe for an American Citizen.
But when I make a choice to visit a country.
I remove from the list countries that do not want me.
In Laos this was really just a holdup or robbery.
Could happen anywhere, they just do it bigger.
There is always some tension in the world.
Choose a country where they are not complaining,
and you KNOW they like you. Life is better.
The world is big.

There is a difference between other travelers
and the press complaining and the real citizens
of the country. For example. I felt very welcome
and liked in the country of Colombia.

Today’s go this way is about
Andy’ s conversation with Wacko Photographers.
Koh Chang, Thailand

Today tip is about and example of
my backpack after 6 years. What broke?
And why?

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Andy's Conversation with Wacko Photographer.
Koh Chang, Thailand

I will change the name to protect the silly.
So lets come up with a name for an old hippie
that is still traveling the rebellion path
or on the draft dodging trail.
I will call him…?

This is a real person. I did not make him up,
but I will make up a name for him. I will call
him Herbert. I use to have a dog by that name.
The dog was a girl and confused and so is this guy.
A pet of the family a few years ago.

I met Herbert in Koh Chang in the Treehouse guesthouse.
A nice place to sit and exchange stories or maybe smoke
A joint. I will explain more about the “Joint” later.
(A joint is the term for a marijuana cigarette.)

What started this was me listening to the conversation
of some other travelers at the next table. It was a
curious conversation because there was two what I thought
were guys from the USA talking. They were obviously seasoned
traveler and not that young. I was not sure if the one
was from Canada or the USA so I jumped into the mix and
found some answers.

The two Americans were not normal.
They were saying good things about the USA.
Strangely as it sound, most Americans I meet on the
"Backpacker" tour are sort of hate themselves, hate
the USA, and ran away from home types. Not what I would
call a normal citizen. And they do not talk good
about the USA and agree with every impolite person
they meet.

These two were not normal either. The one had taught
English in Taiwan for 12 years, and the other did not
seem to want to admit who, or what he was. But he was
very outspoken on some of his prejudices against some
of the local travelers or a.k.a. "Euro-Trash."
Most the "Traveler-Trash" conversations bridge on
ludicrous, and I try to refrain from talking about
or you would think I am lying.

I hunted him down to ask permission to interview him
for this newsletter. He was quite willing. I told him
that I would keep it anonymous, or to whatever level he
wished. It started out with him going to give me some
photos and such, and after the dust has settled. I am
writing about a person with no name. So I guess now
I can say anything, because there is no way for you to
pin it on him in real life. True anonymity.
He wanted to be totally anonymous, but kept trying to
"Do not write that."

Herbert was a chubby overgrown kid of 52, and looked like
52 and acted like 24, but had the experiences of 52.
A mixture of Euro-trash and Traveler-Trash.
What was out of place, was that he accepted.
"I must make money to live."
The normal traveler is still on mama money and has
not entered the job market. They have delusions of
adequacy that they understand the world of work..
But Herbert had about 30 years of work under his
belt. His stomach was sort of big. Maybe I should
say on his chest. But nonetheless.
He had had the experience of wanting money for
normal living, and appreciated the pressure of
the normal husband and wife with 2 kids situaton.

I have caught myself being very opinionated and judgemental
of the European traveler. Sort of tired of their shit.
Herbert was tired of listening also, and was not
afraid to say so. He was NOT wearing a Canada flag to
prove he was a pussy. He was proud to be American.
This is a 1-100 person in the -1 star hotel circuit.

So I wanted to know... Why?
I ask him why he was angry at Europeans?
I am going to use the term Euro-Trash.
All Europeans are not the same, and I do not get
much opportunity to use this term, and really think
it applies sometimes, but not in normal conversation.
I do not use it. But here, for fun. Yes.

He said,
"The Euro-trash have different values."
"They do not give a fuck. We care."

He had coined me, or called me,
"Andy you are an Earth Investigator."
I kind of like the label so I was going to investigate
or try to pry open this mans mind. And I did have
to pry it open. Sometimes it was more like you had to
pinch it, and out would pop these one liner opinions.

Herbert was not a linear speaker. He replied in
a haphazard manner. I will need to bring him together
in one coherent sentence for you to understand.
It could have something to do with the 9:00 wakeup
smoke a joint type mentality, but this is in line
with his major form of employment. But nonetheless there is
a normal non-introspective level of comments from him.
Just an old hippie.

What he was trying to explain is that the USA in his
opinion has freedom and rules. Funny that he would like
rules because he disobeys all of them, but nonetheless he
does see an inherent need for rules, or laws. Saying that
the European system is "Anarchy" and they do not believe
in family, friends, and least of all government. In essence
they do not trust that anyone is telling the truth.
So in a jaded way, he was explaining the jaded Euro-trash.

OUT POPS - The magic die young.
I think when he used the word freedom. There was a Pavlow
dog thing that happened. He instantly thought of
Che Guerrara, Bobby Kennedy, and of course Bob Marley.
Of course it is easier to be famous when you die, and
people tend to stop talking bad about you.

So who is Herbert? I want to give you a good clean
stereotype so you can peg him good. I already told
that he is an old hippie.

But he is:
Chubby, but sort of normal for 52
Big graying mustache, with balding head, and still
more gray.

Jewish, but does not look Jewish, and wants to
say he is Buddhist, but that is common for a person
traveling in Asia. They adopt religions.

He is very knowledgeable of the Vietnam war, and
basically evaded the draft in many creative ways.
Failing physicals, and pulling down his pants in
front of the draft board in Toledo.

He is from the East coast and lives on the west
coast. Normal, but is not gay. Live in San Francisco
and likes women, and admits it. I suppose that is debatable
whether this is normal.

EMPLOYMENT: To the public he is a photographer,
and quickly admits. "I grow pot." In reality he does
want to be a major adventure photographer.
I ask him,
"Why don't you go visit South America?"
He said,
"It too dangerous, and I would get my camera robbed."
Hmmm. Adventure, maybe he calls chasing Thai women
and deciding whether they are a girl or lady boy
an adventure. I tried not to laugh.

If you do not know, and have never thought about
it, there is a lot of Marijuana being grown in the
west coast area of California to Southern Canada.
I do not know the whole story, and really do not
care, but there seems to be a longing or desire
for people to go live in the woods, get back to nature
and grow pot. Earn lots of money, but not call
it earning money, so lots of people go visit Canada
to look for land to buy. I am not sure. It could be
hydroponics; Growing it in water inside a building.
But the advancements in cultivation of has continued
while I stopped paying attention myself about 20 years

Oh yea, he is Buddhist because he is tired of defending
the fact he is Jewish. I guess I would think him gay
if he is Buddhist, but that is just an observation
on the Catholic versus Buddhist comparison on trendy
issues. Plus as normal, he does not like his father.
SOP - Standard operating procedure.

We are on the island of Koh Chang.
It is close to Cambodia and the trendy dread
and body piercing convention area. It is fighting
for prominence with Ko Lanta as the place of choice.
But this is the in place to be. 5 hours from Bangkok,
cheap, and they sell marijuana at the reception desk.
All the cops are paid off, and this place is sold
to the "Farang." (Foreigners in Thai Language.)

His complaint: Koh Chang is a national park.
Look what the Thai people have done to it.

(This is a full on tourist place. Disguised as a
place for people with one to many tattoos to hangout
and deceive themselves the are back to nature.
My comment.)

Herbert likes to talk about women.
I like to talk about women, so...
But maybe he is a little vengeful at the European
Euro-trash women, because they will not sleep with him.
But he is chubby, and 52.

I did not do the Earth invesigation thing much on this
issue. In the end, I will quote him.
"Thailand is like Holland, you pay for it."
Lets leave that alone.

His answer:
1. Not friendly.
2. Hide from society.
3. Under educated and do not take a world view.

I did a little chuckle when he said they did not
understand the world. This is the exact opposite
of the stereotype Europeans have of the USA people.
They call the USA insular, closed, and patriotic.

Herberts answer:
1. They need to be more worldly.
2. More education.
3. Learn to deal with people better.

Now if those 3 comments would not lead to an argument
with a Euro-trash, than nothing would.

I can somewhat agree with him on the worldly part.
They think we... USA people should talk about
Europe like them. They are talking about Europe,
and they care about Europe, and we should talk
about Europe also. But only in a good tone.
If you talk about the USA it is only to mock.
So I understand the rules. If they was really worldly
the would see the good of the USA also.

I would agree. Europeans get jobs in the USA
to make more money, so their must be the cutting
edge on this side of the lake. But in the end
there is marginal differences between the USA and Europe.
I think they may be comparing their education sometimes
with the MTV people, or hip hop, hip hop. In that
instance than they are better educated.

I do not want hate mail, so I will not explain.

I tried than to instigate the world view solution.
How to save the world from Euro-Trash?

Herbert said,
"Print it in the Lonely Planet."
1. Do not smoke.. Normal cigarettes. He hates
the Euro-trash that smokes. Therefore he has to hate
about 99.9 percent of them.
2. Yak Yak. I think this translates to get
them to be quiet and stop blaming everyone for their
problems. Deal with it.
3. Selfish, no etiquette.

1, Age. The need to be older.
I do think that most will radically change
and have to wear shirts to cover the tattoos
as they get older. It happens.
2. Need to stop the tunnel vision.
I think he want them to be grateful.
"By a challenge."
"15 minutes in Calcutta." India.

So in wrapping up this interview he quoted
a rock singer.
"If you are not part of the future,
get out of the way."
John Mellencamp. (From Indiana)

Herbert was a fun guy. Mid range on the rage
scale, but at least not the passive aggressive
rage type. Interesting to talk to, probably
because he knows the skinny about the backpacker
trail for the last 30 years. He knows where
and why of all the lyrics in all the old songs.

He complained a little more about how Koh Chang
has changed, and Koh Samui. Saying that years ago
you could just have your marijuana put on your
room bill, and now you had to pay for it up front.
I guess that is change.

Herbert was in favor of the war with Iraq,
saying you need to,
"Fight terrorism with terrorism."
But he really did not like the satellite
pointed bombs. I guess he does not want his
pot fields discovered by accident.

Me and Herbert were having a conversation about
the open nature of Koh Chang. How you can
smoke, drink, drug, in the restaurant, and
most everywhere. He looks over and says,
"You are not going to write that?"
I say,
"Yes, why not?"
He said,
"You will ruin it."

I start to further understand the why of the
book or movie, "The Beach" by Alex Garland

He also does not want me to make a map or explain
where Koh Chang is located. It need to be kept
a secret, and like the story "The Beach" he
proceeded to get very very angry that I would
write about the drugs, or women of Thailand.

I will admit there is a code of behavior.
We know, but we do not talk... hehehe.
So I lost my anonymous friend, and he
would not talk to me anymore. I guess that is
normal when I try to tell their secret.

Koh Chang, Thailand is about 5 hours by minivan
from Bangkok, and close to Cambodia. As my
best estimate there is about 3000-6000 foreigners
on this island all the time. Hard to believe
that he would want me to keep it a secret.
I thought everyone already knew.

Well, lets get in more trouble.

A link of Thailand with Koh Chang pointed at.
Here is a good map of the island.

Andy the
Life is good.


Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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You want to buy a backpack or luggage.
I carry a small and large backpack on my trips.
They are approximately 6 years old.
They are worn, torn and battered.
But than again, like me… They have seen over
40 countries in 6 years of continuous travel.

So when you buy a bag you ask yourself,
“Will the bag last, or be strong enough?”

Most of the time you do not have to worry about
your backpack wearing out. It will normally get
stolen long before that happens.

Pictures tell the story better than I can explain.
So I have about 30 photos of real problems I have
had with my both the small front bag and the large

THE LIST OF WORD - Hard to describe.

The sewing on each side of the zipper rips.
A tooth in zipper is lost.
I have replace all the zippers made of plastic
on my small frontpack. They get off track and just
start to burst open.
The zipper puller. The little tab broke off.
The string that goes through the hole on the zipper
tab came off.
The ends of the zipper come off.

Anything that connects to the bag is a problem.
The handles on top of the front pack.
The edges of the strap wear out where they
are folded over to make the strap.

These plastic clip or connectors have 3 teeth.
1 side breaks off.
The get permanently bent in and will not stay
The fall off. The large one for my waist fell
off in Thailand. I was very lucky. I traced my
path and found it. The little one are easy to
buy, the big ones are difficult.

If you put a canteen. A wood box. Anything
that is defined by hard edges. When it vibrates
and rubs against the side of the bus. I will cut
the side.

If it is corner. There is a problem.

Metal reinforcement in the back part of the
bag bended and needed reinforced.

Cuts in bag.
Knives cuts...
I catch the bag on the side of things as I pass.
I got off a bus in Acapulco and ripped the side pocket.

The important thing to remember about bags is:
Shoe repairmen.
They can fix your bag on the road.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Archives of Scott’s Story
Off to Nepal... I think he is having his mind taken over by a
girl guru. But that is just my opinion after reading his
last newsletter.


“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

When taking sides of a fight...
It is always the best choice of two bad choices.
Always choose the side of the future winner.


by Peter Moore

This man has stolen my book.
Not really, but he has written a book that is
great, and really explains the nature of travel.
He does the 10 things, or 10 ways like me.
Easy to read, and insightful into the true
nature of people you encounter in other countries.
What really elevates this book above the normal
run of the mill travel book of anecdotes is that
he tells you really good advice and explains the
really ugly side of travel in a very fun way,
and it does not leave you with a bad feeling about
the countries he visited, or the culture.
A diplomatic complainer.

The title of the book is from a sign he
encountered on the outside of a toilet.

5 Stars in a 5 Star World.



   ~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

~ HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

A trendy recommendation or obligation
to be sophisticated. A restaurants solution to cutting cost.
This trend has been pushed around the world to save cook
time in the kitchen.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band


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