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ISSUE:  108
DATE:  February 5, 2003
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Issue 108 Hobotraveler.com - February 5, 2003
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 5


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

Leaving Thailand soon!

That line is from an old John Denver song
about leaving on an airplane, and so will I in
the next few days.

I keep laughing to myself. A very well
intentioned Thai singer was singing the song
"Country Roads" by John Denver the other
night to about 20 drunk
and stoned foreigners.

If that does not make a person hate the USA,
than nothing would.

I was going to write this 10 step explanation
on why the world hates the USA. I got up to
step 32 and decided it would be a very funny book
and should save it for a complete thought and
future fun.

It was not going to be serious. More of a cheeky
explanation, satirical and comical explanation
of why the world hates the USA. I could make
a lot of fun with this one...


I always relate the world to Star Trek.
I am sort of like Counselor Deanna.
She is an empath, and can feel the other persons
thoughts and feelings. Not only feeling but in
some way taking on the suffering and pain.
But she is able to explain why they are afraid
clearly and simply.

I definitely fail on the explaining the fear part.
But I do feel things.


The explosion of the Columbia Space Shuttle
was sad. I sort of think of them as Hoboes or
Travelers like me. We both spend too much
money, that we really do not have. Go to places
and not sure how we can get back home.
Sadly they did not make it, and sadly
someday I will not make it home. We do not live
forever. But at least they lived the dream.

I went to the island of Koh Chang that is
close to Cambodia. Sort of a Hippie commune
atmosphere where you can buy Marijuana from
the reception desk. I will write soon about an
old American Hippie, that grows pot for a living
and take photos.... Classic.

I will leave on the 8th to return the USA and
roam around, fix some problems, and than
leave to the HOLY LANDS of Israel.
What great photos and history this trip will be.

I am sad to feel the fear of people
of the world. There seems no way to stop
the anger. I truly believe the world is getting
very very safe. The world is just so much
better than the days of WW II or the Cold War.
That was a standoff of equal powers.
Now all the big guys are on the same side
and we have mass scrutiny of the CNN and BBC
and other journalist. No one can get away
with anything.

But the future is very very bright for me.
If this military coup starts soon in Iraq
as I predict. They can spend a month cleaning
and I can go to the middle east in a world
looking toward a new future.

I wanted to go chase a girl in Israel.
But I can really use this Holy Lands thing
to my benefit. My whole family and country
are very religious, and I so am in offbeat sort
of way. My whole life is about a God and
how to behave. I think that is a world type
thing. Whether Buddhist, Hindu, Islam,
Jewish or Christian. I guess we want to learn
how to be better people. Sometime we blame
it on a God and sometimes we blame other
people. But to understand the conflicts and take
photos of this MIDDLE EAST conflict. I want
to go be HOBO.

An obnoxious American Hobo in the land
of Camels and Gods. There better be a
one or two Gods over there...

I suppose I am afraid also. This trip home
is sort of different. I am not clear on why
or what I am doing. Sort of feel like I lost
the plot. I do not have enough money to leave
for the next trip, and must scramble.
I want to stay with writing and travel, but this
does not pay enough so far. I know life if good,
and all will be ok. I will figure out a way,
but I never can seem to see the path until
the last moment. Hard to have faith in an
unpredictable future...
Life is always good, and gets better.
That I am sure of.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
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