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ISSUE:  101
DATE:  December 12, 2002
Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Chang Rai, Thailand - TRAVEL FASHION
TIP:  Travel Fashion
LOCATION:  Chang Rai, Thailand



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Chang Rai, Thailand - TRAVEL FASHION
Issue 101 Hobotraveler.com - December 12, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 5



         How I feel today..
         Better to read the stories first.
~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
        Location of Hobo and opinions
~   HOBOGUIDE.COM (Go this way)
        Going Hobo barefoot
           Scott’s Bike Around World
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”
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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

“I travel a lot; I hate having my life
disrupted by routine.”
Caskie Stinnett


Better to read the stories first.

City walls, Moat and a big head.


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

This city is located in center of the region
or area of land at the top of Thailand
called the Golden Triangle because the
meeting of the three countries of Burma,
Laos, and Thailand.

I realized I have a special skill.
I could be an undercover reporter
or even a spy. I have the ability
to blend into the scene, and not
be noticed.

I met these 2 Missionaries the other
day. They were great people.
But they were being escorted and
surrounded by the crew.

I call them the crew.
Because they has an entourage of
people to help them. An interpreter.
A preacher, a couple of who knows whats.
The whole world was stopping for them.

I was in the internet cafe, and they
had with the force of money and the
crew occupied the time of the
internet cafe’s staff with stupid
questions. They had no idea how to
use the internet. This is not a normal
backpacker. They understand the internet.

I tagged along with them for awhile.
They are doing good work, but
at the same time I needed to escape.
I do not like to be the center of attention.
And these people attracted way too much
attention. This also make me a target for thieves.
Big money attracts, big thieves.

The man and his wife of course got
to pay for lunch, and every other
possible move they made with the crew.

I needed to leave.

But am slowly recognizing that I can
walk up and talk with very interesting
people and they totally ignore me,
This lets their true colors show.
These were good people.

This is good. I can collect write
some very real and honest stories
about these people.

One thing I hear all the time and am
trying to figure out a way to write about
or explain the racism against the
Israel people.

It is obvious to me that there still
exist the possibility of another Holocaust.
The people of the world have learned
very little about human or equal rights.

I am always happy the USA supports
and helps Israel.

In Koh Phi Phi I took photos of all the dive
shops to demonstrate the blatant
discrimination against Israel people.
( In the USA the lawyers would get rich )

Oh well... People are still crazy.
Some people will start and say stuff.
They do this, they do that,
they blah blah blah...

I personally do not know one country
that does not do things that annoys
me. This is one bad thing about
travel. I learn all the reasons I do
not like a country. Yes, I learn all the
reasons I like a country, but I also
learn the reasons I do not like
a country. I have learned the most about
my own.. Plus I now know... I need to see
the Grand Canyon... hehehe

People always ask me,
Why do you not live here, or there?
I like to visit, but I do not want to
live there. The reason is because
there are lots of things that annoy
me. There is always culture clash.

The problem for the Israel people
is that for some reason the world
feels they have the right to talk
and enforce their bigotry.

I listen to peoples complaints.
They like to talk... I am not from Israel.
It always seems to be the same complaints.
The Israel people act too smart,
too confident, and say directly what
they like or do not like.

Reality is more interesting than fiction.

I am working to add fun things
and more reasons to join the club.
I would think the word “Lifetime” would
be enough, but a guy complained the other
But to let you all know.
I am working away, so people can
get their 1 dollars worth.

Todays - Going this way is about

Today tip is on

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
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5400 Dollars USA per year.
Started November 19, 2002
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Thank You
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I have been asking myself a question.
“How long do I need to stay in a city?”

2 days is not enough.
14 days or 2 weeks is a lot.
But I need about 21 days for the perfect
time to know enough why I am there.

I walk a lot.
Not so common in Thailand for the Traveler.
I think the majority rent a Motorbike
every place they go.

I only did this one time in 7 months.
Seems like a great way to turn
my relaxing life into work.
I want to go slower not faster.
Plus simple economics says
that for the cost of rental of one day.
I can pay to live for one additional day
here, so in the end. I sacrifice one day
of my travels for every day I have a motorbike.

This is about walking, and why I like
to walk. I found the most interesting
ruins, or some form of Buddha statue.
It is in the ground, and covered up by
a lot of bricks, weeds, and other debris.
It is not obvious whether it was meant
to be covered, or this is just a trashed
or leftover Buddha that no one is claiming.

The history of a country, a city, or
the place you are sitting right now
is somewhere around, or beneath your
feet. There are layers of debris.
There may be a new building right
no on top of the debris, but I think
for the most part they build on top
of the old. So somewhere beneath
you is an archeological and
anthropological study.

Nice big words that mean in some
fashion or way the study of debris
and what it means, and the history.

Lets not get into that ball of wax.
But I have found that if I walk around
and look at a city slowly. I will see
some place where the debris pops
up out of the ground. It is and area that
has never been built on or covered.

Sometimes this is just an old building
that you may think of as ready to
be demolished, and I think of as a
history story.

I have been walking around this small
city or village here in Chang Saen
Thailand for about 10 days.
After about 5 days here I discovered
this head protruding out of the ground.
It was me wondering down a street and
not having a reason to go down that
street. I do this often. I never go back
to my room the same way, if I can
help it. I want to wonder, or maybe
I am just have a big nose. Curious.

After 5 days I find this big head.
There is no sign on it. There is a
a drawing on a rough board in front
of this large stone head. But for the most
part this thing is ignored.

Now, I could go ask a million questions
but I have learned that asking questions
in Thailand is not a way to win friends
and influence people. They have not
patience for these types of questions.

I am on my own, or should look at the
things that you have to pay for like the
rest of the tourist. Be a good tourist
and not bother anyone.

But.... I like the real story and not the
created story.

I have discovered and learned more
“Walking by history.”

So I found this is what a Thai person
called a “Sleeping Buddha.”
After I showed some people the photo
that live in Chang Saen they had a name
for it. They have no idea where I found
this, or why I was looking at it.
They did not WALK down that street
or wonder around. They have motorcycles
and mobile telephones though.

So I walked by some history of Chang Saen.
Stopped and took a look.
Took some photos.
Put them on a webpage.

Do I know more than when I first
looked at this Head protruding out
of the ground?

It is a head protruding out of the
ground, and is interesting to me.
I can do some more research
and ask some questions. I am sure
the journey is more interesting than
getting to the destination fast.

So I will
Walk by history some more.

Oh yes,
“How long do I need to stay in a city?”
I think every city needs 7 to 14 days.
You will know why after 7 days.
It will be hard to leave after 14 days.

City walls, Moat and a big head.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Going Hobo barefoot

“In matters of style swim with the current;
in matters of principle stand like a rock.”
Thomas Jefferson

I think common sense would say.
Just ask questions of everything.

There are various types of people in the
world and my observation is that the
one universal characteristic of people is
the desire for fashion.

We want to say we are unique but
I find myself, and others in the end spend
all our time copying the prevailing
style, way, custom, or manner of the
group. I call this fashion for simplicity.
When I see 10 backpacker or the majority
with the travel pants with zip-off legs
than I call this fashion.

When I hear other travelers tell me
that there is a better chance of getting
robbed by the other travelers in Asia
this is fashion also. It is fashionable
comment, and the people have copied
what they heard from other.

Whether a pair of travel pants is
right or wrong for you, or whether the
locals or the travelers rob more is
not important. What is of importance
to try to recognize when you are with the
group or outside the group. When
you are being of fashion or out of
fashion. When you are going with the
stream or swimming up stream. When you stop
to ask yourself these questions you make
a smart choice

Try to separate the fashion from reality.

I remember a simple quote
“If everyone was smart, everyone would be rich.”
Making the smart choices is swimming
upstream and not being fashionable.
But is strangely. the elusive ability to have
common sense.

It is normal or fashionable for travelers to learn
Spanish in Central and South America.
In Asia by comparison almost
none of the travelers learn the local language
and here are some of the largest spoken languages
in the world. For example Chinese.
So I would say that learning
Spanish is more fashionable than learning
Chinese, plus a whole lot easier. Which in
lot of cases was determines fashion.

To go with the group is easier than fighting
the group or mob mentality. It is easier to swim
downstream than upstream.
So to follow or copy and follow in the group
is comfortable, easy, and enjoyable for the
most part life is simple.

Sometime you need to take your shoes off,
when everyone else is wearing
their shoes, and be unfashionable.

I took a class in college for fun, and it was
free offered by the ROTC or the US Military on
survival training. ROTC is a acronym for
Reserve Officer's Training Corps. I had to go
look it up in my dictionary. I was not sure what it
meant, but the class was free and fun.

Well, we went on this 20 mile walk and camping
trip. While on the hike through the woods we
encountered different obstacles and the group
needed to decide how to either remove or go
around the obstacles. To look for solutions
and survive.

One very simple obstacle we encountered
was a river to cross. A shallow river no less.
We all probably would have made the correct
decisions the teacher was wanting if the water
was deep, but is was not, so we all sort of failed.

We was carrying a long nylon rope and mountain
climbing type gear. We was prepared to cross
this river by making a small one strand rope bridge.
I volunteered.
“I will walk across sacrifice myself and get wet,
and tie the rope to a tree”
Seemed like a great idea to me,
One person gets wet, the group survives.
Plus I thought this was the objective of the class.

There was about 5 others of these groups
and some of the other groups had just started walking
across the river. It was shallow and easy, and
the weather was nice and a beautiful day.
So the fashion of the day became to wade
across the river in OUR CLOTHES and SHOES.

I start to go a little crazy. Thinking this just too
stupid. We have ropes, we have these fancy carabine
devices for the real mountain climbers. We are prepared
and this river is just a small challenge and
part of the class.

I was alone in this idea.
The fashion of the day prevailed.
Over 100 hundred people that day got
wet and would not remove their shoes
or have the fun of making a rope bridge.

I sat down.
Said to hell with this stupidity.
I took off my shoes.
I took off my pants.
I was barefoot and no pants.
The water was shallow.
I walked across the river, while holding
my shoes and clothes above my head.
Everyone was laughing and making
fun of me, and being from Indiana
I am sort of the shy type, and do not
walk around in my underwear.
But I am a farm boy smart type, and
the choice was simple.
I went barefoot across the river.

What I have not said, but will say now
is we still had another 8 miles to walk
till we made it back to camp.

I had worked on a farm, and had many
time experienced by accident stepping
in the mud, or water, and having to walk
around for hours in wet shoes, and clothes.
To me this is misery, so I was not going
to walk 8 miles though brush, and insects
with wet shoes and clothes for anyone.
Especially when I have a CHOICE and not
be accident. I had trouble understanding the
sense of getting wet when we had a solution
that was easy, and fun.

Well... We got to camp.
I went from heel to hero in moments.
The teacher and commander. This was
a free ROTC class, was telling me I made
the right choice, and commending me
on my actions. Hero for a day.... wee
Or maybe common senses.
I like it when I am considered smart for
simple things like common sense.

I did very well in this class, and funny how
hard and pleasantly this man tried to recruit
a long hair hippie to join up, and become
one of them. Another type of fashion hmmm?

I used this example because I knew that
some people would jump to all sorts of
conclusions and revelations because it
was a ROTC class. I got in this class by random
chance and it was free. No real thought involved.
I looked at the situation.
Free class. Walk in the wood.
Mountain climbing skills.
It was a good choice, and I did not allow
fashion from stopping me from this class
or from writing this, even though I am sure
that writing about military ROTC is not
fashionable for travelers.

I did not join ROTC as I did not join
the group of people that walked 8 miles
in wet shoes and wet clothes.

I maybe then was the
“Barefoot Hobo”
Just a little Hobo Common sense.
That is life. Just common sense
and a desire to take your shoes off.

If you wish to follow the group that is OK.
Nothing wrong with being part of the group
when easy and fun. Plus make sense.

But try to ask a few questions, and
see when the whole flock of geese is
flying the wrong direction, and
you need to take the “Road less traveled.”

Fashion is for style and looks.
Not a principal to guide your life.
You can be a traveler and not a tourist.

A Barefoot Hobo Travel

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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I am not sure what he is doing.
Says something about being in movies
in India.
Archives of Scotts Story


“Peanut Gallery”
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BATTLE SKILLS - I would judge a countries ability
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NOTE: The USA is excellent. For those of you that
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APPLAUD ... Yippee. Way to go. Attaboy.
Joe Cummings - Thank You
It is easier to criticize than say thank you.
I have been reading a copy of the
“Lonely Planet Thailand Guidebook”
The Author, Joe Cummings did an excellent
job on a country that is difficult.
At least, not my first choice.


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