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Had Sai Yao - Disinfect your clothes Travel Tips Newsletter
And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  091
DATE:  October 01, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Had Sai Yao - Disinfect your clothes
TIP:  Disinfect your clothes
LOCATION:  Had Sai Yao Thailand



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -   Had Sai Yao - Disinfect your clothes.
Issue 91 - October 2, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 5


              Had Sai Yao and Malaysia Trip
              Point of land off of Pak Bara.
~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
        Location of Hobo and opinions
              The true story of Survivor Thailand 2002
              A behind the scene look at what happened.
~   HOBOGUIDE.COM (Go this way)
              MOTORBIKE RIDE TO
              HAD SAI YAOW & MALAYSIA
~   TODAY’S TIP - Disinfect your clothes.
           Dennis & Scott Bike Around World
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”
           Good questions on people that want to
           become writers.
~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

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Better to read the stories first.

Karaoke In Pak Bara Thailand / Chau Lay or Sea Gypsy
Koh Tarutao - Andrew Tours Boat Repair Area - Bob Marley 2
Small Trek from Pak Bara, Caves, Bungalows, and maybe place to camp.
Motorbike - Road from Satun to Chebulong - Had Sai Yao
Fish Farm - Had Sai Yaow Houses - Muslims on Pier
The Beach Sand Long of Had Sai Yao - Muslim School
Main Concrete Pier of Had Sai Yaow - Small children
Ban Che Bilang maybe where Survivor left from. Baby Powder on Face
Malaysian Border and Rice Paddies outside of Pak Bara
Muslims - 2 people 4 people - Lots of people on Motorbikes
PaddleAsia and Grand Villa - Sewing up my bag.

Karaoke In Pak Bara Thailand / Chau Lay or Sea Gypsy
Koh Tarutao - Andrew Tours Boat Repair Area - Bob Marley 2
Small Trek from Pak Bara, Caves, Bungalows, and maybe place to camp.
Motorbike - Road from Satun to Chebulong - Had Sai Yao
Fish Farm - Had Sai Yaow Houses - Muslims on Pier
The Beach Sand Long of Had Sai Yao - Muslim School
Main Concrete Pier of Had Sai Yaow - Small children
Ban Che Bilang maybe where Survivor left from. Baby Powder on Face
Malaysian Border and Rice Paddies outside of Pak Bara
Muslims - 2 people 4 people - Lots of people on Motorbikes
PaddleAsia and Grand Villa - Sewing up my bag.


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)


I am here living on the coast of Thailand.
I look around in front of my bungalows and I can count
islands. If the weather is good there are more. Somewhere
between 4 and 10 according to the clouds in the sky.
I like clear days in Pak Bara, Thailand you can see
for 50 miles.

I am God Country and just me and him talk.
I am up to 27 words of Thai language.
I am counting.
But that is good.
27 more than 100 days ago.


In the new temporary section on CBS Survivor
I will discuss me watching the show for the first
time and some reviews of Survivor sites.

In the GO THIS WAY section I have written a
story about 7 hour motorcycle trip to the
CBS Film Location of Had Sai Yao
and then a trip to Malaysia for a Passport stamp.
Over 200 Kilometers in one day.

I will tell you in the TIPS.
How to disinfect your clothes.
or maybe why I am paranoid about me stinking.

You can talk to me live daily in my new chat.
FREE and fun.
Every day starting at 11:00 a.m. THAILAND TIME.
NOTE: In the USA it is about 10-12 PM.
CLICK HERE to chat with Andy:

AND.. You are in the HOBO STEW section.
This is where I ramble in a confused state.
So I will ramble. Or you can skip to the section
you prefer.


Peter or Bob Marley 2 left. I am both sad and
happy about listening to crazy comments.

I watched my first show of CBS Survivor. I had
never seen the show, so I was happy.

It is hard to not compare my life to their lives.
I realized I am a professional traveler and these
people are 14 normal people. They discussed their
emotions, moral, living on the island, and small
daily problems. The same as my newsletters.

I am listed by the 2nd largest newsletter
publisher in the world as one of their premier travel
newsletters. They changed my description to:

"Traveler Tips by Andy
Thorough insight by an expert traveler. "

I wish there was a better word than expert.
This same problem come with my WebPages.
They want to call a person that works on webpage
a “Webmaster.”

To master something is more difficult than to
call yourself a master. The term webmaster is
grossly misused, and is misleading.

I am also having problems word writer.
I suppose I am a writer. I have written 91
of these newsletters over the last few years.
But there should be a rule or maybe something
to the effect of “I am a published writer.”

I be Hobo... hehehe

But I am also those 3 definitions and few more.
I suppose after 5 year and my safety and theft
record proves me an expert traveler.
I am a writer and an internet “marketing” expert.
Webmaster is a silly word. I am also a Producer
like in the films, but of internet page. I have to
find all the various free Techies, graphics and
others to do certain jobs to orchestrate this production.

I get a lot or redundant and simple questions from
the various people that are involved in my page.
Hosting companies, Techies, CGI, database, and
list servers, and other funny names.
I will make a journey to an internet cafe waiting
patiently for a reply. These companies will reply
but not say anything, or say something like.
I did not understand the question.
I wrote you a book explaining, and sent it to your
complete with bulleted points of focus.

I want to say.....
“Damn it.
I am in the middle of the jungle.
Why are you bothering me with these questions?
Figure it out.
Can’t you read my newsletters.
I am in the middle of chaos.
I am not joking.
I am trying to find myself and a few
other parts of my brain that are missing.
I have not talked with anyone in a week.
I spend all my time making sure my camera
and computer are safe from monsoon rains
and crazy Thailand people that think they
are the Mafia.

You want me to answer that stupid question?
Here it is... “

Let me get back to real problems.
Like how to get rid of this pesky rat that
disturbs me in the morning when I am working.
I have killed 4 now, and am working on more.
It is called a Noo in the Thai language.
What things I have to do.

I am losing lots of readers to my newsletter.
Suppose some do not like to be associated
with the CBS Game Show Survivor and would
consider it below their intellect. It is a great island
and just good fun, no real harm, and they make
people dream. I am not going to say “real.”

So why does Andy go off on one these my
mental excursions? I will add another section to
this newsletter as a solution for those who do
not want to read about Survivor. ..
(Like it needs to get bigger.)

              The true story of Survivor Thailand 2002
               A behind the scene look at what happened.

Skip this section if you wish.

This should separate the reality from the fantasy.
And relieve some of your egos that cannot stand
the onslaught of associations. For me, I will sit and
listen to anything, providing they have Free Food
and a nice lady serving the food.
NOTE: The free food for this newsletter comes in
the future, (Joke)

Please learn to skip sections.
Read this newsletter like a magazine or newspaper.
Only the sections you like.... hehehe
You will not hurt my feelings.
I know the truth anyway...

I give tips and help on survival.
These travel tips are to make you live better.
Not only survive but to live a life of paradise
while traveling the world.

So I take the shows theme serious, but I also
have a little problem taking the show serious.

People do not want to only live and survive.
They want some fun and adventure.
Complete with wild stories to tell their grandchildren.

I get these comments all the time, telling me to write
a book. I wonder if they read the newsletter?
I have come up with a couple of good themes.
Any of you readers got some ideas for my book?

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Come visit Koh Tarutao and learn about Thailand
with a true survivor. We will watch the show on
satellite Television than go to KOH TARUTAO.

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              The true story of Survivor Thailand 2002
               A behind the scene look at what happened.

Use this link to find anything I refer to in the letter.

Hello Survivor Fans,
I am sitting here in Pak Bara, Thailand.
I speak at last count 37 words of the Thailand
language, and growing at a rate now of
3 words per day.

In the Survivor Forums I received a great
tip to print off the photos of the contestants
and show them to the local people. Ask them
if they have ever seen these people and get
the true story.

I have printed off the photos, and have shown
them to a few people. I have to go real slow
to discover the truth. Everyone in these countries
believe in their heart that I am rich, and it is
my obligation as a RICH person to give my money
to them. I am sure some of you have some
deep seated mental problems and talk about
rich people badly. Well come to Thailand.
You will do the turnabout. You will be the rich
person here, and they will talk badly about you.

So with my 37 word vocabulary and a few hand
signals I am learning the truth. I am a detective
and bleeding them for tidbits and clues that will
lead me to the big backstage, behind the scenes
stories you all want to hear.

There is a real story about how the Thailand
Mafia and the CBS Television Production crew
agree to the terms of payment. My sources like
to withhold information so progress is slow.
his is mostly a cultural thing or custom of Thailand,
but they also need to be careful. It is a little
dangerous for both me and them.

Trust is difficult in most countries. They do not
trust someone quickly, and especially a foreign
person. I have to earn their respect and trust.
Then they will talk. I suppose I am on level
3 of a 10 step process.

Opening this door with money does not earn respect
and is a great way to hear a “Thai Lie.”
They can come up with a very good story very fast.
This is a clever culture when it come to talking
and making a couple of USA Dollars quickly.
I do not pay for information in the normal sense.
I guess you would say. I overpay for a normal thing.
I gave the owner of the restaurant a huge tip
last night. This is an example of how to pay someone
to help you. I watched Survivor on her television and
would like to continue this for the next 11 weeks or
so, and I will give her a weekly tip. Not a payment.
But a good incentive to have the television available.

What excitement.
I missed the first show because I could not find
the information on what channel and time.
But this week after a very arduous and time
consuming process I achieved what would be
easy in the USA.

I watched the show on Television.
Not only did I watch the show. I also got to
watch it in English. (Thai Sub-Titles)
It took about 12 hours work to discover
this information. For people in Thailand.
It is on UBC Channel 36 at 12:00 Hours
20:00 Hours and 23:00 Hours military time.
I thought I would not be able to watch it for
awhile. The locals were watching soccer.
I am 100 percent sure they would not stop
watching soccer (Football) to allow a Farang
to watch the Game Show.

As a funny side not.
I went over to a hotel called the Grand Villa to
ask about watching it on their television..
It appears that Kayaking has this hotel as
a base here in Pak Bara. I think it is initiated
by people in Phuket but I have not discovered
the exact truth yet. There is a sign at the entrance in
English that refers to PaddleAsia.
They did NOT understand the word “Survivor”
and when I got them to understand the words
“Game Show” they said adamantly.
“No have Game Show..”
So the show is not available there, although
there is lots of talk on their webpage about the show.

How many viewers per week?
18 Million USA viewer...
So maybe 18 Million people are looking
at their Island. Koh Tarutao.

Last night 1 person from the USA watched.
Awa the owner of the Restaurant and
about 7 small boys. I am not sure if they watched
the show or me. Foreigners are things of

That is 9 more than last week.
0 for the first show.
OK. Maybe I am exaggerating. There is probably
1 or 2 more in the village that watch the show,
and maybe a couple of Park Rangers watched the
show, but they are doing it anonymously.

Pak Bara is small. I was told it has about 2000 people
by Andrew of “Andrew Tours.” I am getting
to know a high percentage by face, and I am sure
they ALL know I exist. They do not know why I am
here, but they know a Foreigner is staying a long
time in Pak Bara.

Andrew Tours is your best source of information
in Pak Bara. He is the only one that speaks English.
The Ranger station is OK, but they are not really
interested in helping, or can’t be bothered.

Yippee !
All the contestants are wearing these purple
or red headbands with the logo of Survivor.
I have a purple one. I bought it from a guy last
week. It is the only one I have seen so far.
I have at least one real authentic souvenir for me.
Something significant.
(Since starting this letter I got a red one also
and am told for a “Price” I can get more.)

OK. I was in that cave from the Chuay Gahn Tribe.
I think that is correct. I appears the Sook Jai tribe
is at Au Son and the Chuay tribe is at Au Rusi.
They jump around in the show so much. It is hard
to get a clear view. 80 percentage of show 2
was filmed in Au Rusi. If you look at the map of
Au Rusi you will see Pizza Island. This island is
constantly in the background. They are sleeping
in both “Home Sweet Home.” and in “Subway Cave.”

I really hope they put a scene in the show about
Razor Blade Mountain. This is the biggest challenge
of the Au Rusi area. An extremely treacherous spot.
I am thinking it is too dangerous for the majority of
contestants so they will skip it, or wait until only
the more healthy specimens are remaining and
the wimps are gone.

I laughed also. That is definitely CBS’s latrine on the
island. They strategically left out this area of all
footage. I am really quite angry about the base being
left and will write a very specific story on this
subject soon. CBS is not Ecologically safe or correct
in their decision and actions. They are helping
to destroy Koh Tarutao.
I will do my best to remove personally these latrine
bases on my final episode tour.

I am sad that at the WHARF or where they have
tribal council they have a completely Buddhist Wok
or temple theme. This area is 85 percent Muslim
and this type of motif is rare. Most of Thailand
in the north is Buddhist. But if you come to visit
Koh Tarutao do not expect to see this type of
architecture. There is one location on the Pak Bara
map where I have indicated the location of deteriorated
Wok or Buddhist temple. Some small remnants
of this type of architecture existed, and I have seen
one Monk on his daily collection walk.

But for a little respect for the area I would hope they
recognize the local religion and do not treat it as if
it does not exist in the future episodes.


My list of possible locations:

(Actual island of shooting)
A. Phante Bay in the Bungalows.

(Dock or pier where 95 percent of supplies
entered and left the island.)
A. Bara Resort
B. Laguna Resort
C. Best Guesthouse

A. Novotel Central Sukhontha Hotel
(Location of Orion Asia Limited during
the production of CBS Survival.?
3 Sanehanusorn Road, Hatyai Songkla 90110 Thailand
Telephone: (66 74) 352-544 or ( it could bee 60 74)
There is another telephone: 252-222

B. Pink Hotel

Koh Lipe - Island in this Archipelago
KOH BULON - Island in this Archipelago
CHIANG MAI in Northern Thailand.

I have a lead from a reader on a location in Phuket.
It is 8 hours away and I will have to make
a very special trip.

90 percent of the management was staying
in the Novotel Central Sukhontha Hotel in
Hat Yai. It would have been easy to keep them
there as they had a paid driver to Hat Yai.
I have written documentation of the name
and places in my possession.

But... What are the motives of CBS?
Money and filming.
I have not seen the past shows.
If they show all the contestants in various
locations, then would probably be shuttling
them around the country, and maybe to
Brazil for filming. I have heard that there
are 2 of the finalist right now in Brazil.
They just stopped filming in Chiang
Mai, and also preparing to go to Japan.
NOW. And something about the Philippines.
I do hear a lot of gossip.

I am not sure how hard they try to keep these people
segregated from people, and how much
they allow them to do normal tourist activities.

I was told personally they was on the island
for 39 day of production by the girl in Krabi.
I think there is 13 shows.
That mean about every other day they
need to film one of these activities. In show
2 they had the figure 8 walk and the Lotus
swim. That would be at least 24 separate
filming of activities. These people spent
their whole time moving from location to

Tribal Camp 2 on Au Rusi.
Tribal Camp 1 on Au Son or Molee, Au Jak
Tribal Council on the wharf or Talo Wao.

1 hour by boat.
To go between these locations takes a
minimum of 1 hour by boat. After you organize,
load, and transport the cast.

15 minutes.
There is a Helicopter pad as you may have
seen in the photos in my members area.
They could land at all these locations.
It would be less stressful for the contestants.

I watched the 2nd show.
They have all the clothing and equipment
that is needed. Rain jackets, knives, axes, matches
and clothing. The even have pot and pans.
I was especially surprised to see a Wok.
That round Asian cook pan. This is not
a good pan for open fires and definitely not
easy to carry. Looks good on TV though.

The big stress for the cast is...
1. Sleeping on the hard ground.
2. Constant make up, costume, and filming
of them.

1. Feeling constantly dirty.
They look exceptionally clean.
This is not normal. I was not able to see a mirror
for 3 days when I was on Au Rusi. In the water, out
of the water. Shoes on, and shoes off.
Sand everywhere.

The are complaining about low moral and they
are obviously surrounded by filming people.
They are wimps.

2. Difficulty of cleaning clothes.
I did not see clothes hanging on the line.
This would be the normal camp.
If you look at my photos. Taken and published
before I saw my first show. Cleaning and drying
clothes is a big daily chore. This is outrageously
lacking in the scenes.

3. Shoes or footwear.
I watched the girl going for fresh water.
Hokey at best. A tank in the ground. But
oh well. It is television. She had on shoes
and acted like she was going though jungle.
I will keep my mouth shut....

But the shoes. She had on tennis shoes
and socks. Most people would have on Sandals
and no socks. Easier and quicker to dry.

I have been laughing to myself.
I like to walk with my Reebok Gym Shoes.
I wear fresh sock to minimize smells. I do not want my shoes
to start to smell. I need some new socks. It is
going to take a lot of work to buy socks in Thailand.
They do not sell sock in the normal markets.
No one has on shoes. All have on sandals.
It is helpful also. You have to take off your shoes
to enter most business establishments.

Shoe management is major consideration.
They have 4 alternatives.
1. No shoes. Barefoot
2. Sandals
3. Gym shoes or hiking boots.
4. Rubber boots.

I carried with me.
Gym shoes and rubber boots.
I never wore my Gym shoes on the island.
I should have wore them while climbing Razor
Mountain. It was a little dangerous in my Rubber Boots.

I did not wear the Gym Shoes because I could not
get them to dry fast. This is rain forest and an
island. There is water everywhere. Did you see
the figure 8 track. It had water in the areas they had
cleaned of vegetation. (Why cut down trees?)

Rubber boots drip dry or wipe dry.
I wore my rubber boots when I needed shoes.
The slipped on and are worn without socks.
Normal Jungle gear, and protection from snakes.
They should have had boots on for protection from

I have been talking with the locals, and one common
job was for Snake Protection. They had individuals
that scared away the snakes. Or at least made
sure the contestants did not have to deal with
a real snake situation.

The whole shoe thing was a dangerous representation
of how to walk in the jungle. I do hope the viewer
do not follow in their footsteps.

They gave them a net to fish.
All these things types of things NORMALLY
wash up on these beaches and should have could
have been found easily.
The CBS Production crew has clean off all
the normal beach debris. If you look at my
photos of the Phante Bay area, you will see
a squid trap that is washed up on shore.

They ate squid that washed up on shore.
I absolutely would never eat an already dead fish.
This is very irresponsible to represent that
you could. They probably had a few squid
fisherman throw them in the water.
If you look at my members photos you will
see some photos of Squid I took. The boys
that catch these were good fun, and happy.

I hope this squid thing was to make fun.
In the BOOK “The Beach” by Alex Garland.
All the people on the island get horribly sick by
eating a squid that was speared accidentally dead.
The person thought is was alive, but it was not.

I know its a show, but some little boy in the
USA is right now wanting to run around in
the Jungle. Some travelers is getting the hot
idea that they can waltz around in the Jungle.

If you look at my photos you will find a pair
of 14 inch high rubber boots. In my story about
the Amazon Jungle Trip Preparation.
Issue number 58
I wrote you needed:

“Rubber Boots,

I will do some research.
I will ask the locals if the Snake Protection people were
wearing rubber boots? If they was, and the cast
does not...? I believe it is irresponsible to represent
how to live in a “Reality Show” something that is

I wore my boots on Au Rusi every time I went into
the Jungle. I do not care what people think.
I am not going to get bitten by a snake to prove
I can survive. The goal is to survive. Not to die.

I want to know?
Why does CBS show pictures of Snakes in
the show, and than pretend and teach they
are not dangerous by their actions and filming.

I do hope they try to walk from Au Rusi
to Phante Bay.
I do hope they climb Razor Mountain.
I do hope they explore some bat caves.
I hope they swim into this crocodile cave
off of Phante Bay. There are some really good
caves on this island.

I am not sure I understand.
But it would seem at week 8-10 they
would need to merge the remaining
Survivors into one area.

If they are creative they will get them
up on and near waterfalls over on the
West Side of the island close
to Au Son or Au Jok.
(Jok Peese)

I am hoping for real creativity
and they take them to Koh Lipe and have
them deal with the Sea Gypsy mentality.
Chau Lay.

Had Sai Yaow
(Beach Sand Long)
I am not sure what happened in the
first episode. Either this is in the future
or happened in the first episode.

I have a trip scheduled to Hat Sai Yaow
on Sunday... September 29, 2002
I rented a motorbike for 200 Baht
and if the sun shines. I am a go.

MONDAY MORNING September 30, 2002
I tentatively leave for Talo Wao.
I cannot get the longtail boat to go to
Phante Bay or Au Jok.
The water is too dangerous.

I will go to Talo Wao where they have Tribal
Council, and walk to the other side. It is
about 10 Kilometers I would guess.
Should take about 3 hours.

I will leave Monday morning at about
4:00 a.m. from small coffee shack on
the beach. I will have to talk to all the
fisherman until one agrees.

I have been told that I can go on the
Rangers boat this time. A friend know a
Ranger and is trying to arrange passage.
This is very speculative, and in some ways
could hamper my progress. It give the Rangers
too much knowledge of my trip.

I may ask my friend to not talk with the Rangers.
I do not trust them. They will say yes, than no,
and than spend their whole time trying to check
up on me. Better to stay out of their line of mental
fire. They have nothing to do, and I do not want
to become their next project.

The park is officially closed.
What does that mean?
No one is supposed to go to the island.
Only workers. Fisherman, or people with boats,
or when you can, or if you want.

What does that really mean?
It cost more.

There is nothing closed ever in most
of the underdeveloped countries.
The legal system is the least developed.

I am not breaking any laws.
Technically yes.
But in reality no.
The law of most exotic countries I enter
is on sliding continuum. The law is enforced
only if there is money to be made.
Special exceptions exist.

The law is enforced if easy.
Making work for oneself or costing themselves
money to enforce the law is not what happens.
I am in this territory.

I am not worth the bother, and it would make
work for them. Better to ignore the Farang
and have nothing to do. Plus Farang can
cause problems if they complain. So they
try to ignore me, and I try to ignore them.
A mutual agreement that the other does
not exist.

I have made 4 MESSAGE boards for
questions, comments, and request.

I will ONLY answer questions on these boards.
Or in my daily online chat.



Example: Au Rusi - Pak Bara - Hat Yai

I can buy and send you lots of things from
the production materials on the island.

It appears that...
Is the premier webpage with the most current information.
It is obvious that all are copying and extrapolating
information for each others. CBS is strategically releasing
information to keep the excitement high.

I enjoy reading the forums but find them seriously lacking
in effective information for me to journey to the island or
learn about the shows. More gossip, and less facts.
Dodgey information at best, and way too time consuming
for me an actual survivor in Thailand.

MAPS: I easily have the best collection of maps.
These are constantly being updated on a DAILY BASIS.


I will keep snoop around. I am sure that I can find some
juicy tidbits for fun and future speculations.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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After being frustrated last week by
my first attempt to visit Had Sai Yao.
I rented a motorbike for 200 Baht.
About 5 dollars USA for the day
and made my trip a lot quicker.

Driving a vehicles most countries I have visited
is a death wish.

I believe that more people die in underdeveloped
countries by motor vehicle accidents, than hunger,
AIDS, bad water, or any other disease or cause.

(Conversation with myself)
I forgot.
I will not forget again.
I will not drive a vehicle in other countries.
I swear to you Andy. This is a promise.
Never again.

Life is dangerous. There are ways to get
killed in the world, and traveling in the world
just make is more dangerous. I would say that I
have increased my chances of getting killed in
an accident by 5-10 times over the my chances
in the USA.

There are motorbikes everywhere in Thailand.
It is hard to remember that this is country where
life is cheap, and death is common. The motorbikes
are tempting.

I laughed when I rode a small Took Took Truck
around the island of Koh Samui to catch the ferry to the mainland.
Every few hundred meters in Koh Sumui
is a sign.

“Remember to drive on left side of road.”
Or something like that.
They have these signs up for a reason.
People get killed. That is bad for the tourist

I will probably ride a motorbike again.
I am not going to be that worried.
Life has some dangers, and this is one of them
that I cannot avoid completely. I need transportation.

I have been toying with idea of riding a motorbike
around Asia. It would make the trip 200 percent more

This sound great. But transporting motor vehicles across
borders is way beyond my desire for optional chosen
frustrations. I am just too lazy for that much work. I could
pay my way through. But that would quadruple my budget
and I would still be frustrated.

This idea to ride a motorbike across Asia is alluring
but would destroy my present adventure. I am sure
that some other Hobo can accomplish the feat.
I would assume some have already done so.

I take calculated risk.
My life is full of adventure.
There is real danger.
But I am not stupid.

There is no way to climb Mount Everest
without danger. It is worth the risk for some

There is no way to go on the Amazon without
danger. It was worth the risk for me.
There is no way to walk around and sleep
on Koh Tarutao without danger.
It is worth the risk to me.

I would say that after 5 years of
avoiding danger of 30 plus countries
I can say I am an expert at calculating
the risk and making good decisions.

I like that saying. Helps me to remember.
The more time I travel. The more time
I am in Harms way. Most travelers shoot
into a country and out of country.
Spending a short time, and hope they
are safe. A quick thrill and they are gone.
I remain and move around. I remain in
Harms Way.

I made a calculated risk and
succeeded in returning alive.
I knew that I would encounter some
things that would make my nerves
Scream at me.
You are in danger.

It is common for tourist to rent motorbikes
on Island like Koh Sumui or locations like
Phuket and ride around the area.
They stay within the Farang boundaries
and are somewhat safe.
I took a 200 kilometer round trip to
Had Sai Yao and to Malaysia in one day.
I left the resort...hehehe

I did not have enough time going by bus
and was trying to do this trip faster.
The better way is to move my base camp
or staging area closer to my goal. This
is my normal method. But I do not want to
move presently, so I opted to go visit
Had Sai Yao quick by motorbike.

I did not see anywhere to sleep there.
Other than to camp in someone’s
yard, or a vacant field. I am considering
whether to go and stay a few days in
Had Sai Yao. I loved the local people
and culture. Plus they appear to never
see a foreigner, and the hospitality
is better.

I have preconceived ideas or rules
in my head on how to drive a vehicle.
I have been driving a car and motorcycle
in the USA for years.

I do not drive a motorcycle after being
in hit by a car and breaking my femur
while driving drunk. Both me
and the other driver were drunk.
But in reality. I could have been sober
and it still could have happened.
I got to walk around on my armpits for
a year... (Crutches)

In the USA when I drive.
Cars are on the right side of the
road. Here they are on the left.
I have to constantly tell myself.
Stay on the left side.
Turn into the correct side or lane.
There is nothing more chilling than
to turn down a one way street the wrong
way. So I have to constantly remind
myself of this danger.

I drove the motorbike between
50 and 80 kilometers per hour.
I felt safer going a little fast than
a little too slow. I was not afraid
of having a collision with the other
motorcycles that much, but I was
worried about Trucks and Cars.

Looking in my mirrors. I would see nothing.
I checked and rechecked.
Look forward and around.
A backdraft and my nerves tingle.
They jumped a few time when them
logging trucks and one large bus
decided to honk it horn at the
last moment.

I am going about 70 kilometers
per hour. These non-motorcycles
will pass so fast I would not see them
coming, or hear them. I would feel
them afterwards on the back of my
neck and arms.

Maybe about 130 kilometers per hour.
That is the velocity of these animals
of the road.

I keep looking for speed limit signs.
I did not see one the whole trip.
I will say the signs, and roads of
Thailand are excellent.

200 Kilometers later. I do not
know if there is a speed limit.
It does not appear so, and I if
there is.. No one respects it.

1st Rule: There are no rules.
2nd Rule: Remember rule number 1.

I felt like Mel Gibson in Mad Max.
Zooming down the highway and
we all see who is craziest.

I have become painfully aware.
I am the crazy guy.
My past drunk motorcycle accident
proved that to me.

Earlier in the night of my accident I was
seeing if I could shift my 400 Yamaha
Dirt bike into 3rd gear while doing
a wheelie. A wheelie is when you raise
the front end of the bike off by accelerating
very fast, and pulling up at the same time.
To maintain this up position you have to speed shift
through the gears, and keep your
balance. I got 3rd gear.
(4th gear is still on my list of life goals.)

So now that I know.
When crazy people are around other
crazy people They act crazy.

I am zooming down the road.
I am counting the other motorbikes.
70 percent have 2-4 people on them.
OK.. So that is a lot.
But the girls on back are riding
“Side Saddle.”
Like they do on a horse sometimes.
Or at least they did in days of lore.
In olden days.
Their legs are both on the same side
of the motorbike hanging down.

Well. In this 80 percent Muslim area
of Thailand. They are still riding side saddle.
The women have dresses, and I suppose
it would not be lady like to separate them
legs be safe. This is normal to see.

I laugh and enjoy this, and forget.
This is dangerous, and is against the law in
the USA. I am sure. No Helmut and 2-5 people
on the same motorbike.
Most of the time when there are 4 people
on the same bike it is young school kids.
4 girls will go by sprawled all over the bike
and wrapped around like pretzels and say,
“Hallo.” (Hello)
I wave and say,
“Sawadee Krap.”

Here the roads have 2 lanes or maybe
4 lanes. It according to your calculations.
There are 2 normal size car lanes and the
shoulder of the road. It is wide enough for
a motorbike. So 1/2 the motorbikes are
driving on the shoulder of the road.

It is possible to have 2 cars and 2 motorcycle
all abreast of each other at the same time.
A motorcycle on each shoulder and 2 cars
in the middle. All assuming the other is
not going to make any swerves in the road.
Less than a meter away from touching.

So just when you think the road is cluttered.
They decide to pass you.
In my country when they pass, they make
sure the path ahead is long enough sufficient
distance to allow travel time in the opposite
lane to be safe.

Honk and go.
The bigger the animal, the faster you go.
Get out of my way!
A bus passed me, and 4 other vehicles
including a big truck. The area was congested
already, and HONK HONK. Zoom. Whoosh.

Strange to me, but common in most countries.
The bigger vehicle has all the rights.
Staying out of the way is the goal.

They do not wait all the time for a clearing to pass
another slower vehicle. They just start to pass.
All the vehicles are suppose to move to the
shoulder to accommodate the needed space.

If you are one of them people that likes to
give the finger to people. Do not come to
Thailand and drive a car. Your arm would get
too tired.

I also recommend that any policemen stay at home.
This type of traffic conditions would be beyond
your mental capacity. You would have to wear
a blindfold to keep from going crazy.
(Note: Electricians stay home too.)

The road signs in Thailand are great in
comparison to the other countries I have
visited. For the most part you are OK.
I went slow, and stopped completely when
I was confused. Better to be a little lost than a lot
lost in a word where no one speak the your

I did find a small blue sign.
Beach “Sai Yao”

For those of you planning a day at the beach.
Saw the show CBS show Survivor.
Do not plan a day swimming in Had Sai Yao.
There does not seem to be anywhere that is
good for swimming. The word beach is
not translating the same as English.

I am very tanned, and found my face
and arms now to be a golden brown.
7 hours on a motorbike for me was a
good day at the beach. Could be
a severe burn for some of you people.

Where am I?

There is a boat trip from close to Satun
to Malaysia I already did that trip.
That trip is not fun, and expensive.
I can go to the Sadao
entrance to Malaysia just south of Had Yai.

But I am told there is a border crossing
in between. I am suppose to go to
Cha Lung and go south.

I went to Cha Lung. It is on the path
or road between Satun and Langu.
I stopped. Asked for,
They said 27 Kilometers that way.
The pointed, and drew on the map.
My instincts told me these 4 taxi drivers
were giving me @[email protected]$#@# up directions.
This would have taken me to Hat Yai.

I ignore the 4 men, and stop an asked
a lady. She pointed to the road and
with hand signals said. Turn right.

I followed here directions.
I asked or said.
She pointed with here hand.
How is that for a short conversation.
I recommend you keep the number of
words short and brief. Extra words to
not help in a foreign language.

A the T in the road.
Left or right.
I followed my instincts.
Turned right. Than I checked
with the first person I met.
Same conversation.
Malaysia and hand signal.

I have no idea of the name of the park
I was entering. I passed at least 2 waterfalls
or roads that lead to waterfalls. This is
a great road full of high trees, and protruding
rocks rising out of the ground.

This is a more or less a mountain pass.
It leads from Thailand to Malaysia and
is used predominately by citizens of the
2 countries and not Farang. But this is
an excellent border crossing.
Very efficient and quick.
I walked across.
Turned around and walked back.
Hello. Goodbye.
Hello again. Goodbye.

I got a very stern and serious man
or border control officer. He gave me
this lecture..
“Go to embassy.
New passport.”
He was not amused that my passport is
full of stamps. Life was a little more
difficult for him. There was not an easy
way to find a clean spot for my entrance
stamp. He want me to get a new

In reality I will get some new pages
inserted into the present passport.
I do need to perform this task soon.
One of these guys is going to not let
me enter. Really quite silly, but I do not
like to argue with border control.
They like their jobs, and gives them
an excuse to make rules.

There is still some space in the
passport, but you have to work a
little to locate.

90 percent of the vehicles on the
road are motorbikes.
When it rains. The will put up and
umbrella and keep moving.
Sometimes they stop. Sometimes
the pretend it is not raining and keep
on their journey.

I wrapped up all my valuables and
spent the last 45 kilometers pretending
it was not raining. I was happy upon
entering Langu that it stopped.

I am always confused on what to say.
It was wonderful.
It was torture.
It was scary.
It was a pain and an adventure.

A lot of frustration and love involved
in making a memory an

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Hot water laundry.

I am paranoid.
Not like the normal travelers with fears
of people and places. I have a fear.
Do I stink?

What I miss about home the most
is that nice clean feeling.
When the house is clean.
The sheets are clean and
everywhere I go is clean.
Including my body and clothes.

90 percent of me feeling clean
are my clothes. I spend a lot of time
in my bed, but I am asleep. So I cannot
remember my feelings. But when I am
awake and exploring the world.
I want to feel clean.

Lot of reasons, but my clothes have been
smelling lately. One of the biggest reasons
is when it takes to long for them to dry. Clothes
that hang on the clothes line in the open
air to NEED to dry in one day.
More and they can start to mildew.
I am in Topical Monsoon Area.
Very humid.

When the sun shines.
Everywhere like fresh flowers clothes
start to grow. Up pops clothes line and
everyone decides today is cleaning day.
A good hot sun baking does wonders
to rid your clothes of smells and
insects. Whether a bed bug, or ants.

They do not have hot water in the
bungalows. The more expensive one
have something close, but not really.
And if you pay to have your clothes
washed, that does not mean they use
hot water. And they will probably dry them
on the clothes line also.

This is the Tropics. Hot water is not
needed for showers. People take showers
in water at room temperature.

You see old western movies,
and stories of people cleaning their clothes.
The would have this big kettle of hot
water and they would be soaking their
clothes inside the kettle. Using a long
stick to stir the water.

Hot water disinfects and kills germs.
To sterilize something or to purify water
you can boil the water.

In my paranoia. I have learned how to
bring water to a near boil to wash my clothes.

I use the same heating element I use
to hear a cup of coffee.

I place it in the water.
Let it heat the water for about 5 minutes.
The water is so hot I cannot put my hand inside
the water. I than add some powdered laundry
soap. Drop in a couple of items of clothes.
Stir with anything available.

I have disinfected my clothes.
I let soak for the night, or until
the water is cold. Rinse, wring and hang up in
front of the fan.

I wash 2-3 items of clothes daily.
This is a daily chore, and I have stopped
having my clothes washed all at once.
I have found that the experience travelers almost
always do their own laundry by hand. It is less
work than paying someone and have multiple
other problems.

Andy the Hobo

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Mom's Peanut gallery
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 15:40:48 +0000

Being a poor traveling Hobo may be difficult.
If it was easy there would be lots of international
Hobo's with a website with their tales.
There would be no challenge if it was simple and easy.
Always remember that because that is what makes your
tales of woe and tales of wonder so interesting
to us couch potatoes.
Love mom


Just hit reply to this e-mail and you can send a question
directly to me... Andy the

...I don't know how much you know about the publishing
industry, but how well a book does depends upon how
hard the author works to promote it and a few
make a good living at it. ...
Something that I've learned is that everything has a price.
If someone tells me of their unfulfilled dreams to do
something or be something, there's lots of reasons why
it didn't happen, but the first thing that comes into
my mind is, were they willing to pay the price?
I haven't the foggiest idea whether I'm willing to pay
the price to succeed as an author. I'm the only one that
can make that decision, but I'd better do it PDQ, and
I will (I think I already have, but's
another adventure). Maybe a lot of people are
unwilling to pay the price of their dreams.
I've got an idea that you know what I'm talking
about. Freedom has a price and it's all relative to
your needs and how you perceive it. I'm not asking you
to explain your motives, you do that very well in your
newsletter, but something that I am curious about, how
many emails do you receive a day, as a result of
your newsletter? I think there's a lot of dreamers out
there, fearful, but every once and a while, one breaks
loose and learns to swim.
Larry Sager
Writer of Book. “09-11-11”


Maybe I am reading into this, but there are a few
questions imbedded in the comment. I know for sure
there are lot of people thinking about writing.

The read my newsletter and say,
“I could write like that.”
And I would say,
“Yes you can.”
In the past few years I have discussed writing
with friends and how to start to walk down
the yellow brick path to the same land of oz.
Jeff W from California.
He now has the started a newsletter.
William B.
I razz him. He has written a book, and needs
to promote and dream on.
Austin S.
Talks and says she is writer but needs more
practice. I have said, write something. I will put it
in my newsletter... maybe. But she has a better
than average chance.
Jenny H. Says she is going to write a tip.

Last week I received my first submission.
A letter well written and a complete thought.
Beginning, middle, and end. A whole idea.
I am debating whether to put in the newsletter
because of the basic nature of the work.
Simple, efficient and sweet.
I suppose a little too on the sweet side.
Hoboes are not that sweet... hehehe
Fun yes.

The question:
“how many emails do you receive a day, as a result of
your newsletter”

I would say about 5-6 per day from my newsletter.
I receive about 1-2 e-mails per day as a result of my

Some first reads my newsletter and writes me
and the latter looks at my webpage and writes

This is about a 1-2 percent response.
I have about 3000 people in the newsletter.
I have about 500 unique visitors to my webpage.

My Goal.
150,000 people in my newsletter.
10,000 unique visitors to my webpage.

One year ago I had
1500 people in newsletter
175 Unique visitors to my webpage.

I said,
“There was more questions imbedded.”

These questions should be asked?

Can I start to write by having a newsletter like
yours Andy that is sent be e-mail.

This is relatively easy.
But at the same time very
difficult. My mother told me I was declared a math
genius in kindergarten. I think she was right.

The writing is easy. Understanding the algorithmic
process or chain of events that has to transpire
to send a newsletter by computer and
internet is complicated.

Translated.. That mean most people are NOT
capable of running the computer and understanding
how to navigate a webpage.
Or are too disorganized.

Can your writing become famous?

If the reason you stop. Is a simple as you do not
understand a computer. Or you stop because
you need more practice. Then you have and will

I learned a long time ago some things are very
easy. Here is an example.
I rode my bike for 60 miles in one day.
I started. After 1/2 the distance. I had no choice if
I wanted to return. I burned a bridge, or the path

That was a very stupid and easy accomplishment
for me. Riding a bike for 60 miles. I would consider
it one of my minor life accomplishments, but my friends
all were impressed.

Do you want to impress yourself?
Or do you want to be loved by the world?
Or are you like me.... Just want some kicks,
enjoy writing, and would like to earn enough money
to live by this trade.

I try to assume and accepted
that no one loves me. It is a bonus
when I realize who does love me.

This is not bad.
But it does make me remember
to make sure 1 person loves me.

I do not want to be famous in the sense where
everyone would recognize my face. I have had
brief episodes of this, and did not like it.
I do want my writing to be famous.

Can I do it with this newsletter?
Yes. Just like getting on the bike.
I start, burn a few bridges. Tell everyone I am
on a trip that will never end. In the end.
I just... DO IT.
Start and do not stop.
Follow your feet.
Follow or lead.

I know if I write long enough.
My list will get to 150,000 people.
It grows a little faster each day.
The momentum is growing.

It only takes one letter.
I will accidentally write a letter someday.
I do not know the subject or why I will write
the newsletter.
I will send it to 3000 people.
That 3000 will send it to 9000 people.
That 9000 will send it to 27,000 people.
That 27,000 will send it to 81,000 people.
That 81,000 will send it to 243.000 people.
That 243,000 people will send it to 729,000 people.

Do you get it?
I will have my 150,000 subscribers in a few days.
This is called Viral Marketing.
It is how became famous.
My whole webpage is built on the referral or viral
marketing system. If your webmaster does not
know this principle. He is good at computers.
Not a master.

So you start a newsletter.
FREE... Go to
Create a following.
Make a webpage to capture the attention
of people and get readers of your newsletters.
If it grows. You are good.
If it grows fast. You are very good.
The better you get at writing, the faster it will grow.
I the end. You are like me.
Poor.. hehehe and a Hobo.

In Thailand somewhere on the Beach.

PS For those of you really curious. I am here
writing about Survivor because there is a story.
A real story of interest. Plus 18 million viewers
can come to read my story. Get the picture.
Or do I need to draw another map.

   ~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

No Time this week.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band



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