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Had Sai Yaow Thailand - SINK - BUCKET - PAIL Travel Tips Newsletter
And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  090
DATE:  September 23, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Had Sai Yaow Thailand - SINK - BUCKET - PAIL
LOCATION:  HadSai Yao Thailand



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Had Sai Yaow Thailand - SINK - BUCKET - PAIL
Issue 90 - September 24, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 5


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
        Location of Hobo and opinions
            Thailand - The big challenge.             
~   HOBOGUIDE.COM (Go this way)
Went to the bay of Au Rusi on the Island
of Tarutao Thailand. Trying to go to Had Sai Yaow
           Dennis & Scott Bike Around World
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”
~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks


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~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)


The Satun Province is where I am located.
In the Southwest corner of Thailand just North
of Malaysia. This is one of the best places in
the world to visit and enjoy tropical jungles.

I drew a new map of Au Rusi Bay where I camped
for 2 nights.


I camped on Tarutao in a cave for a couple of days.
The map above explains the situation.

I want to tell you about razor blade mountain.
That is my own name for it.

I found this rope to climb up the rocks.
I thought for ahile and decided to climb the rope
and take a few pictures and explore.
I am wearing these high top rubber boots.
Great for walking through the jungle but not the best
for mountain climbing. My feet wiggled around inside
and they was slippery.

I pull myself up the rope. As I climbed
added extra knots in the rope to make
my descent easier. You need to plan your escape
as good as your entrance. I get to the top.
My heart is pounding and I am trapped.
I need to jump across this chasm to go up the rocky
slope. I am worried. I am walking on edges or stone
that looks like Indian Arrowheads. They are just
as sharp, and I am sure that if I fall. I will get hurt.
I am alone, and in slippery rubber boots.

I am sure that if I slide sideways rapidly my boots the
stone will cut the boots and maybe my feet.
I am looking carefully for a safe path.
With a camera in my hand it is difficult to climb.
Suddenly an animal runs off with a load crash.
Below me somewhere is something big.
A monkey, a “moo bua.” something big.
My adrenline is giving the full push.
I do not want to fall.
No risk, no rush.

CBS chose a wonderful island.

It has rained for the last 2 days and creates
a sullen mood for the community of Pak Bara,
Thailand. This is a land of water, and people
live from the water. There is an ocean close
on both sides of Thailand in the South.

They fish the ocean and the grow rice in
fields of water. I do not believe one can be poor
in a land of water and they will always
have food.

My friend Bob Marley 2 leaves in a 3 days.
for Germany. I will have no one to talk with and
compare notes on life in general. I will be alone.
There is a Thai man with the same name as me
“Andrew” that speak English, but he is working
and married. so not available much for conversation.

I am facing my greatest challenge of 5 years.
I need to find a way to have human interaction
so that I am not alone. I feel lonely.

A person cannot travel for 5 years without being
being alone a lot. I have days on end where I do not talk
with other people. That is normal. But right now I
am not having the types or relationships that make
me feel happy and fulfilled in life.

Please do NOT give me sympathetic solutions
like you will be OK or saying thing like,
“read a book,”
“go for a walk,”
“it will get better.”
I know I am OK already.
This is just a temporary problem.

These a good platitudes and well intended.
But nice and sympathetic, but I do not want sympathy.
I need normal human relationships.
This is a real problem that I need to solve
or I will need to leave.

Bob Marley 2 is in some ways is really crazy.
I have asked him to write me an e-mail when
he returns. After 7 days I told him, I would like
to receive an e-mail saying he is not in the mental

In mental craziness are some good answer though.
He has traveled to about the same places
and lived for about the same length of times.
A different path, and in a different way.

He said to me,
“I am Hobo.”
He is a Hobo also. The same and different.
But he is Hobo.

We talk about the show Survival,
He shrugs his mop of dreads and with a short
tug on the his cigarette says,
“It’s in the head.”

Bob 2 spent off and on 10 months on Tarutao
Island with his Thailand girlfriend. He knows and
understand quirks of Thailand. He helps me to
understand the underbelly of Thailand and is
helping me peal this onion.

I comment on his statement about it being in
the head, saying,
“But Bob you are crazy.”
he says,
“I know, but I am a champion,
I survived.”

He is not talking about Tarutao. He is talking
about survival of life. He had a difficult time for
the last 6 months. His Thai lady died.
She killed herself in Germany.
He returned to Thailand to deal with her family
and to clear his mind of the cobwebs.
He blames the Thailand culture for her death.

He is a survivor.
His brain is OK. He is happy and will wake
each day and not hide, but engage in life.

I am definitely of Generation X. A culture
defined by movies and music.
I was thinking... hmm...
Where did I learn to use the word Engage?
“Engage Maverick,
Engage Maverick.”
I learned it from the movie “Top Gun.”

Sometimes we lose our nerve.
We shake and are not sure we can go on
with the show.

“Engage Maverick.”
Maverick had lost his best friend
Goose in the movie Top Gun and needed to
engage the enemy in a Airplane Dog Fight.
It was the time for him to kill or be killed.

I have had multiple times in my life where
life was very difficult

I face a problem of loneliness.

I know people. They like to see pain,
and they like to hear about the downtrodden
sad stories so they can say they are the same.
Bob Marley 2 plays this Reggae Rasta stuff
every morning. I keep trying to buy him some
more CD Roms and tell him his music is shit.

I want to understand why people want to
be “Blue?”
Singing the blues.
I do not want to be blue and I do not like
to hear myself singing the blues.
That is what I am doing now..

Sorry folks. I have bad days, and so does
Bob 2. But we be Hobo.
I will always be happy.
We will change our people, places, and things.
Life is always good.
Life is paradise.
We have no choice.

I say to Bob 2,
“You will go to the next country.”
He says,
“I got this ticket.”

There will always be a new challenge.
For me, and for you. Same challenge.
It is in the head,
To be happy at the end of the day.

I have friends that I e-mail on a regular
basis, and I am adjusting. Adapting and learning
daily. Bob Marley 2 gave me a charge on my
batteries until I get my next new friend.

I have to listen to men talking only talking about
Football. They bet on the games, smoke cigarettes
and make telephone calls on their mobile phones.
I really do not understand a word of the Thai
language they talk, but I know this conversation.
This is Thailand.

I looked up the word “Dowry.” yesterday in my
English dictionary. I do not use these words normally
in English so my mindset and vocabulary is expanding
to find the necessary words to explain the Thai culture.

Bob Marley 2 drives me crazy with a comments
“I can have her for 300,000 Baht.”

It make my skin crawl to think that I can buy
a woman for USA Dollars.
The price varies somewhere between
500 Dollars and 7000 Dollars USA I would
need to pay the family to marry here in Thailand.

I cannot relate to buying women.
And the second reason.
I tell him,
“Bob that woman is not worth 25,000 Baht.
I say,
“She works in the Karaoke bar.”
( Where the prostitutes work.)

I am sure... Some think,
“How Gauche.”
“How tacky Andy.”
This is in bad taste to talk about this.

I am planning to spend about 1 year in
Asia. I guarantee by accident or by design
I need to learn about this these customs
and the culture behind it.

I like to have good manners, and be polite.
The woman is mans most valuable PROPERTY
here and I must be respectful of their property.
It can be dangerous. There is a short fuse.

I have already bounced off, and been in a
small trouble with this culture for just talking
with the women. It is not permitted for free.

I must pay in some ways for all conversation
with women. I am still learning. I enter the local
convenience store to buy some peanuts.
I say hello and try to practice my Thai with
the person in the store. They assume you are
trying to talk with their woman and are jealous.
If I pay a lot of money, than they will accept ANY
behavior and are happy. I feel there is always a price.
They will make special allowances for money.

It is like taking a girl on a date to a hotdog stand.
Her father may say,
“He is too cheap, and treats my daughter
like she is cheap.”
I take the same girl to an expensive restaurant
and the father is happy.

It is a rights of passage
in all cultures that you must do certain things
to prove that the woman is of value. Sometime
they make you call them 6 times before you
go on the first date. Sometime you have
to ask them on the SPECIAL date. They want
to go to the special restaurant.

I make a lot of jokes about the other travelers.
But if you have dreads, vegetarian, and
have a guitar or bongos you will be popular in
the travel culture. Bob Marley 2 does not
have the drums, but he is the rest.
Totally and absolutely in fashion.
He has the rights of passage for travelers.

So this is normal in all culture. We need
to prove to the woman that we respect them
and believe them of value. Spend a little money
and show them respect. This is good.

But I just want to have a conversation.
I do not want to marry them.

I cannot talk with any woman here unless
I pay first. That may mean I have to spend
money in an outrageous way. Like buy dinner
for the whole family. Buy the most expensive thing
in the restaurant to eat. I must prove I have the
money to play.

I hope you see my problem. I pride myself in my
frugal ways. I be Hobo.

Bob Marley 2 wants to be rich.
He spends about 35 dollars a day USA.
He likes to look rich. I like to look poor.
He really wants to have money without working.
He is more of a Tramp, not a Hobo.
I work, he has no plans on ever working.
A Hobo will work, a Tramp will not.

I am sure some of you sexist women have
had enough of me talking about women.
I know the rules, talk about anthing except
the real problem.

I really do like equality in life.
I want to share normal experiences and
have conversations with both men and women.

I am sitting around 24/2 with men that only
want to talk about Football and drink.
Smoke cigarettes and talk about prostitutes.

Women are more knowledgeable than men.
They study, they learn, and they think on
various levels. They run the world.
I like to talk with the movers and shakers.
That is the women in Thailand.

The intelligence level of conversations are
reaching and all time low.

While I am in one of the most beautiful and fascinating
places world of animals and nature.

It’s in the head.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Beach Sand Long
My trip to visit the beach.

A small fishing village in the South
of Thailand. A secret to the world.
Hidden remote and mysterious.

The winds that blow carry stories that
the CBS Survivor crew have just left
Chang Mai in the north of Thailand and
will soon go to Japan.

There are some people working now
in Brazil and people say they took
some of the cast. I am hot on the trail trying
to separate reality from fantasy.

The CBS research teams have chosen some of
the choice locations in Thailand for the backdrop
of their game. The viewer gets to see some
of the most exotic and difficult places to visit
on the planet.

I will go visit these places on a Hobo Barefoot
budget, or in simple terms a beer budget.
CBS placed themselves in these locations on
a Champayne budget. Whatever your budget.
Whether you want to camp or live in modest
luxury. All the locations that survivor filmed are
available to the normal person for a price.

A long sandy beach or literally
beach sand long.
It is better if you think.
“Beach Sand Long.”
This will get you in the mood for Thailand.
Backward sentence, and a different world.

To visit Had Sai Yaow I need to do a little
research and hope. I will brazen the first path
and after that it will be easy. It is always
easier to return to a place than the first time.

A man ask me by e-mail,
“Where is this fishing village in the show?”
I laugh to myself.
All of southwest Thailand is a fishing village.
Give me a hint. A name, or something unique
about the place. I will guarantee that fish is not
a unique thing in South West Thailand. They
are everywhere in all sizes, shapes, and types.

They have fish farms here and will take a tour
soon. Shrimp, bass, and other types as I
slowly get the names translated into English.
This will be a serve yourself tour. I will go knock
on the doors, and hope for hospitality. There
are no organized tours, so I must rely on the
good nature of the locals to show me they way
they live and how they earn money. Most people
are happy to find anyone interested in them, and
are happy to share some time explaining their

I want to go to a specific fishing village.
The one that CBS Survivor used to film an
episode of their show.

It is 4 of these little truck rides away.
That is 3 transfers, and 3 times I must negotiate
and coordinate the next ride.
I must do the same to return.

On a Champayne budget I would pay 50 Dollars
USA and life is simple. This trip is so complicated
that yesterday I spend left at 8:30 in the morning
and returned at 4:00 and still did not go to Had Sai Yaow.
The daylong rain did not help.
Hot, frustrated, and angry,

I sometimes think CBS is correct.
Do not learn about the culture.
Skim the cream off the top, and ignore real life.
Make everything simple and easy.
Pay money.

But.... I want to learn and experience Thailand.
I want to travel and live the same as a Thai person.
Plus to survive. I have to live cheap.

I have discussed CBS Survivor with enough people
to say with 100 percent certainty. They paid enough
money to all the people. The normal comment is,
“We do not understand why they paid so much?”
The locals think,
“They paid too much for everything.”

It is hard for them to understand how the show
can make money and exist when they spend money
this way. They know that they would be bankrupt
if they lived and spent money in this way. They watched
the Americans come and spend money like water.
(Note: This did not earn respect.)

I have met some Thailand people that worked
for the game show that are extremely angry.
The feel like they got cheated and lied to
and that CBS treated them very bad.

I have been listening to this anger for 2 weeks
now, and trying to understand why.
I have the exact same problem CBS.

I want to go to Had Sai Yao.
There is not joy, and happiness in the trip
by bus to Had Sai Yaow for me. It is not a
new accomplishment. I have traveled for 5 years
in these situations and just another trip.

I am not silly like CBS.
In Thailand they rent motorcycles.
The cost is about 6 dollars per day.
This is the perfect way to go to Had Sai Yaow.

But.. for some reason. They do not rent motorcycles
in Pak Bara. So to rent a motorcycle is difficult but
it is still possible. I just walk up to a person and say,
“I will give you 12 Dollars to rent your motorcycle.”
They would be elated.
That is twice the normal pay and good
money for just letting a person borrow the
motorcycle for the day.

I spend every minute of every day negotiating
with the locals. Trying to live extremely comfortable
and happy on a Hobo Barefoot Budget. I pay
better than the Thailand people, but less that the
other Tourist. I am live like the Thais, but just a little richer.
Not much, but a little. I eat in the same places
and do the same things.

I have never said, and will not say to them,

If I pay more money than them.
Not just a little, but a LOT more money than them.
I am saying, there are exceptions.
I will live like you, but not all the time.
I am like you, but not really.

They know I have more money than them.
But I refuse to rub it in their faces and
if I rub that in their face, they will expect me
to pay. I would need to pay a lot.
Once you start, you cannot stop.
CBS left, and so would I.

I said that I spend every hour of every day
negotiating with the locals. This is for everything.

I was given some good advice by a person in
the USA on how to find out information on the contestants
of the show. They recommended I print off photos
of the 14 people in the show. This is a great idea.
The recommend, and remind me occasionally to
show these photos and ask the locals if they have seen
these people?

I wish it was that simple.


RULE # 1.
Anything a Farang looks at or asked about is something
to sell to them.

RULE # 2.
The more interested. The higher the sales price.

RULE # 3.
If a Farang says they will pay 5 dollars.
Ask for 10.
When they say they will pay 10 dollars.
Raise the price to 15.
When they agree to 15.
Raise the price to 20.

When the Farang starts to leave.
Sell it to them for the last price.

If I brink out a photo and show it to them.
I will learn nothing. They will search their
brains for a plausible story to tell me,
and hope I will pay for it. I must sit around
for hours until they bring up the subject
on why I am here. I will feign disinterest in
talking to them about it and than we will
have a conversation.

That sound simple. But please try to empathize.
I am having a conversation with a vocabulary
of 20 words. It is hard to explain things when
you only know how to say HELLO in Thai.
Hand signals, pictures, and extreme patience
is needed to find the truth.

Every story has an ending.

Why are some people furious at CBS.

They left.
CBS put a big fat nipple in the mouths
of these people and jerked it out. The locals
did not understand that this was temporary work.
They went and bought a motorcycle on payments,
got a new apartment, and signed up for a mobile
telephone plan. Now the money is gone, and
they are angry.

How will I go to Had Sai Yaow?

I will negotiate to rent a motorcycle.
But I will have to ask 20 people.
The will all will refuse to rent it to me for normal
prices, and in the end. One will rent it to me
for Thailand prices. The local Thailand people
would not do the same. They would walk around
and try to borrow the motorcycle for free. I will still
pay and that is fair. But I will pay the Thailand prices
and we will still be equals.

There are many ways to look at a situation.
It is possible to make CBS the good guy,
and it is possible to make CBS the bad guy.
I can be the good guy or the jerk.

The truth is in the middle somewhere.

I try to explain a world of adventure and travel.
I meet 2 types of people traveling.
People that want to sell me something
and people that could become my friends.

It takes time to find friends.
I recommend you invest your time in
people and not your money.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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I need a sink.
A simple bucket.
A pail or container to hold water.
Maybe just a big pot.

Traveling the world is great.
Going to strange destinations.
I live in weird places.

Just when you think you have seen it all
there is another twist in the story.
Every Hotel room, Hostel, Bungalow,
Residencial, or Accommodation of any form
is different in some way.

But most have a bed.
After that... All is up for grabs or debate.

I suppose you would think a mirror should
be in all rooms.

I suppose you would think a sink is needed
to brush your teeth.

I have had it. I cannot take it anymore.

I want a sink in my room.
I want a sink in all my rooms.
I want a sink always.

I want a basin.
I want a container.
I want a bucket.
I want a big pot.
I want a pail.

Give me Tupperware.
Give me Rubbermaid.
Any brand name you wish, but
give me a bucket please.

There a so many reasons to have a bucket
in your room it is ridiculous.
I am sure some of you have a bucket
of ice with beer.
Your mother washed or soaked clothes
in a bucket of water.
You clean food, and put in a large plastic
bowl, or Tupperware container.
You have a lot of junk. You wish to carry
it to the other room. You put it in?
What... Some container.
Rubbermaid and Tupperware.
Where are you?

I want a bucket in my room.
I want a sink.

The first 2 experiments failed.
I purchased a plastic container.
I measure my backpack, then went to the store.
Checked and rechecked. Yes. It would fit
into my bag, and I could carry this in a
backpack without a problem.
A bucket is too big.

I need a special container.
It needs to be rectangular.
About 16 inches long.
8 inches wide, and 8 inches high.

The first one broke. Shattered.
The plastic was just too brittle.
It lasted about 1 week and broke.

Tupperware wanna be.
Tupperware is a USA brand of plastic
containers. So is Rubbermaid. Sort of your
designer brand of plastic containers. This is
a soft plastic and flexible, and not brittle.
Seems perfect.

I go to the store. They sell something like
that but NOT Tupperware. I measure, and walk
and walk and walk. Aha...! I found one.
Not perfect, but close in size,
It broke.
I did not think you could break a Tupperware
container. Well... This was NOT Tupperware.
It was a copy, and the quality was not the same.

I found it.
A gas can or a plastic gas can.
I cut off the bottom, and I am in business.

The main reason I wanted this container
was to always have a place to wash my clothes.
I have found many reasons to have this container
in my backpack.

It protects my valuables from rough handling
by baggage people at the airport, or a
careless taxi driver. It lend one more layer
of protection. It is another separation between
water and my digital camera.

I have a bucket.

Added February 7, 2004 Varanasi, India

Andy the Hobo

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

"Swift, Jonathan,"
His epitaph, written by him in Latin, reads
"Here lies the body of Jonathan Swift, D.D.,
dean of this cathedral, where burning indignation
can no longer lacerate his heart.
Go, traveler, and imitate if you can a man who
was an undaunted champion of liberty."


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'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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