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Au Rusi Thailand - Making Signs Travel Tips Newsletter
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ISSUE:  089
DATE:  September 19, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Au Rusi Thailand - Making Signs
TIP:  Making Signs
LOCATION:  Au Rusi - Koh Tarutao Thailand



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Au Rusi Thailand - Making Signs
Issue 89 - September 19, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 5


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        Location of Hobo and opinions
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Went to the bay of Au Rusi on the Island
of Tarutao Thailand.
~   TODAY’S TIP - Making Signs
           Dennis & Scott Bike Around World
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~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)


Lots of excitement. Trying to write stories and make
WebPages as quickly as it happens is the challenge.
I enjoy seeing how much information I can process
and funnel to you the readers in one week.

The show by CBS Survivor Thailand 2002 starts
tonight or Thursday 19th of September.
I cannot explain the show correctly. I have never seen it.
But as best I can surmise, it is a game show staged
in exotic places. The simulate reality situations and
sort of doctor them up to make fun and mysterious.
The viewer than wants to know,
“What is going to happen next.”

They call the show here in Pak Bara, Thailand
If I say the word “Survivor” they do not understand.
But game show they do understand.

I am typing on my computer. This 2 inch spider
keeps running across my computer screen and
scaring me. Hard to concentrate.

I can go the island and live or visit very easy.

So after each show. I will quickly collect all the
questions from readers of my newsletters
Return to the island to search for the answers.
and take photos of everything.

So when something happens on the show.
I will get in a longtail boat.
Walk to the specific spot. Take photos.
Return to Pak Bara and make a webpage.
Go to Langu to the Internet Cafe and
publish the photos or information to the internet.
(Not that simple.. But you get the idea.)
The best way to follow is to read the newsletter
because the story will always begin here, and
the first persons to see the links will be the

I know I just lost a lot of you who cannot
be bothered with silly game shows.
Do not leave. The side stories about how I go there
and what happens are absolutely hilarious. My
kind and gentle descriptions of people that live in
Pak Bara and Foreigners that pass through will
make you roll over laughing.
I am IN and AT a
3 Ring Circus.

The game show locations on the Island of Tarutao.

The comments and questions by readers.

The people that live in the community here in
Thailand and the foreigners that come as tourist.

This is just too much fun.
Why make up stories and create situations like
the game shows and call it reality.
Reality is much more interesting.

I am constantly lost for words.
How can I explain the conversation I was involved
in, or the situations. People will not believe me.
The emails I receive and my whole life right now
is like I say. A 3 Ring Circus.

I had a reader ask me if I thought the USA Government
would shut down my site if I told the truth. He did not
like my nice comments about George w Bush.
He appears to be what I call a
These stereotypes think that BIG is always conspiring
against LITTLE.

That was a great laugh.
I told my techie Brett.
This reader sure does not know me.
I do not worry about the CIA or the FBI.
I write them on a regular basis.
One year ago after the World
Trade Center attack I received about 5 emails from
crazies. They included or CC mailed me with the other
in the group. 3 were from El Salvador and 2 were from
Venezuela. All in Spanish and obviously happy it
happened and like Osama Bin Laden.

I go to the FBI and the CIA sites.
I send them these letters.
No reply. Normal.

So.... Do I think they are going to shut me down
for telling the truth... NO. I am not the least bit

Readers relax. I am having fun. I write Microsoft,
Sony, Compaq Computers, Magellan and of recent
times... CBS Television.
None of them write back.
I usually write a place 3 time before I give up
and do not write. These guys I just keep writing.
Especially Compaq...I would like a new computer.

I wrote CBS a week ago to give them a warning.
I am going to bend your over my knee and
spank you CBS.

I am trying to choose a side?
I can write about the problems that CBS caused
here in Thailand.
( I would call this the SAVE THE WORLD )
or I can build up the Game Show.
( I would call this the SOAP OPERA )

I do not think I will choose a side.
Both sides are like fun to watch.
But I will only write about it, and go to bed early.
With no television here, no free women, there
is nothing better to do so I go to sleep early.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Write and write me with your idea.
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Ideas like live in hut on Amazon. Siberia
railway, Find a tribe to hang out with in Africa.
Talk to cocaine smuggler in Colombia.
All the fun things in life. Make a dream reality.



I am focusing on Survivor this week with Photos.
Next week I will load up with the free ones.
The clues photos are fun though.

After all the links is Story. Hehehe
Did you know they ask me / us to leave the Island?

I will start out with some clues of survivor found
on Au Rusi. I am tracking down a few people
that attended a completion party for Survivor.
They say they know who won... I will find out.

I did find the location of the fishing village.
It is called - Had Sai Yaow
Means “Beach Sand Long” in English
It is on an Island off the coast of Satun.
I will go take photos in a couple of days.
Sounds great.

Here is the sequence of how they filmed.

1. Had Sai Yaow ( Means Beach Sand Long )
2. Talo Wao ( Wao means Kite)
3. Au Rusi or TC2 (Rusi means Hermit)
4. Au Jak
5. Au Muolee
6. Au San

The way I understand. They filmed TC 2 or Au
Rusi and the other locations at the same time.
They maintained camps at both locations.

Rock shaped like Arrow in camp area.
Arrow in long cave
WALKING TALL wrote on wall in big cave
Portable Toilet pit or container
Camp Area
Tin Can in English
Tree used to climb up wall
Duct tape
Fire starting
Fire Pit in Camp area
Stream from side of moBerry
Footprint rock in camp area.
MTV Rock
Ice Bag... Why here?
Climbing Rope
Sand steps cut into bank of Camp area
Large chat them up tree in center of area.
Water Supply of big cave.
Wire Spool
Wisdom Tree with Path?


NEW PHOTO LINKS - Hobo Club Members
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Satun and Pak Bara
Next is Broke. But will work very soon..


I was going to write this in Journal form.
It was too confusing. So I will digest.

About one week ago I visited Koh Tarutao.
A German man and woman went with me and
share the expense and lowered the cost and I
only needed to pay 9 dollars USA each way.
Alone it would have cost about 27 dollars each

We arrived at the island after going through
very high and rolling waves. I learned they
were called ocean wave as opposed to shore
wave. Well, ocean waves make me sick.
So after getting motion sickness. vomiting over
the side of the boat, very wet from
the rain storm. Watching the captain and
friends smoke some marijuana in their
bong. We arrived to Au Rusi.

Au Rusi is about 1 1/2 hours from Pak Bara
and 22 Kilometers distance. We stopped briefly while
I ran around and took pictures. It is according
to the locals the location of Tribal Camp 2 of the Game
show Survival 2002 Thailand by CBS.

For those of you that do not watch this.
It is popular entertainment show. It is a
REALITY show. That means they film
you all the time and try to catch your human
nature at work. I have never seen the
show so the next few weeks will be an

I had thought I would leave the boat here
and walk the length of the island. After seeing the solid
rock capes. I realized this was possible.
But would take weeks and not days.

So I quickly adapted, changed my plans and
with the Germans. They were a lot of fun
and good conversation.


Big rock.
Right in front of dock.
Like a monument.
But impossible to be made by man.

I am still a little hazy, and trying to take
photos. The weather is still hazy also.
The photos have an overcast look
because it is monsoon season.
It would cost a small fortune to plan
thing around the weather.

There is this small Ranger Station
at the foot of the Pier. I would say a Thai
family runs it as a group project. We
sat and talked. I bleed the lady
for information on what is called
“Tribal Council.”

She pointed, and did not help.
I think it is in the Thailand nature
to be coy. I think also it is a control issue....

For some reason the German were
intent on seeing the Rangers. Said we
had to pay 200 Baht. I had never heard
of that before, and do not go volunteering
in underdeveloped countries to pay.
They always say yes.

Nonetheless we hitch a ride to the other
side. Wonderful concrete road through
one of the best jungles I have ever seen.

I have been on the whole Amazon River and
in Costa Rica and wilds of Bolivia.
But this is a great jungle. Plus you could
rent a bike and ride through it at your leisure.
A jungle made for tourist.

I am getting a touristy feeling about me.
I get that feeling when there are too many
tourist around me, or things that remind
me of tourist. This place is too organized.

I will ask the Rangers,
“Excuse me,
I may be lost. The Survivor CBS website
said castaways on a deserted island in
the middle of the sea.
“Can you point me to the island
I seem to be on the wrong island?”
(That was a joke... Sarcastic )

This is off season. In regular times
there are ferries between the mainland
and the island running regular schedules.
Not a deserted island and definitely not
in the middle of the Ocean.
Farthest edge of sea.. YES.

(Anyone want to tell me a explicit technical definition
of the difference between a Sea and Ocean is?

Off season make this place more difficult
form me than for the crew and cast of Survivor.
I have to charter a boat and avoid the Rangers...

There are about 100 people that work
on this island. They are making bungalows,
roads, and they even have medical center.
The park has a satellite dish. I think it
is for the boss.

Total tourist ready. Like a national park
in the USA. Toilets, signs, direction to the
paths. It is easy.
Where is the deserted island?

I will say this. It is a tough island.
It is not an island where you get off the path
without a clear understanding of why.

They have me nervous a little. There were various
jobs for the locals.

1. Clean up trash.
2. Boats to carry people and supplies to island.
3. Guides.
4. Carpenters.
5. Security.

Oops Also Snake Managers
They had people designated to keep the cast
safe from snakes. I do not have these people with
me.... “Lions and tigers and snakes, OH MY”
(From the Wizard of Oz...)

We was asked to leave the island.
Hard to say what really happened.
They speak rotten English, and we do
not speak a word of Thai.

But in the end. They gave a free night in the
bungalows, and for 200 Baht I got to ride the works
big boat to the mainland. Go sick again.


Back on the mainland I have all these projects
going on trying to document the whole adventure.
Not easy to publish webpage from the back of
a boat or on the beach. I could do all this from
the island for maybe 5 thousand dollars. Really
about 2 but, need some extra for safety. But this
way is LOT cheaper. So here on Pak Bara is full
of TODO list. Do this and do that. Buy this, and buy
that. Ask this, and ask that.

In the photos I am explaining MOST of the funny
stories. None of this is gossip. It is all real.
But I am sort of immune to stupidity, so I laugh
a lot.

Here is a kicker though. A funny REAL situation.

An obvious Israel girl comes to Pak Bara.
She tell me she is from Australia.
I look at her....
No way?
I ask,
“Was you born in Israel, and moved to Australia?”
She get mad.
There is a Thailand person close and she wants
me to keep my mouth shut.
Oops. I am in a 95 Muslim area.
(I have not met any Buddhist yet) and this could
be dangerous for an Israel person.

I help her to revise her story. Tell her some locations
in Australia, and tell her. Be a person from India
that now lives in Australia. This is more plausible.
Plus she knows a lot about India, because she just
spend 10 months there with her India Boy Friends.

I am trying to keep this short.
She is short on visa time on her passport.
She needs to leave the country soon, and
she is also short on cash.
Me and Bob Marley 2 are having great fun.
We offer to sell her to the locals for 5000 Baht.
She actually thinks a little about it.

Bobby and her go to the Karaoke Bar.
a.k.a. Where the prostitutes work.
I go to bed.
She loves it and wants to go again.

I tell her to buy a woman. She says 1500 Baht is too

Blah blah blah... I am sort of trying to chat up a local
nice girl. I got about a 1 in a 1000 chance of

The Israel girl goes an knocks on the door and moves
in on the girl. The girl now will not talk to me.
The girl asked me to go to a Muslim wedding with
her in Hat Yai. Sounded good.. Now she is taking
the Israel girl.

I warned the Israel girl to remember who she was.
She go very very very mad at me. Good. Better her
safe than in trouble.
She was going to go to the wedding.
I said. You are expecting 100-200 people to be
so stupid, that they believe your story.
Arrogant. Plus a little racist.
To think you can get over or lie to a whole culture
all the time, it to believe they are inherently stupid.
Thailand people are very clever.

So I have 2 women that are mad at me.
The local thanks to the Israel girl.
And the Israel girl. Thanks to myself.
The Israel girl left to Pak Bara yesterday.

I have lots of stories like this. I will tell while
you look at photos... maybe.

Au Rusi (Rusi Bay)

I use my Hobo nose and discovered the cheap
way to go to Tarutao. I need to wake at 3:30 in
the morning and go walk around out front saying,
I eventually muddle my way onto a fishing boat
for 7 dollars USA one way.

I think the fisherman leave at low tide when the
waters are calmer. If it raining they do not leave.

For 100 dollars a day these trips would be simple.
For a 10 dollar a day they are complicated.
The stupid part is that it is the same boats
and same trip, and same location. Money does
make it simpler. For safety though we should also
leave at same time. 4:00 in the morning.

The 90 dollars would pay someone else to be my

The adventure is learning how something is done
and not in going there. The journey is more interesting
than when you finally arrive.

Alarm clock rings.
I roll over.
My body aches.
I say to myself,
“I should stay in bed, I may be sick.”
I do not listen to myself.
Get up, and stuff things in my backpack.
I am going to keep the room, so I can
leave a lot of things in the room.
I am packed and stumble to the front.
I have a new flashlight, and this is fun.
I do not use flashlights much, but Like to point
them at things in the dark. You never know
what you will see.

Bob Marley 1 is supposed to help me get the boat.
He is passed out on his bed. The door is open.
Muslims do not drink or do drugs.
I think this will happen in the next life for Bob Marley 1.

I walk down the beach.
A guy is going, but shake his finger at his head.
Farang is crazy.
I hope he remembers I am bigger.
Obnoxious idiot.

I go to the coffee shop... hehehe
Grass hut on the beach people.
Not a coffee shop, but they do serve coffee.
Nice lady is there, but it is early and she is not
a morning person.

In the end. I walk into a person on the beach.
I say Tarutao, and I am on the beach at Au Rusi.

I lay my Mexican blanket on the sand.
Sleep for 3 hours. I get too hot.
Move into the shade of the cave.
“Sawadee Krap” to the 2 fisherman.
Lay down and sleep for 3 more hours.
Wake up, change into my swim shorts.
Lay the blanket in the sun.
Fall asleep for 3 more hours.

I have no idea what was wrong. But the first day
on Au Rusi was sleeping. I took a few photos
and the really nice fisherman came and talked.
The 25 year old man spoke a little English.
I had my Thai dictionary with me, and we had
some small informative conversations.

He think I am hungover. The older one really
cannot be bothered with Farang. They are setting
wooden traps to catch squid. So they spend the
day preparing. Mending net, or pounding nails.
or loading and unloading the boat. They spend
a week on Au Rusi and then return to a small Fish
Village called Pak Ban.

A lot of this make more sense when you look at the
photos and read the text below. So I will write it
on the webpage with the photos.

I was OK, and more or less good by the end
of the next day. I made about 5 long walks that day.
Took about 10 floppy disk of photos with my Sony

I learned all the names of the little islands. I had
the young guy write them in Thai so I can translate
and make my map clearer her in Pak Bara. I also
walked off the area, and more or less measure it.
I paced or counted my footsteps.

With the data I collected I can make a MAP.
(Alex is haunting me)
OK. I can make a map of Au Rusi.
On this map I will put the locations of all the funny
and strange things I encountered. I walked in every small
hole and climbed every place I could looking for clues
or signs that CBS Survivor was really hear. I got to
“If they was on Au Rusi, they cleaned up great.”
Or at least covered their tracks great.
An organizational company of Survivor
was paying the locals for trash collection,
“Baht 2,200,00 per bag.”
52 Dollars USA

They was probably picking up every rock on the
beach for that price. This is a huge incentive to
fill the bag. I am still not sure how big the bag was.
If the bag is big as a boat. OK... Money.
If just a small gunny bag.. GREAT Money.

I found a pink or red bag on the island.
I was at the very top, and the strangest location.
Not a place a fisherman would go.
Not a place anyone would go. That is not
true. I went to look around. Beautiful location
an great place to sit and talk, and chat up
a girl, and film it but not play that is fundamentally
needed to go to survive. Actually if you are trying
to survive. To go this location is just swimming

So when I find this pink bag in this small hollowed
area in the rock... hmmm.....looks like Farang
to me. All the bags the fisherman use are the same
as mine that I bought the other day. They have writing
or advertising saying something like.
In Thai letters and writing of course.
I hate to keep telling you readers this. I am
sure 99 percent of you remember.
But for that 1 percent that wants to write me
and ask,
“What does it say on the bags?”
Hey... I am in Thailand.
I have no idea. I do not speak Thai and I sure
as hell cannot read Thai. I suppose I could get
it translated. But if I want to know what is inside
a bag. I look. But an empty bag.
Who knows.

The pink bad had no writing and was in pink
or white with pink stripes. See why photos are

The map will have a number on the map where I
found different clues. I am hope some readers
can help explain what some of these things are
and why.


I write bad things about the tree huggers
and the save the world people. I think they
assume we all want to destroy the world.
That every action we make is stupid,
that they are smart and the world would a
better place if we only listened to them.

These types of people can only play chess
on one level. They are not capable of playing
or looking at the world on a 3 level chess game.
Governments have to play chess on a 10 level
table. Black and white answers do not exist.

OK...After all that. I also want to save the world.
I admit it. I like the place.

I discovered one steel or metal barrel in the ground.
It looks like the bottom of a portable toilet.
I dug it up, and it definitely smell of human excrement.


The human excrement is good.
It is totally normal.
Leaving the steel barrel is not.

I just discovered this barrel on the 16th of
September. I filmed dug it up, and took
digital pictures on the 17th.

I did not consider this a big deal at first.
But laying around the last night on the island.
I could not sleep.

I did not know why the barrel bothered me so
much. I am sure that the production crew asked
the Rangers on how to dispose of human body
waste, and they all agreed this was the solution.
All is legal, and correct and everyone has created
the layers of corporations, or cover your ass files

If you looked at some of the my photos of Phante
Bay you will see that Rangers created a trash area
that is for recycling. One barrel for plastic, one
for glass, and one for etc. This is the first thing
tourist like to see. Good advertising.
I is real close to the Helicopter pad on the island.

I guess I like them to play chess on 3 levels.
I want them to think ahead.
Slowly over time this stuff build up, one crew
leaves a barrel. The next constructs a statue.
The next puts up a flag. After awhile. They all
decide to build and construct everywhere,
and it is hopeless and who cares.

I do not know who put the barrel in the ground
recently. But please remove it.

I am have created this clues map.
It is fun and interesting to make a map.
Lot of time involved in making maps.

Sorry ran out of time. Next week.
Clues link:

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Japanese, Chinese, Thai
Hieroglyphics for all practical purposes.

They are just a picture or graphic to the
normal person. It takes long time to learn
a pattern to the characters.

I went searching for a fax machine
yesterday. I need to fax a page to the United
States of America.

Seems simple enough, but I do not speak Thai.

It started at the copy or film shop. All the internet cafe’s
were closed, so I started working on my alternative goal.
To get a copy of a sheet of paper, and fax it to
America. I already knew a copy store. Easy to find by
just walking by stores and looking inside. If you see a copier
you are in the correct place. Most countries have a lot of
copiers and therefore easy to get.

The man in the store speaks a few words of English.
He tell me to take a taxi for 10 Baht to the Telephone
Office. I laugh. Great, I then say,
“How do I say Telephone Office in Thai.”
He looks at me as if to say, why do I care. You do
not speak the Thai Language and he is correct. I do not
speak the Thai language and the Taxi driver does not
speak English. One of us is going to have to make
a move toward the other, and last time I checked. Taxi
driver are not big on studying languages.

He is confused. I say write it down in Thai.
That is easy and now he understand. He puts 2
and 2 together and knows I can show this to the Taxi

Second problem is there is number I need on a disk
to complete the form I want to fax. I need a computer
and the Internet Cafe is closed.

I call this STRING LOGIC
I grab a piece of string. Pull on it.
The answer comes to me.

Then I find there is a string attached.
I have 90 percent of the answer but need
to pull the string for another answer.

This is String Logic. You just keep following
the clues or pulling the strings, until there is no more
left to pull.

I need to pull a string to find a computer.
I have a computer in my room.
The fax is not that high of priority. I am thinking
maybe I will keep this string and pull it when I
go home to my computer in my room.

Walking toward the bus stop.
I see a Microsoft Sign.
This is a common sign, and indicates normally
that they teach computers, or an internet cafe.
This place said Internet but was not.
She did have a computer.

She does not speak English.
She want my disk though. I understand that
she want to scan it for virus.
She says 30 Baht.
I say no, and walk out of the store.
This is extremely expensive and I do not
contribute to foreigner inflation.
I pay thirty Baht for 1 hour of internet.
Not for a virus check on my 3.5 floppy disk.

I walk over to the bus stop.
The guy from the Copy show pulls up on his
motorcycle. Motions me to get on the back.
He is a good guys, so why not.
Sounds like an adventure.

He take me to a place where they have a computer.
For free I open the file on my 3.5 disk.
Write down the number on the sheet of paper
and I am ready to fax the page to America.

I offer to pay . They look a me as if to say,
“Are you crazy?”
1 minute of computer time.
For you to pay, we would feel shame.

They are nice and of course I am a loyal customer
of the copy center now. He is a good guy and has helped
me toward my goal. He is more interested in helping than
in earning money, Therefore he earns a lot.
He presently has earned about 120 Baht in copies off
of me, and 1 scan of a picture. His computer is broken
today, but maybe tomorrow.

These are pickup trucks with seats in the back.
The driver nods his head.
I can take you to the telephone office.
The words on the papers.

No fax machine or more correctly.
They do not use the telephone to fax out of the
country. I am seeing faxes everywhere.
All the shops have faxes, but they will not fax
to America.

I ask the lady,
“Where fax?”
She stutter in English.
“Post Office.”
And points back toward town.
Another string to pull on, and back in the
directions that I just left.

I ask here to write the words in the Thai
language on my paper. She was happy to
do so, and this helped immensely.

The bottom line is here.
A small sign or piece of paper with
the name or location you want to go
to in countries that have different letters
than the English letter characters can help
you. I now have people write down my next
destination in the “Thai Language” and
NOT in English letter. They can read the
words in their language better than you can
learn to pronounce these words in 1 minute.

Andy the Hobo

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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as an experienced traveler.

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