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Koh Tarutao CBS Survival - English Babble Travel Tips Newsletter
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ISSUE:  087
DATE:  September 10, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Koh Tarutao CBS Survival - English Babble
TIP:  English Babble
LOCATION:  Satun Thailand


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Koh Tarutao CBS Survival - English Babble
Issue 87 - September 11, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 5


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
        Location of Hobo and opinions
             SATUN - PAK BARA
~   HOBOGUIDE.COM (Go this way)
       A story of a good place to visit
How to find people that speak you Language.
           Dennis & Scott Bike Around World
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”
~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks


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~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

Today is September 11, 2002
I did not forget. I will write a letter tomorrow
on the 12th. Here is the one I wrote last year.
You have no Culture?

I will send another tomorrow. Sept 12, as before.




Lots of fun and excitement. Even before I knew they filmed
CBS Survivor 2002 in this area of Thailand I was considering
coming to the Satun Providence and live for awhile. It is on
the Southwest coast of Thailand. The waters of Thailand
and the waters of Malaysia sort of mix. There a so many islands
that as you drive down a coastal road you look out and see
the island. The island of Koh Tarutao where they filmed survivor
is about 22 Kilometers from shore, but you can easily see it
as it looms off in the distance. The view is sometime clear and
sometime hazy according to the clouds, and rain. It is monsoon
season with makes it also low tourist season. It can rain
suddenly and very hard. This is depressing for a tourist because
they feel they spent all this money, and are wasting their time.

I like the rain. It cools off the air, and cleans up the place.
But I do not like to be in the middle of the Andaman Ocean
on small boats when it start to pour. The waves are huge.

I am telling the story of CBS Survivor 2002.
Where they filmed the show, and side issues, and funny
things I am collecting by conversing with the locals.
It is written like a journal because of the large of amount of
information and events that happen in one day. This I hope
make it easier to understand the time frames and how the
events transpired.

I am taking photos and going to write some stories
that are exclusive in nature about the
CBS Survivor 2002 Thailand show. I am sure some of you
think this a silly show, and in lots of ways... I agree, but people
are having good fun, and is a good form of entertainment.
And a lot better reason to come visit Thailand than for sex with
the Thailand women like 50 percent of the tourist.

But it could be read by thousands of people.
I have taken pictures and am in the process of
putting a few thousand photos on the internet.
I have talked and will talk with people that are not
suppose to talk about the show.

I can take request for photos.

I write a newsletter and publish digital pictures.
This is for FREE, and will remain FREE.
But I have to be real careful. If my pages are visited
by too many people.

Real money.

So.... Everyone wants a supersite or a world famous
webpage. That is very expensive. I still have to pay
for the crazy thing. So as a solution. I am still going
to write the same old crazy FREE letter and publish
a lot of FREE pictures on the my internet pages.

I have put a rush on my CLUB.
It cost 15 dollars for your life, or maybe mine.
Who knows what that means... But you will have
it for your life and mine.

So the MAJORITY of the information on CBS Survivor
Thailand 2002 and photos they will be
You will get a username and pasword after you

It is for fun folks, and I have to pay to do this.
It cost a lot of money and time.

I am going to say it again.
This newsletter and photos are FREE.
Relax... Tranquillo, No Problem.
All is good.
But to defray the cost and for fun.
I have a HOBO CLUB.

You will get a username and password.
You can pay by credit card, and next week
or very soon by online check or bill to your telephone
number. Just what your parents want to hear.
hehehe... I can hear it now.
“What is this payment to for 15 Dollars
on the Telephone bill?”

To see the 1000’s of photos and to read the
real juicy details, stories, and photo captions.
Click Here
Thank You in advance.

Andy the

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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All the fun things in life. Make a dream reality.


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       A story of a good place to visit






I have too many thoughts going through
my head. I need to write them down so I
do not lose them.

Just before I left Ranong some nice kid wrote me and
ask questions. The regular type, like
should I take malaria pills or how to carry money
or get money when traveling. Just the normal run
of the mill questions, and I tried to give some brief
and simple answers to his questions. At the end
of the questions, he put a little zinger, that has had
me thinking and downright angry for the last 24
hours of the trip. I guess that is what I need to get
of my mind. I know that if I type into this computer
my thoughts will become clearer.

He said,
“I will not be traveling like a Hobo.”
I think to myself outloud!
“What an idiot.”

I write this newsletter and my pages to celebrate
the Hobo. I am not celebrating poverty. It is about
the basic ability of a man with nothing to survive.
Anyone with more cash than sense can travel anywhere
in the world easy. It takes brilliance to go the same
place for 5 dollars a day a live good.

I not only survive I also take about 100-200 photos per
week that I publish to the internet. I write this newsletter
and maintain numerous websites.

The living on 5-10 dollars is my payment for freedom.
If I spent 10-30 dollars a day like the normal backpacker
in Thailand I would need to go home.

YES, read the capital letters.
I live better than the people that spend 5 time
the amount of money. I do more, and see more, and
enjoy the substance of life
and travel 5 time more than these.... ?

This kid that wrote me does not or will not live like a Hobo.
He is just a normal tourist that has trouble extracting
the essential truths and significance of things.
I can draw a map, but can you understand it?

I am not teaching people how to be poor.
I am teaching people how to maximize their
God given talents to survive. Not only survive
but to thrive.

I respect the Hobo spirit in all of us.
The Hoboes came into existence out of necessity.
I am trying to teach you to recognize your natural
animal instincts. To feel and open your minds to
an ability inside yourself that exist in all of us.
There is an ability to survive.
There is a creative part of you that can find the solution
where everyone else is saying NO. That will make
the minute by minute choices to live. But not only
to live, but to live a life less normal.
A survivor.

It was the depression and after the big war.
Normal people had no jobs, and
the needed to get to the next city to earn money
to feed their families and themselves. They did
what needed to be done to survive. These wanderlust
persons were not willing to be tied down and did
what they needed to do to survive. They would jump
a train, ask for food, live days without good food
and shelter so they had freedom. Not just freedom
but the ability to live their lives and do what was
needed to work and survive.

There is a line that starts to blur when the you separate
the people that are just lazy from the people that
want to works. I will quote a saying about a hobo again
so you can remember.

A Hobo is a person that travels to work.
A tramp is a person that travels and wont work.
A bum is a person that will neither travel or work.

The FULL Story:

I am on a quest to take photos of the
island where they filmed the show Survivor.
Write a story. Make you laugh, and try
to say things in simple ways that teaches
the Hobo Spirit..

I am a writing about the Hobo spirit.
I do what is needed, and do not accept no
for an answer. When the kid said he was not
going to live like a Hobo. I understand the people
that do not live like a hobo.

Pay them with DOLLARS.
Buy your way to security.
I want him to use his brain.

So what is so funny to me and how do I think
about this big ole world we live in where a TV
show called “Survivor” can become famous.

It is about Hobo Spirit.
The ability to survive on wit and will.
Cunning and craftiness,
Good old Yankee ingenuity.
That spirit that say,
“I will survive.”
A Hobo.

I have realized for the last couple of years
and I have alluded to it on various occasions.

I am the only person in the world traveling,
writing a newsletter, and publishing digital pictures
to the internet.
I know of a few people that have all the
ingredients and can make a piece of the pie.
But I am positive no one is writing stories,
publishing photos and maintaining multiple websites....
and TRAVELING on a Hobo Budget.

On a weekly basis.

I am an extreme traveler.
I am the adventure traveler.
I am surviving and living a good life.
Traveling the world.
Showing the new path for future travelers.
Where you work and live the good life
anywhere in the world you desire.

My only competition is National Geographic.
And they seem to have a lot bigger budget.
Paying their way through, and not living
and surviving with only wit and intelligence.

I want to celebrate the ability to survive in
all of us, that Hobo spirit that gets you up and
says. I will do what is needed to feed my family.
Everyone has to survive and live their lives
differently. Their battle are just as real and
just as difficult.

I want to tell the kid,
You lost the plot.
The idea is use your MIND son.
To create opportunities where their was
none. To solve problems, and accomplish
you dreams. Don’t buy a dream.
Make a dream. Catch the Hobo Spirit

This is another of the NO stories.
I get a no from everyone. Nobody tell me
how to go to the island, they just tell me NO
it cannot be done. I will go there.

I just bought a shirt. Mine were all too ragged
and I need an upgrade. I like to buy shirts that
have the names of some city or country on it
so I have a souvenir and maybe proof.
But for some reason I made an exception.
This one says,
“Knowledge is King.”
It seems appropriate for this trip.

I do research. I talk to everyone around.
I read the guidebook. I get on the internet
and surf around. I read and find as much information
I look at my map. I think, and plan as
much as possible.
Then I go.

I often dwell and obsess on questions.
I think to myself, and say.
“What is an adventurer?”
“What is an explorer?”

I think of Christopher Columbus or
Lewis and Clark, or Darwin on his trip
around the world in the ship the Beagle.
I think and try to empathize with real danger
what I would feel if I had to stick my gun around a corner
and enter a cave in Afghanistan.
Something inside is these people is big.
The have something inside real big.

This is a story in progress.
I am writing it as it happens.
A no turning back strategy. You read and
I will accomplish my goal, or bounce of
in a crash and burn.

I collected all the information I could.
There is NOT unlimited time. I even got
on the Lonely Planet Thorntree and posted
some questions about this Island. Tarutao.
That was a waste of time.

I am moving too fast, and too quick.
Everyone thinks I am at home in the office.
Hey...You bunch of silly people.
I am in this internet cafe. I leave.
I do not have time to sit around and wait.
It is happening now.

I have 5 percent of the information needed
to UNDERSTAND where I am going.
And I leave. I really do not know where I am
going. I just know general concepts.
Explorer and adventurers know they must
just leave. They will never be prepared. They
have to leave and do it. Like a Hobo running
to jump on a train. It is time to go.

So let me see.
What information do I have.
1. Island close to Malaysia.
2. Looks big on the map.
3. It looks close to shore on the map.
4. WebPage say it is in a national park.
( I do not know the name and really is not
important for me to go there.”
5. I have a simple map of the Island.
6. I know all the WebPages are so full of Hype
I could read for days, and not know have the
facts and clarity. All are talking like I am sitting
in the USA and watching the
show. I am here. I am in Thailand.

The people here in Satun have never heard of
the CBS show Survivor The immigration workers
heard of it, but do not speak much English and were
not able to help..


1. How to say Koh Tarutao in the Thai Language
To get to this Island. The closer I come to saying
the words correctly the better they can point with
their fingers.

2. I need to know...What to point my camera at
and why. I do not need this. To share
the moment and experience with you readers.

I went into the internet cafe.
Got on and did a search.
I then SAVE AS and put the pages I think are
helpful on a 3.5 disk to read offline.
This is the most efficient way to read and learn
the information about the show and island.

I just reviewed the data.
This is last few hours before....
All knowledge is cutoff.
I may and probably will not have electricity
for my computer after tonight.
This is SUNDAY
September 1, 2002
I think. My calendar stuff is sort
of confused. I am pretty sure though.
The day of the week and the date
are not important.

I have discovered that the way to go to the
Island is from some village or dock 60 Kilometers
more or less north of here called,
Pak Bara. I thought at first it was Satun and
that is one reason I am in the wrong place.

The information or pages I have saved on
to my computer is sketchy. I have a pretty
good map from
There WebPages seem to give some real
good factual data, and not so much hype.
A lot of the webpage information is surrounded in mystery
and that makes sense. They are trying to
build excitement, and anticipation in the viewers.

I have anticipation, and excitement. But I am not trying
to withhold information. I really am clueless.

I am going to go hunt for an internet cafe again
here in Satun and do some more research.
I will see if anyone has given me targets or
places to take photographs of.
I have an e-mail from Mike at:

Mike is very good. But I am still confused..
I have written a few of the WebPages.
I was going to say to get better information.
That is not true. I am still trying to understand
why people are interested in this Island?
I want to have someone explain to me.
I do not want to me explain.
I   want you the reader and viewer of the show
to tell me. Why is the show Survival important?

It is the Monday morning. About 6:59 p.m.
and I have been working out my routes
and goals for the last hour. I spend 2 hours
in the internet cafe last night doing last
minute research for me to compile this

He seem to want photos or information on
these areas.

1. Tribal camp 1
2. Tribal camp 2
3. Tribal Council
4. Boats and docks that I will use to depart
for the island to show the difficulty of
going to the island.

He told me there is a Park Headquarters
and is probably closed for the Monsoon

Mike is helpful and helps give me the perspective
of the television viewer. These locations he has
targeted or want photographs for must be
where they staged or based the activities
for the participants.

Out here on the road. The story and needs
are different. I have been told so far.
No boats. No way to go to island.

That is what I know here in Thailand.
NO way to go now.
Not until November.
Big waves.

That was the information given to me
at the immigration office by all the staff
working at the border of Thailand and
Malaysia. This is a group that wears
uniforms of Thailand.

I am talking about stalking or hunting down a
goal. To find a place when you have only 5 percent
of the knowledge needed. You have to slowly get
closer to your target. With each jump or move you I hope
you land closer. If I continue to make good choices
I will go to the island. If I make bad choices than I will
become too stressed, and tired, and start thinking about
quitting. The battle is in my mind. The frustration I have some
days is great. I try to go slow and stay relaxed. Pushing
does not work. I must finesse my way to the goal.

The advice people give is to ask people.
Very very very few people talk English here.
And the ones that do so far, have never heard of the
show. I will keep moving closer to my goal. Koh Tarutao
and hopefully it will become clear. I may just hit large
No’s and dead ends. I will try to give the door to
opportunity a push.

I am going to now give you a day by
day breakdown of my trip to the island.
As of right now.
I do NOT know if I can even go to the
island. Immigration and one traveler
says NO. I say YES.


August 31, 2002

I leave Ranong, Thailand close to
the border of Burma and Thailand at
8:00 in the evening. I will ride all night
and arrive in Hat Yai. I plan on going to Sadao
to get my passport stamped for 30 more days
in Thailand. My visa expires on the 1st of September
and so I have a little urgency. If I do not leave. I will
have to pay fines of who know how much?

I talked to the owner of the Hotel in Ranong.
She does not know much about Koh Tarutao.
She would like to go there and visit though. That
is nice, but I want essential information.

I was going to leave on the 6:00 early morning
bus, but decided on the night bus.
It cost about 300 Baht or 7.50 Dollars USA for
the 10 hour trip.

Survival and enjoyment of my trip is dependant
upon my choices. We will all arrive MAYBE at the
same destination. How we get there and the comfort
involved is different. Paying a lot of money does not mean
you made a good choices.

Wan at the Hotel Tanatwasan is not sure. She says that she
thinks the island is part of a park. She is not sure
if I can even enter the park, or visit the park.
From my perspective this is crucial. They let
CBS go to the island, that paid the big dollars.
That does not mean the normal guy can get on the
island. Normally when a person says, or a map says
that a location is a Park. That means more difficulty
and often impossible to visit by travelers or tourist.
And island that is a park is especially difficult.

Maya Island where they filmed the move THE BEACH is
for visiting only. You are not allowed to sleep on that island.
Koh Tarutao sounds a lot like the same type of
island. It looks a lot bigger on the map, and that
is good for me.

So there is a question in my mind.
“Am I allowed on the island?”
Yes or No.
“Do I need some type of special permission?”
“Can I get it?”

I will apologize in advance for inaccuracies.
I am going to make factual mistakes.
I have sketchy or bad information only.
5 percent is my estimate.
My job is to separate or cull the good from the
bad. I will do good. But hindsight is 20/20 and
this is real life. In real time. I will not go back
and edit.

Wan at the last moment tells me.
“The bus arrives at 2:00 in the morning.”
We have sort of a word with each other.
I tell her this sucks, and I could be in the middle
of the street, in the middle of the night.
In the large city of Hat Yai, Thailand.

I was told it would arrive at about 4:00 or 5:00
in the morning. This is after the DRUNK hours
of night, and better. It is in the WAKING hours
of the morning.

I can still change my mind.
I decide that she is wrong.
That she really has no idea, and either
does the person that sold me the ticket.
I think the bus will arrive later. Not 2 but around 5.

She and the ticket vendor keep saying,
“No problem.”
I really have a basic desire to smack
people in the head when they say that.
This comment fails to empathize with reality.

I will be 10 hours away soon.
In the middle of the street.
And there will be NO problem.
NO problem for them. Big problem for me.
If they are telling me the truth.
I may have a big problem.
It really is not a thing of truth.
The are just the clueless mass.
It is my time to make good choices
and live by them choices.

I think the Thailand people are wrong
and I am right. I leave.

We are in the tropics. It is hot, muggy
and rainy. It can be very uncomfortable and
the last thing you need sometimes is a more
heat. A blanket and jacket on a bus seems foolish
and not needed. WRONG.

I am getting on a direct bus.
A little more expensive, but will take me directly
to Hat Yai. It is what I would call a tourist bus.
They often turn the Air Conditioning on and
never shut it off. It is like living inside a refrigerator
or freezer.

I have learned of this annoyance many times.
I have a sweatshirt, and my Mexican blanket
with me. They have provided a blanket on the
back of the seat. Whether or not there is a blanket to
use on buses is a lottery. Sometime yes, and sometimes
no. I carry MY blanket so either way I am OK.
A very very good choice.
That little blanket was not sufficient to handle
the freezer I was to live inside for the next
8 hours. I am glad I know about the blanket.
No toilet either. But I did eat or drink much before
getting on the bus for a reason.

This was a luxury bus, there is no better.
I still need to make good choices and decisions.
You can not just pay for good travel decision.


I arrive finally in Hat Yai. I think it was more
or less at 4:20. I was preoccupied with taxi
drivers and the bus station manager to remember to
look at a clock. Plus they never have clocks in
easy locations to see. You have to hunt for a clock.
I do not wear a watch. That would just be a problem.
I do have an alarm clock in my bag.
But it was more or less around 4:20 a.m. in
the morning.

So I was right and the ticket vendor
and Wan was wrong. Go figure.
I be Hobo....

I need a stamp on my passport today.
Not tomorrow. It is needed today.
I ask the guy at the ticket window.
It also has “INFORMATION” on the sign above the window
Can I get a passport stamp in Satun? He tells me
NO, and I keep going for the goal of Sadao.
My maps are crap. The guidebook and
the map I purchased do not have Sadao
or Benang Pesar on them. I have never
understood why a guidebook does not have
good information on borders. The place
which is the most dangerous. Is where they
have the worst information They will tell you all day about
information like James Bond island. Which
is told to me everywhere. But to cross a border
is always only dodgey information.

I am sitting there. The bus leaves at 5:45 and
cost about 25 Baht or 75 Cents USA. This sounds
good. The taxi drivers are exceptionally obnoxious
and want me, or tell me to get in their truck that
looks like a bus. I am suppose to just get in and
life will be simple. They want from 300-500 Baht
and they will leave right now. The big bus will be a lot
more comfortable and a lot safer. Isolation is
not a good thing for a traveler. The group on the
bus will give me safety in numbers.
Another choice... Good or bad. I live with it.

I make a decision to go to Sadao and not Satun.
I know they have an immigration office in Sadao.
and I am not sure about Satun. I think there is, but
I am not sure there is, and so I make a decision.
If I am to error. It is on the side of caution. The most
conservative decision is to go to Sadao.

Some man walks up and want to practice his
English. He is a little better than OK. And he is asking
“Where you go?”
Normal Thai English. Short and abrupt.
Like a train wreck and sometimes just as
I explain that I am going to Sadao for my
passport stamp. His simple question is,
“Where I go?”
I could but DO NOT say like a lot of travelers,
“I go to Sadao.”

That is literally where I am going, (Sadao) and is literally
correct. But it is lacking. It misses the essential
idea of my trip. I am going to Malaysia only for
the passport stamp. Not to visit.

I say,
“I go to Sadao, Malaysia for Passport stamp.
He says,
“Satun has Immigration.”
He did not stutter. He did not flinch.
He said this with confidence.
I believed him.
He is also going to Satun and was on the
same bus from Ranong to Hat Yai.

I change my decision. I am now going to
Satun. I know that it is 5:00 in the morning.
I have 19 more hours to make a 2 hour trip.
I can go all the way to Satun, and return to Hat
Yai if necessary.
Than still go to Sadao if absolutely necessary.

The decision clincher was...
I made this choice. It was a good one and
saved me the trip to Sadao. Return to Hat Yai
and then to Satun. Anyway I do it. I still
have to end up in Satun tonight. That is my goal
at least at the moment.

But the clincher was when he said he was going to
go fish for Sharks in Malaysia for 7 days and nights
on a boat. This would be fun, and a bigger adventure
for me than Koh Tarutao. Go with some normal people
on a normal boat. and fish for Sharks. I seen his fishing
gear and he was serious.

I travel on the mini van the whole way to Satun with
this man. Tempted at every moment to say,
“Can I go on the boat with you?”
I know he would say,
What an opportunity, and that desire on my
part to keep the door open for choices was the
decision clincher and made me go to Satun.

I have ear-marked a specific hotel.
At the last minute. I decide to leave my backpack
in a Hotel first and go across the border light and
free of all the extra weight.
I believe I have enough time.

The mini van with the help of my new friend
helps me to go directly to the Hotel Omdosuk.
It does not have a way for me to put a lock on the
door. I walk down to Suratneee. It does not either
and is more expensive. I make the decision or
choice to return. Nothing to do with the cost.
My instincts told me I would be safer in the
cheaper hotel. They both have the feel of love hotels.
A place where the patrons only rent a room for a
couple of hours.
Another decision or choice.

The immigration office is only up the street.
It is closed. But they POINT at a taxi and say go
to border. For 40 Baht I take a motorcycle taxi
about 7 kilometers. That is one Dollars USA.
The taxis is quicker than the local bus and
I can explain easier to the taxi driver. No one
speaks English. This is the hand signal
way of talking. They know when I put my hand
up to stamp, and hold my passport in the other
what I mean.

That would blow my budget.
The police guy says to go buy a ferry ticket.
I am asking him if there is a cheaper way.
He is ignoring the question.
He does speak a little English and does understand.
I pose the same question at the ticket booth.
The lady that collects the money. She told me the truth.
Go over there and points.

I have all day, and the longtail boat is what I was
expecting. For 100 Baht or 2.50 Dollars USA they
will take me to Malaysia by longtail boat.
I will save enough money to pay for my room for
the night.
Another decision or choice.

PLUS... This is the biggie luck.
I meet a Swiss guy.
One guy in this group of Muslims with scarves
and other asundry people speaks good
English. The boat will leave when 14 people
buy a ticket. So we will wait.

But this one guy speak English.... Not Thai good
But Europe good.
He looks sort of Thailand though. I later found
out his Dad was from Switzerland and his Mother
was from Indonesia. This is what gave him the
skin color. He was a good guy, and more or
the type of traveler I like to meet. Adventuresome
and ready to talk and help.

I cannot remember his name.
This was just a chance encounter.
2 people waiting for the same boat.
I think I took at least one picture. I will
find out later when I see them. I cannot
access them right now. Need to download off the
camera in an internet cafe with a USB port.

Wrong !

He tried to go to Koh Tarutao.
He told me he was in Krabi, Thailand..
He purchased a ticket to Tarutao.
This is very good for me to know.
This mean that it is not just a National Park,
but that I can also live on it.

If the tour companies are selling tours.
The place is more developed.
When I went to Koh Chang a week ago.
Koh Change is NOT a place where they sell tours to
and regular packages. It is my own package.
Me deciding to go.

This package he bought is good for me
to know. He then tells me the complete story.
He paid, and later in the day when they gave him the
bus ticket and another envelope. Inside was the money
for the boat. It was not a ticket. It was just money.

He is shaking his head, and we are both agreeing.
“How Thailand.”
This is typical. They will still sell you down the river.
You can buy the ticket, but NOT get the ticket.
He paid lots, but made a bad decision or choice.

He was trying to be a normal tourist.
Buy a package trip, and go visit Tarutao.
An easy and simple decision, but cost more and
is not always a good decision.

This is what 97 percent of the travelers and tourist
do in Thailand. I am the exception not the normal
person, and besides I like adventure, and the package
deals are boring.

But 97 percent of the people do not necessarily
make good choices. I would have raised holy hell
with the tour company.

“What no ticket?”
You do not know if there is a boat to Tarutao but
they are willing to cheat this boy. Get him all the
way to Pak Bara where the boat departs, and than
he cannot get a boat.

So this guy got screwed by the tour company.

A good traveler has to make good choices.
I just told you the story of a normal tourist or traveler.
I am a Hobo with a sense of can do about me.

I am typing on this computer.
I was told by a pretty good traveler in my opinion.
He was now going into Malaysia by boat.
There are no other foreigners in sight.
We are the only ones. We are alone.
This is not a common place for tourist.
Plus it is monsoon season, and most of them
need to stay dry.

He says NO. I am saying YES.
I still think I can go to Koh Tarutao.
He is thinking about coming with me again.
But he has a airplane leaving on the 7th from
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and does not have
enough time.

We laugh a little and he is not happy. He is
a little frustrated with the Thai people. He was
not like me and full speed ahead. He bought a
package tour, and got screwed. The money was not
important, but he now has a bad feeling.
He did not make his goal. He was going to
go to Ko Lipe on the other side of Koh Tarutao.

He has the Lonely Planet beaches and Island, and is
a lot more specific than my Lonely Planet
Southeast Asia. I take a look at his book
and try to quickly gleam off some facts.
There does seem to be Bungalows on the
island of Koh Tarutao, and you can camp in tents.
I do not have a tent. It is Monsoon season
and these Bungalows will be closed down for the
low season, and leave the island.

He did not make his goal.
He was not just a normal tourist.
There was a good size spark of the Hobo
spirit in him. He did not have enough time to
really go for it, and he knows it. But I know he
would if he had the time. We sit on the boat
and do the traveler thing. Compare some ideas
on what is and what is not possible for the
trip to Koh Tarutao. He tell me goodbye and
this guy without a name leaves. He is OK.
I am not worried about him. Maybe 21 and
out to see the world.

Lots of funny side stories later.
30 more day I can legally stay in Thailand.

I am back in the hotel. I take a nap.
I was on a bus for 8 hours. A boat trip
to and back from Malaysia. That took
about 5 hours total. I fall on the bed, and
say goodbye to the world for awhile.

No time. No time.
There is never enough time.
I get up. SEARCH for an internet cafe.
I am very lucky, and follow some clues.
Brochures, and where I saw signs from the
back seat of my Motorcycle taxi.

They are nice, and I am in very big luck.
The internet cafe has one girl that speaks
English, but more than that. She is inherently
in tune with my goal. She intuitively knows what
information I am looking for and helps me.

AAAGH 8:36 a.m.
I have to stop typing in this computer.
I have been working and planning for the
last 2.5 hours. Since 6:00 in the morning
when I woke.

I have to go an catch a bus to Langu and
than to Pak Baru where there is a dock and
boats to Koh Tarutao. I would estimate that
it is at least one hour away. I should get there.
I hope. At around 10:00 in the morning.
Any later and I for sure will miss any boat going
to this island. I highly doubt there is more than 1
per day in the middle of Monsoon season.
There may not even be a boat.

I will hurry and pack, and get out of here.
I will continue... When I can.
My backup plan is to sleep in Pak Bara if
there is no boat. I have no idea if there are
places to stay. I am betting on yes. It is just
a guess. Pak Bara does not exist in my guidebook
or map.

A map. I need a map.
This is the reason that Alex Garland made
the map so important in the book “The Beach.”
He understood.
People need maps.
Bye until later.

7:57 a.m.

I walked over to the internet cafe in Satun.
Did a quick check of my e-mails I have received.
The two people or couple that run the cafe are
special people and have intuitively helped me immensely
to learn how to get to this Island.

The man gave me a ride in his truck to the bus stop.
I took a Took Took or Sa Taeng to Langu.
This cost me 20 Baht or 50 cents USA. I was in the
back of a small truck with seats lined up on both sides.
There was 14 of us in the back at maximum capacity.
All were the Muslim women with scarves or their heads.

We stopped and picked up other passengers, and
dropped them off along the way.

A taxi driver walked up and said the normal question,
“Where you go?”
I get asked that about 10 times a day at least, and
is wearing on my nerves.
I said,
He said,
“Taxi 180 Baht.”

Most taxis here are motorcycles. Not a bad trip for a
short distance, but with full backpack and computer inside
it really would be a stupid decision. My trip will be safer,
but a lot slower by Took Took. Plus for me it is lot better.
I get to sit in the back with 14 Muslim people with complete
scarves over their heads. A few children and I am happy.
No animals.

Another decision. The pay decision would be a Taxi.
But it would be a bad and dangerous choice.

The trip was somewhere between 1/2 and 1 hour.
I am not sure. It felt like an hour with my legs twisted
in the seat, and packed in the back. Hot and no breeze
to talk of, I was crunched in the back with my backpack
between my legs.
But I was safe. It was the best choice.

I changed trucks. They took me directly to the spot
to change trucks to go to Pak Bara. This is the dock
where people leave for Koh Tarutao and other islands.
This island called Koh Lipe I am hearing a lot about
also seems very popular.

The guy charged me 15 Baht. I think he nicked me for
5 Baht or overcharged me. I can tell I am entering a
nick the tourist area, and have to watch my money a
little closer. There are more opportunist in this area
of Pak Bara.

Arriving to Pak Bara I am very happy to see lines
of small bungalow or hotels along the coastline.
This means if I have trouble going to Koh Tarutao today.
I can at least have a place to sleep. I may need to
stay in Pak Bara for a few days to catch a boat to
Koh Tarutao.

I walked around yesterday and made a general
nuisance of myself. Said the words,
“Kaw TauRoeToea”
to everyone that was in hearing distance.

For the first 1 hour of my entry into Pak Bara.
The was a lot of people saying NO.
The park is closed until November.
There are no boats going to Koh Tarutao.
The would point to the Ranger station or park

I got my first YES. Maybe here.
He said for 1400 Baht or about
it could take me to the island. He pulls out his
cell phone and starts to call. His captain.
I say,
I stop him, and sort of let him know.
I am not your paycheck. I do not sign to pay you.
I am a little more hobo wise than that.
Signing up in the first hour is just a way
to pay double for everything.
Another good choice or decision.

Andrew speaks exceptionally good English.
In fact. I think he is the best I have heard so far
in the country of Thailand. He said that he lived
in Malaysia or something like that, and learned

This is almost completely Muslim.
I seem to like the areas better that are Muslim than
the areas that are Buddhist. They just seem a little
more friendly, and less of a nick problem.
Just a feeling, and not a lot of concrete reasons.
More of an opinion.

I decide. That no one is going to take me
to this island quickly and cheaply. They will take
me quickly. But they will want me to pay Farang price.
I explained to Andrew last night that I pay Thailand
prices and live like the Thailand people. I do not
try to live like some rich person. I explain.
I am not rich. I am just like you.

Neither of us is poor, but we both have to hustle
a little to survive in life, and that is common bond.
He knows or looks in my eyes and knows that
he is going to be a friend, and I am not a paycheck.
He does not seem to care.

Oops, had to leave for the Langu to use the
internet, and was away from the computer.


Lots of information yesterday.

I can go to Koh Tarutao. I will need to pay
about 1000 Baht. I am very lucky 2 Germans came
and I have sort of guided them down the yellow brick
road to Koh Tarutao. They are quite excellent, but not like
me and they have been sitting around reading the guidebook
and looking at the map.

I have been out rolling around with the locals.
Getting dirty, and finding out the skinny on the local
community. It was easy to sell them on sharing the cost
of the boat and going along. I really think I helped them.
They could easily get frustrated like the Swiss guy and
leave. Wasting the trip to Pak Bara, and not seeing
the islands in their guidebook.

We finalized a tentative plan.
9:30 this morning. Or in about 3 hours from
the time I am typing this sentence.

We will take a long-tail boat.
The locals keep saying.
Check the wind.
I put my finger in my mouth.
We it. And hold it up.
I said,

Everyone last night laughs.
I am making lots of fun, and teasing the
group. They are too serious. The decision to go
to the island today will be decided at 9:30 a.m.
Yes or no.

Too much wind and waves. NO
Or clear skies and we leave. YES

If NO boat trip...
You received this letter today.
Wednesday September 4th, 2002
If Yes we go to Koh Tarutao
The date you receive this will be around
the 8th of September.

Big mystery.

I have walked into a gold mine of information.
I think in reality. Me Andy the Hobo.
Pushed open the door of opportunity.

There are lots of stories about the CBS production
of the Survivor show. Every person in Pak Bara
tells a different story. I will have to go slow, and try
to separate the real from the unreal.

The language is a big problem. The word that the local
use, are maybe the correct word, and maybe the
wrong word, but they think they are correct.
I have learned that I must listen to the same story
many times, and try to find the common truth within
all the stories told.

I can tell you this though...
The information I have heard so far would
make a reporter that enjoys distorting the truth
a rich person.

I will tell you the truth.
I will go back and try to correct mistakes
or misquoted comments. I will try to separate
the wheat from the chaff. The real from the
unreal, and we all can have some laughs
and a good story .

Communication and just plain talking with
people from other cultures is difficult. I am lucky
that I have learned to talk and listen to many cultures
of the world. An American is much different than
a European. A person from England is different
than the main continent of Europe.

The middle east and Israel has a different point
of view all together. The Central and South American
cultures change from country to country and the
way of thinking also changes with in the Latino
way of the world. I now can feel the similarity and
understand how the French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian
and Spanish are woven together as Latino over time.

My unique life experiences have taught me a
skill to open doors and people mouths so they
feel free to trust and tell me their stories.

For the most part. CBS left these people a little
richer than they were before. There is a frustration
and lack of understanding of what happened. For
the most part the locals have no idea what they did
or why they did it on the Island of Koh Tarutao.

There are people walking around with Survival 2002
shirts, and no one has taken the time to explain
what the word SURVIVAL means. The just wear
the shirt. The earned some money, and they live
their lives.

I have been sitting around, joking and playing with the
locals. I have traded my understanding of the
Television show Survival and American Culture
for their story of what happened here. I explain what
happened, and they tell me information they know, but
lots of time do not understand. The saw, heard, and felt
the presence of the CBS production crew. That does
not mean they understand. So I make a trade.
Understanding for their stories. It is a slow process.

The have shown me confidentiality contracts
and say,
“Explain to me.”
The just give them to me, and I take and make
copies. I have a photograph taken on the scene.
I made a scan of the photos. I am in the process
of collecting photos taken from all the locals.
Hopefully I can slowly pool together the available
pictures taken of the production of CBS Survivor.

A local that worked with the production crew says,
“They make me cry.”

A reporter would love this comment said in English.
But it is more complicated. Make me cry is the words
available to him in his vocabulary. To explain frustration,
love, and feelings in another language is difficult.
More of I love you or I hate you.
No middle ground or nuances.
Nothing is gray. So a hard comment like this can
be distorted and used. It was literally said to me,
but only with time and patience will I be able to

There are honest and dishonest forces in Thailand.
Corruption on the national level, and corruption on
the local levels. These words,
“Thailand Mafia.” came out of the mouth of local.
I will go very slow with this. It could be dangerous for
me or for them. I will slowly learn the whole story on
how these force and CBS interacted.

I will be able to answer questions soon like,
How much did CBS pay the locals?
Was this good or bad for Thailand?
Pak Bara? Koh Tarutao?

I will tell you about...
Thailand Mafia Agreement - Confidentiality Contracts
Cleaning up the place - Security for production crew
and the cast of 16. If I am lucky.
Who won.. (Doubts but maybe)

I am taking about 80 digital photographs per day.
This is time consuming and expensive for me
on a Hobo Barefoot Budget.

A person offered to pay toward the helping me defray
the extra cost of taking so many pictures and the cost
to charter a boat to the island.

I just do not know yet what to do.
I think what I am learning.
What photos I take of the island Koh Tarutao
and the local community. May tell more of the
story than CBS wants told.
I have seen and have a copy of the confidentiality
agreement in my possession.
I know they do not want the locals to talk.

I be Hobo.
That is what I do.
I write fun stories,
and take pictures of my travels.
I talk.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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How to find people that speak your language.

There are more people in the world that speak
Chinese than anyone, but the common language
for traveler is English. So you see Germans, Swedes,
French, and many other countries speaking to the
locals in English. The know they have a better chance
of finding a person that speaks English to help them than
their native language.

South America and Central America was lots
easier on the language problem. I could apply myself
and learn more Spanish. Plus there is a lot more
Latinos that speak English than there are Asians
that speak English. The languages are so much
different the learning process is about 10 time
more difficult.

But I still need to talk English.
There is a need for common ground.
A few words or a desire to talk the other persons language.
I am in Thailand right now, and there are a few
people that speak simple conversational level

I think too much....
All my friend say this to me all the time.
Even people that are not my friends.

So I am in Thailand thinking.
How do I find people that speak English?

Thinking did not help, than by accident
and bad manners maybe on my part
I found the solution.
I am meeting people everyday now
that speak a little English.

I talk to them in English.
I babble.

I think a person that walks up to foreign
person and just starts talking in their
native language is rude.

The have no ability to empathize with
the world, and expect everyone to be
like them.
Very self centered and egotistical.

This is where comments or ideas
like the “Ugly American” comes from
or is derived. From people that demand
and assume that the whole world should
care about them and help them in the
language and in the way they want...

Huh... Hey you.
You are not in Kansas.
You are in Thailand.
You are a visitor in their home.
Why would they speak your language?

I am hard pressed and think the comment
the “Ugly American” should be the “The Ugly
Tourist” or something other than American.
The world is 97 percent travelers and tourist from
other countries and maybe 3 percent Americans.
I do not care what statistic you can quote.
They are wrong. There are very very few
Americans tourist.

I meet about 1 American every 2 weeks here
and hundreds of people from other countries.

I by accident, and sort of bad manners found
a way to discover who speaks English or
is studying English.

People want to practice the language they
are trying to learn. So people here in Thailand
that are studying English would like to talk or
practice their English.

In South America I had a 15 minute rule.
OK... I will talk to your in English
for 15 minute, then I have to go. There
was that many people that came up and wanted
to practice their English.

The people here are more reserved.
The do not just start talking to me,
and the culture or customs on how to talk to
people are different. The way they open
a conversation is different.

I think the line between playing with people
and being mean and abusive is a narrow.
Have fun, but do not make fun of people.
Just because they do not speak your language
doe not mean they are stupid.

I walked up to a donut stand in Ranong.
It is early and I am very happy this day.
I am pointing at the donuts, and saying.
“How much?”
I am also holding up fingers, and pointing
at my money, and doing a regular mime

I learned the price with signs, and sometime writing
down the price how much. I begin a
dialogue with the person behind the
pot of boiling oil with donuts bubbling

You are kind of cute.
I am sort of bored today, and
walking around Ranong. Do you want
to come along? We can have fun.
I will eat your donuts.
I will go to the internet cafe right now
and come back.”

OK... She does not understand a
word so I say,
“I love you too.”
Ahhh she smiles.
I am making progress.
The word LOVE is universal.
They hear that and laugh.

I am being nice, and the girl really is
cute, and I am saying to her what I would
say if she spoke good English.

To empathize and to be rude.
You have to always remember, and
be sensitive to the other persons situation.
I am totally aware she does not speak
or if she does speak English it is probably
just enough to tell me the price of donuts.
I am careful. I do not want her to feel
stupid or that I am making fun of her.
I am playing with her.

I am playing with the girl and having
fun. And laughing in serious. But in
total acceptance that she probably does
not speak English. I am NOT expecting
an answer. I am a “Handsome Hobo”
and not the Ugly American.

She start to pick out donuts and place
in a bag for me.
I look at the donuts and say,
“That is a baby.”
I go on and hold my arms out saying.
Pretending I am fat. Saying in
hand language. I want a FAT donut.
I keep talking and rattling on.
I want a big one, I want one that
has grown up, and is fat. I am hungry
and babies are not good.
I am hungry.

She put in one extra...
Hmm.. Something worked.
I got one extra for the same price.

I made a friend.
She knows and can feel me.
She knows I am having fun.
And give me a donut to say.
that she understand me.

She is saying,
“I understand we do not speak the
same language, but thank you for
having fun and buying my donuts.”

She waved at me or nodded her
head as I pass from that day on.
I had a friend. Because I played.
But I also talked out loud in English.

I am on the bus to Hat Yai.
There is a man. He is looking at me
like he wants something. Sort of like
he is looking for the toilet, but he is looking
at me. I have no idea why. He does
not look like a Lady Boy. But I am thinking
and wondering to myself.
What doe he want.

He get brave and start to talk English.
As the conversation proceeds he
tell me he seen me walking around Ranong
and saw when I purchase the donut.
He says,
“You not want baby donut !”

He was an idle person sitting in the area.
He heard me speak English.
He also saw me be playful and fun.
He now felt SAFE to talk with me, and
that I would be nice.

So in the end. If you want to find people
that speak English Talk and play with the
people. One person may get brave, and talk
with you, and you have a new friend.

Just last night a young woman. Spoke
her first words of English to me. I have seen
this girl for 3 days. She sits in the small food
restaurant where I eat KFC chicken wanna
be that is very tasty. I had no idea she knew
even one word. I would sit there and talk
in English and Thai with the lady Ronnie
that sells the tasty chicken.

She decided to try to speak English.
I will guarantee her vocabulary is 20 time
bigger than mine. She has probably studied
English, and all I have is a dictionary.

I am finding people daily now that speak
a little English. Enough that with the words
I learn in Thai and the words they know.
We can give it a try at a conversation.

So I walk around and
Someone overhears the words.
Decides I am a good person.
Starts a conversation.
I now have friend, and someone
to guide me down the path.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Take a shower a low tide.
The water will smell better....


Just hit reply to this e-mail and you can send a question
directly to me... Andy the

Not enough time.


   ~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

Not enough time.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band



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