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ISSUE:  081
DATE:  August 12, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Over 60 Backpackers - Watch your Nick-ers.
TIP:  Watch your Nick-ers
LOCATION:  Malaysia / Thailand



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Over 60 Backpackers - Watch your Nick-ers.
Issue 81 Hobotraveler.com - August 13, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 5


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
        Location of Hobo and opinions
~   HOBOGUIDE.COM (Go this way)
       A story of a good place to visit and other interest.
Backpackers from New Zealand
           Dennis & Scott Bike Around World
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”
~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

I would like to invite people travel writers, photographers
to come and visit. I have more ideas for stories than
I will ever write in my lifetime.
We could have fun working on some stories to publish
on the internet. If interested
Write HoboTraveler.com.


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

I was very fortunate to meet a young couple from
New Zealand in Railley Beach Thailand. They are ages
60 and 61 and very inspirational.

They are backpackers like me.
I have written a small story of the chance encounter
in the next section, - Go this way

THE Reality show is in this issue.

This letter was written a couple of weeks ago.
I am now on the Island of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
after leaving Malaysia and the Island Ko Lanta, Thailand.


It was time to leave Thailand again.
Every 30 days I need to leave the country
and get another stamp on my passport
The stamp gives me 30 days more in Thailand.
I can pay money and get more time and not leave,
but for the same amount of money I can live for 5 days.
I am a traveler, so I travel.

I first went to Had Yai a commercial city in
the lower extreme south of Thailand. Nice
and very much a city. Stayed only one night
and went to Kota Baru in Malaysia. What is supposed
to be an extremely fundamental Muslim community
just across the border. I am never sure where I am
at, and have learned to be little suspect of opinions.
I would feel confident that I understand a country only
after I married a local, and live there for 20 years.
So I try to keep an uncluttered mind.

Let me tell you about meeting a person working
on a reality show. I am not sure I know what a
reality show is, but I will give my rendition. It is the
term that the woman used, so I am keying in on the

I was standing in front of the internet machines
next to a girl hair that appeared to have the Thai
version of corn rows. I am never sure what to call them.
They are the braids that Bo Derek had in the movie 10.
It is when you braid all the hair on your head and they
form rows or long strands. They sometimes put colored
beads on the ends or even add extra hair..

She was a little too confident, and looking around.
This made me curious, and I was asking myself,
“Hmmm, Which country is she from?”
This is a normal mental game for me.
Guessing which country people are from.

Too friendly and too confident. That made
me lean toward Israel or places where they women
are strong....
(You Guess, I can not tell.).
She was obviously not an Israel girl.
I say,
She responds,
Off to an expansive start.
“Where are you from?”
We go through all of the parlay and exchange
the normal travel greeting.

I told her I would keep things quiet. I must respect this.
Although in reality I learned all the information
before she admitted she should not tell.

She was not the least bit worried about talking to me
or telling me about the reality show. This is very good for me.
I! It does not look like my newsletter writing or my
secret agent cover is blown yet. I am anonymous and
do not look like know anything, or could tell anyone.
I wanted to use the words for fun,
“off the record.”
But I do not have any records.

We continued,
I said,
“What are you doing in Thailand?”
She said,
“Working on a show.”
I start thinking and looking at her.
Hmmm. I say to myself,
“Maybe they are importing western style strippers.”
I am hoping she does not quit her day job.
The conversation continues.
I say,
“What is a show?”
She answers,
“A reality show.”
I am really thinking.
This conversation is going no-where.
“What is a reality show?”
She is getting a little short with me.
But I proceed ahead Saying to myself.
“Stay the course Andy, this is going to lead somewhere...”
She says,
“You know. One of them shows where they
film people 24 hours a day doing normal things.
I then say,
“I really do not understand.”
She is even shorter,
I laugh and say.
“You are being evasive”
And she says,
“I know, well I am sworn to secrecy, and
they (XXX) make me sign all sorts of papers.”
I then guessed the name correctly.
She shook off listening and nodded,
and wanted to change the subject.

I am not just normally curious about this subject.
I am extremely curious.
People have been writing me e-mails and saying
that I remind them of these types of shows, and that
sometimes my newsletters are better.

I have been outside the USA for most of the last 5 years
and do not see this type of show. I do see lots of
In the end I needed to get more assertive in trying to
get her to explain what a “Reality Show” is, or means.
Either it was the coined term, and she did not really
gut level understand, or she enjoyed the power and
control of not telling me clearly. She got too too short
I really did not want to continue anyway.
I was getting annoyed with foolishness.

I have discovered in life. That a person can work
their whole life and not reflect on what they are doing.
I do not believe she understood the total nature or
the program, and the consequences. More or less
she was just working and doing something.

She looked a little ran over.
Like ran hard, and put away wet.
The type of personality you would expect from a
person that films people in reality.
Watching the participants have arguments on camera.
Trying to have a love affair while being filmed.
The best real life conflicts that money can stage and portray.
To me it seems nothing to do with reality and more about
people with an insane desire to be famous.

I have never seen the show and gives me the same
feeling as if I wanted to see a 24 hour soap opera.
It does sound very funny at time, and a good laugh.
But to use the word REALITY to describe the show
seems a reach.

What is funny though is the number of people that have
been writing me saying that my letter reminds them
of show like “Big Brother, Survivor or Shipwrecked.”
There must be more names, but these are the names used
in the e-mails sent to me. I keep asking myself,
“What in the hell are they talking about?”
I have not lived in the USA in the last 5 years
and really am a little ( A lot ) clueless. I am positive I have lost
touch with some of the current fashions, music, commercials
and knowledge of Television. The people writing normally
make the assumption that I have at seen the show or heard
people talking about the show. I know very little.

So I am in a “Different Reality” and have no clear understanding
of what a “Reality Show” is or why people watch them?

I do have a lot of stories of conflicts I could tell though....
I am not the self appointed victim and do not sit around and
just pay too much, because people are poor and like to cheat
me. So I have lots of stories. Where I said,
I make no effort to try to keep people happy at my expense.
There also some Europeans that daily jump up to bat,
and want to prove I am stupid. I avoid the conflicts, and
walk away most of the time, but sometimes I watch for fun.

I do tell stories about cockroaches, and corruption.
But usually I leave out the truly ugly situations.
Unless I feel it is needed to warn people of what they
could possibly encounter, or explaining my feelings.

I keep thinking about a separate newsletter for fun.
Un-edited and full of my candid remarks about
people and places. I have friends write asking.
“Andy, Come on...tell me the complete story.”
They know I left out some REALITY details.

My mother reads this letter, and I am not sure
how to keep her from reading an un-edited version....
This does however sound like lots of fun to write.
In this newsletter I spend a lot of time choosing words
that are NOT accidentally too much for the tender
personalities of the world. I could write a “Full On,”
version as the British say.
or No...”Full Stop.” as they say in the country of...
oops, I cannot remember.

I know people believe a lot of writing a letter,
producing a show, or making something marketable is about,
“Selling out,”
This is when you compromise your values to make money.

People think this is necessary. But this is only for
short term gain. In the long run. The best are the ones
that do not sell out, and take the long path.

I know that a compromise of values can be of short-term benefit
but to me very boring, and would give me a strange feeling.
Like trying to defend myself from a girl-friend that ask,
“Why are you looking at that girl?”
There is no way to win, and just too much manipulation
of the words and truth to keep life simple
I like the simple path. Just talking.

I know I could triple my readership I wrote about
certain things.... Here is a good word.
I learned it in reference to politicians.

1. A leader who obtains power by appealing to the
emotions and prejudices of the populace.

I could play on your prejudices and pre-conceived
stereotypes and we could all have a group sharing.
Where I say the thing that are expected, and in the norms
of society and “Guidebook Travel Writers.”
(None of the iconoclast shit.)

Travelers, tourist, and people of the world
believe that in under developed countries.
“Everyone is poor.”
This is NOT true.

I had so many people outside of Thailand tell me
the people would sell their daughters for money. Saying
it was possible to buy a girl for a pet or sex.
aaagh. I am very happy to say,
This may exist, but it is NOT obvious where and I have
not seen it. You need to go SEARCHING for it.
So if I wished. I could find the simple crap that BBC or
the CNN finds, take pictures, make a story,
and bore myself silly.

I am trying to get a feel on this word though.
I do think in the end. An authentic, real explanation
of my feelings, and the situations that I encounter are of
interest. I will try to edit the letters less. I think there is
a real story and a way to tell it.

I think everyone does everything for intimacy.
( Not sex )
The intimacy when we share time with another person.
ERGO - If I earn a lot of money, people will like me.
Not true in my opinion.

I started collecting fun ideas for maybe a fun newsletter.
I am up to number 64 ideas when I sent this newsletters.
Here are the titles I could write about on Thailand.
Guaranteed to get hate mail.

How they discriminate against the Israel people in Koh Phi Phi.
Sex Tourism and where normal men ? have gay sex.
TOPLESS BEACHES - Why I love and hate topless beaches.
Ugly American is not correct. It should be the Ugly European.
The water is dangerous - Asian septic systems, worst in the world.
Visa Stamp Scams - How the country helps a scam exist.
Is Thailand the CHEAPEST whorehouse of the world

A fabulous border town. The Muslim people are very
friendly and the people are always taking time to
stop and look at me, or try to engage me in
some form or conversation or eye contact. I am not
sure of the social limits, and am being very cautious.

Its a long story, but what was gong to be a one day trip
in and out of the border has turned into a week.
I was not prepared for Malaysia.
A person should read a little of customs, taboos, and
local ways of living. To be respectful.
It is very hot here, and the guidebook says,
“Wearing of shorts by men is considered LOW CLASSED.”
I am debating with myself... hmmm.
I be Hobo.
Am I high classed or low classed?
If I am low classed. I can wear shorts and be cool.
If I am high classed I do not wear shorts, and hot.
The great questions of my life.

The Muslim girls are very flirtatious and friendly.
They are the hit and run type. They say hello, and walk
keep walking very fast. Nonetheless, the world is better
place when people say hello.

The city has a McDonalds, KFC, A & W Root Beer
and Pizza hut. There are 0 people from the USA.
NONE... Only me. I have traded the Israel people for
French people. The Israel people are not allowed to come
into Malaysia and now for some reason I do not understand
everyone around me is talking French. France French and
Swiss French mostly. I like to hear the French language, and
is a nice change or trade-off. I encounter very very few
French Travelers. There are about the same number of
French Travelers around the world as there are people
from the USA. We are in an extremely minority.
That is at least in the 30 countries I have entered.

The fast food restaurants smell of big money somewhere.
I do not think it is big money USA. I think it is big money
“Muslim.” Maybe it is OIL money. Who knows, but I have
learned a long time ago, big money, or smart money usually
invest in good investments. These restaurants are full of
of people with scarves over their heads, and
cellular telephones.(Europeans also)

There is an ripping of the social fabric going on
as the women buy high heel shoes, cellular telephone
and drive expensive cars. They are still where in the
scarves over their head, and obeying traditions. It must
be difficult to stop their people from adopting the new things.

Like trying to stop your kids from listening to a new music
group. It sounds like a good idea, but in practical terms.
Almost impossible.

I really wanted to take a picture of the women buying the
padded bras, but lost my nerve.

I will leave again for Thailand.
Koh Phi Phi.
Who knows, one of these days,
I may find a
“Beach resort for people that do not like
beach resorts.”

I am not able to publish the photos.
I will put them at the front of next letter.
REASON: I am on the Island of Koh Phi Phi.
It has a private satellite connection for the whole island.
It also has a Proxy server. Something is making it not
connect to my server. For you Techies. I also tried from
the browser line, and it does not work. I should be able
to get the username or configuration to get around the
proxy or their firewall. I think the people that run the connection
stay stoned (High). So far I am bouncing off the language
and the... maybe Techies...
****** Sorry

60 plus, Retired, over the hill?
Bones ache?
Read about seniors with no borders
in the next section.

Tip is about
Why you need to be careful of small expenses
or get cheated or shorted on change.
Or do not lose your nick-ers.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Backpackers from New Zealand

I spend my life in a world where the average age
is about 24. I am very aware that I am getting older,
and see there is a generation gap developing between
me and the younger people.

I was very fortunate to meet a young couple from
New Zealand in Railley Beach Thailand. They are ages
60 and 61 and very inspirational. There names are
Alan and Pauline.

As the age spread increase between a younger or older
person I find it more tiresome to focus on why we are the
same, and find it easier to focus on the dreadful.
“Why we are different.”
This thought exist in my mind and is not real.
It is a small voice that tells me stories.
It is voice that is NOT to be trusted.

Backpackers from New Zealand

Energy and life exudes from these two people.
We met on the same path, the same Hotel, and we
live in the same world. We are backpackers that load
up our packs, leave home and go see the world.

They have been traveling the world, and finding all them
nooks and crannies of countries that only the younger
people feel they are capable of entering. The excuses that
we carry, and the reasons that we believe, seem to not
reside in their brains. They never think about the why’s...
Why I cannot...?
Why I cannot afford this...?
Why I am too old?

The secrets of travel is not a secret.
Buy a ticket, grab your passport, and leave.
You will work out the details and arrange your world.

The longer you travel the bigger becomes your wish
list of places you want to visit. You sit around in Hostel,
Hotels and other accommodations and discuss with fellow
the travelers where they have been and where they want
to go. This is not dreams, it is real people, with real plans
talking nonchalantly about their next trip to Africa, or Cuba
or for me I am thinking of climbing a mountain... A very big one...
Alan and Pauline have the same list as normal backpackers.


You go to a travel agent and you could have a heart attack.
The cost to travel to the place you have dreamed about
all your life seems too high, and out of reach.

Buy a ticket, and go off with your mates to strange
places. With a Guidebook and Backpack.
Pay 2-10 dollars USA a night for a room.

In the last 10 years the world has gotten smaller
and Alan and Pauline know there is nothing stopping
them from taking a budget tour of Southeast Asia, or
Europe, and live in places that cost 5 Dollars USA per night.
They carry a guidebook like me. Lonely Planet, Footprints,
Let’s Go, or Roughguide. There are numerous “Budget”
Travel guides that any library or bookstore will have.
Rooms for 2, 5, 10 or 15 a night.

Both the young and old can go to the same places.
There is NO a reason why you cannot.
There is NO reason you cannot join the group.


I asked them,
“Do you know why there are not more older people
out backpacking?”
Pauline wiggled, and shook here hands, saying,
“Just no excuse.”
It was just that simple to her.
They both shook their head, and could not answer.
It was not easy for them to explain why friends, and people
of the same age were not out with them.

I asked,
“Why do your travel?”
Alan wave his hand in a little circle, looked around
our surrounding and said,
“We are here.”
We were sitting looking at beautiful rock formations
in Thailand in some wonderful bungalow for 3 Dollars
USA per night, and this was a good answer.
(Rapala Bungalow at Railley Beach near Krabi Thailand)

I asked,
“How long have you traveled?”
They went on to explain that they started about 20
years ago, and they spend each year choosing different
locations. They travel for 2-7 months at a time.

I ask,
“How can you afford it,”
They explained that they rent out their home that
they own free and clear now, and this actually allow them
to save money by traveling. Because it cost them less money
to travel than the rent they receive. The also have other
types of the normal pension and income from investments
that have accumulated over the years. They say they live
comfortable but are careful how they budget money.

There is a transformation that happens to a person
that leaves home for a trip of months. The normal priorities
of wanting a home, car, TV, and other of them creature comforts
start to become less important. These two looked for pleasure
in the thrill of seeing a new place, and meeting new people.
It was obvious that they loved people.

We kept reverting to being travelers. I was trying to interview
them, and we 3 kept doing the traveler thing.
How do you wash your clothes?.. Blah Blah..
How do you keep from getting robbed?.. Blah Blah etc.

This is what travelers do. We can sit around and compare
ideas on places. No one is right, and no one is wrong.
Me, Alan and Pauline have the same story. They would give
you different advice than me, on how to pack your bag.
What is important, and where to go. We know in the end it Is
your, mine, or their responsibility to be happy
in our own way.

I ask them lots of questions about where they went
and how they traveled. In the end it was more stories
similar to the ones in this newsletter. There was no
big story, the same as all the other backpacker.
Except they was older. We had found a place
where young and old are the same.

Alan was a wealth of information Thailand.
At our last moment, before we went our separate
way a nice girl from Holland ask me advice on Bangkok.
He piped up and told her the best way to enter and live
in Bangkok.
He also surprised me by saying,
“You got to go to Khao San Road,”

I had a sudden insight.
Their age and life experiences had made them
better prepared to travel the world than me.
They could think things through, and anticipate
the best ways, and places to travel. Better at
assessing risk and managing stressful situations.
They accepted normal aging problems
and found solutions.

They was learning some ideas about travel from me,
and I was learning from them. The biggest lesson
I learned helps to keep that little voice QUIET
in the back of my head that says,
“Andy, you are getting older.
You will need to stop traveling...”

I will always remember the moment
when I asked why older people do not travel?
They answered in harmony.
“Just no excuse.”

What does a guy say to answers like
Backpackers from New Zealand

***** PHOTOS
I am not able to publish the photos.
I will put them at the front of next letter.
REASON: I am on the Island of Koh Phi Phi.
It has a private satellite connection for the whole island.
It also has a Proxy server. Something is making it not
connect to my server. For you Techies. I also tried from
the browser line, and it does not work. I should be able
to get the username or configuration to get around the
proxy or their firewall. I think the people that run the connection
stay stoned (High). So far I am bouncing off the language
and the... maybe Techies...
****** Sorry

I have met Senior Backpackers like this all over the world.
They fit in and do not seem strange.
I met a couple that slept in Hammocks and did
the Amazon River boats like me in Iquitos Peru.
There was an older couple in La Paz, Bolivia
living in the same Hostel for weeks. Each day they
would return from the days adventure, and tell their story.
In Brugge Belgium, I was standing at the
reception area as a couple asked,
“Do want to see my Hostel International card?”
Life is good as we allow.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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OK, Yes I am playing word games.
But if you do not want to lose your pants?
If you do not want your daughters to lose theirs?

I am not talking about pants.
I am talking about money.

In the USA the slang goes like this.

“To lose your pants.”
is translated to mean.

To travel the cheapest.
You have to watch every penny and not lose
your knickers.
To travel on a budget or a shoe-string.
“The Barefoot Hobo.” .

Here is a business theory put forth by a former boss
and very wise. John R.

I was asking him why some business charge a
lot of money and others seem more reasonable?

He said,
“Andy you can go and nick five clients,
or you can gouge one. In the end you
earn the same amount of money.
You need to decide what type of business you
want to have.”


This small meat eating fish in South America.
It is NOT very big. If you get bitten one time by a
Piranha it will be small cut and you will not die.
But you definitely got

A large ocean animal and capable of taking
a very big bite out of you. It can eat you whole
leg or take a huge bite our of your side.
You will come close to dying or die. But for
sure you will remember you got


To travel Barefoot Hobo cheap you need to
count your pennies. My whole world revolves around
the value of my room. I am paying right now about
3 dollars USA per night for a room on the Island of
Koh Phi Phi in Thailand.

If I purchase a dinner here.
It will cost about 2 dollars for Chicken and Rica
and about 1 dollars for a cup of coffee or cold

I stopped drinking beverages years ago in
restaurants. Sometimes I do, but normally I do not.
I pay special attention to the price of drinks.
I do not like to get NICKED.

I buy a lot of plane tickets, and I will normally call
about 5-10 Travel Agents to find the published price
for a plane ticket. Some are extremely high. They
want to GOUGE.
(NOTE: I buy from Air Consolidators )

This Tip was the result of a fun conversation with
my older backpacker friends from New Zealand,
Alan and Pauline.

We was mutually commenting that Thailand is a
country where they seem to want to short or keep
the change. Or you order a meal, and they charge
you for the more expensive similar meal. Or the
taxi wants just a little more, because your directions
were not perfect.

I quickly label them “Nickers”.
They like to nick you.
If you have the correct change,
there is no problem. If not. They keep it.

I am pretty good.
I do NOT get nicked that much.
But I DO get NICKED.
Sometimes gouged.

People will tell you stories of when they got gouged.
They remember the wound.
I really worry more about nick-ers.

It take a lot longer.
They have to bite you a lot more times.
But they can kill you.

I do not like to build up resentments against countries.
I do not allow them steal my money, or
take advantage of my good will, or their stereotypical idea
certain cultures are rich and it is OK to steal from rich

I recommend a person NOT allow a NICK
to happen. It just encourages people to be bad and in the
end hurts all involved. I have some of my best and ugly
stories about countries where they NICKED
me every moment of every day.

Loving life in an underdeveloped country
is learning how to avoid getting frustrated or angry
with a culture. There are lots of small problems that
have been solved in the developed countries.
Giving or being generous does not help a country.
Buying and spending money for good values does.

You teach them that NICKING DOES PAY,
and you get angry and want to go home because
you are losing your NICK-ERS.

I call it “The Barefoot Hobo.”
It is easier to save money than to earn money
when traveling. It is not the big things that count
in life. It is the little things.
There is nothing wrong with spending money.
There is nothing wrong with being a Hobo
budget traveler, or
“The Barefoot Hobo.”

I can tell if you are a Tourist or a Traveler by
Watching your nick-ers...

If you have 5 children work in a factory, and
sending your kids to University.
You already understand and know this tip.
(Thanks Mom & Dad )

August 12, 2002
I went into an internet cafe.
I wrote down the time on my hand.
10 Minutes later I left. Total cost should be 20 Baht.
The guy ask for 78.
I told him he was crazy. Paid him 20 and walked out.
He knew he was trying to nick me,
so he did not fight.
An attempted nick!
(An honest person make mistakes in both directions.
Sometime they cheat themselves.)

August 13, 2002
Went and got a pizza with a Western girl.
She only had a 1000 Baht bill. I paid and she was
to pay me back later. She never paid me back.
More of a gouge. One nights room cost.
(Convenient loss of memory.)
Getting nicked by a tourist.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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...I have been following the Rhine river in Germany.
I?ve seen more bicycle tourers in one hour than I
have seen during my whole trip. Anyone you can imagine
seems to be riding their bike down the Rhine River with the wind.
Of course, I go the opposite direction....
My thoughts. He is coming to stride. Or on bike up to speed.
I am confused about what is going on with Dennis. I cannot
get on the internet long enough to figure out this.


“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

If the wind blows.
Do not stand under a coconut tree.

A good Hotel or Beach Resort will keep the coconuts
cut off the tree. A bad one will allow them to get over
grown and what happens soon is big wind starts one
day and either the coconuts or the palm branches fall.
Trust me.
This is dangerous... But also exciting.
I was sitting in a Restaurant in Mexico and a
coconut fell right through the roof next to my table.
It broke the clay tile roof, and fell next to my foot.
Happened on Ko Lanta and another thrill.

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Sorry, none this week.
I had trouble paying the cost to save the questions
and getting them on my computer to read and answer.
I will be in a cheaper world next week. I hope.
Internet is expensive on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

MISSIONARIES - Why is it? I only meet more missionaries
in the tourist areas, and not the remote areas.
I go to both?

SEWER LINES - The sewer lines should run below
the fresh water lines, and not above them.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band


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