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Railleh Beach Thailand - CANDLE LANTERN

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ISSUE:  078
DATE:  July 30, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Railleh Beach Thailand - CANDLE LANTERN
TIP:  Candle Lantern
LOCATION:  Railley Beach, Thailand - Close to Krabi



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Railleh Beach Thailand - CANDLE LANTERN
Issue 78 Hobotraveler.com - July 31, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 5


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
        Location of Hobo and opinions
~   HOBOGUIDE.COM (Go this way)
Sandy Beaches and Rock Climbing
       A story of a good place to visit.
~   TODAY’S TIP - Candle Lantern
           Dennis & Scott Bike Around World
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”
~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

Beach Near Krabi Thailand

I was in Railay beach. A little worried about
misspelling the name, but hope that 99.9 percent
of you have no idea how to spell it. Railay could
and is spelled “Railly, Ralley, Railley, Rallaih etc.”
There are no rules here for spelling in English.
As long as it is close or sounds close, that is good.
Most signs spell it Railly.
(Not important)

I used to think all countries had the same name.
Like Germany was Germany. But Germany is
Deutschland when you are in the country, and
Allemania in Spanish. The United States becomes
Estados Unidos de America and here in Thailand
it is best to say America. Forget the United States thing. They
will not understand. If I said I am from America
in Central America I risked getting a lecture from a
person saying. We are Americanos also. They do
not give that lecture much in South America.

So what happens. To be polite and just keep
the political correctness correct. I learned say,
“I am from the United States.”
Here in Thailand. They have no idea what you mean.
Yes, if they are highly educated. But if you want
immediate understanding say,

OK, I am in Railay beach. It is located about
1/2 hour by boat from the dock of Krabi located on
the East Coast in the South of Thailand.

I wrote last weeks newsletter while staying close to the Krabi
dock. After sending the letter I got on a boat for
75 Baht, or 1.50 USA and went to Railay Beach.
Absolutely beautiful.
I will write about Railleh in the next news section.

This is low season in Thailand, and is the
perfect time for me to be here. The perfect
number of tourist. Enough to talk and share
conversations, but no problem with crowds or
price gouging. I sense the cost would double or
triple during high season.

There is still a shortage of rooms now, and I would
not like to see the Thailand people when it is
very busy, and there is an oversupply of people
that look like or resemble a USA Dollars or Euros walking around.
They are friendly people, nice, pleasant and short, abrupt,
and like money. They are normal people.

Sort of a New York, or Miami way of treating
you. What do you want, or what can I sell you.
Or don’t bother me unless you are in line to buy

If you are really traveling on a shoe-string,
and not a shoe or tuxedo. Then in Thailand
it is a great place to have a mate, buddy, or lover
to be with you on your trip. The price of room
for 1 person is 150 Baht. For 2 people is 150
Baht. I just spend the last 3-4 years from Mexico
to Argentina. In the Latino world. 2 people, and
double the cost. 3 and triple the cost. etc.

I am tempted to find someone to travel with
here and cut my expenses. I have decided. I am a
Barefoot traveler. The lonely planet say it is for
“On a shoestring,” But that was in the past. They
are now on a shoe, and have few suggestions for
the people on a shoestring. I am definitely
one of the cheapest travelers I know. I catch a little
grief from readers and other travelers sometimes.
Like I am a cheapskate or penny pincher.
Ergo Hobo.
And you are home working, and I am traveling.
That is the price I pay, The trade off, or exchange
I decided is good for me.
A Hobo.

I get e-mails from people that think I am just
making up the price of my rooms, and how I live.
I think some of you think I am sitting here at some
really expensive computer, with telephone line, internet
connection, and maybe a cellular phone.

I really had a chuckle the other day.
A lady asked to use a photograph for a book.
She e-mailed me, and very nicely asked for
permission to use a few photos off my WebPages.
This happens every so often. I really do not care.
Just want the credits given to me, and besides.
I know most people just use anyway, what they want
and do not ask. So I have accepted this, and I just would like
the a link or credit to “HoboTraveler.com” on the photo or
below the photos... (That was a hint)

But the chuckle was after I replied,
She wrote back and said,
“I really did expect a reply from the Hobo....”
hehehe LOL (Laugh Out Loud)... aaaaahg.
I was making funny noise in the internet cafe,
and looking for someone that spoke English to tell
that might even understand why this was funny.

I very formally wrote back,
My Webmaster Andy,
My Editor Andy,
My Copywriter Andy,
My Proof Reader Andy,
My Employees Andy and Andy.
All think we can work it out, and most like
Yes. You can use a photograph.

Nobody in the internet cafe would get the joke.
Life is good, and I am OK.

I laughed a lot and remember. Here in Thailand I am only
just another obnoxious American, and nothing
more. And I do pride myself...I am good at being
an obnoxious American. But amazingly I realize quite too often
that the Europeans, and British do not realize
that Americans are not alone in this ability.

I will throw in 2 more comments about Thailand.
IT is a

Read why you need to carry candles in
the TIP today at the bottom letter.

Read about Railay beach, and the extremely
beautiful rock formations, and the great place
to visit in the next section.

The letter was complete, and then I meet a person.
From the USA filming a SHOW. (Television)
I am bound to secrecy. But something to do with the
new REALITY shows. I need to chose
my words carefully, but will explain a lot next week.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X     Hobotraveler.com was HERE!

Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Sandy Beaches and Rock Climbing

Tall palms, and jagged rocks.
You are either at sea level or a mountain cliff.
The extreme contrast lends itself to
extreme beauty here on Railay Beach.

Located on the mainland of Thailand.
Southeast of Phuket, and in the lower
extreme south of Thailand. It is a rock climbers
beach resort.

The trip to Railly is simple, but the guidebook
and my map of Thailand did not help. There
are 3-4 main beaches close to Krabi City.
Because of the stone formations, and shape
of the coast. It is easier to go to this beach
by water and not by road. I do not think there is any
road, but it appears they ran electrical and telephone
lines to the isolated strip of civilization.

It is extremely easy to travel in Thailand.
Except if you are logical and you ask questions.
Or you desire to live on a shoestring, or Hobo Barefoot
as my custom. Most tourist just follow the group,
pay the money, and they are safe, happy, and
content. Soon find themselves in a beach paradise
quickly and efficiently and maybe later understand
the hows and whys.

Railly is part of the mainland. As I read about
Krabi they described 4 beaches. Logically I assume
I can take a small “Sa Thong.” A bus that looks more
like a pick-up truck or maybe a taxi and go the beach.
Everyone is talking about Railly. The are either going
or returning and saying how beautiful it is,
and I really should see the place.
Someone finally tell me,
“You have to take a boat, there is no road to it.”
Great, I finally understand why everyone is getting a boat,
and can proceed.

I am not fond of going places when I do not
understand why or how. And a little dangerous.
Whenever I just trust guides, taxi drivers, and tour offices.
I often find myself in their cousins or uncles home and paying
double for a room.

Railly Beach It is located on a small jagged
rock point, and the rocks make it impractical
to have a road to the strips of beautiful beaches..
It is surrounded by water and small enough to
walk the whole area quickly and easily. If I did
not know better. I would swear it was on an Island.

A couple of Israel guys sealed my
decision to go there, when they told me I could live
in new bungalows for 150 Baht called the
“Rapala.” This is about 3.50 USA dollars and
half the price of all the other tourist returning from this
destination. They was correct and the Rapala is an
excellent choice for any price range traveler, except
those that have to have air conditioning.

I have not found a substantial quality difference between
the accommodations here in Thailand. The quality of
a place that charges 500-700 Baht is the same
as 150 Baht. If you pay 4000 Baht or about 100
dollars USA there will be noticeable difference.
i.e. Air Conditioning.

So to live Hobo Barefoot here, on a budget. Take your
time and ask a lot of questions. Do not ask the
travel agents, tourism office, reception desk, or any
Thailand local they are all on the commission take.
Although if you cannot be bother and
wish extremely easy for double or triple the price.
Both of will arrive at the same place.

There are 3 major budgets for accommodations
in Thailand..

1. Barefoot Hobo Price.
150 price range or 3.50 USA Dollars.
Frustration of asking multiple questions to people
that do not speak English, and getting answers
that suspiciously resemble a lie.
2. Standard Guidebook Prices.
500 price range or 12.00 USA Dollars.
Very easy, and your are on the NORMAL travelers
path of Thailand. But please keep your questions
to a minimum. It irritates the other travelers and
the Thailand people.

3. 4000 Baht or 100 USA Dollars.
Travel Agent and do not leave the resort prices
Again do not ask questions. You might learn
how to travel cheaper.

I normally live in a 500-700 Baht quality
places for Barefoot Hobo prices of 150 Baht.
Takes a small amount of time, patience and
a desire to have conversations with other
travelers. The Bungalows I am living in are
not in the guidebook and only known by word
of mouth, or recommendations of other travelers.

I like the latest and greatest. The undiscovered places.
I always have my ears ready for the Paradise or “The Beach”
everyone has heard about but no one knows for
sure how to get there yet.
The undiscovered paradise.
There are many places in the world that only a handful
of hearty and adventuresome travelers have discovered
and I highly recommend you find a few of these unspoiled

Rally beach has already been discovered and
is has all the facilities Internet, English spoken
and Thai Massage, and Tourist Menu Restaurants.
But still one of the most wonderful place for
a few day or a weeks visit.

There are offered classes for beginner rock
climbing, and there is no shortage of dangerous
precipices for any level of climber.
Rock climbing equipment is available to rent.

A great place to lay around on the beach and
climb a rock.

Construction on Railleh Beach Thailand - Docking area for boats on
Railey Beach
Railly Main Sunning Beach And Rapala Bungalow 3.00 USA Per Night
Railly Beach Most Beautiful Beach - Night Football or Soccer
Rock Climbing on Rally Beach
Rock Formations - Religious Shrine - Gorgeous Beach
Rapala Bungalows on Railley Beach near Krabi Thailand

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X     Hobotraveler.com was HERE!

Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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When I was young in the USA.
My Mother had candles and kerosene lamps
in the house, or outside in the garage. When the lights
would go off, for whatever reason. Problems with
the electricity company, or a big storm. Or even
that thing of great curiosity for Europe. The TORNADO.
My mother and father would light some candles,
and my Dad would arrange a Kerosene Lantern.

For us Kids... 5 of us. That was lots of fun.
I am sure now, that my parents did not see it as being
lots of fun, and probably more a pain in the neck.
I have found a few times also, that primitive life is not
so glamorous.

The first time the electricity went off in Mexico.
I smiled and felt good. Remembering my childhood
and talking with my brothers and sisters.
But sadly that feeling did not last forever.
After a weekly or daily experience in Mexico.
I started to prepare as my parent had in the past
for the times when there is no electricity.

There are lots of reasons for no electricity.
Storms, Camping, or electricity shortages. Or you can be on
a island, and it is very difficult to run lines to the place.
Or their is a generator and they use them only night.
Sometimes all the people steal electricity and there
is not enough money collected that month and they
shut the electricity off for the last few days of the month.

I do no need electricity to live, but It doe make life
easier and happier.

There are 2 major problems for me when there
is no electricity.

1. I cannot read my book at night.
2. I cannot cook water for coffee in the morning.

I have solved both problems more or less.
I have already written about the alcohol cooker
and now have made a special one made of steel.

Candles are best used for romance, although not the
reason why candles were invented. But in Thailand
and many parts of Asia they can be necessary.
So I decided it was time to by a big package of them.
Normally one is enough to carry, and I can buy others
when needed. Candles are heavy, and I do not carry
them unless I need them. They sell them in all countries.

I now have about 10 candles in my backpack
because the lights go off so often.
That will last a few nights of no lights. Normally
I go to bed early when there is no lights.
But I may read for a couple of hours.

There are lots of ways to have lights or electricity
when you need it or want it. Starting with the easy
and pragmatic way of candles and ending with
carrying a generator of your own.

Candles - Easy and common.
Kerosene lamps - Big, Breakable and messy.
Flashlights - Great, but expensive for batteries.
(Note if you have a battery charger... Good system)
Propane Gas Lights - Excellent light, but more for long term living.
Oil - Good but messy and difficult to find.

1. They sell candles in every store
2. The light go off all the time.
3. Corrupt country.
4. Electrical lines strung badly.
5. One light bulb in center of room, because
electricity is a new thing.

Also when you hear the words like
“Underdeveloped or Third World.”
That means that. It is underdeveloped.
I do not like the term “Third World.” and
try not to use it, but you will hear it often.
The term implies or states there are some
superior classes of people. This is not true.
But if you hear these world. You may need
a candle.

My light of choice to read is candles.
What was good enough for President Abraham Lincoln
is good enough for me.

I have found a very simple system that
Ole Abe did not probably have at his avail.

On the deserted beach of Koh Chang, alone
with the tranquility that only crashing waves
and an ocean breezed can give me, they decided
it was time to shut the generator off for the night.
No girlfriend in sight.
Not ready to sleep, and laying alone in the bed.
No romance or need of a candle for romance,
but still wanting to read my book.

I go to my PRE-DETERMINED location to find
my candles and lighter. You need to know
where they are in the dark. When they shut the
lights off. Finding a flashlight, matches, lighter
or candles can be very entertaining.

I find the candles.
I find my lighter.
I light a candle.

A pleasant cool ocean breeze.
I try again. Then crawl to a deserted corner
of the bungalow. I light it, then look around.
I have no desire to read on the floor in the
corner of the room. I want to lay on the bed.
The cool ocean breeze entering the room
and slowly stirring my mosquito net, and me
reading by candle light.

Everyone complains about Coca Cola, but
today I was happy. I see a large liter size bottle
on the floor. I was using it to lift weights.
The lightbulb goes off in my head.
The is not enough light from that to read
but it did give me the proper idea.

I take this large clear plastic bottle.
I cut a large slot in the side.
I dripped hot candle wax on the bottom, and
created a puddle of wax. Placed the candle on
the hot wax. Waited for it to cool.
I placed the plastic bottle on the window edge.
I now have a candle protected from the wind
and the clear plastic amplifies the light and make
life good. Life is always good, but maybe better at

I then put 2 more candles in the bottle.
Be careful on the heat. You may need to cut the whole top
off to allow the heat to disperse, and not melt the bottle.

I now have a great little candle lantern.
My mind can return to the adventure of my book.


Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X     Hobotraveler.com was HERE!

Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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In Europe somewhere


“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Why have a back up plan or something you
never loose?

Ever fool around on your lover?
Ever stay too long, and not have a good excuse?
When you called up your lover?
Did they ask you?
“Where were you?”
What happens if.
They do NOT ask.
Was your great excuse or backup answer
a waist of time?

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Just hit reply to this e-mail and you can send a question
directly to me... Andy the HoboTraveler.com

Sorry, none this week.
I had trouble saving the questions and getting them
on my computer to read and answer. I will get more
organized next week.

When is HIGH tourist season in
This would help me to plan my future.

~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

THAI MASSAGE - A very good line to meet women.

McDonalds RESTAURANT - The Europeans complain about
AMERICAN McDonalds. I like the French Fries but they are
too expensive for me outside the USA. But these McDonalds
of are always full. I do not go in, and there are no other
Americans here....
Who are the foreigners inside then?

should establish some colonies in Asia. I see the
history of all the other countries, and feel left out.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band


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