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Ranong Thailand - BORDER - Cooperatively Rob Oration

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ISSUE:  075
DATE:  July 09, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Ranong Thailand - BORDER - Cooperatively Rob Oration
TIP:  Cooperatively Rob Oration
LOCATION:  Ranong, Thailand


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Ranong Thailand - BORDER - Cooperatively Rob Oration
Issue 75 Hobotraveler.com - July 9, 2002


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
Location of Hobo and opinions
       A story of a good place to visit.
~   TODAY’S TIP - Corroboration - Cooperatively Rob Oration
        Dennis & Scott Bike Around World
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”
~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)


I am generally trying to not get overwhelmed.
I supposed that sound like very bad English
and probably is, but I think is says what I mean.
I am trying very hard generally, or most of the
time to NOT get overwhelmed.

The Thais are like the Latinos that I just spent the
last few years with, and the most common way is
their comment.
“No Problem.”
The difference is that in the Latino world they said
it in Spanish.
“No Problema.”
Here they talk in very bad English with an extremely
heavy Thai accent.

Some travelers try to learn a few Thai words.
A few of the Thais learn some English words.
No problem.
I am very alone here.
The level of silence is deafening sometimes.
I guess it really is not silent. But when I fail to
listen, and communicate I feel alone.
No one is talking to anyone.
Lots and lots of talk, but no communication.

I had a psychologist friend one time explain
dysfunctional behavior and this reminds me
of his comments. He said,
“Pretend everyone is talking.
They are all talking about something different.
They are in a room and walking around bumping
into each other as they talk.
Everyone think they are understood.”
But they are talking, no one is listening.
This is what dysfunctional.

I am trying hard to not be overwhelmed.
There is lot of wonderful things, and the Thai
people are friendly, happy, and desire that I
am happy. They work hard for this goal.

There are 2 major types of travelers.
1. Ones that look at sights and tourist attractions.
2. Ones that learn the language, custom and cultures.

I am the latter.
I like people and for the most part bored when looking
at temples, mountains, and statues. Give me some
social interaction, a little confusion, and I am very

I left Koh Pha Ngan.
Went to the Island of Koh Samui for a night.
Caught a ferry to the mainland.
Got robbed on the way.. (75 USA Dollars)
Stayed a night in Surat Thani.
Took a bus to Ranong on the border of
Thailand and Mylanmar. (Burma)

I will spare you all the details.
Thailand is like any other country.
You can find anything you want.
If you want to find poor people.
They have poor people.
If you want to find rich people.
They have rich people.
If you want to find drinking and party.
They have drinking and party.
If you want to find people working
and going to church. You find that.
People find what they want to find.

If a friend comes back from visiting a country
and explains something. That is what they
was looking to find, and they found it.
The problem in learning about a country is
to not find what you are looking for, but to find

I have found a country where everyone talks
but there is no communication. We do complete
the eating, drinking and moving from location to
location. I am sure that many disagree.
But this is my opinion. I will keep pounding
away until I find middle ground.

I know so very little...
Everyone has a motor scooter.
Buddhist Monks are held in reverence and
temples are tourist attractions.
The food is lots more hot and spicy than the
Latin world. Still lots of rice, chicken, and eggs.

But more than anything.
I talk a lot,
and find I am talking to myself.
(Traveling with my best friend.. hehehe)

This is my challenge. To communicate
and have that,
“Meeting of the minds.”

The Thais think I am very strange.
I do not think anyone ever tries to listen.
Just yes, yes, no problem

I know very little about Thailand.
When I leave, I will know very little.
They do have nice beaches and good
hot and spicy food.

Koh Pha Ngan - Leaving - Lady Boy? -
The Boat to Koh Samui From Koh Pha Ngan
Koh Samui Beach - Hobo Dive Shop - Ferry - Hotel
The Ferry from Koh Samui to Surat Thani that Robbed Me

Cockroach and Ants in Ranong - 2 Different Hotel Rooms
Hot Springs in Ranong Thailand
Ranong Internet Cafe.. Very helpful

Pictures of Toilet on the floor in Thailand

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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I find myself strange.
When I talk to myself. I ask,
“Andy, why do you like border towns?”
I answer myself,
“YES... They are wide open, anything goes, like
being in the old west. It is the place where
two countries collide. One culture meets the
others, and they have to decide.”

I like to connect the dots, or see how two
cultures meet, and agree or disagree.
Probably the biggest problem with guidebooks
is they do not connect the countries. They
will give you information on one country at
a time. But not both at the same time.
In my opinion, this is because of culture
clash. You have one writer that like X country.
Another that like Y country. But neither writer
likes both countries. So the editors lets them
each go on their own and write about the
specific country and culture.

A border town is about two cultures, and
two countries. They are different. There is
a reason there is a line on the map.
Things change.

There are lots of types of borders.
Some are very strict, and difficult.
Others you can just walk across.
The USA is a very strict border and
the world complains about this all the time.
But the USA has a problem. They enter
and they do not leave. In the underdeveloped
countries or between underdeveloped countries
you will have a

This is a border, where you have to go hunt for
the immigration office and make sure you get
your leaving and entering passport stamp. Or you will be
in the other country before you know what is happening
and not have the proper stamps on your passport.
I remember at the Paraguay / Brazil border close
to the Falls of Iguacu. I had to really push to get
the stamp. I had to tell them I was traveling through
Paraguay, and not just there for the day. This is
what I call a “Walk across border.”

I speculated in a past newsletter that the border of
India and Pakistan is a walk across border. I would
expect that the border between Pakistan and
Afghanistan is also a walk across border. There is a huge
temptation to go to these types of places for me.
I love border towns. Strange but true.
I love to watch the colliding and mixing of culture.
The process of change from one world to another.

I am in Ranong, Thailand.
It is on the border of Thailand and Mylanmar.
In the past, the English called their colony. Burma.
So some of you may say. Burma. Not important.
There is a war of sorts going on in Mylanmar.
It is maybe a civil war. There is a dictatorship, or
military running the country. Or it may be a drug lord
running the country. Nonetheless some type of
conflict is happening in this country. I heard yesterday
there is a Drug Lord in the north. He is in collusion
with the Government of Mylanmar, and they are
trying to ship Heroin across the Thailand border.
This is one of the big arguments between Mylanmar
and Thailand. The guy that told me, said that the
Drug lord was branching out into other products.
He had purchased speed or amphetamines in
Koh Pha Ngam to take the night of the Full Moon Party,
and they are coming from Mylanmar.

The Lonely Planet guidebook give a long diatribe
on the pros and cons of Mylanmar. Good fun to
read, and full of political hearsay, and bullshit.
Telling you specific advice on who to support and
how to support them. i.e. Do not take this type
of bus, because the money will go to the “Dictatorship.”

I do not go to countries to make political decisions.
I go to countries to visit, and travel safely, and enjoy
life. I do buy a guidebook to help me travel safe.
I am going to make a decision on my safety first,
and then decide on whether I can make a politically
correct decision second. I will take the bus that is safest.
The country can make their own decisions.
It is not my job to interfere.

Sitting in Ranong at the border.
Trying to enter a CLOSED border.
But it is not closed, and there is a way to get
a stamp on my visa. So what does that mean?
Grey, shades of gray, black and white.
This is a border town. Wide open. Anything goes.

What I have learned is there is always a NEED for
people to travel across borders. They cannot just
close a border. They need food, and products to enter
and leave the country. There is no such thing as a
closed border... Maybe for a couple of day. But
one way or another. Legal or illegal, people and things
will cross the border.

As it stands right now. I have two ways to cross the
border to get a stamp on my passport , and another 30
days in Thailand. I can go across the border with
a boat, and return. They charge 5 dollars USA to
do a one day trip. Or I can go to the Andamar Casino.
There is a boat trip to the Casino in Mylanmar and
they will stamp the visa, and let you gamble, and
maybe more for 400 Baht, or 10 dollars USA.

Most people go to the Casino. This is easier and
more organized. Luxury boat, and get to gamble, drink.
What would people do without their vices?
The guy that told me, said that the booze is free
if you buy 10,000 Baht of chips to gamble. Then
you exchange them at the end of the day, and go
home. It does not cost you anything....
But you will probably lose money gambling.
The house always wins.

I am in flux. I think I want to go to the real border
with the regular little boats, and do it the hot and
dirty way. Harder, and more real. But then again.
I would like to see Mylanmar a little. And I have
already seen lots of Casinos. One normally looks
like the next. (All countries seem to have Casinos)

There are three things that always sells.
Gambling, Booze, and Women.

So sitting in this hot and muggy hotel.
Nicknamed the RottenNasty. Because
the name sounds like that. I will have to go
and make some decisions. I will sit around and
talk another day. Read some more stuff. Go
and ask some locals, and keep my ear to the

I am absolutely positive that I will get a stamp
on my passport, and another 30 days to live
in Thailand.

I am not sure, but I would think.
You are saying to yourself.
What a bunch of noise.
Why are you doing all this, and why
are you writing and explaining what you hear,
and what you do or do not know? This is just
confusion you are writing.

That does not sound fun to me.
As one reader commented.
The icky stuff.
This is adventure.
Do not leave the resort or you
will have to cross the border.

“They are wide open, anything goes, like
being in the old west. It is the place where
two countries collide. One culture meets the
others, and they have to decide.”


Someone told me, they may close the Andamar
Club, so I got in a hurry and did it the clean way.

Andamar Club - Going to Burma for Visa Stamp
Inside Mylanmar - Thailand Border Andamar Club Casino
Andamar Club Casino Visa Stamp for Thailand

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Cooperatively Rob Oration

Trying to spell this word correctly is a chore.
Not a word I use every day, but extremely... extremely
valuable for a traveler or the prosecution....

Trying to spell it made me laugh.

Co Rob Oration

The correct spelling is: Corroboration with two R’s.
But to me, when trying to make sure the spelling
is correct, I realized...
“Yes. That is exactly what I want to say.”

You need corroboration of evidence,
or they will
The people will give you the Co Rob Oration
Meaning they will give you a formal speech
or oration and are cooperating to Rob
you.... Co - Rob - Oration

Cooperative Rob Oration

Corroborate: To strengthen or support. (Other evidence)

This word you hear on television.

“We need corroborating evidence to prosecute.”
“Find me corroborating proof, and I will put in on
tomorrows front page.”

You need to make many choices when traveling.
Which hotel? Where to go? Why go there?
Should I go with this guide? But in the end
the important question is....

WHO DO I TRUST? or what?
To make these judgements or come to good conclusions
is the art of travel. It is not a science, and it is not
as easy as just reading a guidebook. The art of travel is
to learn to listen, understand, and interpret what you
read, hear, or see.

The easy way to solve this problem is to hire a guide
or take a tour. Lots of travelers read, and read, until they
can quote the guidebook, or brochures by heart.
Others cannot read, or are lazy, so they ask other
travelers... and for the really clueless. They depend
on the information a local person, person selling a tour, or
trying to HELP you says.

Who do I trust, or what?

I am going to give you to answers.
1. All of them.
2. Trust your instincts.

Lets deal with the first answer.
All of them. How can you trust all of them?
They do not agree.
( I hope the lightbulb just went off in your head )
But that is the point.
You need corroborating evidence, or things that
agree. You need at least 2, 3, 4, (GET a LOT)
or more things that are in harmony.
All things need congruency.
( I love that word)
You are looking for information that is consistent,
congruent, and is corroborating in nature.

The guidebook say this...
The local tour company say the same.
The other traveler agree that is correct.
I received and email from a friend that said the same.
This is CORROBORATION of evidence.

A rule of thumb for me is that written word is
more valuable than people talking. It just goes
to reason, that if a person is going to write a book
they will want the correct answers, or they will receive
tons of letters telling them they are a jerk. I sort of go
along with the idea. It is easy to talk, difficult to write
something down. So the person that is not lazy
and actually writes is down is more responsible,
or maybe could make better judgements because
they are not lazy, and would actually take the time to
learn the correct answers.
The prosecution could say oral advice....
“That is hearsay.”

When you arrive at your destination. There will
be various ways to listen to advice on where to go
and what to see. The Hotel or Hostel will give you
ideas. The local tourism office, or those offices
that represent themselves as the local tourist
information office. Be real careful when you see
that sign that says,
“Tourist Information”
I translate that to mean,
“Enter, we have something we want to sell.”

People from the USA are especially susceptible to
this ploy. The USA is a country, where certain types
of offices have to have government sanctions and
are by nature trustworthy.
The rest of the world... is full of liars.
Nothing is ever as it appears.

“There is not place like home.”
This is why Americans will be considered
naive often, because it is beyond their realm of
normal thought that a government office could in reality
be a place to sell tours, and get a commission.
OK.. Meet the rest of the world.

Tour companies can be very good, and very
bad. It is always safer to be in a group of other
travelers. I hate to travel with a group, but if I
was worried. I would stay with the pack.
A LOCAL person will come up to you in a street.
It could be a taxi driver. A guy carrying a card
that says he is licensed by the local tourist office.
I find 99 percent of the time the plastic card with
the photo on it is crap. There is always someone
that wants to talk to you about something.

I am often surrounded by people wanting to help
me, and I go over to the person that is
NOT interested. Cannot be bothered with me.
Does not want to talk to me. This person will
be better, and may give you good advice.
As long as he does offend any of the group
that does want to give you advice. Get him or her
away from the group.

So after the dust clears. The roar of the crowd,
and you are frustrated. If you read, listen, and ask
enough questions. You will have
Aha!... You are there.

That is why traveling is an art.
It is abstract, and not concrete.
1 + 1 does not always equal 2.
Inductively you would think logically.
If 10 people, and the guidebook, and
they local tour company, and my mothers
friend of a friend all agree. It would be correct.
And normally you are correct...
But, not always

Intuition. Gut feeling, or telepathic
powers. I think of myself as being similar
to Diana the Empath from Star Trek The Next Generation
and being able to feel what they feel.
A true Empath.

I have a
This meter goes off in my head, when
I hear bullshit.

This is the Art of Travel.
To be able to read, listen and
ask questions. Collect the information
and look for corroboration evidence.
Have good instincts to determine the best
course of action. The make a good
Over and over and over again.

If you can do that.
Life is good.
You will find paradise in any destination.
Learn to avoid the negative, and find
the positives in any world you encounter.

A Hobo Traveler will find a comfortable
balance where they are safe, secure, and
at home living on the road.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

You can meet girls or men and not talk the
same language.
It happens all the time.
They are normally drinking.



Just hit reply to this e-mail and you can send a question
directly to me... Andy the HoboTraveler.com

QUESTION: hi! my name is Sarah and I live in
queens, new york.. i just graduated college
and am itchin' to get outta here... tell me how you
did it!! and all the details... please!!!!

take care, and stomp your feet for me at the
full moon party!!!

miss sarah k

ANSWER: Easy... I left home.
Set a date. Then leave. You will never be ready
to travel. Everything you need can be purchased where you
go. Andy

How do you write so much?

ANSWER: I am always collecting information. Some of the tips
have taken years to write. The one on... What is a Hostel?
Took a lot of thought. It is easy to have an opinion. To
look at all sides of an issue could take 7 Continents.
I have a letter on... What is an underdeveloped country?
I think I should maybe go to Africa also, before I send
it. I will probably write it 2 times.

~   HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

NO SPITTING - I have upgrade countries.
The people in Mexico, Central, and South America
spit all the time. Thailand doe not seem to do that
as much... Very little. They do not do the other either.

NO BUMPING - The seem to share the sidewalk also.

ENGLISH IMPERIALISM - England never made Thailand
a colony. But they do drive on the left side of the road here.

MONSOONS OVERRATED - I may be wrong.
It has been raining buckets here all day long.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band



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