Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Arica Chile - 10 Ways to lose a shirt.
Tip: 10 ways to lose a shirt.

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Arica Chile - 10 Ways to lose a shirt.

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ISSUE:  063
DATE:  March 20, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Arica Chile - 10 Ways to lose a shirt.
TIP:  10 ways to lose a shirt.
LOCATION:  Arica, Chile


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Arica Chile - 10 Ways to lose a shirt.
Issue 63- Hobotraveler.com - March 20, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 4


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)


I go to La Paz, Bolivia,
I go back to Tacna, Peru, then
flip again to decide whether to go to
Lima or Arequipa.

Or better yet. If the driver shows up.
“I will go to Tacna”,
and if he does not.
“I will go to La Paz.”.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.
These are such important decisions. It seems that best left to fate
or the Gods. The decisions of love and travel always seem
to be in the hands of fate. The Gods only give me what I deserve.
(I have never been married if that means anything. hehehe )

My coin toss, and the driver not showing up
has made the decision.
“I will go to La Paz”.

Upon arriving in Arica the other day. I arranged a return passage
to Tacna, with the same colectivo taxi. Now... I know that
mañana does not exist here and very seldom arrives. But I like
to enjoy myself and make plans for mañana. Or in this case
it was the day after tomorrow.
(Mañana pasado)
This is good sport.

Making appointments in “Mundo Latino” is a sport. It is best done when
you arrange to meet them at your Hotel. If I can make an appointment for
very early in the morning. Say 8:00. That is very early here.
Then you are awake or you can just forget the appointment.
If they show up. You are happy. If they do not. So what, you can
just proceed with the day.

This is how I make decisions. I spend lots of deliberation and then
do whatever seem fun at the time. I couple from Switzerland have
helped. They told me of a wonderful Hostel in La Paz. I have already
been in La Paz one time, and thought.
The Swiss couple are returning. That is the greatest tribute you can
a city or hostel. That you will return.
It is too easy to never go back. So why go back?
The world is so big.

I did Bolivia in two weeks the last trip. That means
I saw nothing, and at best know nothing of Bolivia. Not the
best experience. I hear a lot of good comments about Bolivia
and La Paz. I have no idea why. So why not? I will go back.

I am not making tribute to La Paz. I am not returning
to La Paz because I liked the city. About all I can comment
and feel that maybe I am correct about this city is
“It the worlds biggest market”.

Every city from Mexico to Argentina seems to have open air
markets a central market. They vary in shape, size and flavor.
But more or less most cities have one. But in La Paz they
do not have one.
“The whole city is a market”.
Everywhere you walk, in front of every place you go.
There are people selling things.
“The worlds biggest market”.
That is what I think of La Paz, Bolivia

My friend William wrote and email and told me he sees that
He still has to edit my work.
I made an error in my use of
“your” or “You’re”.

I told him the job of editing was meant to be done before and
not after the fact. In the case of memoirs, they can edit after
I die, and not before. I am happy to say. Most people that read
this newsletter are happily tolerant of bad English. That seems
obvious to me. If you read a free newsletter for years, and keep
complaining about it. You must like it.

I have at least two regular readers that are friends and University
professors. Bruce B, and William B. Both have read this
work of madness for over three years. Bruce wrote me just yesterday
to answer the question my pop quiz from my last newsletter.

I am in ILO, Peru.
Jimmy Buffet the singer sang a song.

“Some say a ________ to blame.
I think it’s my own damn fault.”
(Hope I quoted that correctly)
Fill in the blank?

As many wrote to say.
I can blame the reason for going to Ilo on...?

Austin, S. John, T. and various others can make very
polite comments about my content, and sometimes stinging remarks
about my wonderful demand of the English language and
grammatical structure.

I will say in my defense.
It seem illogical for me to repair something that
in my mind.
“Is not broken”.
I suppose my writing or prose is for sure.
“A legend in my own mind”
If I really knew what was wrong, I would not do it..

So for sport.
People are welcome to correct and send back my letters
and maybe an old dog, can learn new tricks.

But for until than, or then...?
I am off to La Paz, Bolivia today.

La Paz, means,
“The Peace” in English.
or is it “The piece”?
“The Peace?”

Mañana or manana?
Oh... Tranquilo.
“Yo estoy mareado”.

I promised PHOTOS.
Here are some of Arica, Chile.
La Paz, Bolivia

La Vida Buena
Beso y Abrazos

Andy the hobo

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
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~   Hoboguide.com GO THIS WAY !

“Gives you something to do while traveling”

A quote nonchalantly said from Peter a
Swede that had worked his way down from San Diego,
California to where I met him. Arica, Chile.
Located on the north coast of Chile and right before
you leave the country for Peru. Arica is on of thousands of
stopover points for surfers of the world.

Maybe I could call him a surf bum.
It seems the correct title, but then I am
not familiar with all the terms of surfing. I live in the Midwest
United states, and we do not have lots of surfing.
But last time I checked neither did Sweden. But nonetheless
I am sure this boy knows a lot about surfing.

Peter had the room next to mine in Arica. A rundown but
pleasant residencial for four dollars USA a night. He was
friendly in the abrupt Scandinavian manner. Open but not
too open.

We compared some notes on Arica, and our travels, performing
the normal traveler hello. Where did you come from? Where are
you going? How long have you been here? I ask about the beach,
and how to get there? He told me and advised clearly which one
would be the best, and why. Then happened to say....
“There is surfing contest tomorrow?”

I had not yet seen the ocean here in Chile, and had some wonderful
visions of memories of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. The idea of
an actual contest sounded great. Bikini clad women. Long stretches
of sand, and waves that climbed to the sky that come charging at
you with people riding them. He said it begin at 9:00 the next morning
so I thought that will be easy. But he shrugged, and said,
“Awfully early”.

I woke early and rummaged around in the cubicle of a room until
about 8:00. Surprising enough he was awake and moving around in
his cubicle. The door was open for fresh air, so I stuck my head out
and ask him if I could walk down to the surf contest with him.
Being that I did not even know where the beach was yet.
He said,

Walking down to the beach I ask a few questions trying to discover
where he got that accent. It was not English, and it was not Australian
and It did not seem American. I was baffled. He said he worked in a
Vale Colorado for 4 months in a bakery. In this time he must of spent
a lot of time with ski bums, or someone that did not talk formal English

I was talking to the perfect stereotype. White bleach blond, with the
mustache on the lower lip and not the upper. A few assorted tattoos.
And the long swim trunks. He was totally surf.

Both Peter and me have followed the same path by accident. I go to
the beach to lay around and tan, read, and look at girls. He goes for
the surf so we had been to a lots of the same beaches.

Surfers are a very large group of specialty travelers. Often spending
sums of money to travel to very obsolete areas. Whether dirt poor or
super rich sons of millionaires here is a class of travelers that
travel to all parts of the world to surf.

The surf contest turn out to be a little slow, and so I wondered
on back to the room and Peter showed up an hour or so later.
Said he needed to get some sleep. He had spent the whole
night partying, but had the fortitude to stay awake to watch
the contest. He had something to do while traveling.

The comment that,
“Surfing is Good, It gives you something to do while traveling”,
may seem a little stupid to a tourist.
“How could anyone need something to do on vacation?”
This comment is quite brilliant, and is essentially the reason
he has been able to travel now for two years. He has an
hobby or a project to keep his mind busy.

There is a real danger for people that do not search for things to
occupy their free time, and give them goals in life. They
often spend they whole time drinking and party, and realize
one day they have to go home or go crazy.

Traveling for a couple years is like retirement. You have to
learn how to keep busy, and enjoy your life. Peter has adapted
very well, and is enjoying life.

Here is a couple websites he recommended for surfers to find
locations of good waves.

Photos of Arica, Chile.

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Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
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After a rash of lost shirts in my travels.
I wish to tell you the top ways to accomplish
the task of losing a shirt.

This tip is akin to how to lose a language dictionary
or an umbrella, or even small backpacks.
It can be difficult to just get up and walk away from
large backpack. But there are some real easy ways to
lose or help things get stolen. Try to place a bookmark
in you mind, and when you are in one of these locations
or get that sense of Deja Vu.

From most common to least common.

This is when you take it to the professionals. They have
a machine, and dryer, and will weigh your clothes. This
is by far the most common place. What happens in their
desire to save money, they mix your clothes with others.
And to be safe when they cannot remember whose clothe they
are. They just keep them.

There are lots of people that will clean your clothes by
hand. This is good, but they do the same. The hang them
on the clothes line, and soon they have no idea whose clothes
are whose. The simplest decision is to wait for the client to
come an ask. Of course we are leaving that day and will
never return, and they have some extra shirts for their
brother, sister, or boss.

I very often clean my clothes by hand. That it to avoid
the top two problems, and to guarantee they are dry before
I leave. But there a two big problems with washing clothes by

IF you hang your clothes on the clothesline of the hotel or hostel.

4B. YOU WILL FORGET THE SHIRT. Especially if only
one shirt.

I almost always stretch a line up in my room, and
do not use the clothesline of the hostel. And if I am using
the clothesline. I never use it the last day I am there, and leaving
the next day. I guarantee in my frustration to leave.
I will forget something.

You get on the bus. Either with too many clothes or too
few clothes. Never the proper amount. So you remove
a shirt or jacket, or some piece of clothing. You
lay it down to use as a pillow, or other. In the course
of the trip. It sneaks down the back of the seat and
you forget it. Or sadly in when you stop at the next
rest stop to stretch your legs, and get a snack.
You leave the bus, and the person behind you steal
your shirt.

I tie everything to my bag, or put it inside my bag.
When I get off the bus. I take the bag with me.
Always! Europe, Asia, South America, or any
continent in the world.
The biggest theft of travelers stuff I have ever
heard of happened in Paris, France.

There are places you take your clothes off.
The beach, the hot springs, or inside that large hot museum.
As soon as you take it off. The temptation is to set it down.
Then you just walk away, and later that night, or a few
days later you say to yourself?
“Where is my favorite shirt, I bought in Katmandu?”

The solution is to not sit it down. Or place things
on table, chairs, or hang up on hooks. Do not
think you will remember or you will return.
You are a traveler. You do not go backwards.
If you take it off. Put it in a bag, or tie it around your
waist. Or give it to a friend to put in their bag.
If you put it in your bag, under the table.
Put you big FAT FOOT through the strap.
Then you will not be able to walk without tripping
over your bag. This is not the cool way to sit at
a table. But better than proving to the world you
are stupid or forgetful.

I find most people blame the loss of a bag on
criminals and not the real reason.
“The just plain forgot the bag”.

I have to make a special case of hammocks.
When you stand and leave a hammock. It closes and
anything in the hammock disappears. You will not see it
again. Always check your hammock. They like to eat
shirts, coins, wallets, and books. If you are the type of
person that checks telephones for coins.
Hammock are just as good as telephones.

This is why those guys with the metal detectors move
in fast when the group of travelers leave the hammocks.
As a side note. There are no people walking around with
metal detectors in South America or Central America.
All them old guys and girls could have a heyday in
places like Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Get on your knees. Move the bed. Shake the blankets.
These are places to leave a shirt.

That girlfriend of your decides to borrow a shirt of yours.
I think she feels it is A...
“Term of endearment”.
Do not let here clear the doorway without taking it
off. If you love her, let her go. Figure that is the price of love.
And say goodbye.
But if you really love the shirt.
Try to convince her the blue one would look and work
better than your favorite one.

I have very few friends that I want putting on my shirts
and they are definitely a friend when I do. But on occasion
I loan a shirt to friends. Try to get them to loan it back.

Losing you shirt is not a major crisis in life.
But normally it is the sadness of losing something that
we liked and was part of us. To lose something
indicates normally that you trusted yourself, or someone else.
You thought you would remember. We
are all in this together and we all will make mistakes.
And besides, forgetfulness is a sign of genius.

Involves trust in yourself or someone else.
When you are at home, and forget something it is not that
important. You will normally return to the place, and find it
or the person will say.
“Hey Joe, you left your shirt here the other day”.

But for a tourist or traveler you will probably never return.
I have been using the shirt as my victim.
But this could have been your 500 dollars camera
or your diamond ring.

After losing just one too many shirts in the last few weeks.
I wrote this tip.

Maybe it will help you to...
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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