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ISSUE:  054
DATE:  January 01, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Iquitos Peru - New Years Predictions
TIP:  New Years Predictions
LOCATION:  Iquitos, Peru


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Iquitos Peru - New Years Predictions
Issue 54 - Hobotraveler.com - January 1, 2002
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 4



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I need to tell myself today that “life is good”.
This morning has not been the best. I woke up and
proceeded to perform my daily rituals. Coffee, blah,
blah, etc then pressed the button to turn on my computer.
It takes a few minutes of running to setup.
So I normally perform a few chores while it warms up.
Fold some clothes and clean a little. But when I looked
at the computer, the screen was black. Nothing. I thought
for some reason it went into hibernation mode. This is suppose
to be a way of saving batteries and energy. But for me
it’s just an annoyance. It always goes into hibernation
at the worst times. So I clicked the mouse, typed on a
couple of keys of the computer. Still nothing.

I see both lights are on, they indicate the computer
is on and running. But it is not running... So I shut it off.
I do not like to do this, because it will open up and need to
do a scandisk to try to fix problem. But still, I shut if off,
and turned it on, I shut it off, and I turned it on. Nothing.

Fear runs through my mind. My computer is broken.
I shook it a little, and turned it upside down.
I wanted to hit it, but I still had my senses about me.
What good does it do to hit a computer? I did give it
a slight tap. Still nothing. What will I do? My computer
is my best friend, and comrade. My link to the world.
The provider of information between me and my friends.
I take a sip of my coffee, say a couple of cuss words.
Unfortunately I am not above this type of behavior,
walk around my room.... help? What will I do?

I take the computer to the reception area. Plug it in and
try it a few times. Ah..! It turns on. Who knows exactly the
problem, but my computer is alive again. I really think there
is two problems. I changed rooms and it is very humid in
this new room. And second a fuse blew yesterday in my
room. I think the voltage or amps of the electricity in this
part of the hotel is lower. Therefore between the computer
needing a little more energy because it is damp, and the
electricity being irregular, and unstable in this room.
It did not start. ( I hope this is the reason)

So after all that I needed to say “Life is good” to myself
just to remember how to start my day, and that I am
a very lucky hobo. But soon it will be time to get a new
computer. I keep hoping Compaq will return my e-mails
and make me test a new one for them. I would love to
help them out and give a new computer the rough treatment
test. In a bus, train, mountain trekking, etc. This one
has been alive now for about four years living in my
backpack, and I can honestly say. I would buy another
Compaq computer.

I made a deal yesterday to change rooms. I like Iquitos
so I negotiated to pay 150 Soles for 30 days of living
in this hotel. 3.5 Soles is one dollars USA. (mas o menos)
That means I would pay 42.85 for the a months rent.
That would cut the cost of living in half. About 1.25 cents
US per day. Now that’s cheap.

But the room sucks! I already started complaining, and
the owner is going to move me back to my old room.
What a relief. For the new cheaper price.

New Years is soon, and after the holiday, I will start
to go on small jungle trips. I want to keep my room, and
then go live in the jungle for a few day at a time.

Something is very humorous to me. I met a girl the other day
that complained about the cheap hotels in Iquitos.
She was complaining about the bugs. This is normal
in even the expensive hotels, so seemed a little silly.
The owners pretend there are not bugs in expensive
hotels, and that is fine. But there are bugs in all hotels
in Tropical South America.

Well, so two days ago she went on a tour. Now she
will pay 30-50 dollars USA a day to sleep in a grass
hut in the jungle, or even camp. Camping in always
worst then living in a room. No water, no showers,
cramped, hot, and lots of bugs, mosquitoes, and
the occasional snake. Funny noises in the night.
Plus you get to enjoy the rain.

So even in my worst day here it is still more
comfortable then sleeping in the jungle.
30 dollars for the jungle or 3 dollars for the room.
So they will take you out to the jungle, make you
sweat, and walk for hours, get bit by mosquitoes.
Worry about malaria and pay ten time the money.
That does sound like fun.

OK... I am being cynical. But for a kid that was
raise in the country with animals all my life. This
seems like city kid fun.

The jungle is full of wonderful things, big and
small. And I too will go there soon to explore.
I am planning my trips. Looking for ways to do
the same on 3 dollars a day... hehehe
You did not think I would pay 30 did you?
I’m hobo budget traveler, not a tourist...

So my goal is to find 3 or 4 jungle trips that
I can do for free, or cheap in the month I
live in Iquitos. I already have one
planned and will leave soon.
It will be an adventure... No guide, cheap, and
I am not sure what I will see. a.k.a. Adventure.
Hopefully I can live with the local Indians at
their village.

My friend said to not walk alone. There are
snakes that sound like ducks. Puts a chill in my
spine, plus they can kill me. I won’t get a normal
guide, but probably a local villager to walk with
me, and hopefully find another traveler.
Quack, quack, quack...

Comings soon... Stories and pictures of
Shamans or spiritual doctors. Plus stories
of Ayahausca a local plant that is a hallucinogen.
Complete story of Rio Napo Trip.
Eco-Tourism - Good or bad?

Beso y Abrazos
Andy the hobo

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Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Set up your next base camp on the Amazon River.
Iquitos, Peru located in the northeast quadrant of
Peru is a river gateway to Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.
No bus, car, or train comes here. The only way to reach
Iquitos is by Airplane or Boat.

Take your time... Walk along the boardwalk...
Share a Cerveza (Beer) at Jungle Jims Bar with a few
gringos or locals and you will hear a noise.
Listen closely.
People are telling stories!
I went here...
I saw this...
I did this...
I met this person...
Did you see?
Where are you going?
It almost bit me...

Everyone in Iquitos has a story.

Were going on a 3 week fishing trip up the Itaya river.
Did you see the turtle eggs for sale in the market?
There is a fast 3 day boat to Coca, Ecuador leaving in two days.
I want to catch a 25 pound Peacock Bass.
Did you see the floating houses at the Belen Port?
What’s up with the women here?
They seem extremely friendly.
Tell me again, what happened in the hammock?
I’m going to catch a slow boat to Manaus Brazil
and then go to Salvador for Carnaval.
What is Ayahuasca? Is it a drug?
I did it once.
We stopped at this lake. There was no way around.
So we built a raft with machetes, put our rucksacks on the raft
and swam across the river pushing the raft.
I went to an Indian village in a dugout canoe.
Then slept on the floor in a grass hut.
It only cost me three dollars US
Can I take an Anaconda home with me?
With they allow a machete on the airplane?
I danced all night with a Peruvian, and I can’t
even speak Spanish. We used hand signals.
Just take a 3 wheeled moto-taxi to Quistococha.
Tell the driver you want to go swimming.
Why are the domestic airplane flights so cheap?
Only 79 dollars from Lima?
Is there really 8 women for every man here?
How did that old guy get them 3 young girls
at his table?
Where do I go to see the jungle herbs and medicines?
I took photographs of a Shaman ceremony.
Lets go play with our new blowguns.
Some guy in the market was trying to sell
two black panthers cubs. Yes...I know it’s illegal.
Mick said he woke up with is cleaning lady.
Where do I go to extend my airplane ticket?
I want to stay 2 more weeks.

Rich or Poor.
On a ten month tour of South America,
or just a two week escape from work.
Good stories start in Iquitos, Peru.

The Amazon River.

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Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Some old, some new, and some predictions
that were wrong.


Footprints Handbooks will get a larger market share from
Lonely Planet.

Internet access will be provided free in Hostels, as an
incentive to live there. Similar to the free breakfast.

Bank ATM ( Automatic Teller Machine ) or Debit cards use will
increase, and Traveler Checks will decrease, as people find
them easier, and safer.

Airplane tickets cost will continue to decrease for international
travel. People will start realize. It is cheaper to fly international,
it is to fly Domestic.

A system for small hotels, to take
reservations, and accept Credit Cards, and Debit Card
easily will be developed.

Oregon, Washington, Colorado will lead the USA in a new
trend to go backpacking for 3-6 month trips.

Buying of Airplane tickets on the internet will become normal.
With the ability to pick up your ticket at the airport,
and end of need to carry a ticket to the airport.

Interactive travel reports will become common. You
will be able to read, and comment on hotels, places, and
travel questions immediately. The information will become
very current, so you read updated information. Plus lots more

Large decreases in the average cost of rooms, at the major hotel
chains because of the booking of rooms directly with the
smaller independent hotels directly through their WebPages.
This competition will put some major hotels out of business,
and force downsizing.

Shakira will e-mail me, (Colombian Singer) POR FAVOR!
Just seeing if your reading.


Countries with pay per minute telephone service, will change
there telephone services, or internet access, to be more
competitive with the world market. This will be as of result
of government intervention.
Example: In Venezuela you can buy
a line, that measures the amount of information that
went through the line. You are only charged for the quantity of
information sent, and received.

Internet access service will be nationalized in lots of countries.
Access will either be provide by the government, or
the large telephone companies will provide it directly. Ending
the business life of the small internet providers of access.

Internet cafes will decrease, and eventually
go out of business, as hotels, restaurants, other business’s
add internet as an additional incentive to enter their business.

Satellite Access to the internet will take over, and
the cost of access to the internet will plummet, because
of because countries will compete to provide you service,
and not just local companies.

The ability to talk, and listen to e-mails will start.
85 percent of the market right now is not touched,
because they cannot read, write, or type well.
This embarrassment will be removed.
Internet teleconferencing will grow rapidly.

The use of mini film strips on the internet to advertise
will start to dominate.

Internet telephone will disappear, as the telephone
companies reduce the cost for normal service worldwide.

Integration of the TV and the Computer into one device.

The internet will be used as a way to expose corruption.
Pictures, movies, and data will be released to the public
anonymously, and corruption will decrease.

10: NEW 2002
Webcams at hotels and tourist locations will become


The free internet e-mail services, Example: Hotmail. Yahoo
will increase their box size to 20 megs, and keep growing.

Bad Prediction. WebPages that make their living by advertising
dollars are decreasing services, and not increasing. The free email
services having trouble making enough money to provide normal service
and it would not surprise me if hotmail and other free services
decrease service now to try to coerce you into paying for your

Another year on the road is at end.
Happy New Years


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Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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