Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Stocking Up Cities - Ecuador
Tip: Stocking up cities, or places you should start your trip.

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Stocking Up Cities - Ecuador

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ISSUE:  051
DATE:  December 04, 2001
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Stocking Up Cities - Ecuador
TIP:  Stocking up cities, or places you should start your trip
LOCATION:  Ecuador


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Stocking Up Cities - Ecuador
Issue 51 - Hobotraveler.com - December 4, 2001
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 4


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I have been to 2 beaches. Muisne and Atacamas.
The both are very good beaches although for some
reason it was cloudy for the last 10 days. I do no think I had
one day of sunshine. There appears to be a cloud that forms
at the coast as the cold air from the ocean meets the hot air from
the land. Of course that the simple explanation, but there is very
cold water that appears to come up from the south.

I returned to Quito, and the sun is shining, but it is colder. Of
course I just went back up the hill to 2800 meters. I read the
other day that the average temperature drops .5 Celsius degrees
per 100 meters or about .9 degrees Fahrenheit for every 328 Ft.
So every time I go up about the distance of a football field I
will get .5 Celsius colder or about 1 degree Fahrenheit. This would
mean that Quito is about 14 degrees Celsius on the average colder
than Atacamas, or about 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Atacamas is 88 degrees Fahrenheit Quite is 60 degrees.
Atacamas is 32 degrees Celsius then Quito is 18 degrees.

It is very difficult to find a thermometer on the wall in South America.
The only place I have ever seen one is in Brazil. So who knows?
I can get an idea of the temperature from the paper. But sitting here
on the Equator it seems funny to have to where a light jacket.

Met 2 nice women in Atacamas. A German girl Sabina and an Ecuadorian
girl Ibeth. Ibeth was traveling with Sabina and teaching her Spanish. It

was a great deal for both of them. The would sit at the beach and study.
Great way to learn. I learned a lot also because Ibeth was absolutely
tenacious in her correcting of bad Spanish. So I got some real cheap
just by walking around the city of Atacamas. This was fun

Sabina is an animal lover. She was having a bad time with the dogs
that were in bad health. Wanting to adopt them all. Dogs were common in
Atacamas and Muisne. Normally this is for protection from burglars. But
I have to admit, there was a lot more dogs then normal. I hope that did
not mean there is a lot more thieves than normal.

What happened though with these dogs and other animals is noteworthy.
First I am sitting on the beach with the two girls and a guy walks by
carrying a Pelican. It appear hurt, and upon inspection we find that
both wings are broken. Quite sad, because a Pelican is worst than a duck out
of water. They have even more trouble walking. So this poor animal is
laying in  the sand, and probably will be attacked by dogs later.

Sabina is overwhelmed with sympathy for this Animal. I do admit it was
difficult to look at. Hurt animals and old people have it very difficult
underdeveloped countries. There usually is no fund of money, or pension
for the older people, and you can see them working right up to the day
they die. The dogs and other pets have almost no controls on them, so
there are various animals everywhere. Plus all the mess they make.

So this big old Pelican is going to suffer. I walk up to and Sabina is
decides we should put is of it misery by drowning the animal. Well
that is not as easy as it sounds. There is some form of air bag on the
neck of a Pelican that is full of air, and allow them to breath.
We did put the animal out of it misery finally.

Then she decides to bring a dog back to Quito with her to nurse
back to health. It had a bad foot, and what looked like the mange to me.
So I was involved in all these animal stories for the last few days.

I am grateful to be back in Quito and plan my next trip.
With no sun, and very few people the beach was a little boring.
I am sure that it is more interesting at other times of the year.
But being that is only about 7 hours away, you can make a weekend
trip to the beach from Quito. For 5 dollars you can get a room on the
beach, and for 3 off the beach. I paid 3 dollars, and my room had
a TV. I could watch all the Latino soap operas I wanted. (No Cable)

I have been trying to learn what the “Rainforest” is?
Easy to say, and more difficult to understand. There is
also a thing called a “Cloudforest”. People like to drop these
terms and everyone is suppose to understand. Maybe I can make
a trip up into the clouds soon. Although I am sure that most
of my friends and family think my head is always in the clouds.

Simple Map of Ecuador

Photos of Muisne

Note: I am still looking for someone in to take me
on a free trip to Galapagos. I will do my best to talk
nice about their hotel or tour company... hehehe

Beso y Abrazos
Andy the hobo

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Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Along the northwest coast of Ecuador a very close to
Colombia are a series of small cities and towns. Esmeraldas and
Atacamas are the largest. They are tourist cities and cater to
large numbers of people making the 5-7 hour trip from Quito and
other cities in the region. Plus the backpackers, and tourist.
The bus trip cost about 7 dollars from Quito.

The beaches are beautiful, and the sand is nice, and good for
sunbathing. Lots of bars and nightlife in the major cities, with a complete mix of
types of music to hear as you walk down the small tourist strips. From Bob
Marley to USA rap, or disco music, and the popular Latino music of Ricky Martin
or Shakira from Colombia. A weekend party city, and probably blossoming
to full capacity at Christmas, New Years, and Carnival times.
These beaches offer lots of alternatives, you can take a trip out in
the ocean to look at whales, or fishing trips down the local rivers.
Lay in the sun, or meet the local crowd.

This is one of the better and more easily accessible beaches on the west
coast of South America. The east side of South America has the superb
beaches of Brazil with a reef running along the coast. But if you know South
America you will know that to cross this continent from East to West is no easy
task. So for you avid beach bums, it good to think more in terms of 3
types of beaches for South America.

Venezuela and Colombia
Almost all of Brazil
Some of Colombia
Esmeraldas Area of Ecuador
Salinas Area of Ecuador
Huanchaco Area of Peru close to Trujillo
Maybe a few close to Lima and Northern Chile

The trip to the Esmaraldas region is easy and quick. The
hotels, or hostals are cheap. Starting at 3 dollars and up, and
very easy to get a beach front hotel for 5-10 dollars. Modern
places have swimming pools and air conditioning. Oh yea,
maybe hot showers.

I avoided these beaches for fear of finding mobs of tourists, and
a large cities. The Ecuadorians make the Atacamas and Esmeraldas
area seem larger than it really is, and more expensive. But I have
found the cities easy and cheap, and if you do not like one place
all you have to do is hop a bus and you are somewhere else.
Muisnes is the farthest south beach city on the strip and I recommend it
for the solitude, and the rivers that you have to cross to get the main
island of Muisne. There are lot of Mangroves and local venders that
this more of a fishing village, and less of a tourist area.

The local taxis are 3 wheeled bicycles. For one dollars or less you can
get a ride to your hotel. I was lucky to find a local boy that gave me a
tour of the small community on the trip to my hotel. I think for a little
luxury and 4 dollars you could probably get a great tour of any of these small
coastal cities by bike, and a great way to see the local sites quickly
and enjoyable as your bike driver jabbers away.

La Playa “Tan Bonita”

Simple Map of Ecuador

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Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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I helped David Clark with the ropes going through the Panama Canal
He is TRYING to set a world record, by being the oldest person to sail
around the world solo. I will give updates until he arrives.
His boat SANK,
The story continues....
77 years old, he found a new one. YEA !


If you would like to see his return from his
around the world sail, or attend the party.
David B. Clark, Captain of Yacht Mickey.

David's internet WebPages is:

http://www.captainclark.com/ (David's son)
My story on him: A man

NOTE: David’s adventure will soon be completed.
If you know of another extreme Hobo adventurer.
Please reply to this message, and send details.




What are you talking about?
Stock up on what?

As you travel the world, or as you start to travel the world
you will quickly find all cities and countries are not the
same. You have expensive countries in South America like
Venezuela and Argentina, or cheap ones like Ecuador and

So what happens, you take off on your trip and you forget stuff.
A towel, a razor, or a camera, or whatever else you cannot live
without. So I have come up with the term stocking up cities.
It is one of my 100 message boards to help travelers in Hobotraveler.com

These are place where you can find the stuff you need quickly
and cheaply. These places are good places to start or end
you trip. Everything is just cheaper or easier.

I would recommend you start your South American backpacking
trips in either Quito, Ecuador, or Lima, Peru and hopefully ending
you trip in one of these countries. I made the mistake of trying
to buy an airplane ticket out of South America from Brazil and the cost
was almost triple of Peru or Ecuador.
(Caracas Venezuela has cheap flights also, but Venezuela is expensive)

So what am I trying to do? I am trying to get you to think
about the cheap countries. These are good places to start and
end your Hobo adventure. When you start you trip you will forget things.
Therefore they are great countries to buy those things. And
at the end of your vacation when you have overspent your budget
you can go cheap easy to wait to fly home, or to the next continent.
If you make a mistake in your budget or planning if you are in a
cheap country you can recover easier.

It is not just buying things you forgot, but other important stuff.
My examples:
Got my teeth cleaned in Quito. 14 US
Bought antibiotics for sinus problem. 4 US
Had my glasses fixed. 1 US
Yellow Fever shot 7 US (For Brazil)

I am not an expert on the world but I have created a great way for you
to help me, and other travelers find these places.
Please submit cities or countries like this.

I will give you some ideas... or examples:

Guatemala City, and Antigua Guatemala
San Jose, Costa Rica (Easy but a little dangerous)
Quito, Ecuador
Lima, Peru
Czech Republic

I would appreciate if you would help the other Hobo’s out there.
Tell the world your opinions of good CHEAP stocking up cities or
just great places to start and finish you adventures.
You comments will be posted immediately, and it only takes
a couple of minutes. Look for the form at the bottom of the page
to fill in and submit.


Hobotraveler.com was here.    X

Hobo’s mark your locations so we remember.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 4 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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TODAY’S TIP FROM THE “Peanut Gallery” Fun tips
Here's a little tip from me, to you, as an experienced traveler

I give up!
I am growing a ponytail.
I had 2 choice
1. Cut off all my hair.
2. Grow a ponytail.

Getting a haircut when traveling is not impossible.
But it is a lottery.
You gamble every time you sit down in the chair.
“All is vanity”



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