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ISSUE:  049
DATE:  September 29, 2001
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Hobo Pakistan
TIP:  NO TIP - Offer to go to Pakistan


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Hobo Pakistan
Issue 49 - HoboTraveler.com - September 29, 2001
A hobo trip around the world. Year 4


~   HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)


I received this e-mail after my last newsletter.
Please read, then I will ask you a question.

Cultural Manners


get a clue and stop acting like an ugly american!

i thought you'd learned something on your travels but maybe i'm
mistaken. they say travel broadens the mind but you now sound just like the
average joe sixpack who never left the states.

Be a bit fucking humble, dude! If everybody you meet is knocking the USA
maybe they know something you don't. for instance, 2 newsletters ago you
declared that europe was about the same size as central america! perhaps
your grip on geopolitics is as shaky as your geography!

quit now, and scurry back to your comfort zone if you must. or stay and
try to UNDERSTAND why people are so pissed off at america. your choice.

keep truckin',



7 good mails
2 your a Jerk mails
1 Neutral

Net 4 to the good.... hehehe

The window we look out determines our view.

Should a person be absolutely consistent, or congruent?
If you look out a different window are you wrong?
I love the geography comment. So innovative and creative.
and dogmatically adhering to stereotypes.

I look at the world from a window of a bus or train.
So Europe is very small. If you remember I was describing
Europe in the time it takes to travel across it.
Giving that old hobo perspectives.
Lots of good trains in Europe.
Ergo - Small

I have been thinking of traveling all the Islands of the Caribbean.
I will probably have to buy, or hitch a ride on a sailboat.
But for now, just the Caribbean is bigger in time needed than Europe.
But I will also include it in Central America.

So lets try to NOT communicate or understand.

I do not try to be terrible consistent, or congruent.
I do try to be human.
Fallible, imperfect, and contrite.
And I still like a cup of coffee in the morning.

I do appreciate that John gave me something to do with
my obsessive mind.

1. Go to library and get the UGLY AMERICAN and read.
I think I tried to read it one time, but did not finish.

2. Try to understand the term “joe sixpack”?
Its not a term I use.

3. Wonder for the rest of my life, why he put
“keep truckin”
at the end of the letter?

4. Is this a challenge? Or maybe an insinuation that I am chicken.
Good Fun !

“quit now, and scurry back to your comfort zone if you must. or stay and
to UNDERSTAND why people are so pissed off at america. your choice.”

So after all that noise. Bored, or interested?
What can Andy the HoboTraveler.com do?

1. Scurry?
2. Comfort Zone
I would like to go to Ecuador right now. Feels like a good comfort zone
to me.
Got to Otavalo and eat them delicious Empanadas Argentina.

NOTE: Before I forget. I am back home in Indiana. Stopping to
check in with my parents, and get a read on the country.
And deal with them needs for money.


I am sure some of you by now are saying. aaagh. I read this
newsletter to learn travel hints, and stories of places.
So I can dream of a life less normal, and exotic places.

I vote for focus on why this letter exist, and it goals.
But I want to ask a question?

Where do you want to learn about?
What do you want me to take picture of?


1. Go to Thailand. Lay on a beach,
and watch the beautiful waves of the ocean. etc.
I have enough money for this.

2. Go to India, and travel into Pakistan and maybe Afghanistan.
I do not have enough money for this.

I could take lots of pictures, and write more stories, and opinions
and write some tips.
This is what I do !

Search for answers to questions:
What do the Pakistan normal Joe Six-packs think? and feel.
What do the Afghanistan normal Joe Six-packs think? and feel.
What do the India normal Joe Six-packs think? and feel.
( Did I use the term correctly?)
Is there a problem with the American Policy?
What is American Policy?
Eat the food.
Sit around and blab.

Now that is my kind of challenge !
Maybe John will come along.

I know some of you are already saying that it is impossible.
Anything is possible, but normally cost more.

Some quick thoughts.
I could probably get some News or Media Visa.
Have to talk some politicians.
I for sure can get into India, and then most
of these borders are the walk across type.

Now it is your turn.
I make money right now from 3 ways.
They are all below.
Vote with your money.

If you wish to talk to me personally.
Reply to this e-mail.
Send me your telephone number.
I will call you COLLECT.
Or if you wish I will give you a time to call me.
I do not have my own telephone in the USA.
In fact I do not even have a car, or house or apartment.
I guess I cut all them bridges to scurry on.
Send me some ideas, suggestions, money.

I want to be a guide.
Still do not have my first sale.

Life is good.
Andy HoboTraveler.com

Maybe it will help you to...
Be a hobo, and leave your mark.

X     Hobotraveler.com was HERE!

Article written by Andy the HoboTraveler.com
On year 4 of hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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A final note:

I flew into the USA on Monday September 24.
I thought the USA would bomb around this time.
I could have waited until this was over to return.
I flew into Boston Logan Airport.
I want to be on the plane.
I wanted them to meet an Indiana Farm boy up
close and personal.


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