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Tip: Jet Lag

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Jet Lag - Ghent Belgium

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ISSUE:  040
DATE:  July 31, 2001
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Jet Lag - Ghent Belgium
TIP:  Jet Lag:
LOCATION:  Belgium

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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Jet Lag - Ghent Belgium
(DO NOT lose 1/2 your 2 week vacation because you slept through it)

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Issue 40 - HoboTraveler.com - July 31, 2001
A hobo trip around the world.


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Ghent, Belgium Europe
12 Eggs: 1.30 USA or 60 Francs
Bread:   1 dollar USA for loaf of whole wheat or 42 Belgium Francs
Hostel:   10.86 dollars USA or 500 Belgium Francs



Nice to be in a city where I can walk everywhere.
With roughly 200,000 inhabitants there are so many bikes here
they have created small 2 lane bike roads, almost everywhere.
There are also sidewalks for pedestrian, but sometimes I get confused
and find myself standing in the middle of bike traffic, when I should
be walking on the foot path. I am surprised, and happy that the
mountain bikes have not taken over Belgium. Mostly just ordinary bikes
utilitarian in nature. They have fenders, a rack on the back to carry
and maybe a little generator for lights, and a bell to warn hobos like
me to get out of the way.

If you want to lose weight, come to Ghent. I guarantee you will
walk off a few kilos or pounds.

The country is spelled:
Belgium (English)
Beligique (French)
België (Flemish)
Belgien (German)

Napoleon met his Waterloo here.
They are famous for their chocolate, and like me to
give me chocolate to try. (I like this)
The treaty of Ghent was signed here.

The women are tall. (I like this too)

Belgium has a population of about 13 million, with 97
percent living in the urban areas. (a.k.a. cities)
Not many farm girls or boys in this country.
I was raised in a small town of 400 people, and have
sometimes make the distinction between the farm kids, and
city kids. I am a little prejudice, preferring to call myself
a country boy. I caught myself saying one time in South America,
“The Europeans seems like a lot of city kids” .
The USA is about 76 percent urban.

One fun diversion for me is to ask Europeans that have visited
the United States, to describe the country. Their normal description
is of New York city, which is probably the most common
place to visit, or a some movie they saw. So their stereotype of this
hobo is a
city kid, and that can irritate me a lot.
“I ain’t no city kid.”

Belgium has a king and is called a
“Constitutional Monarchy”,
From the hobo perspective, all I can understand for
sure is that the King must live the
“Life of a King” (Pretty good). The word
constitution means they wrote down on paper, and agreed to
a written system of laws and principles that tells, or limits
the power for the government.

A monarchy is normally has a King or Queen that inherits the
position and will pass it on to their son or daughter the
position of leader of the country.

Kings of countries a few hundred years ago were more
like dictators. Able to do as they pleased, and not having
to answer to the people. My hobo opinion is that these
countries had some really big arguments. Some people
wanted a King, and some people wanted complete democracy.
What exist now is the compromise of the two.

The United States went from a Monarchy to a democracy very abruptly.
Some countries go from a Dictator to a democracy.
Then other evolve slowly from a Monarchy to a democracy and
the King is still around.

Belgium speaks 3 languages:
Flemish or in the north, 58 Percent.
French in the south, and 32 percent.
German along the eastern border 10 percent are bilingual or speak German

So the easy way to understand this is the people that live
close to Netherlands, or Holland speak Flemish or Dutch.
The people that Border on the South close to France speak French.
The people that live on the border close to Germany speak German.

Traveling here is very easy, because almost all speak English.

The gossip is that the rich noble class spoke French
and the common people spoke Flemish. So there another of them
French language fights here.

OK, so the big two are Flemish and French.
2 major ethnic groups. As a hobo I have yet to be
able to tell them apart. I can however tell the difference
between them when I hear the French, or Flemish.

The Flemings are of (Teutonic origin or Germanic)
The French Speakers or Walloons
(Celtic origin, probably with an admixture of Alpine elements).
The northern half of the country called Flander and the southern
half called Wallonia.

I am being careful to not force any country to be as I imagine,
but to accept the country exactly as it appears.
So far Belgium is more like my image what the Netherlands, (Holland)
would look like. The city Amsterdam in the Netherlands is supposed to
have houses on the water, and there are lots of houses on the waters
edge here.
I am told that the Netherlands is very low, and wet, so maybe more
transportation in Amsterdam is by water, while here in Ghent there is
very little water travel.

The Netherlands is very close, maybe 3-4 hours in a train.

I had a reader comment:
Hobo Heaven is Amsterdam....I’m sure it's on your list........Sean

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Article written by Andy the HoboTraveler.com
On year 4 of hobo trip around the world.
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I helped David Clark with the ropes going through the Panama Canal
He is TRYING to set a world record, by being the oldest person to sail
around the world solo. I will give updates until he arrives.
His boat SANK,
The story continues....
77 years old, he found a new one. YEA !

If you would like to see his return from his
around the world sail, or attend the party.
David B. Clark, Captain of Yacht Mickey.

David's internet WebPages is:

http://www.captainclark.com/ (David's son)
My story on him: A man

NOTE: David’s adventure will soon be completed.
If you know of another extreme hobo adventurer.
Please reply to this message, and send details.



(DO NOT lose 1/2 your 2 week vacation because you slept through it.)

8 day on the road, and I got to get some sleep tonight...
An all night bus in Ecuador, or 35 hour bus trip in Brazil is nothing
compared to...

Wide awake, and looking at the clock at 3:00 in the morning

8 hours difference, and my biological clock is all goofed up.
Most people will not brag about getting on a bus for 24 hours
but I can guarantee you will recover from a 24 hour bus trip faster
than you will recover from jet lag.

Jet lag is the problem when you travel long distance in an airplane
either east or west and you cross different time zones, losing or
gaining hours on the clock.

When you go to the north or south the time does not change, but
you may have “Jet Lag” of the weather seasons. You can travel
from the middle of summer to the middle of winter, or conversely.

The time here is 8:00 in the morning, or 800 hours.
The time in Chicago, USA is about Midnight.

The first night in Europe and at midnight. I felt like it was 4 o’clock
in the afternoon, and was not ready to sleep.

I can understand Jet Lag better when I think of it like
a bear coming out of hibernation after a long winters sleep,
or a person with a hangover from a long night of heavy
drinking of alcohol.


Daytime sleepiness
Insomnia or wide awake at 3:00 in the morning.
Naps in the afternoon
Poor concentration
Slower reflexes

Poor appetite
Hunger pangs at unusual times (Midnight Snacks)

Mood swings
Anger or Frustration
No patience

Your body has a circadian clock, that is synchronized
with events of your normal day.
People work and play when the sun shines.
People sleep when the sun goes down.
You have just changed what is normal, and
what is normal will have to change.

Your bodies clock is set by:
When you awake in the morning.
When you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
When you go to work, and when you stop work.
When you watch TV at night, or go to the local pub.
When you go to church on Sunday,
or sleep in because you have a day off.
You mind has a habit of doing certain things at certain times.

Because you slept at the wrong time, or was angry and irritable.
It takes about 1 day to recover or adjust, for every hour difference.
So to enjoy your vacation you may want to try to help this process.
If you are one of those people like this hobo that wakes up at
7:00 rain or shine, work or play. Or maybe one of them people that says
“If I don’t get my 8 hours sleep I’m a grumpy bear”
Than you need to pay attention.
If you are a person that stays up all night partying, then
all this may be normal for you, and your ready to go.

You are in another time zone.
When the local people are hungry you are not.
When they sleep, you are awake.
When they want to go home to sleep, you are ready to play.


To adjust your minds clock you should constantly remember
that you should eat, drink, and sleep when the local people
eat, drink, and sleep.

Do not snack because you are hungry.
Do not sleep because you are sleepy.
Do not sleep till noon. SET your ALARM CLOCK.
Do not drink lots of alcohol so you fall asleep.
Do not drink lots of coffee.
Do not get lots of exercise, take it easy the first couple of days.
Do not listen to people that say you should take a nap after your long

If the sun is shining STAY AWAKE
If it is time to sleep. TRY TO SLEEP.

Do open your curtains so the sun shines in your room.
Do set your alarm clock to wake up.
Do eat even though you are not hungry.
Do watch the clock, and think of a normal routine for that country.

There may be a couple of nights of only getting 3-4 hours sleep,
but this is probably better than missing the tours of the city,
or local attractions.
For you really motivated types, and want to maximize the time
you have to see the sites on your vacation. You may want to start
before you leave by calculating the time differences, and trying to:

1. Awake or sleep a few hours earlier or later.
2. Go to bed earlier, or later.
According to whether you fly to the east, or to the west.
For the really hearty souls you can just skip one nights sleep.
This will help you fall asleep the next night, correct or incorrect.

Being sleepy, disorientated, and just plain a GRUMPY BEAR.
Is not the time to make major decisions, or do the most difficult
adventures of your trip. It can be dangerous. You are a prime
candidate to have your backpack, or luggage stolen, or
short changed on that money exchange, or talked into doing
something you should avoid.
Entering a country, changing languages is difficult.
“Changes in Latitudes”,
“Changes in Attitudes”
as Jimmy Buffet sings about is true.

Keeping a good attitude is necessary for all hobo’s
that just missed jumping a train, or catching a free meal
because they are confused from JET LAG.

Hobotraveler.com was here.    X

Hobo’s mark your locations so we remember.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the HoboTraveler.com
On year 4 of hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter,
is not a nice person.