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ISSUE:  037
DATE:  July 02, 2001
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Argentina - Membership Sites
TIP:  Membership Sites:
LOCATION:  Argentina

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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Argentina - Membership Sites
Issue 37 - hobotraveler.com - July 2, 2001
A hobo trip around the world.


~   hobo WORLD CONTACTS, People around the world to help you.
~   TODAY’S TIP FROM THE - “Peanut Gallery”


Where to PARTY in Central America?
How to fly air courier and standby? How to deal with pest?
Bugs, Ants, Cockroaches etc
What is a Hostel? What is Air Rebater
Like - Hostel International? Cynical Definitions?
Computer backup - organization? How to make coffee?
Language cheat sheets. How to marry a foreigner?
PLANNING Maps, Clothes, Backpacks, Money



Elevation: 0 feet
Latitude: 51.633 degrees South
Longitude: 69.217 degrees West

I get on a plane tonight, and fly from Rio Gallegos
to Buenos Aires. Catch a plane to Miami, Florida USA.
Then hopefully a bus for 25 hours to Indiana, USA.
I have good memories of Argentina.

I am very excited about going to Europe.
I am thinking about Kings, Castles, and my cultural

I had an opportunity to talk with a
“Maestra” this week.
Maestra is the word for teacher in Spanish.

Norma a lady of about 70 years old. She grew up in a
small village or pueblito a couple of hours outside
of Cordoba, Argentina. Women had few choices
for work.

How do I explain her life? I did not live her life.
I will try, but forgive me, for not understanding better.

In her kitchen, standing in front of the gas heater,
on the concrete wall, that heats the room, I listened.
A quiet women, that spoke with a proud passion,
of her past, not sure why this Americano was asking these
questions. Not wanting her life to be too important,
and afraid of what I am doing.
But she trust me in a funny sort of way.

Norma did not want to be only a mother, but wanted to
work. The choice to become a teacher, was only one
of three possibilities.
1. Mother
2. Teacher
3. Some type of office work.

I am sure that women did more than this,
Like working a store, or other manual labor. But for her there
were only 3 choices. I believe she made the decision
to become a teacher, and never looked back. This
was her choice, and all she ever wanted to be.

Norma studied from age 15 to age 21. She became a teacher
at age 21, in the year 1950 and for 33 years she devoted
her life to a being a teacher.

Talking faster at time, I had to be patient, but hoping
that she would talk slower. My Spanish is good, but
not that good, and she has the accent of Cordoba,
and also cuts her word short. I did not want to stop the
flow of word, or the passion. She explained to me with anger
of teachers that taught in a repetition fashion.
Blah blah blah, and then the student would stand and
repeat back. She wanted change, she wanted to do
better, but people do not change fast, or maybe they
did not change fast enough for her.

She knew there were better ways to teach, and I believe she was
frustrated, and hoping to change the system, to make
thing betters. Not sure on how to change thing, she often
encountered problems with people.

Peron the president of the country was making changes.
Some good, and some bad. The rich had special
privileges, and the poor had little opportunity to advance.
Peron helped to bring opportunity to the poor, but at the
same time they had more people (Perons) telling them what to do.
Norma believed that with education, people can have a better

Norma believed in what she did, and I believe she has few
regrets. Happy to have been a teacher. She was inspiring although
older, and no longer a teacher, she still has an opinion, and
is still wanting to fight the fight. To make a struggle.
She is still frustrated with teachers. She wants them to teach.
But more important she wants them to learn., to change
to become better, and to continue to do better.
This was her lesson to me

Hope you take the time to listen to people as you travel.
To steal a minute from you itinerary, and listen to people
as their live pass by you.

Maybe it will help you to...
PLAN YOUR ESCAPE... be a hobo

Life is good.
The HoboTraveler.com

Article written by Andy HoboTraveler.com
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I helped David Clark with the ropes going through the Panama Canal
He is TRYING to set a world record, by being the oldest person to sail
around the world solo. I will give updates until he arrives.
His boat SANK,
The story continues....
77 years old.


On the home stretch
There will be a party in Florida, USA
in November.

David's WebPages is:

http://www.captainclark.com/ (David's son)
My story on him: A man




I write this tip with lots of frustration, I enjoy writing travel tips,
or hints, providing I can tell the truth, and not feel pressured
to say things in a way that would better sell a product, a tour,
or maybe would a country, or culture.

Then what happens. The facts of life. In my hobo ways.
I need to find my next meal, or place to sleep.

A newsletter, or internet web site is like a newspaper.
We can sell advertising, and make money. For a short
time I was experimenting with this method, and received a little bit
of money. Not much, but a little. I thank all of you that
click on the links for the 10 cents. I have ended that experiment.

I had problems. To say. I RECOMMEND a site, or product
is difficult. One person can get a great deal from a company,
and the other can get robbed. So to have an advertisement in
my newsletter, or webs site is to make an implied allegiance
that you will say things good, and not say
things a bad thing about their company... aaagh!

That the dilemma. How to make money, but still tell the whole truth.

I was very lucky in Uruguay to meet a person that was working
for an Air Courier company. This is a company where you carry
a package, and share the cost of the airplane ticket. You essentially
get to buy ticket at a good discount.

I am a hobo, and want that super deal. I want to fly cheap.
Frustrated with the bosses of the world, and the establishment.
Saying one thing, but meaning another.
I decided I could do better. (hobo idealism hehehe)

So after lots of thought, and months of work. I decided to
start an Air Courier Travel, and Air Consolidator Membership site.
Some of you may already have realize this.

In the last couple of letters, I put I RECOMMEND by it,
and I do recommend it.

But..... I also earn money
so what should I say?
I RECOMMEND and help me earn money?
I will do so in the future.

I am very happy with my membership site. You get a
lifetime membership for 35 dollars. The lifetime membership is
only given if you help, or contribute.
(hobo easy rules, just send an email)
Plus information on ALL types of airfares.
Air Courier, Air Consolidators, Around the World. etc

I have 4 part-time people that help on this site, and research.
They are not partners. I do not want the pressure to sell
other products, or make commissions, by recommending
a site that I do not believe in. We do not accept advertisers
in the site, or on the site.


What is a membership site?
You pay a fee, and enter with a username, and password.

Almost all the air courier travel companies do this.

All of these companies are business, they are NOT
Non-profit organizations.
They are NOT courier companies. They only provide
the telephone numbers.


I RECOMMEND and make money



An interesting membership site for cheap flights is:

Why do they have a fee to enter?
Normally it is just a pre-paid commission

Why don’t they just get a commission?
They make a commission on the percentage of the gross sale,
and lose money when they sell the cheap fares.

The reason we join clubs is to share, and learn from other
members. To compare ideas, and knowledge. But very
few sites do this.... Is it a membership site?

Are these membership sites a bad deal?

The cost to join these pages between 25 and 50 dollars
for a one year membership.
To save 50 dollar on an airplane ticket is nothing.
One good opinion can save that much money.
So joining all of them would not be a bad investment.

The information on Air Courier Travel is on the internet
for free. There are WebPages, and information groups
that share the telephone numbers. The question you have
to ask is, “How much time do I want to spend searching?”
The dues pay for research.

Air Courier Travel is very interesting, and not for everyone.
I decided that the air consolidator ticket companies needed
to be included, because the prices are often the same.
So me and my helpers, and members collect
more all the time, and publish on the site. I also have a Monday
through Friday tip newsletter on cheap flights, that is for free,
and gives updates of changes in the

If you have been reading of my crazy adventures, and would
like to help support the hobo way of life. Please Join

I am sure in a lifetime of playing around, we can save you
hundreds of dollars.

I almost forgot... Before I get a lots of emails.
Does this work for all countries.
Yes it works for the whole world. Especially the air
consolidators list. i.e. Global

Andy the hobo

Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy HoboTraveler.com
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TODAY’S TIP FROM THE “Peanut Gallery”
Here's a little tip from me, to you, as an experienced traveler

In Argentina I work for “Mani”
Pronounced Money.

Mani in Argentina is Peanuts


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