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Tip: NO TIP SPECIAL REPORT Mollie Milar Sinks (David Clarks Sailing Around World)

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ISSUE:  027
DATE:  February 09, 2001
TITLE:  ANDY’S TRAVEL TIPS - Mollie Milar Sinks
TIP:  NO TIP SPECIAL REPORT Mollie Milar Sinks (David Clarks Sailing Around World):


ANDY’S TRAVEL TIPS - Mollie Milar Sinks
***** SPECIAL REPORT ****    

DAVID CLARK IS SAFE Mickey is lost, (Dog)

Issue 27 - February 9, 2001


The "Mollie Milar" sank two days out from Cape Town. David has
been rescued by a container ship and is okay, although I have not
been able to talk with him yet. The ship is heading for East London,
S. Africa, and I am waiting for a phone call from him hopefully

The sad news is that Mickey was lost at sea. According to
the ham operator who contacted me, the boat sprang a leak
and the pump could not cope.   It was very heavy weather
so when he realized that the situation was hopeless he called
for help and a passing container ship sent a lifeboat to pick
him up; and he had Mickey with him. But on the way back
to the ship the lifeboat capsized and everyone ended up in
the water. It was 10:00 pm last night, so it would have
been pitch dark and in all the trauma Mickey got lost. I'm
sure David is heartbroken, as am I. All of you who have
met Mickey along the way know what a special little guy
he was.

"So close, and yet so far away," I guess the quote goes.
As soon as I hear from David I will send you all more




Last year I went through the Panama Canal with David Clark.
He will soon set a world record, by being the oldest person to sail
around the world solo. I will give updates until he arrives.
77 years old.

David's WebPages is:

My story on him: A man


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