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ISSUE:  026
DATE:  January 18, 2001
TITLE:  ANDY’S TRAVEL TIPS - Negotiate Quietly
TIP:  Negotiate quietly
LOCATION: Maceio, Brazil


ANDY’S TRAVEL TIPS - Negotiate Quietly
Maceio, Brazil, Next Stop RECIFE, BELEM
Issue 26 - January 18, 2001
My trip around the world.


* EXTREME HOBO ADVENTURE (David Clark Sailing around the world)
* TODAY’S TIP Negotiate quietly.
* TODAY’S TIP FROM THE “Peanut Gallery”


* FUTURE NEWSLETTERS Visas. What to do after you are robbed?
Insurance? Where to Party? How to fly courier, and standby?
What is a consolidator? What is a Hostel?
Like - Hostel International? Computer backup - organization?
How to make coffee? Language cheat sheets.
Send suggestions please.


I took the bus from Rio de Janeiro 40 hours north to Maceio, in the
state of Algoas, Brazil. This could be what the beach boys
call “Endless Summer.” Beaches that never end, just the
number of tourist per square kilometer changes.

I am now on Frances beach about 20 kilometers north of
Maceio. There is a coral reef just off the shore,
that is visible at low tide. This reef forms a natural lagoon,
and then at the end of the reef the wave size increases,
and then appears the surfers.
I am sure there are some great places to snorkel, or scuba dive.

If you want to learn something interesting, read about the
formation of reefs.

Problems, Problemas, Nao Problema
I now have a new set of problems, Sunburn, keeping cool,
and removing the sand from my bed. I took a good picture
of a frog in my bathroom the other day. Life is good, I was
discussing with an Argentinean friend, Why would I want
a 5 star hotel? I would miss the frog, and other entertainment.
How would I sleep without sand in my bed?

I have some good travel advice for Argentines. You need
to calculate the quantity of Mate you drink, or use. There
are lots of Argentines here, and a shortage of Yerba, the
tea they use to make Mate. I am still a little confused,
on the Mate thing, but it is definitely a cultural “Archetype”
An interesting things, that defines the culture,
and makes it different than others.
If you use 1 kilo per week, then a for a 6 week trip you
will need, 6 bags. That a lot of bags of mate. Be sure
and take into consideration, that in areas with Yerba
shortage, the consumption will go up, because you
will be sharing it a lot.

Life is good, and I am glad to get that deep dark tan
back, and the hair bleached blond. I think I am the
only gringo on the beach here, I look a little strange,
but they need some cultural education anyway.

I love the fact that in Brazil, they do NOT speak English,
The rest of the world seems to feel that it is necessary,
but the Brazilians cannot be bothered. I have to speak
Portuguese. I do not really believe that learning English is
necessary for the world. It helps when traveling, and for
business, but I cannot see the need for a guy on the
beach to talk English when he is trying to rent me a surf
board. I came to Brazil to learn about Brazil, and not about
my country, it my responsibility to adapt, and learn
Portuguese. At least a little.

Language is a good way to estimate the cost. The more English
the speak, the more you will pay, The less English they
speak, the less you will pay. Tourist. aaagh. I’m a hobo
traveler, and not a tourist... I live cheap. I did not say
inexpensive either.

Oh, just about forget to say. I have a bottle of number 30
sun block for my nose. I think I have had it for 6 years now.
Buy the small bottle, You do not need the big one.

Another side note for my mom. I seem to have developed a taste
for popcorn with sugar on it. I will blame this change on
all my German friends, who put sugar on their popcorn,
and not salt.

Brazil is an undiscovered paradise, They are having
Rock in Rio this week, A worlds class big rock concert. This is
big time, There is a lot of stuff going on in this country,
but where are the other travelers?

I can live here for 6 dollars a night for hotel. But for you
big drinkers, be warned. The beer budget will go up.

Life is good.

Advice on Maceio, Brazil
Pousada Rex is Great.
Pousada Costa Verde is CHEAP

Frances Beach
The Argentina owner of: Hostal das Estrelas can help
you find anything in the area. 05582 -260-1400

Good tourist web site:


Last year I went through the Panama Canal with David Clark.
He will soon set a world record, by being the oldest person to sail
around the world solo. I will give updates until he arrives.
77 years old.

David's WebPages is:

Press Release
My story on him: A man

Hello to the Sponsors & Supporters of the "Mollie Milar"
Just to keep you updated on the adventures, David is on a
side trip to Johannesburg for a few days, which he will tell
you all about when he returns next week. In the meantime,
Frank Martins, a ham operator in Cape Town, has been a
great friend to both D
avid and Mickey. Frank has been able to take care of repairs
to both the VHF and single sideband radios and also the windless
motor. In addition, he has befriended Mickey and is taking care
of him while David is in Johannesburg. Frank has three of his
own canine and it has been great fun for Mickey to have others
of the same kind to visit. Frank noticed that Mickey's chronic ear
infection had flared up again and promptly took him to see his
veterinarian, where he was treated and given medications to h
help clear up the problem.

He'll be at the outer marker of the Ft. Lauderdale Harbor at
10:00 a.m. on the 17th of May (my 77th birthday) and hope
to see you all at the LAUDERDALE MARINE CENTER on that day.

David B. Clark and Mickey, (dog)



Buying supplies, souvenirs, or just getting a room, can
sometime be the most difficult event of travel.
Negotiating doe not have to be an argument. It can
be a game. I am constantly trying to think of ways to
negotiate in a way that is friendly, and does not end
in either person being angry.

If you hear NO, then you may have made the owner mad.
I am very careful that I do not negotiate to hard, or make
an owner of a hotel mad. They may say yes, but I need
to remember. They have keys to my room, and
if they are dishonest, this may be their excuse to steal
my camera.

To make it a game, and enjoy bargaining for a room, or
that bikini you need to THINK

NOTE: Please do not negotiate for things you do NOT
want. This is the waste of the owner time. Impolite, and bad
manner. His time is valuable, Only negotiate for things you
will buy, Determine first the price you will pay.

Some ways to negotiate:

Example: I walk into a store. I want to buy a blanket.
I have already decided, I only will pay 5 dollars. Before I enter
the store. I put 3 dollars in one pocket, and 2 dollars in the
other pocket. The rest of my money I have somewhere else.
I ask the owner. “How much does this blanket cost?”
The owner says “8 dollars”. I frown, look around the
store, and then grab, the blanket, and look at it the
loving eyes. I reach into my pocket, and pull out my
3 dollars. I count the money in front of the vender. The vender
thinks. “hmmm if I want to sell this blanket, I must come down in
price. He says 5. You start digging around in the other pocket.

If you want better discount.
Leave the store. Walk out.
I always leave the store. I find that when I get about 4 steps
down the road, The price seem to drop, as they scream out
a lower price, or follow me down the road.

The owners, will often say, this is a good price, and I will
often start to talk about the price I found at another store
or venders. They start to get worried, and offer you a better

When looking for a cheap hotel. The owners ask 8 dollars.
You frown, and look around. Then you ask, “can you tell me
how to find the Casa Blanca hotel?” I think they have rooms
for 4. What do you think, you live in this town, I really need
to get a room for 4. The owners say. I guess, I could rent the
room for 5.

I walk into a hotel, and announce,
“I would like a room for 5 dollars PLEASE”,
“I am looking for a room for 2 dollars”. The owner starts to laugh,
and says. “There are no room in this town for 2 dollar, the
best I can do is 5 dollar.” You look around, and say, “can I take
a look at the room, but that is still more then I want to pay.

I was in Potosi, Bolivia. I wanted a cheaper price. I was very tired,
and the hotel would not come down in price. I sat in the
reception area for about 30 minutes. I rested, thought of my options,
talked with the owner, and became friends. I ask about
other hotels. The longer I stayed, the cheaper the room.

1, Always have some idea what you will pay, before you start.
2. Start with a price at HALF the asking price.
They do NOT sell things at a loss.
3. THINK .... What represents money.
Wearing big diamond rings, wallets that are 1 inch thick, and pulling out
a money belt, and putting on the desk to count you money does
not help.
4. Make it a game, have fun. If you play, and laugh, and have
fun, they will play, and laugh with you.
5. Never get into an argument.
6. BE POOR, Be a hobo.

Negotiating, and buying is my part of my daily
life. I enjoy going to the markets walking around, and finding
good bargains. This is normal everyday life, in lots of countries,

Have fun!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.


TODAY’S TIP FROM THE “Peanut Gallery”
Here's a little tip from me, to you, as an experienced traveler.

Laying in the sun, looking at Girl (Guys),
can be dangerous for your eyes.
Always have the sun at you back,
and where eye protection. (Sun Glasses)
This way they cannot see who you are,
and if you want to them to know, you just
take them off, and its obvious you like them...hehehe



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