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Tip: How to make curtains for you room or covering the windows

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Foz do Iguacu - Brazil - Argentina Uruguay Travel Tips Newsletter
And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  023
DATE:  December 13, 2000
TITLE:  ANDY’S TRAVEL TIPS - Foz do Iguacu - Brazil - Argentina Uruguay
TIP:  How to make curtains for you room or covering the windows:
LOCATION:  Foz do Iguacu


ANDY’S TRAVEL TIPS - Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, Argentina Uruguay
Volume 1, Issue 23 - December 13, 2000
And my trip around the world.

How to make curtains for you room or covering the windows.

NEXT issue: Negotiations, how to pay less money for things.
Rooms, Souvenirs, Shirts DISCOUNTS.. hobo



I am in the Falls of Iguacu, Brazil
I will go north of Rio de Janeiro for Christmas.

I wrote some short thoughts in last newsletter, and
I received lots of interesting replies. To respond to this
letter just click on the reply button. If I am coming toward
you country, and you would like me to visit, then write
for sure.

Schools, and Students

Usually, If I need advice, or some insight into a city.
I will look for a gringo to ask a question.
You know the type. Blondish, Tall, etc. I have
started having real problems north of Buenos Aires.
There is combination of cultures, and you cannot tell where
they are from. They look European, but they are either
from Argentina, Brazil or Uruguay.

I added a new Link:
A list of people who will answer questions about their
country, or help you find answers. They are the
friendly type, and easy to talk with. If you would like
to be on this list, and answer them crazy questions from
travelers around the world. Go to the page.

I always wonder, why the toll road booths to collect money
are at the entrance to towns. It’s like the local officials
collect money to enter and leave the city.

Big cities make people crazy


There are Tango classes in Buenos Aires.

The use the “Skeleton” key all through Argentina, not the
small type key in most countries. I think Uruguay is the same.

I understand now why all the people talk about the women
of Argentina. The girls of Colombia are very beautiful, but
they all look very similar. The girls of Argentina. are
a total mix of all the cultures of the world. Sort of exotic.

An economy teacher, said “The quality of life is good in
Patagonia, but the un-employment is 20 percent.”

If you want to prove that you have no culture.
Tell another culture. “You have no culture”,
This will surely prove that you neither have manners,
or a culture, that has a clue what the word means,
and in more sophisticated sense. Proves you have none.

Girls need a crowbar to get into their pants.

I said that Buenos Aires Sucks for backpacker...and
5 people ask me to come stay at their house.
Thank You Argentina.


Porto Alegre is one of the most international cities
I have every been in.
Porto Alegre had bad internet, Not easy to find.

Very advanced nation.

Land of the all you can eat buffet, or pay by the kilo dinner.

There are napkins that seem like they are writing paper.

Noisy Talkers

True melting pot of culture.

Still the same problems with getting directions

Time to stop complaining about the cold,
and start complaining about the heat.

I went to an Automatic Teller machine. A nice lady was trying
to get money also, The machines were shut down. She offered
to drive me to another. I decided to accept the ride.
She dropped me off, and pointed at the new machine.
I needed to take a taxi to get back. aaagh. Thanks for nothing.


A truly cosmopolitan country. A mix of all culture.

They seem to have better manners that all the rest
of South America.

I heard they sometimes called Uruguay, the Switzerland of
South America. Because the stay out all the conflicts.
Thanks to Larry from Colorado, USA

Colonia, is an excellent city. Go to the “Casa de Charo”
Easy to find. Small city. 10 dollars includes breakfast, and
the place will be priced at 30 dollars in a couple of years.
She does not know how nice it is. Please just compliment
her, but do not spoil if for us travelers too quickly. She is

Bus trip from Rio Gallegos to Buenos Aires Argentina

Entering Buenos Aires, Pictures from window of Sheraton.
Henry of

Henry of etravelmania. Hostal in Buenos Aires
GREAT Pictures of street musicians and statues

Keys in Argentina, Uruguay. Boat from Buenos
Aires to Colonia Uruguay the trip

Entering Argentina. Great backpack on wheels.
Do not take photos of military base sign

Casa de Chara Hotel, in Colonia, Uruguay.
A friend Larry - typical type food

Food plaza in Montevideo, Uruguay - Larry
Bus Station in Montevideo. It was a mall

Curtains for travelers

EGA The best bus I have ever been on in 2 1/2 years.
From Montevidio, Uruguay to Porto Alegre, Brazil
Viagens & Turismo Rua do Andrades 1234 Sala 1109 POA RS

Entering Foz do Iguacu. Hostel International,
Pousada de Laura Hostel BRAZIL

Toilets with the tanks in the wall.
Hostel in Foz do Iguacu.
Start of trip to Argentina side of Falls


Falls of Iguacu The Devils Throat

The Foz do Iguacu, Brazil The Devils Throat.
4 dollars USA for the boat.

Argentina Side. Falls of Iguacu Lookout tower.
The office side of the park

Falls of Iguacu Argentina Side. Lower

The falls

The park, and the three way border of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil


So of you have trouble opening the links.
I recommend you learn to “Cut and Paste”,
So you can place the links in the command line.
I know that with HOTMAIL, it gives a unavailable message.
This is not true. The links are good,


I am NOT a writer? Read this letter... hehehe
I am NOT a Graphics designer? look at my pages...hehehe
I am NOT good at grammar?.....
In the words of Clint Eastwood “A man must know his limitations”
hmmm....Think you could write better than me.
Think you have better ideas. Make less mistakes. Spell better....
PLEASE send me an article. I would love to have help.
ideas. etc. Going broke, but having fun.



How to make curtains for you room, or covering the windows.

OK, so I am sure a few are going. Ridiculous, not a problem.
But... Is it a problem? Do you NEED curtains?

In most hotels, or hostels curtains are provided.
But in maybe 20 percent there is nothing.

Curtains are to stop “TEMPTATION”
People are TEMPTED to steal what they can see. i.e. Camera, Backpack
People are TEMPTED what they can see. i.e. Pretty girls walking around in room.
Curtains help remove temptation. Most theft and problems in
hotels are not because the person is planning be a thief,
or bother another person. It is because the SEE something,
and in a moment of weakness, they take it.

The other lesser problems is to stop the forces of NATURE.
Sun, Cold, Heat,

Problems caused by Sun:
1. Too hot
2. Cannot take a nap during the day.
3. Cannot read a computer screen.
4. Melts stuff. The tropical sun is hotter.

DANGER from windows, and doors.
SHARED BALCONY, and your neighbor can come in you room.
People walk by and look in.
SCREENS TO STOP MOSQUITOES. Screens do not stop thieves.
You should have a curtain, to remove the temptation.
WINDOW TO CLOSE TO THE DOOR Windows next to the
door, so you can reach you hand in and unlock the door.
A curtain, can remove the temptation to enter the room.

Manager see in you room, and are tempted to enter to turn
off the bathroom light.

Clothesline hung in front of window, with sheet over it.
Sleeping Bag.
Wrap around skirts that girls have.
Paper and tape
Backpack stacked in front of the window on a table
Clothes chest pushed in front of the window or door.

Curtains for travelers, or some helpful pictures (2)

These are ideas, and hopefully you realized, that everything
you carry in your backpack can be used for different things.
Example: Ponchos can make lightweight blankets for the bus.

Have fun!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
Please send me questions, I will reference you, and
give you credit. Please say “I give you permission,
to use, e-mail, WebPages. etc.”


Here is an excerpt I took from another newsletter, on
what happens to people that are missing. In my letter on
what to do in a “Military coup”. I kept referring that if you
come up missing you will hear:

I added a link, to post missing people.


---- [ Editor's Note ] -----------

It is a sad day for travel writers. Frommer's associate editor Claudia
Kirschhoch has disappeared while on a press trip sponsored by Sandals
Resort. Frommer's is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to
her whereabouts. Travel writers are a close-knit group,
and Kirschhoch and her family are in our thoughts.

--- [ LEAD STORY ] ---------

Travel Writer Last Seen in Jamaica
Claudia Kirschhoch, a 29-year-old travel writer on assignment for
Frommer's to write a guidebook for Cuba, was not allowed entry into
the island nation due to visa problems. Instead, she was forced to
stay in Jamaica at Sandals Resort until June 1,when the earliest
flight back to the United States was available. One night, she
disappeared. The only items missing from her hotel room, maids
reported, were her bathing suit, sunglasses and radio. Her parents
have returned to Jamaica twice in search of her. Jill Schenseul, of
The Record in Bergen County, N.J., says Kirschhoch's story sounds
eerily familiar:

Additionally, Frommer's and Kirschhoch's family are offering a $50,000
reward for information leading to the discovery of the travel writer's

"Frommer's is fully supportive of the ongoing investigation and, as
Claudia's colleagues and friends, we remain deeply concerned but
optimistic that Claudia will be found," Frommer's wrote. "Because we
do not know the full story of Claudia's disappearance, we are not
currently issuing any travel advisories for safety in Jamaica. We
stand by our general safety advice: Always stay alert and be aware of
your surroundings, and keep a close eye on your belongings. Our
readers' safety is important to us, however, and we will continue to
provide you with pertinent information to assist your safe and happy
travel experiences."


POST a missing person notice:

TODAY’S TIP FROM THE “Peanut Gallery”
Here's a little tip from me, to you as an experienced

If it was true that we are here to help others, then
what exactly are the others here for?



I am in the Falls of Iguacu, Brazil.
To Paraguay to get the passport stamp, then north
of Rio de Janeiro for a month. Maybe I will go back Manaus, Brazil,
and up to Caracas, Venezuela to fly to the Miami, Florida. USA.
I then stay in the Fort Wayne, Indiana. USA for a couple of week, then over
to Europe. Probably Belgium first.


Question for readers:
I have a problem.
I would like to walk around cities and,
find the cheapest hotel. The problem is my backpack is too
heavy, and carrying it is not safe. Has anyone got any
hints on where to store a backpack when searching
for a hotel. I am traveling alone,



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