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Tip: Volunteering when you travel

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Cusco Peru Travel Tips Newsletter
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ISSUE:  017
DATE:  October 11, 2000
TITLE:  Andy's Travel Tips Cusco Peru
TIP:  Volunteering when you travel:
LOCATION:  Cuzco, Peru



Andy’s Travel Tips - Cuzco, Peru
Issue 17 - October 11, 2000
Happy New year, to all my Jewish Friends (Belated)
Ecuador, & Peru are safe for travel, Bolivia is still “dodgey”
“Volunteering while you travel” Lots of reference links
“How to send copies of Passport, Traveler Checks. Credit
card information to your e-mail box” and Why...



Hello from:
Cuzco: The name of the city in the Lonely Planet.
Cusco: The word on most signs in the city.
Qosco: The new Indigenous name of the city.
Gringolandia: Because of all the Gringos.
Note: (In South America this means ALL foreigners, in
Central America. Just USA)
I think it should be called “Little Israel”, but this is
good, because I like the Israel “Senoritas”

Lot of gossip on the road about Bolivia. Everyone has
a friend, or “a friend, of a friend”, that knows
about the strike in Bolivia. They killed a few people,
and destroyed some roads with dynamite.
2 people in my Hostal had trouble getting a plane
out, and had to wait 2 weeks to get a ticket.
I will delay my trip through Bolivia, until
I am sure it is safe, and not just suspect it’s safe.
I like to “error on the side of caution”.

Need travel warning information? Here are some links:

I am staying “Hostal Qorischaska”, Nueva Alta 458
(228974) Cusco, Peru. 15 Soles a night,
or $4.28 cents USA. You can pay them in USA dollars.
It would be 5 dollars. I always pay in the currency
of the country. Nice, and hot showers whoopee!!!
Close to the market, and the Plaza de Armas, (City Square).
You MUST negotiate the price for Hotels in Cuzco.

Great city. 1/2 Indigenous people, so the culture
is very interesting. It is cheaper than
Arequipa, 2 Soles, per kilo for laundry, in Arequipa
it was 5 Soles. The stores ran by Indians, and selling to
Indians are cheaper. But Cuzco has many
temptations, so you may spend more on all the
tours, trips, and tourist type restaurants, and leave
thinking it is expensive.
Plus, Cusco is a “party town”. Similar to Antiqua,
Oaxaca, Cartagena, Quito, The place to party.

Just because a person spends a lot of money
in a place, does not mean it is expensive.
I found a Hostal yesterday for 5 Soles a night.
Note: All of Costa Rica is Party..

Please send good links. Most links only want to
selllll....... something. I feel like a tourist
“No Gracias” or “No Molesta”


One link on Cuzco:

Facts: Cuzco, Machu Picchu


“Volunteering when you travel”

Jean asked a question?

“I would like to travel and do some volunteer work.
I haven't found a volunteer site that doesn't require,
or request a donation. I am a single senior woman &
can't afford to make a contribution and travel expenses also.”

This is normal to hear, but I do not think is correct.
It is sad, but my guess is 65 percent of all the places
to “Volunteer”, are nothing but frauds, or scams.
Some really believe that they are doing something,
but in reality, are self serving.

I can best give MY opinion, by saying what
I would not do:

Pay money to volunteer.
Donate money to volunteer.
I would not live with, and pay rent to the
management of the organization.
I would not do labor, that competes with the
local work force, and takes away their jobs.
Example: Pick coffee.
I would not raise money for them.

I would donate my time, and energy.
I would pay to support myself.
I would remember, “People that need help, require love,
and patience, and it is not usually fun”

The ones that seem the best, give you enough
money to live, food, shelter.
If the volunteer work is fun, and easy, maybe
you should “think hmmm”.
Helping people that really need help,
is a REWARDING experience.

There are 2 ways Volunteering is started:

1. Managed and arranged from your country.
Examples: Peace Corp
2. Managed and arranged from the country you are visiting.
Example: Work in the rain forest advertisement. etc.

Here are some links.
This is NOT a recommendation, just some links. If you
find good information, please submit to

        really good
        united nations
         united nation volunteer

TODAY’S TIP FROM THE “Peanut Gallery”
Here's a little tip from me, to you as an experienced

If someone submits a weak hint, “Throw Peanuts”

Thanks to Andy the editor,
AKA Peanut Thrower, try again



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