Andy’s Travel Tips October 2 2000
Tip: Pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money

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October 2 2000 Travel Tips Newsletter
And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  016
DATE:  October 02, 2000
TITLE:  Andy’s Travel Tips October 2 2000
TIP:  Pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money:
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru



Andy’s Travel Tips - Leaving for Cuzco today
Volume 1, Issue 16 - October 2, 2000
“pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money”
and introducing a new website on jobs


I leave for Cuzco, Peru at 5 O’clock PM, 15 hours in an all night bus.
3415 Meter high, The city is near Machu Picchu,
the famous Incan temple of the Sun.
Facts: Cuzco, Machu Picchu


This week I learned the Spanish word “la huelga” or Strike in
English. Experience is a great teacher, so being in the middle
of a transpiration strike will probably make me remember this
word. I am not sure, I can explain the “why”, but they did
get a day off from work, and the price of gas is rising
worldwide. Fujimori the President of Peru, has
decide to leave office, and have another election. There is
fear, concern, and a general distrust of the government.
With good reason.
Facts Fujimori

I just completed one month of teaching English, and
am done... I am sure the students are grateful for me
stopping. My main qualification for this job, was being born
in a country that speaks English.

Today's tip is on
“pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money”

Next week. Answers, and Questions about
“How to Volunteer?” and another new website

Click on my banners. So I can keep traveling.

Pages of interest, and fun for me!
to lazy this week...


LETTER FROM HOME: A lot of my friends have sent me
group e-mails while on their exotic adventures.
I receive them for a long time, then one day they stop.
They go home, and return to school, or work.
Please write a short letter describing your home,
and why a person should visit.


E-Mail Privacy
My subscriber list has never been, and never will be available
to any third party. Your privacy is paramount to me.
Therefore it receives the respect it deserves.


I am NOT a writer? Read this letter... hehehe
I am NOT a Graphics designer? look at my pages...hehehe
I am NOT good at grammar?.....
In the words of Clint Eastwood “A man must know his limitations”
hmmm....Think you could write better than me.
Think you have better ideas. Make less mistakes. Spell better....
PLEASE send me an article. I would love to have help.
ideas. etc. Going broke, but having fun.


“pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money”
and introducing a new website on jobs
6 continent newsletters to get jobs

Pros and Cons in English for those of you, that do not
speak English as your native language is the “Good and
the Bad”. My dictionary says, it comes from Latin.

OK. so why would a person teach a language?
Hunger, shelter, heat, fun, beer, money, women, or to
save enough money to travel.
I ask my friends that work around the world, “Why are
you working ....?” The answers are never clear. The
answers probably are the same, as when I ask
“Why do you travel?”

Being a guy that understands that a person
needs money, and I do not have a rich girlfriend.
I work for money, and fun.
To stop traveling, though, for a month is not
always the smart move. For me I have lots of time
and can afford to stop. But if you are on a 3 month
tour. I would not even consider it. UNLESS...
you could “save” money for a longer trip.

I did not save anything. I broke even, “mas o menos”.
Where are those fishing jobs, that pay 1000 dollars USA
per week? Rumors, or gossip?

Pros (good)
Meet, and have to talk with the locals.
Your language skills improve.
Learn native culture from students.
Learn the city, finding your student.
They take you on tours, teach you, etc.
If you want to stay a long time, good.
Very few hours work needed to exist.
You can get a cheap apartment, because
you are staying longer.
You have some new friends.

Con’s (Bad)
People do not show up.
May not get paid.
Difficult to get lots of money quickly.
Not enough hours to save money.
Frustrations from the cultural differences.
Repetitious, Boring, Simple.

I want to help travelers to not have to go
home. So I have created 2 separate solutions.

The first one is a website called
A place to post, or find, recommend SHORT TERM JOB for travelers.

This site is “interactive”. I hate this word. Difficult to
explain, and everyone nods their head yes, and I am
sure they do not understand. But I will try.

Interactive: Acting on each other.
You can go look at the page.
You can act on the page. By submitting, or giving the page
information. If you fill out the “add” forms, it will publish
immediately onto the page. You can see it NOW!

The second:
This is a newsletter that when you send, or
REPLY it goes to everyone in the group.
So, when you receive a letter from it, you can
reply, and send to the whole group. You can
reply to this newsletter, but it only goes back to me.

BENEFITS: You can ask a question, and get an answer.
No long emails. Short and simple. You can get a digest
of all emails, if you to You can subscribe,
and unsubscribe by sending an email.

BAD: You could get a lot of e-mails, no worries now.
This is new. You have to deal with the people that send
to the group. “UNSUBSCRIBE ME”...., and cannot
read, or remember they joined.

NOTE: There is only one way to get on these list.

To subscribe send BLANK e-mail to:


As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
Please send me questions, I will reference you, and
give you credit. Please say “I give you permission,
to use my...”    

TODAY’S TIP FROM THE “Peanut Gallery”
Here's a little tip from me to you as an experienced

The only difference between the Western men and
the Latino men is that the Latino men HISS, sounding
remotely like a serpent. Just hiss back and say
“Serpiente” (snake). Who knows....Maybe they will stop
in 5 years.

Thanks to Linda of:
Traveling to Arequipa and need an American contact? E-mail Linda at


I am off to Cuzco, then on to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay,
Paraguay, Brazil for Christmas, then over to Europe.



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