Andy's Travel Tips Peru Sept 17 2000
Tip: Reading Lights or Lightbulbs to see

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Peru Sept 17 2000 Travel Tips Newsletter
And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  015
DATE:  September 28, 2000
TITLE:  Andy's Travel Tips Peru Sept 17 2000
TIP:  Reading Lights or Light bulbs to see:
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru



Andy’s Travel Tips - 3rd Peru
Volume 1, Issue 15 -
September 27, 2000
Today’s tips “Reading Lights, or Light bulbs to see...”

Hello, Current news...
There is a transportation strike here in Peru, and in Bolivia.
Julia a neighbor from Austria, want to fly to Ecuador. Will someone
e-mail, and tell if the strike has spread to Ecuador, and
can you travel by bus when you get there.

Hi, Try again...

I am on the Island of Arequipa, Peru. In the middle of
South America. This is a Joke. Arequipa is very far
from the Ocean. But the culture, landscape, and the
situation is different. I often muse, or wonder
how a place, or country can change so quickly. You
can cross a border and the whole world changes. I
remember being on the boat in the Amazon, and going
from Brazil to Peru. The types, and styles of the houses changed
when we cross the (WATER) border? The water was the same, the
trees the same, the jungles were the same, but the way
people live changed.

There are different types of travelers. Archeology travelers,
language travelers, nature traveler. surfer travelers. passport
stamp collector travelers. It is good to learn what type of
traveler you are, so you enjoy yourself. It’s easy to fall into
a trap of other peoples, or a guidebooks trip.
I am a people traveler. I like to learn about people, look
at people, and understand why, or why not. I develop
opinions, both good, and bad about people. I try to open
my eyes, my heart, and my mind to the real people behind
the scene, the normal people, living normal.

I am adding a new section this week called the “Flipside”
There is good and bad to all situations. I will try to point
out either the good, or the bad, that is related.

I hope you enjoy this new perspective.
Today's tip is on
“Reading Lights, or Light bulbs to see...”
Next week. I will give the pros and cons of teaching
a language to earn money


My friend and travel companion on the Amazon, and to
Quito, Ecuador flew home to Belgium.

He collected LOTS of information, on all the countries between.
Argentina to Mexico.
A chance meeting, on a boat leaving Manaus, Brazil, and
I am proud to call the man a “Friend”.
If you have tried to collect this type of information, you
will know how hard he worked:
In two languages. English and Flemish
Hufken family page. Note be careful, where you travel,
Pascals brother has some other interest. But this is
a direct link to Pascals stuff.


Hello, If you are going to Huanchaco, Peru
Here is a good page.

If you want a place to stay?
Oscar Quiñe Stacher & Elizabeth Castro
Albergue La Casa Suiza


Pages of interest, and fun for me!

Arches, Beautiful Architecture photos of Arequipa

Get an Arequipa Passport today!

Watch a movie in Deja Vus, Expensive to drink, but there
is a flipside.

My Favorite Restaurant

My computer broke this week, The electrical cord broke,
but thanks to a wonderful guy. I got it fixed cheap,
but what is the flipside? Compaq, Presario

Log of my computer problems.

How to be a Saint? Iglesia San Francisco

Good photos of Arequipa

Collections of links: NOT CHECKED
Santa Catalina Monastery

Plaza de Armas in Arequipa

Recoleta in Arequipa
Colca Canyon and Arequipa

LETTER FROM HOME: A lot of my friends have sent me
group mails while on their exotic adventures.
I receive them for a long time, then one day they stop.
They go home, and return to school, or work.

Your home is exotic to me. Please write a short letter
describing your home, and why a person should visit.
I will put it in this newsletter so the other travelers
can learn about your country or home, and maybe we
will come visit.

About Your Privacy
Please Note: My subscriber list has never been and never will be available
to any third party. Your privacy is paramount to me. Therefore it receives
the respect it deserves.

I am NOT a writer? Read this letter... hehehe
I am NOT a Graphics designer? look at my pages...hehehe
I am NOT good at grammar?.....
In the words of Clint Eastwood “A man must know his limitations”
hmmm....Think you could write better than me.
Think you have better ideas. Make less mistakes. Spell better....
PLEASE send me an article. I would love to have help.
ideas. etc.
Going broke, but having fun.



I like to read, but often the Hostel, Hotel, is dark. I have
trouble reading, writing, or playing on my computer.
So, I have come up with various solutions. Usually,
I can solve the problem.

I carry with me:
Extension cord.
Converter that changes one plug to 3
Screw in socket type plug, goes in normal light socket.
Clothes hanger for making a lamp.
Clothes line.
Eyelet screws to help hang things up.
Light bulbs.
Cord with light socket on end, and switch in line.
Plastic glass to hold light bulb.

Photos of these things:

Sounds like a lot, but really takes up hardly any
room. The biggest problem is protecting the light bulbs.

OK, so where to begin. Most rooms, or about 60 percent
have a place to plug in extension cords, and lights. Very
few of the “traveler type” hostels, hotels have reading lights.
My guess is 3 percent. Now, they do usually have a light
in the middle of the room, on the ceiling. No matter what
they have some form of electricity provided to the room for

Now, how do I make more light in my room? So when I have
nothing to do I can read, write, or update my journal, diary. etc.
Write my grandmother. All of them necessary things in life.

The easy room: Has plugs

I went to a hardware store, or “ferreteria” here, and purchased
a plug, 12 feet of cord. inline switch, and a light bulb socket, and
light bulb. Basically a treble light setup, but lighter.
I put it together myself, but you can have the hardware do it for
you for almost nothing. I think this probably cost me 2-3 dollars USA.

Here is a picture:

Where, or how to hang up

Sit on edge of table:
Hang over curtain rod
Coat hanger Lamp
2 screw eyelets, or in this case a toothbrush
Hang on a clothes line

There are some small dangers. Like, burning up your cord....
burning up your table.... receiving small shocks....etc.

Boredom, can make a person creative.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
Please send me questions, I will reference you, and
give you credit.

TODAY’S TIP FROM THE “Peanut Gallery”
Here's a little tip from me to you as an experienced

Don’t except packages of sugar from anyone asking you to take
it to their grandmother in Los Angeles.

Thanks to Linda of:


I am off to Cuzco, then on to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay,
Paraguay, Brazil for Christmas, then over to Europe.




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