Andy's Travel Tips. 2nd Arequipa Peru
Tip: How to put your own lock on your door.

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Andy's Travel Tips. 2nd Arequipa Peru Travel Tips Newsletter
And Updates on Around The World Trip

ISSUE:  014a
DATE:  September 12, 2000
TITLE:  Andy's Travel Tips. 2nd Arequipa Peru
TIP:  How to put your own lock on your door.
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru


Andy’s Travel Tips Arequipa, Peru

hmmm...... so it’s been a long time since I updated the world on
my activities. I am in Arequipa, Peru. I received an offer to teach
English, so I decided to accept. Arequipa is a beautiful,
clean, semi-colonial city, surrounded by snow capped
mountains and volcanoes. The days are warm, and the nights are cool and fresh.
A wonderful climate. It is a stop over between Lima and Cuzco

Want to teach English? If you are a native English speaker, and
can commit to 4-6 weeks, write Juan Carlos Camacho [email protected]

Volume 1, Issue 12 -

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“A man must know his limitations”
hmmm....Think you could write better than me.
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A travel portal.

Going broke, but having fun.


The worst thing about traveling is worrying about getting robbed.
I am always a little worried. I am carrying a portable computer,
and a digital camera.
OK, so how do I get this MONKEY off my back?
I put my own padlock on the door. The one I purchased.
I love when a room has padlock on the door, and not just a
key that you put in a lock. I have talked about this in the past.
But I have expanded the idea. Lots of rooms have a
padlock that the hotel supplies. I take off their padlock, and replace
it with mine. This give me lots of peace of mind, because I do not
have to worry about the cleaning people, or the owner entering to
shut off my light.

The next problem is the hotels I want to live in, do not
always have this system.

I had a brainstorm. I can buy the eyelets, and put a
padlock on the doors myself. I thought the owners would not
like this, and I am sure some will not. But guess what. The last 3
hotels, said “Fine, go ahead and do it, we do not care”.

Wow!!! What a relief. Now, I just carry the padlock, some eyelet screws,
which I install on the room door. OK, so I know your not a carpenter,
Here are 4 LARGE pictures to show you what I did.

YOU DO NOT NEED SPECIAL TOOLS!!!. Just push hard....
with the screw and it will start. Take a knife, place in the hole of the screw,
and screw it into the wood. Study the pictures and I believe you will get
the idea. I installed 4 in the pictures, and used a longer lock, to
make it easier. This a lock they sell for bicycles..

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am giving guidance,
and there are always other opinions. Please send me your constructive, and helpful

Thanks Andy


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