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Tip: Bottles that leak

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Arequipa Peru Travel Tips Newsletter
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ISSUE:  013
DATE:  September 05, 2000
TITLE:  Andy's Travel Tips Arequipa Peru
TIP:  Bottles that leak:
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru



Andyís Travel Tips - 2nd on Arequipa, Peru
Volume 1, Issue 13 -
September 12, 2000

I am still in Arequipa trying to teach English, I am not sure
I am the best teacher. but I do learn a lot.

I am staying in the Hostal Wilson on Puente Grau, No 306,
204097. It cost me 10 soles a night, or about 3 dollars USA.
I am getting a special deal, it is normally 15 soles per night.
It is a small place, and in a great location. From
the top of the building, I can see three different snow covered

Places I can see from the top of Hostal Wilson Arequipa Peru
Chichanni, Picchu Picchu, Volcan Misti
Monasterio de Santa Catalina,La Recoleta
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You can lay in the sun, and look out over the city. It is close to the Iglesia,
Santa Catalina. But a little away from the tourist areas, so the
food is cheaper. I can get Chicken, French Fries,
and salad for 3 soles. Or about .90 cents USA. In the tourist
area it will cost you about 10.
I can walk 4 blocks and go to the Plaza de Armas or the
central square, and have all the modern conveniences.
The internet here cost 1.5 soles per hour, or about 50 cents
USA. I am using it a lot at that price. I remember paying
6 dollars an hour in Venezuela.
Trying to organize a trip to Colca, Canyon. Looking for someone
to go with me. It takes about 3 hours to travel there by bus, and
I would like someone to talk with on the trip.
OK. Todayís tips is on bottles that leak in your bag.



After 15 hours on an all night bus, tired, and frustrated, the
last thing you need is a backpack full of shampoo.
I am a pretty good traveler, but I have to admit, I have had my
backpack full of shampoo a couple of times, and one pesky tube
of toothpaste got me good.

The thing to know when choosing shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
Is the size of the hole, or lid. Small entrances on bottles do not squeeze
easily, and do not leak easily. Wide entrance bottles, or lids,
can squeeze the lid off the bottle and leak. Now of course you can
carry lots of bottles for long times, and nothing happens, than one
day. hmmm... big problem...

I have 5 large pictures to show you the pros and cons of bottles.
I had to borrow the black bottles, from some other travelers to take
the pictures. I explained to them what I was doing. They said, but we never
had any problems. I sort of shook my head, and said, well, thatís good,
Some people NEED to learn the hard way, and some can learn from
bad experiences of other travelers. Listen to the stories, of problems, and
learn, before it happens to you.

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As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am giving guidance,
and there are always other opinions. Please send me your constructive, and helpful

Thanks Andy


I am off to Cuzco, then on to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay,
Paraguay, Brazil for Christmas, then over to Europe.



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