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ISSUE:  006
DATE:  April 14, 2000
TITLE:  The Genie
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Issue 6 -

For travelers that, DO NOT WANT TO GO HOME!
Buccaneer's, Blockade Runner's, & Adventurer's - Hobo’s


A man is walking along a isolated beach one day and finds an old lamp washed up on the shore. He
takes it home with him after his vacation is over and places it on the mantle, but doesn't give it much

A few weeks later he looks at it and decides, what the heck, let's rub it and see what happens. Sure
enough, a genie appears and immediately says, "Thank-you, master, for freeing me from the lamp. In
repayment I offer you three wishes."

The man thinks for a while and says, "I really don't know what to wish for."

The genie replies, "Wish for lots of money, that's what most people want in life."

The man replies, "No, I have enough money; I don't need more."

The genie says, "How about travel? I can take you to the far corners of the world in an instant."

The man replies, "No, I've been to many places and I like it here."

The genie says, "How about your sex life? How often to you have sex?"

"Oh, about three times a week," is the man's reply.

"I can make your sex life much more active than that," says the genie.

"Gee," says the man, "I thought three a week was pretty good for a priest with a bicycle in a town this



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