Hobo's helping with ropes on the Panama Canal with David Clark solo sailing around the world.
Tip: Wet Towels - Directions - Rack Above Seat - Pop Email

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Hobo's helping with ropes on the Panama Canal with David Clark solo sailing around the world.

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ISSUE:  002
DATE:  February 03, 2000
TITLE:  Hobo's helping with ropes on the Panama Canal with David Clark solo sailing around the world.
TIP:  Wet Towels - Directions - Rack Above Seat - Pop Email:
LOCATION:  Huanchaco, Peru



Travel Tips by Andy the Hobo
Hobo TRAVEL TIPS Issue 2

I am in Huanchaco, Peru. On the beach!!
Notes: Line Handling in the Panama Canal for David Clark
Quito, Ecuador and what is happening
Hostels / Hotels a list of the best.
PLEASE: Submit your ideas, and stories.

I take a shower, than have to pack a wet towel.   
Smells!!!! after a long bus trip.

The last day in a hotel, I use the sheet off the bed to dry. I do
however make
sure I hang it up, so it can dry.

Directions to somewhere. i.e. Hotel, tourist attraction.

Ask 3 times from 3 separate people.   Than if you are walking, or
on the bus. etc. Ask 3 people again. If more than one person
agrees you are probably on the right path.

THEFT: Number 1 spot,
The rack above your bus seat. You fall asleep, and your bag disappears.

PROBLEM: POP E-mail accounts
I have a POP email account that I wish to download from my server in a
Internet Cafe.

Solution: Foxmail.
I downloaded a free program (download.com) to a 3.5 disk. I run the
directly from the disk in the internet cafe. All my message go on to the
and I can then read on the portable Compaq computer I carry.
To you just check, and send without downloading, I use:


I am on the way to Quito, Ecuador. (CHANGED!!! LIMA).
I was very lucky in Panama, to have a chance to go through the Panama
Canal with David Clark. He is attempting to set a Guinness book of
world record, to be the oldest (75)
to sail around the world solo. Here is a WebPages on him.

Page of the festival giving the Canal to Panama.

Ecuador, a Report from Quito, Ecuador by Jeff Westin

I stay at the Voyager Hostel in Panama: GREAT

I have a page now for Cascada Verde in Uvita Costa Rica,
A Permaculture, vegetarian, hostel and work retreat

HELP WANTED!!! Por Favor

I am traveling through South America. I would like to travel to Europe
in about 6 months from one of the cities in South America. I would like
the website, or email address of a Airplane ticket consolidator, that
you have use, and
would recommend?

Looking for:
People traveling in South America right NOW

International Airlines ticket consolidator?

Place to work, or types of jobs. Where, What, How much?

The worlds best hostel?

Recommend 5 places you absolutely must visit in any particular country.

Tell me the worst problem with traveling, that you would like a solution

An example of traveler theft, and the solution?

Your biggest problem when emailing in an internet cafe?


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