Andy's Travels Giving the Panama Canal back to Panama
Panama canal inauguration and the millenium

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Panama Canal Festival




January 01, 2000
Andy's Travels Giving the Panama Canal back to Panama
TIP:  Panama canal inauguration and the millennium:
LOCATION:  Panama City, Panama

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS Issue 1

January 1, 2000 Saturday 7:00 am


The dawn of a new millennium. Sunshine, and blue skies, the
world is still a nice place. No obvious computer crashes, or
problems that affect my world, and oops.. I had to check the
date on my computer. It was not Y2k ready. I did not change
anything. The date is 2000. Ok back to it.
I had a special day yesterday. I went to the official passing of
the canal from the USA to the Panama government ceremony.
Lots of people, and a very great day for Panama. We just gave
them a multi-billion dollar asset. I cannot say they appreciate it,
but they are happy. The whole thing started for the USA in
1903 when Panama declared independence from Columbia. The
USA backed up the new government, then bought the Canal in
1904 from the French. They had been working on it for 20 years.
We finished it in 1914, and carried on till now, and 1976 Jimmy
Carter negotiated to give back the canal yesterday. December
31 at noon, 1999.
So, I went to watch. Fun and interesting. Lots of clapping, bands,
and a few protesters. I got to admit when the group of people,
decide to walk past the guards, waving flags, I was not sure what
was going on. I turned around and a dummy of an American soldier
was being dragged with them. I kept my head, and managed to
have them pose for a picture. In the back of my head I thought
"hmm, now what country am I from, if they ask," I was obviously one
of a very non-panama person, and stuck out like a sore thumb. They
did not even ask, the one guy came over and share my umbrella,
with me when it started to rain. So normal stuff, looking at all the
people. and taking lots of pictures.

The new Sony Mavica camera I purchased, is great. Zoom, convenient
and, 3.5 floppy disk saved already in a JPEG format.  Sony, If you
are reading this, "Send MONEY!!!". Ok...
I will get to it, I have made some pages with lots of pictures.
Take a look if you wish.
Happy New year, to all my friends from around the world.

Lots of love, and
"Life is good!!!!!"

GREAT PICTURES of festival!!! Canal to Panama...

Your friend Andy the Hobo,
in Panama City, Panama


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