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How are you? This is Andy of HoboTraveler.com, I am presently in the city of Fukuoka, Japan in the South of the country of Japan. I must again apologize for not writing more often...
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Japan - South Korea - Taiwan
- Map a Budget Around the World

by Andy of HoboTraveler.com

ISSUE 211 by HoboTraveler.com
A Hobo trip around the world. 10 years old, working on 11
Written October 7, 2008
SUBJECT: Japan South Korea and Taiwan
TIP: Map a Budget Around the World

LOCATION of Andy Today: Fukuoka, Japan

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A lot of photos - The world unedited...

I am blaming photos for why I have not written more newsletters. It is easy to take photos, however difficult to put captions below the photos. I have decided it is better to send the newsletter with our without captions. Sorry...

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Antigua Guatemala Food Market
Antigua Guatemala Food Market
Antigua Guatemala Condominiums
Drunk Antigua Guatemala
McDonalds Antigua Guatemala
Cashew Apple
Cashew Nut
Guatemala Photos
Road from Antigua to Panajachel
Volcanoes of Lago Atitlan
Orange Peeler Machine
Marios Rooms Panajachel Guatemala
Restaurant Panajachel Guatemala
Greenwashed Panajachel Lago Atitlan
Razor Blade Barb Wire
Coffee Depulper
Posada Hotel Los Encuentros Panajachel Guatemala
Puente de la Amistad Panajachel Guatemala
Statue in Panjachel Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Posada Los Encuentros
Guatemala Furniture
Toyota Truck Taxi Guatemala
Guatemala Plant
Guatemala Flowers
Santa Antonio Palopo Solola
Santa Antonio Palopo
San Antonio Palopo Guatemala Church
San Antonio Boat Dock Lago Atitlan
Farmer in San Antonio Lago Atitlan
Laundry Day in San Antonio Lago Atitlan
Weaving Loom San Antonio Lago Atitlan
Spinning Wheel
Guatemala Mother and Baby
Guatemala Farm Irrigation
Cafe Lago Atitlan Guatemala
Guard Dog on Guatemala Roof
Guatemala Irrigation
Vegetables in Guatemala
Streets of Panajachel
Lago Atitlan Boats
Lago Atitlan Volcano and Coast
Kayak Under Volcano Lago Atitlan
Santa Catarina Hospedaje
Guatemala Typicals Village Clothes
Guatemala Souvenirs
Guatemala Telas
Guatemala Cacao Beans Chocolate
San Jorge Lago Atitlan
San Jorge Iglesia Lago Atitlan
Colonial de San Jorge Lago Atitlan
Guatemala Food and a Lemon
Rotoplas Agua Guatemala
Guatemala Boat Ferry Lago Atilan
Guatemala Onions
Guatemala San Marcos Girls
Guatemala Real Estate and Alligator
Guatemala Pana Restaurant Dons Place
Guatemala ChocoBanana and Alcoholics Anonymous
Panajachel Bus Stop
Wade Mira Chris Casa Shalom Antigua
Guatemala Pana ParaSailing
Guatemala Purifying Water and Vitamins
Guatemala Hair Styles and Camper
Guatemala Pullman Bus Ride
Guatemala Chicken Bus and Real Chicken
Guatemala Monterrico Beach Boat
Monterrico Guatemala Swimming Pool and Cabana
Monterrico Guatemala Black Sand Beach
Monterrico Guatemala White Bird Mangroves
Kelty 3100 Backpack and Neck Pillow

Flight to Iquitos Peru from Guatemala
Peru Turtle Eggs and Cooking in Room
Iquitos Peru Floating House and Camera
Iquitos Peru Belen Market and Fruit
Amazon River Fish in Belen Market
Iquitos Peru Mangy Dog
Iquitos Peru Art School
Iquitos Peru Escuela Bella Artes
Cinnamon in Iquitos Peru at Belen Market
Snails for Sale Iquitos Peru
Cashews and Bananas in Peru
Decibels Level of Sound in Iquitos Peru
Peruvian Girl and Belen Market
Peruvian Belen Village in Iquitos
Belen Floating Village in Iquitos Peru
Belen Iquitos Wood Boats
Pucallpa Peru Cancha and Coca Leaves
Pucallpa Peru Ucayali River Maps
Pucallpa Peru River Yurua Maps
Pucallpa Peru Banana Docks
Pucallpa Peru Boat Builders
Pucallpa Peru Pablitos Tours
Pucallpa Peru Pablitos Tour Guide
Pucallpa Peru Maps Searching for Uncontacted Tribes
Pucallpa Peru Tour Guide and Airplane
Pucallpa Peru Base Aerea Yarinacocha
Pucallpa Peru Yarinacocha Lake Birds
Pucallpa Peru Yarinacocha Missionary and Guide
Pucallpa Peru Yarinacocha Grass Hut Home
Pucallpa Peru Yarinacocha Family and Gun
Pucallpa Peru Yarinacocha Lago
Pucallpa Peru Airplane Pilot
Pucallpa Peru Airplane Pilot and Crazy Guy
Pucallpa Peru Fake Photos of UnContacted Tribes
Uncontacted Tribe Photos Faked by NGO
Peru Pucallpa Egg Drink
Peru Pucallpa Loading Docks for Boats
Peru Pucallpa Beautiful Girl
Peru Pucallpa Aloe Drink and Fruit
Peru Pucallpa Aero Andino
Peru Pucallpa Quail Eggs
Peru Pucallpa to Lima Peru Star Peru Flight
Lima Peru Spirit Air

Coca Cola and Battery Tester
Thailand Women Carrying Water
Thailand Backpack and Motorcycle
Thailand Koh Si Chang Docks
Thailand Koh Pha Ngan Beach White Sand
Thailand Koh Pha Ngan Same Same
Thailand White Buddha on Island
Thailand Railley Beach and Krabi
The Most Beautiful Beach on Planet
Worlds Most Beautiful Beach
Railley Beach Thailand in Rainy Season
Monkeys Thailand on Railley Beach
Sexy Mother on Railey Beach Thailand
Krabi Thailand and Snails
Thailand Vegetables and the Bus

Machines Gun in Manila Philippines
Philippines and Making Backpack Lockable
Philippines Pharmacist and Cebu Pacific

Travel Bag on Khao San Road Thailand
Khao San Road Walking By
People on Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand
Backpack Photos Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok Bicycles and Fashions
Thailand Tuk Tuk running on Propane
Khao San Road Bangkok Bike Path
Thailand Say No to Elephants
Thailand Monk with Alms Bowl
Thailand Monk being Worshipped
Thailand Fingerprint Entrance Test
Thailand Frog Guts for Sale
Backpack Vegetables and a University in Thailand

Thailand Airport Taiwan Pedestrians
Chinese Guidebooks
Taiwan Sewing Machine and Rice Cooker
Taiwan Umbrella Store
TaiwanMex Hostel Cat
Taiwan Taipei 101 Building
Taipei 101 Building in Taiwan
Taipei Main Station and Japanese Traveler
Taipei Main Station Taiwan Airport

South Korea National Geographic Bag
South Korea Cameras and Restaurant
Seoul South Korea Animal Park
Seoul South Korea Street Food
Changdeonkgung Palace Seoul Korea
Architecture Changdeonkgung Palace Korea
Sundial Changdeonkgung Palace South Korea
Toilet Architecture Changdeonkgung Palace Korea
South Korea Fish and Translation
Insadon South Korea Tourist Information
Insadong Seoul South Korea Tourist Information
South Korea to Japan

Japan Cartoon Magazines with Girls
Japan McDonalds
Japan Vegetable
Japan Blind People Yellow Line
Japan Girls in Short Dresses
Japan Cup of Noodles

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Guatemala - Antigua and Panajachel
Peru - Iquitos, Pucallpa, Cusco, Lima
USA - Indiana
Philippines, Manila
Taiwan, Taipei
South Korea, Seoul
Japan, Fukuoka

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Tomorrow I will fly back to Bangkok, Thailand. The economic situation has created confusion for me, I was planning on Papua, New Guinea however even while writing this newsletter I find I am lost, I have no choice but to wonder where I will wander.

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Hobo Stew

Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

I have spent the last month in these three countries; I purchased a round trip ticket to Seoul, South Korea with a stopover in Taipei, Taiwan and Fukuoka, Japan. I paid approximately 1000 U.S. Dollars for this three-stop round trip ticket.

I believe the only way to travel in these three countries with any true enjoyment of the culture is to learn the language. The only people I ever talked with were in the Hostels. Without the Hostel, my life would have been just walking around and looking at the walls.

I have an enjoy week in Taipei with my good friends Magos and Raul of the TaiwanMex Hostel. I truly enjoy hanging out in their Hostel. Strange as it may sound, I met more Korean and Japanese people in Taiwan then I did while in those countries.

Taipei speaks Chinese, I am slowly falling in love with the idea of learning Chinese, and so a new dream is forming in my mind. I feel it is time to add Chinese to the languages I speak. I presently speak Spanish and French in addition to my native English.

People, there is too many people in Korea, and a person must love a subway or go home. While in Seoul Korea I have to admit, I learned there is nothing about cities that makes me wish to travel. I travel to see the small cultures of the planet, not these fast-paced overly expensive places. The Banana Backpacker Hostel near the Anguk, Subway stop was a lot of fun. Insadong Street near the Hostel is just a typical tourist trap.

This is a modern city; I believe Japan is the most modern country I have ever visited. Although South Korea is supposed to be modern, I found it only at the face level, dig a little and this falls apart. However the more I dug into the culture of Japan the more I like it.

I guess you have a choice; you need to decide if you are going to a modern country, you are a modern tourist. If I ever return to Japan, and I highly doubt it, however if I did I would go to Japan to see the most modern parts on the planet, where the development could make the USA look primitive.

I truly enjoyed the KhaoSan Fukuoka Hostel, it has to be one the cleanest Hostels I have ever visited.

Ok, the bottom line is complete boredom in these three countries, I can only say the conversation in the Hostels were good, however I do not know these countries and am not tempted to fall in love. I will admit the idea of learning Chinese and traveling around China has become a dream of mine.

Japan or New York City? If I was going to travel to Japan for a long period, I feel it would be better to first go explore New York City first, why travel to the other side of the planet when I do not know my own world-class cities.

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I have found a map showing the relative cost of countries, it is a great way to start to plan a trip overseas.
Map a Budget Around the World.

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