Panajachel Guatemala

Panajachel, Guatemala on Lake --- Lago Atitlan about three to five hours from Guatemala City the Airport Gate is a collection of words, all trendy buzzwords that defines our world.

It is off topic, nothing to do with Guatemala.

Vegetarian, Che Guerrea, Dread, Tattoo, Henna, Eco this and Eco that, Green


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Panajachel Guatemala

by Andy of

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A Hobo trip around the world. finished 10 years, working on 11, 77 Countries
Written April 7, 2008
SUBJECT: Panajachel Guatemala

LOCATION of Andy Today: Antigua, Guatemala



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      Panajachel Guatemala
     1 Hotel Fan Management
     2. It Takes Three Days to Adjust to City
     3. Watching a Real Traveler Eat



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- HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

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That is a list of jumps I have made since the last newsletter.

I was in Acapulco, Mexico on a beach eight miles north called Pie de la Cuesta, Playa, I flew from Acapulco to Guatemala, took a shuttle upon arrival to Antigua, Guatemala and found a room..

Hobo goes here...
I will take a 6 dollar tourist van tomorrow to the city of Panajachel, on a lake called, Lago Atitilan, one of my better memories of travel, and a place I have been twice before, but the more of the sunset over the Volcano has never been forgotten.

Maybe soon I go to Moterrico Beach, Tikal, Rio Dulce, Flores, Guatemala, then move on to Honduras.

Hobo News

I was sick, slow, mentally off for the last week, finally went to the doctors for 20 Quetzales, 3 US. Dollars and she check my blood pressure, says it is 150/100, I guess this is high, so now I became serious about losing weight. Too much time working on the computer in Thailand I suspect, too much good food, and too much coffee made a sick Hobo.

Panajachel Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala has to be the best disguised, full on tourist city I have ever been in; this place is an older Spanish Colonial city with a twist. Underneath the façade of Cobblestone Street, and Red Brick colored building, this place has a world-class supply of tourist supplies. Pizza, Yuppie Coffee Shops, Curry and for the truly wanna be home, not in Guatemala Tourist a Burger King and McDonalds.

My room in Antigua is 13 US Dollar with WIFI Internet, TV, 10 Movie Channels and Fridge, about double the services for half the price of Mexico, a truly good value.

Walking around in Antigua if you do not walk in the stores is delight, the central square, the small Mayan Guatemala people walk around, passive and nice, often saying hello as I pass, an interesting city, however still a tourist city. I call this a party city as many Travelers tell their parents they are going to Antigua, Guatemala and party all night here in this smallish city. Not a good place for young people to learn Spanish as the English speakers are unavoidable; no way to get immersed in Spanish here, too much English.

However, comfortable, I guess a good place to party, eat Pizza, and plan trips to other more remote areas, a person in Guatemala could leave Antigua, travel 50 miles in any direction, and enter a more basic, simple Guatemala life.

I enjoy this passive culture, not a mockery culture, nice to leave Mexico and their more brutish behavior.

When you think of Guatemala, you should repeat.


This is no place like Home.

On the other side...

It is easier to blog, than to compile these newsletter, therefore I am going to post tips on the blog, then refer to the better one in the newsletters.

Todays Tips

1. Hotel Fan Management
2. It Takes Three Days to Adjust to City
3. Watching a Real Traveler Eat

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
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“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

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Very good, making enough money now to live anywhere on the planet. Life is Good


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