An American Story

West Africa, Asia, India and Nepal, it has been one year and 12 countries since I last wrote a newsletters, sorry for the delay, seems as if I got lost in West Africa and now I have found the way home. I am in Acapulco, Mexico lying on the beach, enjoying life and finding hope in the good Gods under the Sun.


Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - An American Story -  A Traveler

by Andy of

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A Hobo trip around the world. 10 years old, working on 11
Written March 26, 2008
SUBJECT: An American Story
TIP: Keep the Fraction Constant Budget

LOCATION of Andy Today: Acapulco, Mexico
8 mile North of City at Pie de la Cuesta, Playa Luces



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      An American Story
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How I feel today, or a start down the proverbial travelers path.

It is because we put up with bad things that hotel-keepers continue to give them to us.
- Anthony Trollope (1815 - 1882) British Novelist Orley Farm


M.A.S.H sign, the sign with distance to all directions
- From television show


 - Money in the pocket after leaving the job. The pile.

What is a Hobo?



A lot of photos - The world unedited...

I will try to give you 500 photos per newsletters until all the West Africa and assorted country photos are published. I must have over 3000-4000 in inventory, not published on the internet.

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Boat from Thailand to Burma
Koh Chang Thailand Agriculture
Koh Chang Cashew Resort
Thailand Food and Wholesale Market
Wholesale Market Bobae Bangkok Thailand
Thailand Lizard Animal
Hired Gunman to Kill Politicians
Thailand Architecture
Thailand Pineapple Food

Philippines Motorcycle Sidecar
Philippines Street People
Philippines Child and Fashion
LA Cafe Girl Philippines

Khao San Road Thailand Books
Travel Tips Camera Hot Water
Golden Mount Buddhist Temple
Baen Saen Beach Thailand
Thailand People in Cages
Thailand Visa in Manila Philippines
Manila Philippine Free WIFI Hotel
Thailand Photographer
Thailand Skin Whitening Cream
Koh SiChang Island Thailand
Koh SiChang Guesthouse Resort Thailand
Thailand Island Drinking Water
Rama V Koh SiChang Thailand
Asiana Airlines Toilets

Acapulco Mexico Pigs
Acapulco Beach Wedding
Mexico Cemetery
Mexico Mangos and Bread
Pie de la Cuesta Mountain View
Mexico Surfing Maps
Pie de la Cuesta Mexico
Mexico Beach
Mexico Girl
Bike Riders in Mexico
Mexico Pacific Ocean Sponge

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Hobo was here and goes there...
That is a list of jumps I have made since the last newsletter.

Kathmandu Nepal
Delhi India
Delhi India
Togo, West Africa
Ghana West Africa
Burkina Faso, West Africa
Mali, West Africa
Thailand - Philippines - Thailand - Philippines
Acapulco, Mexico

Hobo goes here...

I will go flyt to Guatemala tomorrow, hope to visit with two friends, Wade of Vagabond Journey and Hot Spring Chris. Maybe next to Dominican Republic, over to Europe, then either towards Russia or Africa, it it is a coin toss, and as normal, do not believe anything I predict, I never can seem to stay with a plan, I truly do wander the planet.

Hobo News
We have been working on a huge Hotel site, trying to collect very hotel on the planet. If you have any type of tourist room you are invited to submit, upload about 60 photos, do as you like. If nothing else create traffic by the submssion of your Internet Hotel site, homestay, camping, any place a tourist sleeps. 7-8 Million Cities, 242 Countries

An American Story

Acapulco Mexico
Pie de la Cuesta
Playa Luces - 8 Miles North of Acapulco

Ten years and too many miles, around the world a few times, I have landed on ground zero of, the place where I lost my way and forgot how to go home.. I blame it on Grete, a Norwegian girl I met on this beach, somehow going back to the USA and working just did not compete with the Lonely Planet world path she was on. She now has two children and lives in Trondheim, Norway and here I sit again reading books on “The Beach” waiting for her to return and sing Norwegian Lullabies again. She made a Canadian guy cry when she sang, it was one of the times you never forget in a whole lifetime of lives, present, past and future.

I have not clear reason to be on this beach, it is too expensive, no Bikinis, this beach has went over the top and became a first class tourist trap, in true Tortilla pay too much Mexican style.

I do not miss Mexico, two weeks is already too much, I will beeline down the coast directly towards Guatemala, trying to not talk Spanish even though I am mas o menos fluent in the language.

Just another day in Paradise…

Number four definition of Paradise is: (2)
4. place ideally suited to somebody: a place where there is everything that a particular person needs for his or her interest (informal)
a surfer's paradise

For me another day in Paradise, my personal Utopia is not a place, it the realization I do not have to live in one place, I can live anywhere now I wish to be.

Andy small History

I left the USA for an Experimental lifestyle, I wanted to learn if I could ravel and earn enough money from the internet, whereby I could live anywhere on the planet with no restraints.

10 Years and 77 countries later, I have to say.
I have arrived, I have accomplished this goal, I can live in any country on the planet comfortably and happy.

I need to say special thanks to my Mother, Father, friend and supporters over the years.

So what now, as I start on my second decade of perpetual travel?

I have no plans to stop, I now have found my home, it is on the road, my paradise is moving and meeting new cultures, then getting totally annoyed and moving again, I am a traveler.

This is an American Story, no less, no more.

On the other side...

It is easier to blog, than to compile these newsletter, therefore I am going to post tips on the blog, then refer to the better one in the newsletters.

Today’s tip

How to have a Budget for Travel.
Keep the Fraction Constant Budget

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Andy of

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
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Very good, making enough money now to live anywhere on the planet


-- Thank you, Lord, for thinkin
about me. I m alive and doin fine
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band  


Mexico same same...
Walked out the room, started to walk the kilometer to the Internet Cafe, passed a man with a huge shotgun, bulletproof vest, I realized he was protecting the Pepsi truck and was riding shotgun. I then caught a Combi to the corner, it turned left, I asked, do you go left or straight. They asked where I am going, I say the Internet Cafe, they do not know what this is, so I get off an walk. Upon arriving to the internet cafe at 10:30, it is closed, it opens at 9:30 am. Manana is enforced here...

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