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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Koh Pha Ngan Thailand -  TIP Is the Hotel Clean
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Photo taken on the Sunset side of Had Rin Beach in Koh Pha Ngan Island, Thailand.
The main beach of Had Rin is swamped with water because of big waves, I hope it recovers!

A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
Written December 21, 2006
SUBJECT: Koh Pha Ngan Thailand
TIP:  Is the Hotel Room Clean? How to inspect quickly

LOCATION of Andy Today: Koh Pha Ngan Island, Thailand
GPS: Global Positioning Satellite Longitude - Latitude
09 Degrees 40.545 North / 100 Degrees 03.776 East
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All I want to know where the fallout goes...
 - Mark Boise in Manila December 14, 2006

(After a discussion about Iran and Israel)
As a traveler, we can choose our location... hehehe


Girl in Tow
- When a man has a small Asian girls that follows along. Like the invisible leash with a twist.


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Koh Pha Ngan Thailand



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That is a list of jumps I have made
since the last newsletter.

Tboli Philippines to General Santos, Philippines
General Santos Philippines to Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines to Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok Thailand to present location of Koh Pha Ngan Island in Southern Thailand.

Map of Thailand and my present location on Koh Pha Ngan, just north of Koh Samui.Island
(Note, Koh means Island in Thai language so redundant.)

Hobo goes here...
I fly back to from Koh Samui, Airport to Bangkok tonight, then by bus to Khon Kaen Thailand for Christmas. From Bangkok I go to Kathmandu, Nepal, then south to Delhi, India. I will fly from Delhi round trip to Chicago, Illinois around the 14th of February and then return to Delhi, India. From there, I plan on going to Ethiopia, Africa. It is possibly I will go north as spring comes, I will enter Eastern Europe or the satellite nations of Russia.

Koh Pha Ngan Thailand

I am am on the Island of Koh Pha Ngan, known by backpackers as the Full Moon Party Beach, it is on the checklist of places a backpacker "Must Visit" as young travelers of the planet. Koh Pha Ngan has one of the best beaches for girl watching and lying in the sun reading books. I have been to this island maybe five times, and have found the beach to dependably great. Beaches change, evolve and move, a beach is dynamic, the beach of Koh Pha Ngan is presently swamped on the Had Rin Full Moon Party side because of waves. I hope the ocean has not claimed the dry area, and destroyed the beach.


LCC Flights from Bangkok to Manila (Low Cost Carriers, booked on internet)
I left Manila and flew the inaugural flight of between Manila and Bangkok. It is now possible that the Philippines  will be added to the list of "Places we must visit, " thanks to . I am optimistic, yet fully aware, that the tourism departments and government of the Philippines is out to lunch, yet there is hope, the Philippines is starting to open the door to tourism. The price of a ticket and be purchased on the internet easy, quick and cheap.

This is map of the common path of travelers of the world, the Philippines is getting closer to being on the path.

Ok, well, if no one else says thank you, I am happy to know I can walk into any internet cafe and book my ticket with to Manila. Thanks. (Note, I earn no money for recommending this, a notice to the jaded.)

On the other side...

Bangkok, Thailand is my base, my home away from home, the starting point and ending point for my trips and adventure. The best place on the planet to buy one-way tickets to the other side of the planet. There are quirks and confusions about Bangkok, all is not a sane place, it is a place where the strange is normal.

I was taking a morning stroll in the Khao San are of Bangkok, when I saw this boy / man walking towards me, I did not think much, let the crazy be crazy. However, on the way back, I see this, a guitar on end, the beer bottle standing alone, what is up with this. There is a fine line between sanity and crazy. How was he capable of a cogent moment to set up the guitar and bottle?

Life is good, there are many question marks on the planet, the more the merrier.

Wireless Internet Connection
I need to check out of my hotel by 11, I am finally finishing this letter in the Koh Samui Airport. I am using a GPRS cell phone connection to the internet, and my cell phone is connected toy my computer with a USB BlueTooth thingy. Thailand is a truly wireless country, with a internet connection through AIS or One Two Call. I consider the WIFI connectons in hotels almost worthless, yet this GPRS connection by cell phone is great, IF the cost is reasonable, most are not. This is 120 hours for 10 Dollars US on a prepaid card, what a great way to be a mobile Hobo. I am hoping to discover more around the planet for my mobile office.

I study this to be free to roam the planet anywhere, and everywhere.

9:12 pm, I am finished, the plane leaves at 10:00 - Koh Samui, Airport waiting zone on GPRS connection.

Today’s tip
Is the Hotel Room Clean?
How to inspect quickly

Life is Good!
Andy of HoboTraveler.com

Just another day in Paradise!
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Article written by Andy the HoboTraveler.com
On Year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Is the Hotel Room Clean?
How to inspect quickly

1. Take the pillowcase off and look at pillow
2. Remove the sheets and look
3. Look at handles of sinks in toilet

4. Pull the fridge from the walls.
5. Are the windows clean?
6. Air Conditioner filters
7. Did they take the brand name stickers off mirrors and toilet?
8. Cats and Dogs - I believe there should not be cats or dogs in the premises of a hotel. The exception is in un-safe areas of the world, there will be dogs in small hotels that will bark as an alarm. Cats are never good, and bring fleas, urinate in the wrong place, climb inside of attics, and are just a problem.

LONG-TERM CHECK - After you are in the Hotel
9. Drop some trash outside or room in a strange place, then wait and see, check how long it take for them to find and pick up and dispose.
10. Throw some rubbish or trash under your bed, see if the house cleaner discovers and cleans.

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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