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A Chicken Bike - Anything is possible in the Philippines
Photo taken in Marbel, Philippines.

06 by HoboTraveler.com
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
Written December 12, 2006
SUBJECT: Mindanao Philippines - Tupi and Tboli
TIP:  Plastic Peanut Butter Jars

LOCATION of Andy Today: General Santos, Philippines
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People travel to faraway places to watch in fascination the kind of people they ignore at home.
- Dagobert D. Runes US writer


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Plastic Peanut Butter Jars



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That is a list of jumps I have made
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Manila, Philippines to General Santos, Philippines
General Santos to Tupi, Philippines
Tupi Philippines to T'boli Philippines
Tboli Philippines to General Santos, Philippines

Map of Philippines

Hobo goes here...
I fly to Manila tomorrow, then on 14th of December I fly to Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok to Kathmandu, Nepal, then south to Delhi, India. I will fly from Delhi round trip to Chicago, Illinois around the 14th of February and then return to Delhi, India. From there, I plan on going to Ethiopia, Africa. It is possibly I will go north as spring comes and enter Eastern Europe or the satellite nations of Russia.

Mindanao Philippines
Are you Afraid?

There were three consecutive people in Tupi, Philippines who asked me this, and it starts to make a person nervous. The one says,
“Well, you surely have read about here.”

I am on the Island of Mindanao, in the south of the Philippines Archipelago.

As I was explaining in the prior newsletter, this place is located in the center of culture clash. There has been a tension for a long time between the Islamic people and the Christians. In the city of General Santos, nobody talked about the situation, however when I entered the small village of Tupi about one-half hour north of General Santos, then it was the question I instantly encountered.

Are you Afraid?

I almost never see the Islamic garb, or the head covering that is an obvious hint, you are Muslim. It is hard to take anything serious, when it is not obvious.

Tupi Philippines
I traveled to Tupi and encountered exactly what I hoped. I wanted to go to a community in the Philippines, that was more normal, all is normal, however I wanted a place that had not become too westernized, a place that we call the real Philippines. This is confusing, as in reality, all is real, yet I think you understand. I wanted a culture, a place, a situation where people lived with less influence from the modern world.

In the short time I was in Tupi, I was invited to a Birthday Party, and then the next night there was Wedding Reception at the Guesthouse. Both times, they served a fully cooked hog, or had a pig roasted. I had some interesting conversations, discussed the terrorist problem in the area with a smart man, and got to see Filipino culture up close and natural.

I then proceed to travel to Tboli, hoping to see or learn about the Tboli Ethnic group. I found they were, at least in the city of Tboli, a place close to Lake Sebu all assimilated into the Filipino culture, nobody was walking around looking like the photos on the internet.

This is ok; all cultures change, adapt, and enter the modern world, if they wish. Just because I like to see primitive cultures, doe not mean they should stay primitive.

Tboli was a nice little village, and the chicken was great, the cost of living cheaper than most cities in the Philippines, however still more or less the modern version of Filipino culture.

I am slowly coming to believe, there are many, too many people in the Philippines, very difficult to leave the mass of people. The motorcycles, the cars, the noise, it is very difficult for a person to leave it behind. It is always part of the day, there are always too many people around, and the volume is turned up a little too high.

What counteracts this crowded culture for me, it the friendly nature of the Philippine people, they are very quick to smile and laugh.

Hard to complain, when a people around you want to be your friend, and say hello.

Am am I afraid, hard to say, I remember there are problems, but for me, I did not see any. I suppose I could go and find some problems, some person complaining, somebody angry, but I am not a journalist, I do not make up stories, where nothing exists. There are problems, yet I did not find them.

I did not go to the city of Cortabato…

The USA, Canada, UK and many web sites do give notice, there are problems. What is real and what is not, hard to say, as always, I follow my instincts, and somehow have remained safe for 10 years of travel.

Government Warnings… hehehe

Today’s tip
Plastic Peanut Butter Jars

Life is Good!
Andy of HoboTraveler.com

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Article written by Andy the HoboTraveler.com
On Year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Plastic Peanut Butter Jars

I am celebrating the Plastic Peanut Butter Jar today.

I need jars for
- Instant Coffee
- Sugar
- Arepa Flour
- Rice
- etc and so on…and so forth

Tooth paste or my version of toothpaste.

I drink coffee; therefore, sometimes I use Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate as toothpaste. I purchased some in Thailand, and then discovered it was very difficult to carry. I tried a zip-lock bag, look around for a pill bottle, nothing seemed to work. Then one day in Jakarta, Indonesia at a convenience mart, I purchase a small jar of peanut butter and some bread. I finished the jar, and thought, here is what I need.

I can purchase many types of jars, however I have a great fear of lids, thy all seem to pop off, they are not secure. There is nothing worst than having a backpack full of sugar, because the lid came off.

Well, today I am celebrating the Peanut Butter Jar; I have used one for years to carry instant coffee.

This jar can be found anywhere on the planet.
This jar is cheap, works, and is dependable.

Moreover, it comes with a Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Plastic Peanut Butter Jars
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Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
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“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the HoboTraveler.com
On year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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