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Photo of Tuna Fishing Boat docked about 100 meters
from the Public Market in city of General Santos, Philippines.

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A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
December 6, 2006
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General Santo Philippines
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Manila, Philippines to General Santos, Philippines

 I am writing this from a small Hotel in the city of General Santos, the country of the Philippines.

Hobo goes here...
I will go from General Santos, to Manila then fly to Bangkok, Thailand. The proceed to Katmandu, Nepal, fly down to Delhi, for a round-trip ticket to the USA. When I return, I plan on going to Ethiopia, Africa.

GENERAL SANTOS - Culture Clash


I am in General Santos, a medium sized city in the very south of the Islands of the Philippines.

The city formerly went by the name Dadiańgas, now named after General Santos who helped in establishing a Christian settlement in the area around 1939, however, this city was not renamed General Santos until 1965, subsequently as you walk around the city you can see the words Dadiańgas on many of the buildings.

The Filipino people will call it GenSan, so to be person in the know, you need to say, “GenSan.”

Located on the Island of Mindanao, it is in the Province of Cotabato, or one could say the political area defined as Cotabato in the country of the Philippines.

The country of the Philippines is a Geopolitical lesson waiting for any curious tourist who starts to ask too many questions, and an excellent way to step on the politically correct toes of someone, somewhere.

People ask me, why are you going to General Santos? There are many answers, my typical is answer is to get away from the typical man tourist of the Philippines that has a girl in tow. I do want to go where there is no tourist, actually this is easy, go anywhere not listed in the guidebooks, and there will be no tourist, General Santos rates one-page in my Lonely Planet guidebook, no map, four hotels, and says in not too many words, to nothing of interest, so skip.

Map of Southeast Asia Religions

I like border towns, I will stop at most of them and look around, I like to observe the change of cultures. This area of the Philippines is the location of "Culture Clash," as there are many culture having a big meeting here.

Christian Cat holism meets Islam or Muslim  - ARMM, maybe the city of Cotabato is epicenter.
Tagalog Language and Visaya Language - I have no idea yet where it meets, they seem to speak Visaya in GenSan.
United States Colonization meets the Spanish Colonization.
The look on peoples faces changes, as there is Indonesia, Malaysian, Chinese, Spanish, etc.
Pacific Ocean
On an Ocean Travel path as the Brits, Portuguese, Spanish, French traveled east.
Magellan, Ferdinand (1480?-1521), Portuguese-born Spanish explorer and navigator, leader of the first expedition to circumnavigate, or sail completely around, the world." (2) - Ferdinand was in the neighborhood.
T'Boli Culture, Sangir Culture, Bagobo Culture, Mandaya Culture, Mansaka Culture - Ethnic Groups of the Philippines.
World War II

A culture will change, that is guaranteed.

General Santos is know for Tuna Fishing, and I have been trying my best to visit the Fishport where the Tuna is unloaded from boat, and sold to the buyers from around the world. There is a Tuna Festival in September where they have a contest of the best dressed Tuna.

I am an Indiana, USA Farm Boy, we do not have Tuna, only in cans in my state of the USA, therefore to me, Tuna is interesting. When there is no obvious statues of famous person, no huge easily defined tourist attraction, I think there is always the best. I can travel to a city, somewhere on the other side of the planet and talk with them, and ask,
"Where do you live in GenSan?"

I ask this of one girl here, she said,

She is from Davao, she is working with a 5 month contract at the Tuna processing plant in "Tamble," she lives in a boarding house near the Fishport, that is close to "Tamble." Her father is Christian Filipino, her mother is Islamic, she says in GenSan she is Catholic, so she can wear a baseball cap. She is returning to visit her mother in Davao and she takes her fingers and surrounds her face, saying she will wear a scarf on her face as she is Islamic in Davao.

She asks me, do you speak Tagalog, I say no, but I thought you spoke Visaya?

I am very confused, I do know, the Filipino people will "smile for no reason."

Ok, this is not simple, it is confusing to travel, people cannot be put in one box, I wish I was better at writing, maybe I could find a better way to explain my days, living in the changing culture, in the middle of culture clash, General Santos, Philippines.

Manny Pacquiao
The Pride of the Philippines (Boxer)

This is a Photo taken near the public market, Manny is a boxer from the General Santos are and the country is proud of him.

Life is Good!
Andy of

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