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201 September 6, 2006
TIP: The Pacsafe Exomesh Security System
written by Craig of Travelvice.com
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A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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         How I feel today...
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      Travel Blog! A daily web diary of my travels.
~ HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
       Lome Togo AFRICA
       Playing with my Belly Button
        The Pacsafe Exomesh Security System
         written by Craig of Travelvice.com


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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

I am not much an advocate for traveling and I
observe that men run away to other countries
because they are not good in their own and run
back to their own because they pass for nothing
in the new places
-  Ralph Waldo Emerson


- Country that is dominated by the French Language
normally a former French Colony, and is about
which culture is overlaying the normal culture.


- To get underslung means to ride under a
train and have the shacks throw things at you



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A lot of photos - The world unedited...

GHANA - The country of Ghana
Map of Ghana

City of Shama Ghana
Shama Ghana Beach
Shama Ghana Trash Vultures
Shama Ghana Hotel Fort
Shama Ghana Fort
Africa Slave Fort
Shama Ghana Sewer
Malnutrition Solution Advertised Shama Ghana
Shama Ghana Boats
Ghana Culture

City of Cape Coast Ghana
Cape Coast Ghana Photos
Cape Coast Ghana Fort
Cape Coast Beach

City of Apam or Village of Apam Ghana
Apam Ghana NGO
Apam Ghana Fishing Boats
Fort Patience Apam Ghana
Fort Patience Ghana Apam

City of Akatsi Ghana No Tema
Tema Ghana Hotel
Akatsi Ghana
Car Accident Ghana

Alfao Ghana Border of Ghana and Togo
Aflao Ghana NGO

TOGO - The Country of Togo
Map of Togo

Lome Togo
Togo Football Soccer
Peace Corp Lome Togo
Swedish Guy American Girl in Togo
Togo Benin Girl Lunch
Lebanese Togo
Togo Beach Net Fishing


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Andys Travel Blog! A daily web diary of my travels.
Daily photos more or less.

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Hobo was here and goes there...

That is a list of jumps I have made
since the last newsletter.

Tokoradi, Ghana to Shama Ghana
Shama to Cape Coast Ghana
Cape Coast to Apam Ghana
Apam to Akatsi Ghana
Akatsi to Aflao Ghana on the border of Togo
Lome Togo
I am in Lome, Togo, West Africa writing this newsletter.

I will go to Togoville, Togo then to the
country of Benin soon

Playing with my Belly Button
Sometime I sit and think
Sometimes I just think,
Sometimes I just sit

In the end, all is about as important as me
playing with my Belly Button. I often try
to learn the words for Belly Button in other
languages, that drives them crazy, as they know,
I do not need to know.... curiosity is not normal.

My 200 newsletter I sent was
a great success. I finished it, sent it, it is gone.
I have 100 more before I have to be serious again.

Africa is not an adventure, it is a mystery book.
Nothing I anticipated in Africa is every true,
I was living in a world of delusions, happily the
place is safe, easy, and ready for backpackers.

Oops, maybe a loop of 6 countries of West Africa.
Cote d'Ivoire to Ghana to Togo to Benin to Niger
to Burkina Faso to Cote d'Ivoire and out of Africa.
The others may not be safe...

I am finally settling into the notion that I a very
popular, respected, and all the girls want to
marry me so far in Christian Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana
and now Togo. The exact opposite of how I am
treated in the USA by black girls.

I am letting down my guard, and I am learning
to stop thinking. Why is this black girl talking to me,
I know she wants money, but for goodness sakes,
she does not really want me... or does she.
I am having some culture shock.

Life is exceptionally good in West Africa for a
traveler as me, as there is always some local with
some reason, who wishes to talk. I have found
my French Dictionary to be of little value. I do not
carry because the people that teach me words
normally cannot read. The typical way in South America
was to carry the book, then go into how, look at
the book and the local would clarify. Reading does
not seem common.

But English or French is their second languages,
the can opt to learn English in a French country like Togo.

Travel is easy, there are no tourist, either it is a French
cigarette smoking, drinking too much French Expats, or
an NGO, or Peace Corp Volunteer, I have about the same
desire to talk with them as a Taxi driver, I may trust the Taxi
driver more. The Peace Corps can be very smart, however
most just seem intent on returning to the city for a beer.

They need isolation training, how to live without MTV...

I am going to Togoville, today, I hope, it is one center
for Voodoo or Marivous, it is the common word. I do not
know how to spell. I asked a girl about Voodoo from Togo,
she said,
- Marivous
NO good, No Good, shakes her index finger
at me in a circle motion. NO good.
Then proceeds to click click in her mouth.
There is this idiosyncrasy in these countries to
click or make a small snap with the tongue.

Voodoo, I am not afraid, and personally I do
not believe in the devil, I think it was a call audible
help to raise worshipers, by scaring them marketing

Voodoo, I think is something like a religion here,
not a big need to know for me.

Ghana is nice, has been overlaid with the black culture
of the United States, not sure they know why, not a good

Togo and Ivory Coast are French, dominated by a class
system where the rich stay upper class by paying a lot
to stay separated from the normals. I see money as a
way to enforce a class system, you cannot enter the
restaurant in my hotel presently unless, you live here,
you have a months pay on you of Togo money, or
you are a girl working for love and money... hehehe

The countries of Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast have
the car of the Mercedes Benz. Every other car is
a Mercedes Benz or BMW, like in Kurdistan of Iraq.

There is a servant mentality in West Africa to a White
Man, what do you want, give me money, it is yours.

So far money for nothing, like a rock star, this is the
desire of West Africa, I think the NGO and give me
money programs are destroying a continent.

All the farmland seems to sit unused, Ivory Coast was
very good. Ghana was a scraggland.

I do not know much about Togo, but seems sold...

Slavery is ended, but the dream is to get on the boat
and go to America, or Europe.

A great place to backpack, the cost of rooms is
about twice of South America, not the first place a
person should start, do South America first, then to
Africa, any dingaling can do Asia, too easy.

India is for those searching for God or like to live like
a pig and not shower.

Africa is good fun, nice people, all with their hand out,
after you get  used to that, then there are many
reason to visit, the start of history of travel is here.
Ships going to India.... Forts, Dutch, French, Portuguese
and the English, all exporting their flavor of cultures.

Life is Good

Today’s tip by a Guest Writer
Craig Heimburger of Travelvice.com
Backpack Saftey:
The Pacsafe Exomesh Security System

Life is Good!
Andy of HoboTraveler.com

Just another day in Paradise!
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Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On Year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
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I have a many nieces, and nephew, I think about 16,
they all have quick eyes, and quick minds. Two boys
are attending some Artsy University in Chicago.


Hey Uncle Andy,
 My short film is in a contest on the website
My movie is called

"The Driver's Seat."
 - Charlie, a college student, decides to drop
out of school because he is tired of learning
useless information. He wants freedom and
absolute control of his life, however he learns that
he doesn't have absolute control. -

Anyone can vote for my film starting
August 1... 2006.....
Thanks for your help! Collin

I left out part, I do not know the who, where, what
of the movie, tried to watch, but keeps stopping
here in the Ivory Coast Internet Cafe.

He is good kid, I have proposed that he come to
Niger with me and make a small documentary
about Malnutrition, so far I am just ignored.
So be the new world, fame has its price though.
IF you wish, I would appreciate readers to write
Collin and encourage him to come help in Niger.
His Emails, the price of Fame is...
hollywoodblv @ comcast.net
Note: My name is Uncle Andy and not Hobo,
I am 99 percent sure he has never read a blog or
newsletter so safe to talk...
Movie is here:


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Craig the writers of the Travel Tip below is
a friend and a short-term traveling companion
while I was in the Caribbean.

Craig was robbed while using his purchased
wire big mesh safety system...

I thought, a great intense, passionate experience
and full of who fault, who did, and why and why not.

Therefore while in the heat of anger, time for
Hobo to strike, I requested a tip on the system.
Not what I was expecting, however Craig is a believer
in this system. I see the essential advice as his statement

- When your entire life has been reduced to a
single bag, to what lengths would you go to
protect it? -

I made the two bags I use, I hope to sell
soon on my site.
Note, I am not recommending this system...
but we are not all the same, it good, not best.
Craig is an excellent traveler, he is thinking,
learning, growing, and becoming a traveler.


Backpack Saftey:
The Pacsafe Exomesh Security System
Written by Craig Heimburger of Travelvice.com

When your entire life has been reduced to a single bag, to what
lengths would you go to protect it?

I operate on the belief that if someone wants your backpack badly
enough, they'll probably get it. Thankfully, most bandits aren't so
determined. To this end, I practice techniques that enable me to
counter potentially tragic loss by deterring most would-be thieves.
The use of the (which will be discussed below) is
one of those techniques.

I believe that most theft inflicted upon travelers is opportunistic in
nature, meaning that a thief generally takes advantage of an
opportunity that a traveler has created. This is much more prevalent
than the premeditated variety (such as robbery on the street).

Time is generally a bandit's biggest problem. Common are stories of
a traveler that left their door open or unlocked while they used the
bathroom, only to return to misfortune. It only takes a moment for
someone to enter the room, grab that expensive iPOD sitting on the
bed, and leave unseen.

How easy is it to duplicate a room key? I've done it (innocently) on
several occasions for the sake of convenience (sharing a room, for
example). How easy would it be for someone to amass a collection
of room keys for a hotel or hostel? My guess is very easy indeed.
How much do you really trust the entire staff?

What I'm hinting at is a more malicious, premeditated variety of theft.
I'm of the opinion that most travelers put entirely too much trust in the
lock on their door. They blissfully roam about the streets while Lord
knows how many people have or had access to the very key
safeguarding their belongings. I have images in my head of someone
with a ring of keys quickly opening door after door in a hotel
hallway around noon (when most people are out), looking for entire
backpacks or expensive electronics to grab quickly.

To counter this threat, and many others like it, I have a very simple
(albeit often annoying) rule that I force myself to follow: If I can't place
my own padlock on the door, my backpack is locked to something
secure using a wire mesh made by Pacsafe.

Some travelers leave an expired/bogus passport or wallet exposed in
their rooms (or easily found in their backpacks) as a way to appease
thieves, with the hopes that their thirst will be quenched upon finding
such items. I'm more concerned with someone walking away with
my entire backpack.

Like many travelers, I have lots of goodies stashed away in my pack:
A couple hundred dollars in cash, extra credit/debit cards, my
immunization record (yellow card), and of course my passport—
I've discussed keeping your passport in your bag instead of on your
person before at

other electronics and valuable things. The loss of my entire backpack
would be most unfortunate. This is where the Pacsafe comes into play.

Pacsafe's Exomesh is my second line of defense against the bad
people in this world (after the lock on my door), and it is treated as
such. It's there to do three things: Serve as a deterrent, keep the inner
contents of my top-loading backpack secure, and to keep someone
from running away with the pack altogether.

The Pacsafe is almost like (anti-theft device) that you would
use for your car. It's not going to stop someone if they really want it,
but it might be enough to make them move on to the next target.

The Exomesh is essentially a stainless steel bag of wire that wraps
around your backpack—the more full the backpack, the better.
A large gauge cable is then pulled to close the opening—which is
also the same cable you can (and should) loop around an immoveable
object to secure the pack. A padlock is used in conjunction with the
cable to keep the mesh from opening, and the bag from "walking
away without you."

I first encountered use of the Pacsafe Exomesh on the equipment list
at Mike Pugh's Web site, Vagabonding.com (while researching in
preparation for my own time abroad). Although I have yet to
personally encounter another traveler using this deterrent, I believe
such devices are more commonplace in Europe (where traveler-on-
traveler theft seems to be problematic).

The Pacsafe works. I know, as I too have been the recent victim of
opportunistic theft (mostly thwarted by this accessory). The Exomesh
did exactly what it was suppose to do in this instance: keep the bag in
the room, and the inner contents of the pack secure. You can read a
detailed account of the incident (and hopefully learn from my mistakes)

Pacsafe Exomesh Summary

- Visible theft deterrent
- Can prevent your bag from being snatched out of your room
- Reasonable security for hard to protect/lock top-loading
- Sound cabling (of an acceptable gauge)
- Relatively light and small (packed, about the size and weight
of a large guidebook)
- Padlock and keys included
- Greater peace of mind

- Could attract unnecessary attention
- An expensive accessory
- Doesn't keep hands from opening outside backpack
- Deters, but doesn't prevent, bag slashing to reach
the contents of pack
-The strength against the tampering of critical polycarbonate
components is questionable (but Pacsafe claims that they're

The Pacsafe Exomesh is available in a variety of sizes, and sells for
between US$60 and $80 (depending on size).

Further details can be found on the Pacsafe Web site at

A photo of the Pacsafe in action can be found at .

Article written for Andy the Hobotraveler.com
by Craig Heimburger, in his first year of perpetual
world travel.
Learn more about the author, and his passion for
travel (turned vice), by reading his brief bio at

or by perusing his ongoing travelogue at

-- Thank you, Lord, for thinkin
about me. I m alive and doin fine
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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