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Travelers, Can You Be Smart Enough To Be A Jerk - Negotiating

Life is a game, and he losers are the game... Can you be a jerk? Can you act the jerk? We need to turn on the anger, and stop being ignore, when needed.

Wed, 11 Jul 2018 07:33:33


Travelers? Can You Be Smart Enough to be a Jerk?

Jerks get what they want; I prefer the word “asshole.” The problem for jerks is they take life too serious, and have a look of disgust on their faces. Don’t be a jerk, unless needed. Nonetheless, travel is often a good guy, bad guy acting job, and the art of travel is being a jerk, when need. And, I mean sometimes, not all the time, but the all-the-time-jerks do get what they want. Unless, there is a kind, benevolent “alpha males,” or “alpha females” who decides to pistol whip, smack, or give the jerk a tongue lashing.

The silly person says,
“Ignore them,”
The reason they are jerks, is because they are impossible to ignore.

Which now leads to the story, I am here in Kiev, Ukraine, and decided I needed Internet on my smartphone, that is would be a wise move. Internet would allow me to use Google Translate, Google Maps, and with a local Ukraine telephone number the ability to have friends would increase. Therefore, I went into a couple cell phone shops; the first would sell me a SIM chip, but not the credit on Vodafone. Went into the next shop, called Allo, and they say I can get a KyivStar SIM chip. This cell services is supposed to have a good signal in both Kiev, and Odessa.

We make a lot of jokes in side the shop, we shaked hands, introduces ourselves, and attempted to trade 5 American woman for 1 Ukraine, they did not appear to think that was a good dea. I am watching Dimitry close, making sure he does not click strange buttons on my smartphone, or add strange scripts to my phone. After a few minutes, he hands me the phone, and it is slow 4G Internet, yes I have Internet, but super slow, and I say,
“It is slow.”
He sort of indicates, lots of people using Internet, maybe the walls are causing problems. I decided to believe, and have hope it would improve.

I am happy, the boys in the shoper were fun, and made a video of the experience, pointing out the shop, etc. Then, I proceed to walk around the city, even went back the Sun City 2 Hostel, sat, played on phone, then went to the grocery story in the Gullivers building. Well, I tried to translate “sewing needle” to the Ukraine language, and Google translate does not work, this is when I become annoyed, what is the point of having Internet if I cannot use it? I left the grocery store, walked straight back to Allo phone shop.

Dimitry sees me enters, he already knows the problem, and points me to another young man. He plays with the phone, then translates something on the phone,
“You have a slow connection, we think there is problem with phone.”

I am laughing to myself, it is time to turn from nice guy, to jerk. I will no longer be a good guy, and everybody's friend, I will be the bad guy. I raise my voice, say,
“It don’t work.”
Making to sure everyone heard me, and strangely when I speak English, the lights come on in Ukraine, and people listen. English is the language they all want to talk, it is on signs, it is everywhere here, but few, almost none of them can talk English. Nonetheless, I became the jerk, talked loud, stared down the small boy, really a man, but small. Stared down at Dimitry, and said again,
“Fix it.”
The manager heare me, seem to recognize the force of a jerk, that cannot be ignored comes over, takes the phone, works on it for 2 minutes, and fixes it.
I look at small boy, and point.
“You no fix.”
I look at Dimitry, and point.
“You no fix.
I point at the manager, and say,
“He fix.”
More or less, I explained their status in life, the pecking order.

Then comes the stupid, and more stupid, the young boy comes up and says,
“He has experience.”

I let the small boy off the hook, this was just too stupid, I knew they were confused, and wanted me to leave, but to point out that the manager had more experience, just made him look dumb, the dumbest. A few minutes ago he was saying my phone was broken, now he piles on excuse. I do not care if people have a problem, do stupid, and dumb thing, or even inexperienced, as long at they don’t tell me to leave the story without my goal being accomplished.

Jerks, a.k.a. assholes do get what they want, and sometimes the jerks just are too stupid to know they are a jerks, and keep demanding, but it takes a smarter person to be willing to play the jerk when needed,
“Stoop to conquer.”

I often hear people say, I am always a good person, a good signal I am talking with a jerk with no powers of introspection, all of us can be jerks, knowing when is the fun part, the game of life.

Thank you,
Your new friend
Kyiv, Ukraine, sometimes Kiev.
Sun City 2 Hostel
Tuesday, July 10, 2018