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The Negotiators Fallacy

Why is this girl always calling me, but refuses to meet, the Internet, Facebook, is thriving because of the belief the other person is honest.

Mon, 8 Apr 2013 00:45:00

The Negotiators Fallacy

Gamers will love this enigmatic negotiation situation, similar to Gamblers Fallacy, but even more intriguing.

1. Win Win
2. I win you lose
3. I lose you win
4. Nobody wins

The negotiators fallacy is the belief these are the only four options when in negotiations.

9 1/2 Weeks

Number 5
The persons goal is be in negotiations to share time with you. He or she does want options 1-4, the persons goal can be that he, or she just likes the feeling of negotiations.

Example: Trying to have an affair,and try to negotiate a rendezvous with a married man or woman. Often the man or woman is 100 committed to fidelity, he or she will always sabotage the future rendezvous, but never close negotiations, or say a committed yes, or a committed no, negotiations will always remain open. This person wants the thrill, this often happens with e-mail, chat, or The negotiators fallacy is that people play fair, they want an honest outcome of 1-4, and they do not.

This is often romantic but at the end, the ultimate game of dysfunctional people, who demand a situation never functions. Note, I refuse to Facebook, I prod it for business, and seldom read, same for Twittter, best a one-way information highway.

The movie "9 ½ Weeks" with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke is a good movie example of "The Negotiators Fallacy"

If a woman says she loves that movie, my advice is:

Note, I am presently up to my ears here in Kara, Togo West Africa with girls who want me to be involved with them. I can never leave, but never enter, it is life on the string, always reeling the fish in, but it never arrives at the boat.

The only way to lose big is to allow them to “Chop My Money.”

"Resonable heads will prevail; No - they will fail."
- Andy Graham 

Andy Graham, on the other side of life, off the edge, in no mans land, where you can stay young until the day you die. AFRICA

Hmm, a girl just gave me a "cell phone flash," the one-ring call, then she hangs up just now, it is 5:30 AM. The flash is a signal, she want me to pay for the phone call, and call her back. 5:30 AM, this is at a time in the morning, when there can be no "close," or "no clothing" is not an option, too funny, but over the edge, and on the other side of life.

Life is a game, and the loser are the game, lead us not into temptation, we wil find our own way...

9 1/2 Weeks