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Negotiating is an art, the seasoned traveler becomes an expert.

Sun, 8 Aug 2010 17:10:21

It is time to learn to negotiate relationships, friendships, house deals, hotels, cars, and jobs. The art of negotiating is disappears with modern cultures because of the Bar Code Price Tag world.

Negotiating is part of World Travel

1. Room
2. Food Market
3. Tours
4. Transportation
5. Taxis

Negotiating Techniques

1. Offer half the price
2. Go lower instead of meeting in the middle.
3. Eye have to have tenacity and a deliberate nature.
4. Understanding the value of a days work, and estimate the work.

BATNA - Do you know your B.A.T.N.A?

An acronym with means Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement, remembering your BATNA is savvy.

Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement Batna - Negotiating

Gamblers Fallacy Defined By Andy Graham

Negotiating is a human need, but knowing when something is random, and accepting the conditions of random, is wisdom.

Game Bargain Hunting

Seasoned traveler make finding bargains a game, negotiating the price of a room, or buying items in the market it for gaming.


Negotiating is an art, the seasoned traveler becomes an expert.

The Negotiators Fallacy

Why is this girl always calling me, but refuses to meet, the Internet, Facebook, is thriving because of the belief the other person is honest.

The Stress of Negotiations - Negotiating our Lives

There is stress when two people are negotiating, often people become very angry.

Travelers, Can You Be Smart Enough To Be A Jerk - Negotiating

Life is a game, and he losers are the game... Can you be a jerk? Can you act the jerk? We need to turn on the anger, and stop being ignore, when needed.

The underdeveloped world on a regular basis makes people from developed countries look silly because they do not know how to negotiate.

Negotiation Defined: Negotiation is a duologue intended to resolve disputes, to produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain for individual or collective advantage, or to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests. It is the primary method of alternative dispute resolution.

Negotiation occurs in business, non-profit organizations, government branches, legal proceedings, among nations and in personal situations such as marriage, divorce, parenting, and everyday life. The study of the subject is called negotiation theory. Professional negotiators are often specialized, such as union negotiators, leverage buyout negotiators, peace negotiators, hostage negotiators, or may work under other titles, such as diplomats, legislators or brokers.

Negotiating is common at the market place