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How To Haggle? Why Write When The Art Of Manliness Explains It Better? - Negotiating

I want to point out, that "The Art Of Manliness," website explains haggling, negotiations better than me, and, I feel myself an expert at negotiations. Thanks AOM from Andy Lee Graham

Sat, 8 Feb 2020 04:32:39

Ever notice how people are angry when they get a bad deal?
Every business wants to make the maximum amount of profit. You want the highest pay possible. I suppose you won't make much money, if you won't haggle with the boss.

100 percent of people haggle, or they lie, there are people who say,
"I never negotiate."
"I never haggle."

To me, this is haggling, they want to define their position, we must define, and defend out position on life, we negotiate it, or we just take what is given, and live angry.

Well, this site wrote a great article on haggling, I may well be an old man. Sometimes, I like to define myself as as old man, so the young men are kind, think I am dumb. Whereby, I can win easier in negotiations, a.k.a. haggling.

Quote: From Art of Manliness

"To become a better negotiator and, subsequently, create a better life for you and your family, the first hurdle to get over is breaking down all the myths we?ve come to believe about haggling. Things like:"

1. Haggling is too argumentative.?

2. Haggling is for cheapskates.

3. Haggling is inappropriate.?

4. Haggling isn?t worth the time or savings.

Click Here to Read - Art of Manliness

Explains Haggling

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