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Bats as Tourist Attraction

This is an excellent video of bats the size of small rats for members to see.

Here is an excellent, close-up video of real bats hanging in a mango tree; they are roughly the size of a small pigeon. This is not some itsy, bitsy, small and weak bat; this is the makings of Batman. They are rather scary. They make me weak and truly glad they are magnified by a 20X zoom Canon Camera and not really up close and personal.


One benefit we share as world travelers is seeing nature up close and real, whether we like it not. Each day as I leave my room, I see goats, chickens and pigs eating or rooting around.

A few months ago, when in the USA, I stopped in Austin, Texas, and watched as bats flew out from underneath the Congrees Street Bridge. It is a huge tourist attraction.

That was NOTHING in comparison to these bats. The Austin bats are fun to watch, exciting, but sort of like bees. The bats in this video are huge.

Have fun! We Americans are often too clean, too insulated, too far from the reality of nature. But we can all travel the world now. International flights to strange lands, very different than the USA, are just $500-700 away, and the cost of room is $10-20.

All our excuses for staying home in the USA and watching nature on television are disappearing. We can book an air ticket to real nature and stop watching National Geographic on TV today.

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Thank you,

Andy Graham ... somewhere far away from the USA, but now available for anyone with $700-1000 in his or her pocket.


I saw bats the size of rabbits every day in Cairns, Australia.

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