Things that annoy me about travel or my pet peeves.


My Travel Pet Peeves
or maybe...
List of things that annoy me!

1. When I hear,
"This is a rich country? This is a poor country? This is anything....

What or why are you an expert?
Why is the Guidebook and expert?

Have you been to all them countries, has the writer, newspaper, or anyone been there, and is this not just GOSSIP!

2. Travelers that treat a restaurant like it is some 5 Star Hotel.

I will sit in a restaurant on the other side of the planet full of travelers bitching, complaining, but worst of all talking English very fast to a poor waiter or waitress that speak 20 words of English, then they change the order, and bitch about the price. This is the epitome of stupidity and rudeness. I would expect 5 Star for 100 Dollars a plate, but for 1 Dollars a plate these people are selfish children.

3. Stand up a reservation with Hotel or Hostel!

I see people call, write emails, stop over and hold a room for themselves, and feel absolutely no remorse for just not showing up. It happens so much I cannot believe that Hotels even listen, but the Hotels are just as bad because you can get a reservation and they will not hold the room.


4. When I experience or hear a person treat any traveler or tourist like they should know something about a country.

To think that anybody on the planet should know anything about another country or even their own country is stupidity. The person can know everything about New York City and know nothing about Indian. But to berate or treat another traveler like they should already know about a country is childish and proves who is stupid. The person that is treating anyone in a snobbish or I am smarter than you way is an IDIOT. We came to the country to learn about the country.

5. People that tell me about a place I have visited.

I have been to IRAQ. I constantly have people tell me that I do not know the country and that I am wrong. This is just too stupid. To tell a person they do not understand a place where the person talking has not visit, and the other has is stupid. If you do not live in the country, have not visited a country, your opinion is the most suspect. Do not be an expert on things you do not know. Plus do not be an expert even when you HAVE visited the country. If you are that smart, write a book.

6. Anyone with Bongos! I will avoid them.

7. Travel Writers that are at home writing.
It just seems that a travel writer should never be home to really learn about travel.

8. Listening to Great Britain or English people say comments about Israel People.

This is racist and they think they are NOBLE class, this is low class.


Dreads, 20 Tattoos, A nose rings, a Hindu red Dot on the forehead, and every piece of clothing purchase from the local country, and then they talk like they understand the country. If they smoke, drink, drug, and at like an idiot. I think fashion is normal, but some of these people are mentally deranged and need a doctor. Then all the lemmings will follow. A little of anything is great, but too much is indication of personal problems.

10. Girls that constantly have sex with the local men.

There are more sluts in the worlds than you would imagine. Men are just the same, but fortunately it is just not that easy to roll over and put our legs in the air.

11. Travelers with dirty fingernails or are bodily dirty or stink.

12. People that do not acknowledge or say hello back when I say hello.

13. People talking about culture in general, however only living in one area of the culture.

14. People that write and call me "Dude."


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