Torrent Downloads that Have Magnet Links

A list of Torrent download sites that use magnet links - click on the magnet and it will automatically connect to your torrent program.

There are torrent systems that allow you to download movies, software, music and other digital information for free.

There is a good small program that allows you do do this:

The find some new DVD Movies or TV shows released here:

Then you search on: for a movie, or what you want.

Best to get a DVD rip on, not a Cam, or xvid, the DVD is a copy from a DVD and will be better quality.

Then you must choose one of the other torrent systems;

Torrent Magnet

Which torrent download systems have magnets?

1. Number one, because it will tell you what is in the torrent.

2. Number two, very good, but not as informative, but the Magnet Link is easy to find.

3. Number three, has a magnet, but you need to do a Control F, to find it quick.

Have fun




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