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How to download subtitles or sub-titles to moves? If you wanted Spanish, French, German subtitles you can add these to an existing move and watch on VLS.

Mon, 14 Mar 2011 06:59:50

There's an easy way to watch your collection of movies with your French, Spanish, German and other language girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. Pick a movie you want to watch.
2. Go to - search for the title with subs in French. (This one appears to be simplest to use.)

3. Make sure the version of the movie matches what you have - usually Divx.
4. Download the small subtitle file (sometimes SRT or zip)
5. Pop the subtitle file into the same folder as the movie.
6. Use VLC as your player (download it if you don't).
7. Open the movie in VLC and the subtitles are added automatically.
8. You can adjust the timing of the subtitles if necessary. (see VLC documentation)