How to Collect Movies by Actor or Director with Torrent Downloads

There are many ways to collect movies, here are some hints on how to collect movies on the Internet using Torrents Download systems.

You will need to learn to search for different words using a torrent search engine, I recommend:

1. By actors name alone, no other words: Example "Charles Bronson."

2. By actors name and the word "Collection."

Word Searches to try: Always with the actor, actress or director in front of the word, or other types of collections.


2: duology
3: trilogy
4: tetralogy or quadrilogy
5: pentalogy 6: hexology
7: heptalogy or septology or septet
8: octology
9: ennealogy
10: decology

You can search for just the words above, and then try to find interesting collections to download.

Star Trek Collection


Travelers can sell collectionss of movies to other traveler or tourist easier than one movie.