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The Best Travel Movies

Best Travel Movies of all time explained by Andy Graham a seasoned traveler, this list is to explain how the world of travel really is, not the dream.

This is my collection of Best Travel Movies, I am Andy Graham a perpetual traveler.

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The Top Travel Movies

  1. The Razor's Edge - Explains the search for meaning as a Darrel travels from country to country reading books and looking for meaning. This delves into the spirituality of India, Nepal and the Asian World. The movies flips back and forth between the Bohemian world of France and the Bourgeoisie, truly an adventure of the spirit..
    The Razor's Edge

  2. The World of Suzie Wong - All people are real, whether we are the same, we all have feelings, we love, we hate, and can have our feelings hurt. This movie explains the story of an upper crust writers in Hong Kong who meets a common "Bar Girl" and falls in live in spite of himself. Love in the world is to accept people flaws, and that shows us hope in all people. True travel needs, must, and does accept others, we must, we have no choice. This also explains the inner intimate ideas why Expatriates love women in Asia and even marry prostitutes. All major Expat area have women, this is an inherent draw to the destinations, and love is love, unstoppable if you meet the right person and love can overlook, and forgive anything.
    The World Of Suzie Wong

  3. Don Quijote Chasing Dreams  Don Quixote - Hallmark Film - Chasing dreams movie, and is analogous to the modern Backpacker who go off and outfit themselves with gear that is not needed, to chase adventures that are not there. Dreaming is the game, fantasy, and the hope of a new life, this is Travel. This Travel Movie explains how Titling at Windmills is part of genius and the spirit in all travelers.
    Themes: --- The great elsewhere --- Adventure --- No Filters ---

  4. Bucket List - Dreams of Travel, make a list of places before you die, the idea of bringing meaning to a boring life. This movies explains how two men have an epiphany when told they would die, they asked themselves, shall we live our lives to the most and savor all that life has to give or accept our fate. Travel Movies like this are inspiring, and this one is a charmer, everything they do is truly possible, this is not beyond the will of the traveler.

  5. The Beach - Classic explanation of Backpacker being Tourist, and searching for Paradise. The classic line, "Khao San Road, the center of the Backpacker World," which it is.
    The Beach The Movie

  6. Lawrence of Arabia - A classic movie full of culture, long journey, and the every present problem of travelers going native.

  7. Christopher Columbus - The Discovery
    Themes- The Journey - Faith of going somewhere will be good - To have all your friends think you are crazy, yet to make the journey anyway.

  8. Eat Pray Love - This is movie that is the dream of many travelers, they wish to travel the world and return home to write a best seller, that is made into a Movie. Therefore, this is a success story for Elizabeth Gilbert, who traveled the world, comes home and write a book that was made into a book with Julia Roberts as the lead. The movie is about a stream of never-ending stereotype activities done after person escaped something in their life. The movie highlights the too major escapes of the typical person, marriage and job, and in a way the 9-5 never-ending work mentality of the people in the USA. After she escapes, the story takes Julia Roberts through the normal list of "find yourself" stops, first in Italy to find love and food, then to India to find God, then on to Bali where she is suppose to self-actualize. This movie does an excellent job of selling the dream, the ending was poetic justice, she wins, as she sails off into the sunset with the love of her life, after she has learned to love again. It was an incredibly long list of clichés put in sequence from the perspective of a person who truly traveled. it is refreshing to see the story of a person who obviously traveled, and told their story.

  9. Into The Wild - The nuts of travel explained in a movie, the Che Guerrera, Bob Marley bunch, if this boy would have had dreads it would been more realistic. Explains how travelers romanticizes travel and dream of deserted island and how it is a dead end. An idealistic boy follows a dream, a fantasy, he believes in things, and not people. This travel movie explains how the world of tourist chase the sunset, the shopping, and forget their friends. In the movie people reach out to him continuously and he leaves, friends do not leave, lover does not leave.
    Into The Wild

  10. Gulliver's Travels (1996) with Ted Danson - A miniseries / movie that is loyal to the book by Johanathon Swift. The

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Andy, have you seen "The Inn of the Seventh Happiness"?

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