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An American in Paris 1951

This is a great travel movie, a painter in Paris living by wit, as a foreigner he finds it easy to talk with children, and a rich women buys hi paintings.

Sat, 22 Oct 2011 18:39:35

---The beautiful Frenchwoman says, “Maybe Paris has a way of making people forget,” to which the American traveler quickly retorts, “Paris? No. Not this city. It’s too real and too beautiful to ever let you forget anything.”
--- Quote from movie

An American in Paris

I watched this movie on TCM, it is loaded with real travel situations.

1. Children following around a foreigner.
2. The foreigners selling paintings.
3. The foreigners going to another country to learn art.
4. A woman trying to sweeten the pie, by buying his paintings. Many times women with money adopt men with no money.
5.  And going to Paris is extreme cliche, and will continue to happen forever. 

An American in Paris  

Directed by   Vincente Minnelli  

Produced by   Arthur Freed  

Written by   Alan Jay Lerner  

Starring   Gene Kelly  Leslie Caron  Oscar Levant  Georges Guétary  Nina Foch  

Music by   George Gershwin (music)  Ira Gershwin (lyrics)  Saul Chaplin  (uncredited)  

Cinematography   Alfred Gilks  John Alton (ballet)  

Editing by   Adrienne Fazan  

Distributed by   Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer  

Release date(s)   November 11, 1951  

Running time   113 minutes  

Country   United States  

Language   English  

Budget   $2,723,903  

An American in Paris is a 1951 MGM musical film inspired by the 1928 orchestral composition by George Gershwin. Starring Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant, Georges Guetary, and Nina Foch, the film is set in Paris, and was directed by Vincente Minnelli from a script by Alan Jay Lerner. The music is by George Gershwin, with lyrics by his brother Ira, with additional music by Saul Chaplin, the music director.   The story of the film is interspersed with dance numbers choreographed by Gene Kelly and set to Gershwin's music. Songs and music include "I Got Rhythm", "I'll Build A Stairway to Paradise", " 'S Wonderful", and "Our Love is Here to Stay". The climax of the film is "The American in Paris" ballet, a 16 minute dance featuring Kelly and Caron set to Gershwin's An American in Paris. The ballet alone cost more than $500,000.  

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Plot   Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly), an American World War II veteran, is now an exuberant expatriate in Paris trying to make a reputation as a painter. His friend, Adam (Oscar Levant), is a struggling concert pianist who is a long time associate of a French singer, Henri Baurel (Georges Guétary). A lonely society woman, Milo Roberts (Nina Foch), takes Jerry under her wing and supports him, but is more interested in Jerry than his art. Jerry remains oblivious to her feelings and falls in love with Lise (Leslie Caron), a French girl he meets at a restaurant. Lise loves him as well but she is already in a relationship with Henri, to whom she feels indebted to him for keeping her safe during World War II.   At a raucous masked ball, with everyone in black-and-white costumes, Milo learns that Jerry is not interested in her, Jerry learns that Lise is in love with him but is marrying Henri the next day, and Henri overhears their conversation. When Henri drives Lise away, Jerry daydreams about being with her all over Paris, his reverie broken by a car horn, the sound of Henri bringing Lise back to him.   Cast  Gene Kelly as Jerry Mulligan  Leslie Caron as Lise Bouvier  Oscar Levant as Adam Cook  Georges Guétary as Henri "Hank" Baurel  Nina Foch as Milo Roberts

An American in Paris 1951

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