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Will The Euro Banknotes Fit Into An American Wallet?

The Euros banknote, the paper money of the European Union is different sizes, it is easy for blind people to tell apart, America money is same sizes.

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 05:52:46

Euro BAnknotes in Inches Measurment Sizes


I am designing some secret pockets, wallets, billfolds, pouches for to sell on Then it occurred to me, the European Union money is very different than the USA paper money. Every USA dollars is the same size, while each Euro banknote is a different size, this begets the question,

"Will these larger banknotes fit into an American size wallet?"

It would be rather humorous to me, but then again, I do not carry a wallet, the who idea of a wallet make me nervous. One place for all my money, all my credit cards, debit cards, photo of a future wife, etc., Who want to put all their eggs in one basket, too easy to lose, to easy to steal?

Yet, the American male loves to have a 1 inch thick wallet, I have no idea why? It is an imbalance, maybe this is a way we can say, this is a man, and not a woman, buy the size of his wallet?

By the way, Britain calls them wallets, we in the USA call them billfolds, but all in all, the culture is just minuscule different in Europe than Americans, if we really want to find different culture, we need to go Arabic, or Chinese, that is a cultural difference.

So, please go test, put a 100, 200, 500 Euro banknote into your wallet if you are European, and into your billfold is you are American, and tell me?

Does this fit? Yes, I know, most of you do not have 500 Euros, you only carry plastic, credit cards, debit cards, and this is greatly appreciated. I love it when people volunteer to be robbed!

All this started because of RFID, those radio frequencies that can be hacked, or can they, nonetheless, a dollar cannot be hacked, and either can a Euro. As for the survivalist, or the preppers I am not sure, maybe the need silver, copper, or gold, or maybe rice, then bury it in the ground for the future end of the world?

Well, all in all, I am prepared, I carry my money in my secret pockets, and we are safe until the whole world is wearing them.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

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The Euro Banknotes in inches., The size of the Euro money, the measurements are different.