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Loan Shark Money Lending to Girls or Locals in Sosua Dominican Republic

Foreigners or expats loan money to locals living in Sosua, Dominican Republic often, and there are true loan sharks, money lending is worldwide.

Mon, 19 Dec 2011 01:14:53

I want to explain three rather funny or interesting ways people loan money to people living in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

I am extremely rich American in Sosua, DR.

First and please accept: Any American, and European, any Australian is suddenly an incredibly rich person in a country like the Dominican Republic. The average person in Dominican Republic working construction earns 5-15 U.S. Dollars per DAY, not per hour, per day.

What does this mean, what happens if you are a rich American?

First of all, it is the same in the USA, if you are an incredibly rich person in the USA you need to go join the country club, hang around with rich people. Or, you will have an endless line of people wanting you to invest or loan them money for an incredible different reason.

I had a Real Estate business in the USA, and we also managed propertiers, there were construction type workers under my employment. I had a rule,
"If you ask for your pay before payday, you are fired."

Yes, I am human, and there were exceptions to the rule, but generally no, I fired anyone that disrupted the business because they were incapable of living within their means.

95 percent of people spend all the money they have anywhere on the planet.