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Why I Carry a Smartphone and Cellphone for World Travel - Mobile Office

International travelers need two phones to save money, maybe a BlackBerry with Verizon Global E-mail options, then buy a local prepaid SIM Card overseas.

Sat, 22 Jan 2011 03:29:20

Smartphone and Cell Phone

It is the custom of long term international travelers or people working location independent to have two phones. The BlackBerry Global with a Verizon Global Email account for roughly 70 dollars gives world access to e-mail and light surfing in 200 plus countries.

Upon arriving at a country, I ether purchase a phone for 20 dollars, or I use the new LG I am carrying, then purchase a local pre-paid SIM card.

I can make local calls for pennies, and save money, this is the normal method for long-term travelers.

I then have a telephone number, that is forwarded to the local SIM phone, and I will buy a USB Wireless Modem in-country so I can make to land calls.

Why I Carry A Smartphone And Cellphone For World Travel - Mobile Office