Why I Carry a Smartphone and Cellphone for World Travel - Mobile Office

International travelers need two phones to save money, maybe a BlackBerry with Verizon Global E-mail options, then buy a local prepaid SIM Card overseas.

Smartphone and Cell Phone

It is the custom of long term international travelers or people working location independent to have two phones. The BlackBerry Global with a Verizon Global Email account for roughly 70 dollars gives world access to e-mail and light surfing in 200 plus countries.

Upon arriving at a country, I ether purchase a phone for 20 dollars, or I use the new LG I am carrying, then purchase a local pre-paid SIM card.

I can make local calls for pennies, and save money, this is the normal method for long-term travelers.

I then have a Skype.com telephone number, that is forwarded to the local SIM phone, and I will buy a USB Wireless Modem in-country so I can make Skype.com to land calls.

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